Neutral Center Dynamics

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Preface Chapter 1 Russell's Rhythmic Balanced Interchange & Laws of Thermodynamics - Russell's original texts

Chapter 2 Law of Assimilation - Bloomfield-Moore's original text Chapter 3 Merged Laws

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03/04/2018: The following describes the actions in and of the Neutral Center. Such detailed action is the Law of Assimilation or as Russell calls it Rhythmic Balanced Interchange or Universal Heart Beat. This action is the base dynamic of all that is. It is the long sought for answer to the why and how of polar interchange. This needs to be fleshed out which can only be done by adding in Keely's forty laws where they apply.

This document begins with Russell's Rhythmic Balanced Interchange and Laws of Thermodynamics in their original wording then repeats this material in Chapter 3 interspersed with Keely's laws and additional materials. In other words the bulk of this document is an expansion of Russell's original material found in Chapter 1 in such a manner as to have it make sense and be intelligible to the average student of SVP.

It turns out the original article by Russell is but a super simplified general outline of what looks like his entire philosophy and cosmology - when coupled with his Rhythmic Balanced Interchange. Being such it is basically unintelligible to everyone who may be interested in engineering with such knowledge. It needs to be fleshed out and referenced extensively before it presents any meaningful concepts. Apparently that is what I’m doing. The key point here is the 'unwritten laser focus point about the Neutral Center at its inception' - the first dynamic - which is shared throughout the universe in every rhythmic motion of every thing that is. Bloomfield-Moore wrote how fundamental this first dynamic is and as was first written about by Macvicar and called the Law of Assimilation. Russell wrote about this nearly 80 years after Macvicar and called it Rhythmic Balanced Interchange or Universal Heart Beat. The Holy Bible metaphorically describes this first dynamic within the first few chapters/verses of Genesis. The science of acoustics and music smears all over this first dynamic, which is a trinity of forces, in the creation of overtone series and scales.

"Life begets life; the celestial life begets the terrestrial life; the God-life begets the man-life. Celestial Radiation is the pure soul of all matter, both earthy and gaseous. Thus we are linked in all our environments to the divine, our cerebral aggregations being the highest medium whereby celestial sympathetic reflection associates with our organisms, and is our only source of knowledge of ourselves. We have, with our mental and physical forces, a duality of action which, when combined with the celestial, makes up the triplet or trinity. With the mental, the superficial visible, or outward sight; with the inward, or spiritual invisible, we have the spiritual link connecting mind and matter, the order of transfer being:

"First. Celestial Radiation, or etheric.

"Second. Mental impregnation, or interatomic.

"Third. Physical movements, or intermolecular.

"Or again:

"Ninths. Sympathetic transfer from the celestial luminous.

"Sixths. Sympathetic impregnation of matter.

"Thirds. Physical movements." [Keely, Newton of the Mind]
"Chemistry is as simple as music. The octave tones, harmonies and rhythms are the same. I could teach you chemistry from the musical octave, or the color spectrum as well as I could from the Mendeleef table. And I will say the same for mathematics or mechanics.

"When I have taken you “behind the scenes” where God’s cosmic cinema is being played you will find no complexity there at all. You will find that when you thoroughly know the working principle of The Divine Trinity, so thoroughly that your own Consciousness is always the centering zero of KNOWING from which all pairs of opposite expressions extend, you will suddenly realize that you have all-knowledge, for the answer to every question as to CAUSE and PRINCIPLE is within you.

"When you have arrived at that point you will find yourself to be a very different kind of a person. You will, from now on, find yourself more and more dependent upon yourself, more SURE of yourself. You will find yourself talking less to dissipate your forming thought-bodies, and thinking more. The time will gradually come when you would not think of asking any other person on earth for advice upon anything whatsoever which you are planning to achieve or create.

"You will find yourself going to books only for information, or to other men for technical skills, or to encyclopedic recordings which are not knowledge, but never for CAUSE or PRINCIPLE, for that knowledge is already within you and these lessons should awaken it in you sufficiently for you to recognize your own cosmic unity with the Omniscient ONE.

"The greater your cosmic awareness the greater your Cosmic Consciousness — which means ALL-KNOWING." [Walter Russell, Home Study Course, 29 - Unit Four - Lesson 14]

The other day another Cosmic Nudge got me to re-read Harvey Spencer Lewis’ book "Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life". I hadn’t read in this book in many years. The first half of this amazing book is all about this same initial first dynamic - written of course in his jargon and context.

When adding over the years the Russell materials to the svpwiki it occurred to me many times that Russell is overly generous in his use of synonyms. Which is on the one hand a very good thing but on the other hand a very bad thing. His Laws of Thermodynamics article is no exception. Just for one instance he uses the phrase "cold light" which was more or less new to me when he could have used "mind" which is not new. Another synonym filled phrase: Gravity is a shaft of Mind-controlling stillness and countless others.

