Stable Isotopes

Isotope Half-life Spin Neutrons Protons Electrons/Shell
12C stable 0+ %Abundance=98.90 3 6 6 2, 4
13C stable 1/2- %Abundance=1.10 3 7

Excellent video on Carbon

"Verily, the sphere - which carbon is - has arisen from its resting place to stand up and go into action in a divided three-dimensional universe of change for just a little while before lying down to rest in the undivided universe of stillness in order to regenerate vitality for again arising into action." Russell, A New Concept of the Universe

"The inner core is the red of its heat and the outer layers are the blue of space into which the red core projects its heat to expand it. The outer layers then cool it and thus create imprisoned bodies whose sole desire is to escape imprisonment. Beyond carbon the inner core reverses to blue." [Atomic Suicide, page 94]

"It is necessary to know why tungsten becomes helium. There are nine inert Soul-recording gases, why helium? The inert gas for the tungsten octave is xenon. Why should tungsten not refold into xenon? The answer is that it does refold into xenon, but all of the inert gases are within each other and helium is the balancing inert gas of the nine. Xenon expands into krypton. Krypton expands into argon, then into neon until it finds balance in carbon." [Atomic Suicide, page 246]

"Carbon is the mid-tone of all the elemental octaves. The radar principle of Nature is also another world for which we do not have pages for, but carbon is the radial cube of the zero universe and the radar principle in projected effect is cube-dominated." [Atomic Suicide, page 246]

"We will then explain why cobalt has given an entirely different result than carbon would give, and that sodium would have given another effect of unbalanced ejections, while sodium chloride would give a balanced effect, and tantalum would have given another effect from the one produced by cobalt. In other words, when it is shown WHY cobalt emitted a large electron from one end and a small one from the other, and it can be clearly explained WHY every single unit atom and every paired one will give different, and predictable results, it will then be easy to comprehend why the conclusions arrived at by this experiment are invalid." [Atomic Suicide, page 271-272]

"In the coil, above described, there is no material body occupying the cathode position as there is when a plane, or bullet, starts to move. In the Lee-Yang experiment a material body is placed there to be polarized. Cobalt is not a balanced, mated pair, like carbon, however. It is but one of a pair, although it is very close to the balanced amplitude point of its wave. When the current is turned on the resultant effect is as though a steel rod was inserted in the shaft of the coil, which is a half inch in diameter at one end and a quarter of an inch at the other end. Every physicist knows that both ends would then be different, for the equator of the rod would not be in the middle. It would be nearer the small end. The rod would not pick up an equal weight at its opposite ends, for the electric potential which does the lifting, would be unequal. The small end would pick up a greater weight, for its rings would be smaller and spin faster." [Atomic Suicide, page 293]

"Carbon is the point of maximum orbital velocity which creates the illusion of hardness. It is the point of maximum integration, highest melting point, most perfect in cubical crystallization, most compact in crystallization and most truly bi-sexual of all the elements." Russell, The Universal One, page 88

"Let us now enter our house of safety within which our environment is all contributory to the well being of organic life. By organic life we mean oxygen dependent bodies. Within that triangle on the universal harp are only five of its tones out of its total of 121. Those five tones are carbon, silicon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. It will probably amaze you to be informed that four of these five elements constitute 98 1/2% of your whole body composition. More amazing still, all five constitute 98 1/2% of the upper few feet of the earth's crust upon which your body is dependent for the food it needs for survival. The basic constituent of animal bodies is carbon while the basic constituent for the fertile life giving earth's crust, is silicon. Silicon is the first stage of death for carbon. It is, therefore, as good for purposes of earth as carbon is for purposes of life." [Atomic Suicide, page 32-33]

"Step No. 5. One should now be able to fully comprehend that if one attempts to divide an unbalanced element like cobalt, by polarizing it, one will obtain an unbalanced result. Carbon, for example, is a balanced dual element. It is true cube and is white, while cobalt is distorted cube and is blue. The same experiment tried with carbon, or sodium-chloride, or potassium-bromide, would give balanced results. The ejections from both ends would be the same. If, on the contrary, sodium-iodide, or potassium-chloride is used the results would be as unbalanced as these latter pairs are unbalanced. Each of these pairs crystallize in distorted cubes while the evenly mated pairs crystallize in true cube, like carbon." [Atomic Suicide, page 276]

