Diamagnetism is the property of an object which causes it to create a magnetic field in opposition to an externally applied magnetic field, thus causing a repulsive effect. Specifically, an external magnetic field alters the orbital velocity of electrons around their nuclei, thus changing the magnetic dipole moment. According to Lenz's law, this opposes the external field. Diamagnets are materials with a magnetic permeability less than or equal to 1.

Consequently, diamagnetism is a form of magnetism that is only exhibited by a substance in the presence of an externally applied magnetic field. It is generally quite a weak effect in most materials, although superconductors exhibit a strong effect.

Diamagnetic materials cause lines of magnetic flux to curve away from the material, and superconductors can exclude them completely (except for a very thin layer at the surface).

"WATER IS ONE OF THE BEST-KNOWN EXAMPLES OF DIAMAGNETIC LIQUIDS" https://www.nde-ed.org/Physics/Magnetism/index.xhtml

Bismuth is highly diamagnetic.

"The diamagnetic receding movement in the metal silver when brought close to the poles of a magnet operated by alternating current, is caused by "interatomic bombardment" of some 800,000 "corpuscular percussions" per second, or, expressed more exactly, by "intersympathetic vibrations" (non-operative on molecular, intermolecular or atomic sympathy, but penetrating within these to the interatom) or "interatomic bombardment". [DIAMAGNETISM - Snell]

19th octave 800,000 cps - Scale of the Forces in Octaves

Therefore it is also a mistake to believe that plants breathe in carbones and breathe out oxygen, which can be proven as follows: If the tips of enclosed stands of conifers are observed on very warm and windless days at about noon, then delicate transparent wraiths of mist can be seen, which waft upwards and disintegrate on exposure to excessive light and heat.15 This is a sign that decentrating forms of emulsion are taking place. That is, the upwardly radiating carbones, which become passive (inactive) with strong light and heat, are being bound by the aggressive oxygen influence, which happens under a negative (rising) temperature gradient. In my own experi- ence this also leads to the drying up of high-lying true springs, which can only rise under conditions where the oxygen is in a diffuse state. If these vapour formations appear above the tops of the trees, then it is certain to rain after about 4 hours. This prompted watchful foresters of old, who were close to Nature, to pack a raincloak in their rucksacks for the afternoon shift. If the opposite emulsive process takes place, i.e. if the downwardly radiating terrestrial energy, which becomes highly active under a positive (falling) temperature gradient, binds the excess oxygen, which becomes passive (inactive) in a diffuse state, then it will be exceptionally clear and cool above the tree-tops. This happens, because diamagnetically charged levitational forces come into being in a similar way as occurs in natural mixed forests, whose temperature in winter and summer constantly remains close to the anomaly zone of the interspersed water (+4°C - 39.2°F). This healing zone is sought out by sick and wounded animals, which go there to regain their health or to die a painless death. These sick beds, or surgical beds as experienced huntsmen called them, are also to be found in the water immediately below high-grade springs to which wounded game comes and to which the naturalistic huntsman hurries by the shortest route, where he finds the wounded creature dying in the healing water and puts it out of its agony with a coup-de-grace.

The simplest effect of catalytic opposites, i.e. fine-structured opposites with inner interuniting properties, or more properly having a 'marrying' tendency (ur-procreation), can best be observed in the generation of electric current, which is normally only successfully achieved with so-called dynamos incorporating rotors made of paramagnetic metal. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Catalysts, pages 37-38]

Conversely, if diamagnetic catalysts are used in dynamos constructed in exactly the opposite way (so-called Repulsators - see fig. 7 & figs. 24 ->26), then an upward flowing diamagnetism is produced, which viewed biologically is to be understood as 'levitation' (resurrective or upsuctional force), during which the follow-up pressure mentioned elsewhere plays a subordinate role. If the developmental process is initiated in reverse order, where the pressural components predominate, then super-strong gravitational forces are freed. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Catalysts]

(see fig. 8 & figs. 30-33) operates in accordance with the principle of counter-flowing currents and generates diamagnetism. Under a falling temperature gradient, these devices accelerate the flow-through material almost without diction and with increasing suctional force, if catalytic binding energies are introduced into the flow-through material in order to produce those atomic energies, which exhibit precisely the opposite effects to those that are produced today in ignorance of the disastrous consequences. It was either an abysmal stupidity or the greatest crime of all time to exploit decomposive atomic energies for the build-up of a world-wide economy. How it is produced is still taught and learnt in all technical colleges of the civilised world and as a subject of higher education, is the basis for an unnatural and [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Catalysts]