Anyhow, when one gets a Cosmic Nudge, epiphany, or glimmer of some new idea or concept usually this nudge is like saying "Your answer can be found in NYC". One excitedly runs off to NYC only to be lost in a bewildering maze of streets, buildings, parks and people and cars in seemingly chaotic motion and noise. Where exactly is that answer? It may and often does take YEARS to ferret out the specific answer. A Cosmic Nudge was little more than a blunt pointer in a general direction. This is what happened to me the other day when I got all excited to have "found" the clue I have been looking for these so many years.

All this material from all these writers has been in the public domain since Russell wrote his version 50 or 60 years ago. The basic idea of this first dynamic has been in print since Macvicar in the 1850s and in Bloomfield-Moore’s book since 1893. It has been findable within the svpwiki for several years. Countless individuals have read their words. How many realized they meant anything other than their surface meaning? Only a mind already prepped with the background knowledge could have detected any glimmer there may be more import than the simple words themselves.

So let’s not get all excited that this information needs to be shared (given away for free) to a world not ready to recognize or value it neither of which they can or are able or willing to do. It would be a wasted effort and sets one up for attack by trolls, the fearful, the ignorant and the brain-dead.

When and if I get this thing sorted out and massaged into a 6th grade level presentation (which may take years) it will then go out to those who may be able and interested in understanding such a presentation and possibly able to do anything with it or may even want to do anything with it. It also remains for us to prove these principles with bench work and models. Failing that we have nothing. [Dale Pond, 3/6/18]

Chapter 1
Russell's Rhythmic Balanced Interchange & Laws of Thermodynamics

Law of Balance
Vibratory Reciprocal Change of State
Basic Thermodynamic Principles
Laws of Thermodynamics
Laws references in writings

Law of Balance

The basic idea here starts with a non-existent point as for instance the sharp point of a fulcrum upon which or about which the two poles of motion move reciprocally. These seemingly opposite poles or states of force and energy originate from the undivided undifferentiated point of the fulcrum, have their motions and interchanges, then return (become latent, non-motion) to the neutral point of the fulcrum. This is not unlike the actions of a simple child's seesaw.


Figure 1 - Seesaw Reciprocal Action
(click to enlarge)

Using the seesaw metaphor implies only the reciprocal change of state (up or down) between the two poles. What goes up on one side goes down on the other side simultaneously or reciprocally. In reality what happens is there is a reciprocal change of state between the two poles as the state of one pole becomes the state of the other pole, sequentially.

Vibratory Reciprocal Change of State
When considering the two moving phases of vibration or oscillation usually referred to as positive and negative phases; each phase is a state or condition of that being vibrated or oscillated. One state of phase becomes the other state of phase. The two phases interchange their state or condition periodically. These two states of phase are harmonic or concord and enharmonic or discord. Accordingly, the harmonic or concordant phase becomes the enharmonic or discordant phase and vice versa, sequentially and periodically. The neutral line between the two phases does not change. Russell calls this neutral line the gravity shaft. Russell called this periodic change of state Rhythmic Balanced Interchange.

Basic Thermodynamic Principles

1- It is well known when a hot compressed liquid is suddenly released to a lower pressure the liquid flashes into a partial vapor and cools. The phase/state changes from the liquid phase/state to vapor/gas phase/state. [see Flash Steam, flash evaporation]

2- It is also well known when a large volume of cool vapor is compressed into a small volume of liquid it heats. So long as the pressure is maintained it will remain in the liquid phase/state. [see compressed air energy storage]

3- Russell's Laws of Thermodynamics are nothing new to physical or newtonian science. What may be new to some people is the rules governing phase state or subdivision change can be applied to non newtonian substances where the phase state or subdivision may be changed from molecular and atomic to interatomic to etheric or interetheric and back again.

4- The Law of Cycles describes how when a substance self compresses via syntropy or harmonic vibrations it develops discords to the compressing harmonic vibrations. These discords manifest as heat. If the discords are damped or in some way discarded the compression is a cold one; i.e., natural crystallization.

phase change

Figure 2 - Enthalpy - Phase Changes (courtesy Wikipedia)
(click to enlarge)

Table of Subdivisions of Matter and Energy

Figure 3 - Table of Subdivisions of Matter and Energy
(click to enlarge)

"The underlying law of Creation is RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE in all transactions in Nature. It is the one principle upon which the continuity of the universe depends. Likewise, it is the one principle upon which the continuity of man's transactions, his health and happiness depend. It is the manifestation of God's two opposing desires in all processes of creation.