"Another example will help clarify this one. The gun maker builds a two-way gun but does not seal either end. If the tube is of the same dimension from one end to the other, the projectiles ejected from both ends could be the same size, but if he made one end larger than the other the projectiles ejected from one end would be smaller than those ejected from the other end. For this reason we say that carbon, sodium-chloride, or potassium-bromide would give equal projections from each end, for they are mated pairs, whereas sodium or potassium alone would give as unequal results as unequally mated pairs, and sodium-bromide, or potassium-iodide would give as unequal results in such an experiment as their cube crystals are distorted, and for the same reason." [Atomic Suicide, page 293]

"Chemically these zero points of beginnings and endings are the inert gases of the elements, the patterned seed record from which the octave waves of the elements of matter appear. The inert gases are the seed from which patterned waves of the elements spring as oak trees spring from the patterned inert gas which centers the acorn. The plane upon which the inert gases rotate is 90 degrees from the plane of carbon's equator, which is upon the wave's amplitude." [Russell, Mirrors and Lens of Cosmic Cinema]

"When the ether flows from a tube, its negative centre represents molecular subdivision, carrying interstitially (or between its molecules) the lowest order of liberated ozone. This is the first order of ozone and is wonderfully refreshing and vitalizing to those who breathe it. The second order, or atomic separation, releases a much higher grade of ozone; in fact, too pure for inhalation, as it produces insensibility. The third order, or etheric, is the one that has been (though attended with much danger to the operator) utilized by Keely in his carbon register to produce the circuit of high vibration that breaks up the molecular magnetism which is recognized as cohesion." [Keely and His Discoveries, chapter 3]

Carbon in the Cayce readings

R1800-030 * (Pg 4) on the HHR situation. In the meantime House understands that his salary is not continuing on the regular basis. He is making up quantities of CARBON ash, appliances and Ipsab in order that we have supplies on hand. He is reluctant about giving up and will continue to help out as

R1800-030 * (Pg 7) looking up available references on "animated ash" and I found only a mention of bamboo ash. The most generally mentioned ash was what was called "CARBON ash". This was produced by the burning of two CARBON rods in a partial vacuum. The ash was supposed to form on the sides of

R1800-030 * (Pg 7) The readings once stated that several hours burning might produce a grain. Exactly what this ash is was never stated, other than to call it "CARBON ash". After it had been prepared this ash was to be sealed in airtight capsules to keep it from moisture and to be taken as

R1800-030 * (Pg 7) discovered, and is in common use.
If your friend wants to try to produce and experiment with this ash I would suggest that he use CARBON rods for the electrodes (for either CARBON or bamboo ash). Since an arc has a negative resistance characteristic, an external resistance should be used in

R1800-030 * (Pg 7) 83% vacuum which I assume also is as he figured it (5" Hg).
The trouble with all this is that there are several kinds of CARBON, and different kinds of arcs, and the amount of vacuum may affect the results. A lot of experimentation is called for (this simply has not

R1800-030 * (Pg 8) South Africa
Dear Mr. and Mrs Troost:
I understand from several of your letters to the ARE that you are interested in experimenting with the "CARBON ash" mentioned in some readings dealing with treatment for cancer and allied diseases.

R1800-030 * (Pg 8) and made up some notes which Gladys typed up as the extracts on ash.
There were two types mentioned; one was bamboo burned in a CARBON arc, (this was referred to an animated ash) and the other was the residue that collects on the glass when CARBON is burned, in an

R1800-030 * (Pg 8) bamboo burned in a CARBON arc, (this was referred to an animated ash) and the other was the residue that collects on the glass when CARBON is burned, in an arc, in a near vacuum. It mentioned that a day's burning might produce a grain. Some people have made this

R1800-030 * (Pg 8) such information out to members on an experimental basis, making no claims as to what it is or what it will do. This was called CARBON ash.
Since I understand you have made up some I would surely like to know if you have had it analyzed and what is its

R1800-030 * (Pg 8) up some I would surely like to know if you have had it analyzed and what is its exact composition? Is it a form of CARBON? or something else? what? Is it radio active? The readings said that it should be sealed in capsules upon production as it deteriorated with moisture.

R1800-030 * (Pg 8) to keep records of all work of this type that is done. Therefore any information you may have to offer on your work with the CARBON ash will be a real contribution to the ARE. Thanks.
Sincerely, Edgar E. Cayce

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