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Jeremy Pfeiffer
Jeremy Pfeiffer
Jeremy Pfeiffer
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I often tell myself, "Don't be afraid to walk into a dark space and flip on the light switch."

Prompted by my love for God, natural energy practices and freedom, in 2007 I embarked on a mission to research and study The Universal Energy Force. My quest for knowledge and the exploration of these energy practices has opened my awareness, teaching me so much about my natural surroundings and myself; thus inspiring my work with cymatics and natural phenomena.

Throughout my journey I have come back to realize that true knowledge can only be uncovered from within myself; balanced by mind, body and spirit, driven by my hearts conscious expression for love towards all things.

Love, this is where the healing originates. Without the expanding high impedance frequency of Love, a living microbial system will never be able to successfully organize itself into a purified state. Purification for me is the balancing of mind, body and spirit; through connecting with the natural elements and meditating upon the Heart Sutra as the source. Once we achieve balance we can be of use to this planet as guides and healers, using our hearts and gifts to create harmonic organization within our dimensional space. Practicing harmony. This is why cymatics has become an intriguing model for me to study.

My observations of harmonic resonate sound frequencies being pulsed through water can be described as spiraling vortex motions forming into organized geometric patterns. As the sound frequency is tuned, it then shifts into more complex geometric patterns all while passing through periods of total chaos and disorganization. This empirical phenomenon was so profound and fell in line with how I have always observed the laws of energy throughout nature. What ultimately intrigues me of my observations is how sound through water becomes a parallel to my study of natural energy practices and how etheric energy flows through the living system in the same fashion as sound through water.

As I gain understanding and a refreshed perspective, I am becoming more aware of my responsibility to make a difference, right where I am in my life. I use my work with film and editorial as an outlet to heal and communicate with the universe. I have begun to use these etheric energy models and understanding of the heart to inspire people as well as myself. By accessing, shaping and moving energy to bring understanding and healing to a living system, I can help lead the universal conscious towards the heart for purification.

I would encourage people to make the effort to talk to that person standing next to them, no matter if they are stranger, friend or family. Use your heart's approach, the approach you would take with something or someone you love and respect very much. This type of interaction helps to build the harmonic conscious shift. Start with whatever is right in front of you, balance and heal this first; your efforts will point you in the right direction. Familiarize yourself with the natural five elements: Earth, Metal (Air), Water, Wood, and Fire. These natural elements are abundant throughout our planet and together with love make everything complete. Each element has a subtle but powerful energy that emanates from it. This etheric energy helps to supply everything on this planet with life force. We need not physically deplete the earth of these elements, as we have throughout time, but by learning to connect to the subtle energy of these elements we can charge and heal our bodies. Take a walk in nature during sunrise or sunset, find a tree next to a natural running stream and touch its bark, breath in the air that surrounds its leaves, feel the dense earth that supports its roots, wash your hands and face in the stream from which it drinks, stand in the fiery sun that supports its climate. Gather this information with all your five senses as best you can and store it within your memory. You can call upon this memory of the healing elements anytime you wish. This is a great way to begin to awaken your true purpose. Let your heart and its dreams become your guide from then on. When you feel depleted, pull from the nature to recharge. Once we learn to connect to the earth this way, we will no longer have a need to deplete each other of energy, we can pull from our mother earth to heal each ourselves and intern heal our planet.

Ultimately, my true purpose is to move into and with the true frequencies of our natural cosmic universe, using heart as my compass and engine. Still I continue to research, practice and transpose with such passion. Love is my passion.

Jeremy Pfeiffer BIO

Inspired by story, for over 20 years Pfeiffer has worked as a producer/editor of news and documentary content. With a love for traveling the world, Jeremy enjoys searching for the Heart of All Things.

Certified as a student of permaculture (PDC), he employs gardening design concepts to further explore sustainable systems based on natural living principles. Jeremy also has an infinite connection to Sound, Light, and structured living Water – as Water is the intermediary substance, which gives access to infinite potentials of energy.

From 2009 on, Jeremy has worked closely with Dr. Masaru Emoto and his Water Peace Project teams to bring forth awareness and interest through innovative crowdsourcing social multi media platforms, as well as producing featured educational media content designed to educate the world and especially children about water and its true nature.

When home in Laguna Beach, CA, he spends much of his free time in ceremony with All That Is, observing universal energy force and its connection to all natural systems phenomenon. In 2010, Jeremy discovered Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP) – the work of John Worrell Keely and Dale Pond. Since then, Pfeiffer has worked in study with Pond and has put forth great effort in support SVP educational research initiatives.

Cymatics videos

Since 2013, Pfeiffer has continued to serve on the Organizational Committee for the Conference on The Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, held yearly in Bulgaria and led by conference chair, Professor Gerald H. Pollack.

As of 2015 Jeremy has dedicated time and effort to supporting the Science to Sage educational media platform and its initiatives.

Visit my websites:

A presentation of The Nature and Dynamics of Vibration, Oscillation & Spin Jeremy Pfeiffer reference imagery and concepts observed in modes of acoustic vibrations. SVP and late 18th century etheric science as taught to me by Dale Pond and John Worrell Keely - teachers, brothers and all around good friends.


Cause of Rotation
An artistic exploration in SVP and late 18th century etheric sciences. Inspired by Dale Pond and John Worrell Keely. Dedicated to the restoration of good classic works by many. Light, Lens, Paper, Pencil and Compass.


Jeremy Pfeiffer at The Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water
Jeremy Pfeiffer at The Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, 2013

Strathspey Crown LLC
Jeremy with Strathspey Crown LLC

Strathspey Crown LLC
Jeremy with Strathspey Crown LLC

LOR for Jeremy Pfeiffer

''To whom it may concern,

I am writing to recommend Jeremy Pfeiffer for the position of theoretical applied vibratory physics and RND tech consultant. I had the pleasure of personally hiring and working directly with Jeremy during his time as a consultant to Strathspey Crown LLC and its various subsidiaries, related to his tremendous expertise with abstract applied Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. His many theories and reduction to practice of those groundbreaking theories always added great value to our collective efforts. I was Jeremy’s CEO at Strathspey Crown, and during that time, we worked together in close correspondence, so I fully understand his capabilities and the inspiration he can bring to a team of applied scientific researchers working together to explore unconventional theoretical models.

Additionally, Jeremy’s applied Cymatics research benchwork allows him to excel and develop in his theoretical research. His consistent ability to meet our high standards and expectations proved highly valuable. His flexibility also allows him to apply his theoretical models across a wide array of applied resonant technologies base. Jeremy’s great connection with our team members and his relentless determination to make a strong, self-motivated effort in group tasks is what ultimately leads me to the write of this strong recommendation for Jeremy. I have enjoyed watching him grow and excel at Strathspey Crown.

Leveraging his talents, adaptability, and dedication, Jeremy will make a great consultant and/or partner for your company. I have no doubts you will be exceptionally pleased by his efforts. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the above address or by calling me directly at ___.

Best Regards,
Robert Edward Grant

Strathspey Crown LLC

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