"Gravity and the Magnetic Light are ONE, but the connotation of gravity differentiates it from the word Mind, or Light, just as the word Soul differentiates it from the word God. They are the same, however, for God is the Universal Soul while Soul in man mean's Identity, or Being, as a unit of the Universal Being. The moment that electricity divides the One changeless condition into pairs it is necessary to balance and control those pairs. Gravity is the Magnetic control and balancer, although its power never multiplies or divides. Where gravity is stillness is. An area of stillness always surrounds gravity shafts. These areas are the holes which center the rings of electric potential which continually multiply compression, or divide it by expanding, in accord with the desires of Nature, or man, to manifest that all-power which is within, and omnipresent in all things." [Atomic Suicide, page 177]

BALANCE is the principle of unity, of oneness. In it is the stability which lies in CAUSE. BALANCE is the foundation of the universe.

BALANCED INTERCHANGE simulates oneness by interchange between pairs of opposites. It is the principle of equal giving between all moving pairs of unbalanced opposites which constitute this dual electric universe. In it is the instability of EFFECT. Instability is forever seeking to find stability. It can never find it, but it can simulate it by balancing its instability through equality of interchange.

RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE is the principle of continuity of EFFECT. Balanced interchange between opposites repeats simulaton of stability, and rhythmic balanced interchange continues that repetition." Russell, The Secret of Light, page 106-107

Standard Laws of Thermodynamics
We can see from the below accepted laws they each and all include the parameters of pressure, temperature, volume and mass in different states, subdivisions or phases. Each of these parameters can be varied resulting in reciprocal changes in the other two.

Boyles Law

  • The absolute pressure exerted by a given mass of an ideal gas is inversely proportional to the volume it occupies if the temperature and amount of gas remain unchanged within a closed system.

Carnot Cycle

Process 2 is an adiabatic process during which the temperature is raised from T1 to T2.

Process 3 is an isothermal process at high temperature T1, and during this process an amount of heat H1 is given to the working substance.

Process 4 is an adiabatic process during which the temperature drops from T1 to T2, the beginning temperature.

Carnot Theorem

  • All irreversible heat engines between two heat reservoirs are less efficient than a Carnot engine operating between the same reservoirs.

All reversible heat engines between two heat reservoirs are equally efficient with a Carnot engine operating between the same reservoirs.

Charles law

  • When the pressure on a sample of a dry gas is held constant, the Kelvin temperature and the volume will be directly related.

Gay-Lussac law

  • The pressure of an enclosed gas is directly proportional to its temperature.

Russell's Laws of Thermodynamics
In lesson 38 of he Home Study Course, Dr. Russell presents seven new Laws of Thermodynamics:

FIRST LAW: Cold generates energy. Heat radiates energy. Cold multiplies. It cannot divide for it is the fulcrum of the universe which must extend to multiply. Heat divides. It cannot multiply but can be multiplied.

SECOND LAW: Every action must be preceded and followed by its equal and opposite reaction. Heat is the reaction of cold. Heat could not come into being save for the compressive action of cold, nor could it repeat itself without losing itself in basic cold.

THIRD LAW: Cold is static, unchanging and unconditioned. It eternally lives. Cold light is the basic ONE THING of the universe. Heat waves are dynamic, forever changing and dually conditioned. They are eternally living and dying to simulate life.

FOURTH LAW: Cold light is the omnipresent basis of universal intelligence and energy. Hot waves of light, which man calls matter, are a simulation of intelligence and energy. There is no intelligence or energy in matter.

FIFTH LAW: Static cold and dynamic heat express their opposite energies at angles of ninety degrees from their axes of rotation. Cold retains its static, motionless condition along wave axes where motion ceases at points of maximum heat, while heat extends along equators to again expand as cold. This balanced interchanging completes the wave cycle.

SIXTH LAW: Cold compresses. Cold multiplies cold to create heat. Heat expands to divide heat into cold. Varied pressures of heat constitute the octave color spectrum cycles and the octave chemical cycles of matter. Their varied wave lengths are the basis of our mathematics.

SEVENTH LAW: Long low waves of low potential and high frequencies constitute the invisible spectrum and low density gases, while short high waves of high potential and low frequencies constitute the basis for high density solids. [Home Study Course, Lesson 38, pages 743-744 and In the Wave lies the Secret of Creation by Dr. Timothy A. Binder, p. 55]

References to other laws in the Russell literature
Law: IHSC; 150, 151, 405, 414.
Law, One Divine: IHSC; 487.
Law of Balance: See Law of Balance
Law of Conservation: IHSC; 192, 607, 617. See Law of Conservation
Law of Growth: IHSC; 763-4. See Law of Growth
Law of Love: See: Law of Love
Law of Polarization: IHSC; 739, 818. See Law of Polarization
Laws, God's: See: God's Laws, Laws

Chapter 2

Russell's Rhythmic Balanced Interchange or Universal Heart Beat is the same as Macvicar's Law of Assimilation. This law or dynamic is the central dynamic of all that is. Up to now (3/4/18) the details of this dynamic were unknown or recognized. An outline of these missing details is presented in Russell's Laws of Thermodynamics. Which when coupled with Keely's forty laws brings forth an impressive delineation of those dynamics of how they work. See above Vibratory Reciprocal Change of State.