"With implosions a molecular ordering takes places in a radial->axial direction and therefore a suctional effect takes place in the axis, where the most vigorous decrease in heat and pressure occurs. This attracts, indraws, concentrates and binds (emulsifies) the oxygen, which gives rise to diamagnetism. This is precisely the opposite of the atomic pressural force, generally known as electricity. With implosion, detonationless retro-suctional effects occur in the core zone, which promote a higher grade emulsive process, namely the binding of the oxygen, which becomes increasingly passive the closer it is to the center of flow. This results in the collapse of the peripheral masses, the release of the through-flowing substance from the walls, and thereby to an almost frictionless increase in the velocity of the self-inwinding through-flowing material, which accelerates by the square of the velocity of a falling heat gradient." [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Explosion and Implosion - Expansion and Impansion]

Formative forms of motion are hallmarked by the development of an atomic negative pressure. Professor Ernst Ferdinand Sauerbruch, a surgeon, discovered it in 1908. He realised that without the existence of negative pressure between the lung-surfaces and the pleura, any inhalation and exhalation of diffuse (purified and exalted) precipitates of solar energy (chemically termed oxygen) would be impossible. In other words, there would be no re-spire-ation (fertilising) of digested, nutritive ethericities, which in exalted form enter the hermetically sealed blood or sap by way of diffusion. Unfortunately Professor Sauerbruch failed to see that this force, which internally bonds (emulsifies) the ethericities of fructigenic and seminal matter, is the diamagnetism discovered by Michael Faraday in 1845. Diamagnetism is also known as healing magnetism, animal magnetism or mesmerism — an ism that science views with disfavour. It manifests itself in a similar fashion to the pressural atomic forces that move a dowsing rod. Like the previously mentioned magnetism, this latter force can neither be measured nor weighed exactly and is hence rejected by science. [Nature as Teacher, Volume II, pages 107-108]

It must be stated at the outset that in this case the decisive but previously overlooked concentration of qualigen is only possible with the aid of radial->axial motion. Every medium becomes heavier if it is unable to breathe and its life is removed. This occurs immediately if excessive influences of heat and pressure are brought to bear by the opposite form of motion. In this case the diamagnetic, or adsuctional and insuctional force (namely Professor Warburg's life-energy) and otherwise known as levitational force by people of ancient cultures, is lost. [Nature as Teacher, Volume II, page 108]

Almost all monocultivated, plantation forests originate from this igno- rance. They can therefore quite properly be described as cancer-prone. They lack diamagnetic, adsuctional and insuctional force and can no longer pro- duce fertile seeds. As is the case with the remaining, over-cleared, old-growth forests, they too can be considered lost if the present methods of forestry are not drastically and quickly altered. Today's fertile soils and whatever water still remains are already over-acidified and polluted to such a degree that there can be no recovery without radical remedial measures.

In Nature everything is reversible. The last hope for restoring the natural order of things lies in the mechanical production of diamagnetism which comes about in the opposite way to the present generation of electricity. The idea of generating life-giving energy mechanically and restoring water's life-force and ability to breathe may sound fantastic. Yet, the behaviour of water itself shows us how this comes about, as it sinks lifelessly back into the womb of the Earth only to rise upwards again as noble water in moun- tain springs. The reason why it has been impossible to copy this natural process so far is simply because the enabling form of motion was unknown. People mistakenly believe the Earth's rotation to be circular. With circular motion, however, no negative pressure or drop in temperature can be achieved. [Nature as Teacher, Volume II, pages 109-110]

Professor Ernst Ferdinand Sauerbruch discovered the organic low-pressure chamber that lies between the pleura and the surface of the lungs, which functions as a biological vacuum and enables the inhalation of breathable matter and the resistance-free expansion of the lungs. Professor Sauerbruch was not aware, however, that this phenomenon is only possible through planetary motion. In this process positive atmospheric pressure is countered by a negative pressure, variable at will, whose power increases by the square of the in-winding rotational velocity. Moreover, if water is centrifuged, positive pressure increases in precisely the same measure, resulting in the lateral ejection of bipolar sediments. The naturalesque way, however, is to centripetalise them along the central axis. Otherwise a bio-electric nuclear axis surrounded by a decadent magnetic field will develop (as with electromagnets) at the same time as a diamagnetic, oxygen-repelling, but nonetheless iron-attracting magnetic function. In this case a pole-reversal occurs, i.e. an atomic excess pressure evolves in the longitudinal axis of a watercourse, which makes all respiration and insuction of diffuse, atmospheric oxygen impossible. The water inevitably suffocates, and with further direct or indirect over-illumination it decomposes due to the increasingly aggressive concentration of oxygen. [Nature as Teacher, Volume II, page 121]

Pyrolytic carbon has one of the largest diamagnetic constants of any room temperature material. Here a pyrolytic carbon sheet is levitated by its repulsion from the strong magnetic field of neodymium magnets. Diamagnetism, wikipedia

Diamagnetic levitation

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