Law of Assimilation
''"Of what nature are the ideas which Macvicar was so sure would be unpopular? In compiling from his writings, such are selected as seem to be the best, toward elucidating the mysteries which lie in the operation of the laws governing the universal ether, so far as his hypotheses carried him. If matter without form preceded the creation of vitality, "it is only when the principle of life had been given," says Charpignon, "that the intrinsic properties of atoms were compelled, by the law of affinities, to form individualities; which, from that moment, becoming a centre of action, were enabled to act as modifying causes of the principle of life, and assimilate themselves to it, according to the ends of their creation." Here is a conjecture, to start with, that it will be well to remember; for, as in the hypotheses of Macvicar and the demonstration of Keely, the law of assimilation is made the pivot upon which all turns, "providing at once for the free and the forced, at once for mind and for matter, and placing them in a scientific relationship to one another." This law Macvicar calls the "cosmical law," because to it alone, ever operating under the eye and fulfilling the design of the great Creator who is always and in all places immanent to His creation, an appeal, is ever made. By this law a far greater number of the phenomena of nature and the laboratory can be explained than have been otherwise explained by scores of laws which are frankly admitted to be empirical. Surely this is no slight claim for this law to be studied, with a view to its acceptance or rejection. ===To repeat, this law is to the effect that:

  • every individualized object tends to assimilate itself to itself, in successive moments of its existence, and

The ground of it is, that the simple and pure substance of creation, has for its special function
1- to manifest the Creator; and consequently
2- to assimilate itself to His will and attributes, in so far as the finite can assimilate itself to the Infinite.

Hence it is in its own nature, wholly plastic or devoid of fixed innate properties, and wholly assimilative, both with respect to its own portions or parts and to surrounding objects, as well as to its position in space, and, in so far as it is capable, to the mind of the Creator. Thus, there immediately awake, in the material elements, individuality and the properties of sphericity, elasticity, and inertia, along with a tendency to be assimilated as to place, or, as it is commonly called, reciprocal attraction.'' [underline and phrase breaks added. see Modes of Vibration, Celestial Radiation, Giving-Regiving, Heart, Universal Heart Beat, Rhythmic Balanced Interchange]

1- "Hence, in the first place, the construction in the ether, or realm of light, of groups of ethereal elements, generating material elements. [see Etheric Elements]

2- "Hence, secondly, a tendency in the material elements, when previously distributed in space, to form into groups, in which their etherial atmospheres may become completely confluent; while their material nuclei, being possessed of a more powerful individuality than ethereal elements, come into juxtaposition merely, thus constituting molecules. [underline and phrase breaks added]

"By legitimate deductions from cosmical law, the forms and structures of these molecules must always be as symmetrical as the reaction of their own constituent particles, and that of their surroundings, will allow. The law of assimilation gives the same results as mathematics in determining the forms of systems of equal, and similar, elastic and reciprocally attractive spherical forces, or centres of force, when they have settled in a state of equilibrium; proving these forms to be symmetrical in the highest degree. Here, however, Macvicar and Keely differ, in hypothesis, as to the structure of the ultimate material element; but this difference does not affect "the scaffolding" of pure philosophy, in which everything that is cognized has it's own place, is on a solid basis, is harmonious with its surroundings, and is explained and justified by them:- raising chemistry to the level and bringing it within the sphere of mechanics; investing its objects, at the same time, with all the distinctness of the objects of other branches of natural science." [Bloomfield-Moore, Keely and His Discoveries, Chapter II, Part II, Ether the True Protoplasm]

"But to return to the question asked in the Home Journal. "Can this subtle force reasonably be expected to be caged and fettered by mere earthly instruments?" This is the answer, as given by Keely himself: "You ask my opinion regarding my ultimate success in the practical use of etheric force. My faith is unbounded by doubts. The successful result is as positive as the revolution of our globe, and comes under the great law which governs all nature's highest and grandest and most sensitive operations." [Bloomfield-Moore, Keely and His Discoveries, Chapter V - Etheric Vibration. - The Key Force]

"This magnetic stream, or terrestrial magnetic envelope, is the one that has the most powerful affinity for all neutral-centre conditions; radiating continually from such centres, and focalizing and concentrating on them at the same time; thus feeding and distributing in a manner to preserve perfect equation under the most sympathetic and vital velocity, positively and negatively. This perpetual polar activity is, in its conditions, similar to the sympathetic outflow and inflow of the forces that constantly keep our solar activity in a perfectly balanced state. The same conditions in a physical way are found in the circulation of the blood through the heart; Inflow and distribution, inflow again and re-distribution and also in the cerebral functions." [COMMENTS OF JOHN WORRELL KEELY ON DR SCHIMMELS LECTURE]

Russell echos the same message as the above paragraph: "Hence there can be no such thing as a positively charged mass or a negatively charged mass. All charging masses are simultaneously discharging and all discharging masses are simultaneously recharging other masses in this two-way universe of motion. Energy is kept continually moving between the high pressure hot points of gravitative centres and the low-pressure cold areas of the evacuated fields which surround all masses." [Russell to NYT - 1930 November 2] [low-pressure cold areas of the evacuated fields]

Chapter 3
Merged Laws

This chapter begins the task of merging concepts and jargons which at first may appear to make a confusing situation worse will be seen to provide clarity and substance. One ought not to say "Cold generates energy" without providing some explanation as to how and why this is so. Granted Russell does write extensively about this principle of cold scattered throughout his several books. An effort is made herein to bring these insights together into a single document. Keely on the other hand writes about the vibratory nature and dynamics of cold and heat in his forty laws.


  • Cold generates energy.

Obviously this is done via the Law of Cycles which says: "Coherent aggregates harmonically united constitute centers of vibration bearing relation to the fundamental pitch not multiples of the harmonic pitch, and the production of secondary unions between themselves generate pitches that are discords, either in their unisons, or overtones with the original pitch; from Harmony is generated discord, the inevitable cause of perpetual transformation." Add in the Bjerknes Effect where like vibrations attract and we have a syntropic action leading to mutual assimilation. As this assimilation progresses denser and tighter accumulating energy secondary discords are created within and among the overtones which manifest as heat.

  • Heat radiates energy.

Discords (unlike repulsive vibrations) are entropic expanding that which was previously accumulated harmonically. This is the nature of radiant energy to expand and disperse back to the neutral or depolar Void and state. Powered by the Law of Repulsion the radiant stream mutually dissociates, disperses and whose polarity gradually decreases to zero disappearing into and rejoining the One with no polarization.

From One Mind comes all. All goes back to One Mind.

Figure 4 - From One Undifferentiated Mind comes all. All goes back to One Undifferentiated Mind.
(click to enlarge)
(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy)

Cold is actually harmonic (mutually attractive) vibrations that mutually accumulate (multiply) within themselves according to the Law of Attraction. This not unlike a snowball rolling down a hill getting bigger and bigger as it gains velocity and mass. Think entrainment, Angular Momentum coupling, Vibronic coupling, Sympathetic Vibration, coupling accumulating via additive synthesis.

  • It cannot divide for it is the fulcrum of the universe which must extend to multiply.

This self accumulating harmonic snowball of energy cannot divide until and unless it reaches a point where secondary discords begin to form in self generated discords.

Discords radiate which is to say they divide and repulse according to the Square Law with ever increasing radii and expanding volume of field.

  • It cannot multiply but can be multiplied.

Enharmonic heat therefore cannot self or mutually accumulate as harmonic cold does but instead divides and radiates via Bjerknes Effect (unlike centers of vibration mutual repel one another) as in the Law of Repulsion, a mutual repulsion resulting in dispersion.

"It is not gravity, or Mind, or stillness, which multiplies, however. That which multiplies and divides is electric potential only, and that means fast or slow centripetal or centrifugal motion. The gravity which evidences Mind-concentrative power is changeless. Motion surrounding it alone changes." [Atomic Suicide, page 180-181]

"All motion in all this universe is based upon the fact that the sexless condition of stillness has been divided into two sexed conditions. The division begins its tension at the cathode and multiplies that tension as the division extends from the cathode toward the anode. Electricity thus creates tensions and strains, which we call electric potential. Electric potential is the measure of compression at any one point in the universe. Gravity is evidenced wherever compression from without is maximum. Gravity is a focal point from which matter desires to explode outwardly. Gravity does not pull inwardly from within as the deceptive illusion of Nature would have you believe. Neither is it the attractive force which Newton's senses were deceived into believing, for a center of gravity is a point of maximum electric potential. Gravity never changes. It is never more or less. It is maximum everywhere. It is electric potential which changes by multiplying and dividing the measure of power it is able to express by drawing it from its gravity center of control. It is like the power of a man who can draw but little from the great omnipotence which centers him, as compared with another man whose knowledge enables him to draw more of it. Electric potential is the tension caused by the electric division of the ONE universal condition of rest into two unbalanced conditions of motion." [Atomic Suicide, Chapter 4 - The True Nature of This Mind and Motion Universe - part VI, page 86]

"Everything constructed by nature "grows." Growth is an accumulation and assimilation of electric potential caused by endothermic, inhalative genera-activity, followed by eliminative redistribution as the result of exhalative radioactivity." [Russell, The Universal One, page 133]

[1] It is my considered opinion the use of the terms "electric" and "electrical" by Walter Russell is in reference to its dynamic properties of polarity. Electricity is a syntropically polar phenomenon and is only evident when polarized. In almost every use of the term WR uses them as a qualifier of a noun which is the definition of an adjective. Otherwise he uses it as an adverb - qualifying a verb, state or action.


  • Every action must be preceded and followed by its equal and opposite reaction.

Which implies time for intermittent and sequential (reciprocal) events to occur. Keely wrote: "Even as the magnet arouses the latent power in iron, my sympathetic polar harness will, by exciting concordance in the interstitial corpuscular domain, and then intermittently negatizing by association with the dominant thirds, the concordant 3rds, 6ths and 9ths, produce great power of rotation." [Snell Manuscript] [See 9.33 - Time Intervals]

In Keely's Law of Heat - "Atoms under the tension of chemical combination oscillate with an amplitude directly as the temperature, inversely as the pressure, and as the square of the specific heat. Diminishing the pitch of oscillation inversely as the square of the distance of the atoms apart, and simultaneously increasing the vibrating pitch of the atom by absorption of overtones and higher harmonics." The spontaneous contraction of harmonic oscillations automatically creates multiple non-coincident harmonics (discords) which are by nature mutually repulsive. So contraction evolves into dispersion if continued beyond a coincident state. [See Law of Transformation of Forces]

  • Heat could not come into being save for the compressive action of cold, nor could it repeat itself without losing itself in basic cold.

Harmonic cold generates enharmonic heat - heats only source (higher octave infrared frequencies). Heat cannot multiply in a continuous fashion because mutual repulsion prevents self-assimilation, thus heat continuously disperses until the amplitude of the discords fade into zero potential (Void) where neither cold nor heat exists but where cold has its nascent beginning. [See Law of Transformation of Forces]


  • Cold is static, unchanging and unconditioned.

Harmonization or mutual attraction leads to less and less action or motion. This is the process of crystallization so long as the point of generation of discords is not reached.

  • It eternally lives.

Deep cold continues and preserves unchanged because of its lack of motion; i.e., generation of (discords) - . "from harmony is generated discord, the inevitable cause of perpetual transformation." [See Law of Cycles]

"The transforming of the substance of light into matter can be likened unto the transformation of water into ice. The ice is an appearance due to change of motion. The substance of water has not changed. Deprive water of that state of inactivity called "cold" and ice disappears." The Universal One, Book 02 - Chapter 01 - Dynamics of Mind - Concerning Light Units of Matter

"Luminiferous ether (light)," he (Keely) writes, "or celestial mind force, a compound interetheric element, is the substance of which everything visible is composed. It is the great sympathetic protoplastic element; life itself. Consequently, our physical organisms are composed of this element. This focalizing, or controlling media, of the physical, has its seat in the cerebral convolutions; from which sympathetic radiation emanates. This sympathetic outreach is mind flow proper, or will force; sympathetic polarization to produce action; sympathetic depolarization to neutralize it. Polar and depolar differentiation, resulting in motion. The true protoplastic element sympathetically permeates all forms and conditions of matter; having, for its attendants, gravity, electricity, and magnetism; the triple conditions born in itself. In fact, it is the soul of matter; the element from which all forms of motion receive their introductory impulse." [Vibratory Physics - The Connecting Link between Mind and Matter]

"Mind is the universe. Mind substance is "spiritual" substance. Spirit is Light Spirit is the ultimate, the eternal, though finite substance." [Walter Russell, The Universal One, Chapter I page 2]

  • Heat waves are dynamic, forever changing and dually conditioned.

Discords are always mutually repelling themselves resulting in continuous activity and as such are always polar - entropic (center fleeing) and syntropic (center seeking).

  • They are eternally living and dying to simulate life.

Thus through their mutual antagonism of intermittent mutual attraction and mutual repulsion (Rhythmic Balanced Interchange) preform the rhythmic motions we know as the dance of life.


Cold Light or Mind is the everywhere present universal consciousness and source of all force and energy.

"They were written to tell to a newly dawning Age that the nucleus of the atom is the still Magnetic Light of God, the Creator of the atom, and that the atom is the electrically divided pair of moving lights, which manifest His thinking." [Atomic Suicide, page 189] [See Mind of God, still God-Light of Mind]

Hot Waves of light or mind which the material man knows as matter is an effect that mimics intelligence (an attribute of mind), consciousness or mind and force and energy.

"God, the Creator, divides His one white Light by extending its ONENESS into electrical tensions of vibrating red and blue pairs. The tensions of this electrical division are equalled by a desire for unity, which is attained at the point of white incandescense in matter. Unity thus attained is repeated forever by the same dividing, uniting process of electrical action-reaction pulsations. Reproduction cannot take place until the red and the blue lights of sex-divided motion are voided in the still White Light of the Creator. Man alone, of all Creation, ever knows of his Omniscience." [Atomic Suicide, page 108]


Figure 4.1 - Mate-Pairs Meeting in Incandescense
(pictured here as yellow - "Yellow is the meeting point of highest pressures, temperatures, densities and potentials of the wave." [Russell, The Universal One, Book 02 - Chapter 19 - Expressions of Gravitation and Radiation]
(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy)
(click to enlarge)

"There is no life, energy, knowledge, idea, truth, intelligence or any other quality of Mind or thought, in the motion which man calls matter and substance, and mistakes for reality. It is time that man realizes that there is nothing, whatsoever, in this visible universe but motion, and that REALITY exists only in the vacuum from which motion emerges as heat to simulate the Light of Reality." [Atomic Suicide, Chapter 4 - The True Nature of This Mind and Motion Universe - part V, page 83]

"Thy BRAIN is not thy mind, it is that which is used by thy mind!'' [Cayce (826-11)]

"In our individual organisms, the latent soul-forces, existing in the cerebral domain, are sympathetically subservient to the celestial radiating force whereby they are stimulated into action in controlling the movements of our bodies. Take away this latent element from the brain and the physical organism becomes an inert, dead mass; on the same order as a mechanical device without an energy to operate it.'' [Clara Bloomfield-Moore, The Veil Withdrawn]


Cold aligns with the shaft or axis of rotation. Heat expands away from that shaft at 90° normal to the equator of the rotating shaft.

"The wave shaft itself is the still God-Light of Mind which is like unto the still eye of the cyclone at the polarized end of the cyclone shaft. The true sphere thus formed marks the maturity of the imaged-form which is completed at the junction point of eight cubes where the octave wave ends at amplitude. This is where microscopic suns of almost timeless duration are formed. Here also is where majestic suns of huge mass and durations of billions of ages in duration are also formed, to function as seed for borning of planets and lesser forms of God's imaginings. From that point of maturity of such flaming carbon masses as our sun, God's decentrative thinking causes these suns to project rings from the plane of their equators in series of four which, likewise, compress into planets in series of four. These, likewise, forever project rings in series of four until all that God gave in light rings of His electric pulsings are regiven to the four of their zero group as refolding records of that which has been unfolded." [Atomic Suicide, page 121]

Swirling Vortex around Neutral Centering Shaft

Figure 5 - Swirling Vortex around Neutral Centering Shaft
(Stria swirling to and from the axis of rotation.)
(click to enlarge)

God creates three pairs of disunited male and female bodies upon His extending octave wave shaft - and then a united fourth pair at His thought wave amplitude. This united, balanced pair is an incandescent sphere. At that point in the wave, and that only, the disunited father and mother unite as ONE at its white center. One of its hemispheres, however, is still the red light of the father (syntropy) and the other one is the blue light of the mother (entropy); for each is still extended from its centering Oneness." Atomic Suicide?, page 111-114

Electric Current Cycle color version

Figure 6 - Electric Current Cycle.
(scan courtesy of University of Science & Philosophy)
(see original black and white version)
(click to enlarge)

Like a fulcrum under a seesaw the center is still while the two extended polar states interchange about, around and upon the still center of balance. In the Russell paradigm the complete wave cycle appears thusly:

The Wave Cycle

Figure 7 - The Wave Cycle
(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy)
(click to enlarge)


Cold or harmonic vibrations and oscillations result in crystallization which is a solidification by increased approximation via mutual attraction resulting in increased densification. The Law of Attraction is evoked in syntropic (harmonic) action:

"Juxtaposed coherent aggregates vibrating in unison, or harmonic ratio, are mutually attracted." [Keely, 1894]

This mutual or self aggregation and compression develops vibratory discords which are seen as heat (infrared frequencies. The Law of Cycles is evoked where mutual compression develops these discords. [See additive synthesis.]

"Coherent aggregates harmonically united constitute centers of vibration bearing relation to the fundamental pitch not multiples of the harmonic pitch, and the production of secondary unions between themselves generate pitches that are discords, either in their unisons, or overtones with the original pitch; from Harmony is generated discord, the inevitable cause of perpetual transformation." [Keely, 1894]

The Law of Repulsion is then evoked as discords bring about mutual repulsion:

"Juxtaposed coherent aggregates vibrating in discord are mutually repelled." [Keely, 1894]

Repulsion actuated by discords expands and radiates away from their center thus becoming more and more rarefied resulting in cooling as expansion occurs. This mutual repulsion follows the Inverse Square Law:

The inverse-square law, in physics, is any physical law stating that a specified physical quantity or intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that physical quantity. The fundamental cause for this can be understood as geometric dilution corresponding to point-source radiation into three-dimensional space." Wikipedia, Inverse Square Law

Inverse Square Law

Figure 7.1 - Inverse Square Law
(image courtesy of HyperPhysics

Inverse Square Law

Figure 8 - Inverse Square Law - Entropy
Dispersion away from Neutral Center or Point Source
(click to enlarge)

Inverse Inverse Square Law

Figure 9 - Inverse Square Law - Syntropy
Contracting to Neutral Center or Point Source.
(click to enlarge)

It appears this expansion due to discords otherwise known as heat occurs in discrete quantities, intervals, steps or densities. As each expression of expansion evokes is opposite state (compression) they result in mate-pairs which we know as atoms and isotopes. Russell quantified and listed these mate-pairs in his chart of the elements and in this chart. A comparative Table of Elements showing Russell's designated quantities is here.

  • Their varied wave lengths are the basis of our mathematics.

"Spheres occur only at wave amplitudes and the fact of its four positive and four negative efforts is the basis of the octave wave from which our spectrum, our octaves of the elements and our octaves of musical tones are derived.

Step 1 - Wave/Vortex Crests at 4++ Polarization

Figure 10 - Step 1 - Wave / Vortex Crests at 4++ Polarization
(courtesy of University of Science and Philosophy)
(click to enlarge)

"This 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 octave sequence constitutes the heartbeat of the universe. It is the basis of our musical rhythms, our chemistry, our mathematics, our symmetry of design of all animal, mineral and vegetable forms and of our color spectrum of light." [Walter Russell, Home Study Course, 53 - Unit Nine - Lesson 35]

Walter Russell, in his book The Universal One, presents a scale of devolving and evolving characteristics, parameters and powers. He called this scale the Scale of Locked Potentials. The orderliness and periodicity of this scale can be viewed in two main ways: Power Centered and Zero Centered.

Figure 12.01 - 4++ Power Centered Scale

Figure 11 - Russell's 4++ Power Centered Scale
(click to enlarge)

Figure 12.02 - 0 Inertia Centered Scale

Figure 12 - 0 Inertia Centered Scale
(click to enlarge)
(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy)

The Scale of Locked Potentials shown in relative relationships.

Universal Mathematics

Figure 13 - Universal Mathematics
(click to enlarge)
courtesy University of Science and Philosophy

The Scale of Locked Potentials shown in Geometric/Volumetric relationships where greatest volume and least energy density is at 0 and least volume and greatest energy density at 4+.

Russell's Locked Potential Wave as Function of Multiple Octaves

Figure 14 - Russell's Locked Potential Wave as Function of Multiple Octaves
(click to enlarge)

Reciprocal Motions This image shows a progressive decrease in volume as a concurrent reciprocal increase in pressure and its inverse. As also increase in gravity with concurrent decrease in radiation and its inverse.

Octave Numbers

Figure 15 - The Octave Numbers
(courtesy of University of Science and Philosophy)
(click to enlarge)

Some Mathematics (to be expanded upon)

arithmetical progression
Cubing the Sphere
Figure 6.17 - Areas and Volumes - Relations and Proportions
Figure 6.19 - Sphere to Cube - Relations and Proportions
Figure 12.09 - Dimensions and Relationships
Figure 12.10 - Russells Locked Potential Wave
Geometrical Progression
12.18 - Multiple Octave Progression
Table 12.02 - Length Area and Volume Math


Potential and frequency are two of Russell's reciprocating dimensions or attributes. Apparently, according to this law, they are rhythmically interchangeable.

"Octave periodicity is an orderly progression to and from the maximum effect of each octave."
"Cyclic periodicity is an orderly progression to and from the maximum effect of the entire cycle."

"Thus may it now be simply stated that all periodicities of all motion of whatever nature, with two exceptions, may be built up on the following extremely simple formula: The two exceptions to this octave periodicity are mass, and tone. Mass means weight. Tone means sound. Mass accumulates all down the entire ten octaves; tone lowers from the highest note down the cosmic keyboard to the lowest.

"The zero represents inertial energy, and the numerals represent the orderly progressions in locked potentials and pressures and orbits. Thinking Mind has devised these orderly progressions as its method of evolving the idea of universal thinking into the appearance of form, and devolving it into the disappearance of form." [Russell, The Universal One; Book 01 - Chapter 15 - The Formula of the Locked Potentials.]

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