This illustration by an unknown artist, first appearing in a book by Camille Flammarion in 1888, is used frequently to show that humanity's present concepts are susceptible to being supplanted by greater truths. (click to enlarge)

"Do you want a definition of being Awake versus being asleep? You've just got it. It is only that; it is your acceptance of the recognition of who you are. And there is obviously nothing to do to attain that except believe it. So whatever process you may ask for or concoct for yourself, it is a process with but this one goal; making you believe what you know to be true." Dialogue on Awakening page 24

"There is only one thing to remember and that is you are already awake .. you simply refuse to believe it. And it is in this refusal that you remain in the domain of limitations." Dialogue on Awakening, 4th edition page 37

"You are Awake at this moment. The totality of your Being is well aware of who it Is. To convince the limited aspect you have made and identified yourself as being – which I call the ego – that it is, in fact, Awake will be arrived at through whatever means the ego allows." Dialogue on Awakening, 4th edition page 99


Also known as Illumination, Satori, Enlightenment, Christ, Self Realization, Christ Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Superconscious, cultivated and practiced Discernment

What is not being Awake mean in its simplest terms?

  • You believe to such an extent what you have been told about your self that it has become your reality that you now tell your own self. In other words you believe and live within a false creation.

What is the simplest way to Awaken?

  • Stop believing what you have been told and what you keep telling yourself about your self. What you have been told (and you now believe) is you are powerless and are therefore a helpless VICTIM without personal power to help yourself or those around you. This is not true.

How does one stop believing the illusion and replace it with what?

  • Replace the old thought patterns (habits) with new thought patterns (habits). Closely watch your own thinking. Immediately stop those thoughts that are of fear, victimization, antagonism and the like. Immediately switch to thinking thoughts of peace, strength, power and purpose. It helps to have images or symbols representing these new thought patterns. Over a course of time you will then let go of the old thought patterns (habits) as they are replaced by the new thought patterns (habit).

Things to do to stay on course.

  • Repetition and persistence is the key. Practice the above step over and over until it becomes a habit.
  • Stop watching TV, movies and commercials that convey the victim messages.
  • Stay away from perennial victims and their victimized mind-sets.
  • Stay away from those people and their organizations who benefit by you being the victim.
  • Start a group dedicated to Awakening and becoming the real you. (Victims Anonymous)

Is that all there is to it?

  • Basically, yes. Because at some point of you recovering and taking charge of your own Mind and what is in it you will then be in a place to let the last remnants of illusion go. That is where/when you step over the final threshold into Cosmic Consciousness.

Is there a shortcut?

  • The above steps are as a linear process. A process is not required but most people feel they have to work through something or to overcome something. The shortcut is to simply stop believing (or giving meaning or importance to) what is not true (anything resembling fear or separation) or coming from outside pseudo-authorities (false gods) who would have you believe what is beneficial to them. Simply let it all go all at once.

"But know each soul must find its way back to its God. Be as the leader gave of old, "Others may do as they may, but as for me - I will serve the living God." Not the God of any people, of any individual, but the living God - that is personal to those that seek to know Him as a personal God . . . So may the entity, with the spirit of God through the power of the Christ Consciousness, come to know - in every thing, in every act - that love that may pass all understandings. For, to others it may be as a myth, as a dream, as a thing to be hoped for, but to this body, to this entity, to this soul, who has tasted of the joys of the personal contact with those influences within the soul, it may come to be His power working within." Cayce (255-12)

"Man is on his way to his cosmic goal of Oneness with his Creator and he can in no way deviate from that fixed orbit which will eventually take him to his destination of glory in the high heavens." Russell, The Secret of Light, page 108

"You will know you have found true peace when there is no thought accompanying it outside your knowledge of being totally safe and secure within a sense of Self. There will be no feeling of influence of any nature. You will see yourself as being absolute Harmony. I will tell you that ultimately, this sense of Harmony will be experienced in your awareness of all other forms of Self. All other expressions of Self will be equally resident there. Know this is where you are headed, so to speak." A Dialogue on Awakening, page 176

"I will tell you again, you are already Awake. You have never stopped being Awake, you have never stopped being less than the perfection in which you were created and it is only your refusal to accept this idea that keeps your experience from it. Attempting to wake up, giving your ego another path to pursue, will only perpetuate that entire process. And it will perpetuate unhappiness and disappointment." A Dialogue on Awakening, page 60

"Hence, in the fruits of that - as is given oft, as the fruits of the spirit - does man become aware of the infinite penetrating, or inter-penetrating the activities of all forces of matter, or that which is a manifestation of the realm of the infinite into the finite - and the finite becomes conscious of same." Cayce (262-52)

"In the last reckoning life is really a process whereby the individual becomes conscious of his own true identity. The spiritual nature of man does not exist potentially, but actually. The discovery of his own identity is simply man's destruction of the hypnotic illusions of Ego, Time, Space, Matter, and Cause - his moment of release from untruth." (0-19.9) Brunton

"Do not waste time trying to overcome your weaknesses and failures. Simply raise your consciousness, transcend and free your thoughts from limitation and illusion, and find within the very centre of your being wholeness and completeness.

''"Know the meaning of true freedom. The knowing of that freedom sets you free to do My will and walk in My ways.'

"Cease struggling, become still. Cease wallowing in your imperfections and be perfect even as I am perfect. Know that you can reach that state of perfection. Never accept limitations, aim high, and you will get there. It is only your thoughts that hold you back." - Eileen Caddy

"Know, self is the only excuse. Self is the only sin; that is, selfishness - and all the others are just a modification of that expression of the ego. But so close is the ego, the I Am, to the Great I Am, That I Am, that the confusions of duty and privilege and opportunity become so enmeshed in the experience of the entity.

"And so great are the abilities of the entity to make of this experience a glory for the living God, that to fail would be indeed calamitous in the experience of this Soul!" Cayce (1362-1)

'I dreamed I saw a woman stretched out on a bedspring. The spring swayed backward. I then heard something inside me say, 'You will awaken to something different.' And I felt a smile on my face.'

"Cayce: 'In this dream we see symbolically expressed the awakening, the return or a going back to the superconscious forces through the subconscious mind. The dream refers to a coming awakening and the joys accompanying such an experience, represented by the smile on the face. Bending over backward is also related to the spiritual activities of bending over backward in forgiving, loving, and serving others. If we do this, we will find ourselves in that mental state of having reached back to our origin, God - the Superconscious.' Cayce (136)" Dreams: Your Magic Mirror, by Elsie Sechrist

"Perhaps someday a clear will attain the nebulosity the author used to hear about in India which marked the man who was all Soul." Hubbard, Dianetics - The Modern Science of Mental Health, page 149

"My resurrection comes again each time I lead a brother safely to the place at which the journey ends and is forgot. I am renewed each time a brother learns there is a way from misery and pain. I am reborn each time a brother's mind turns to the light in him and looks for me. I have forgotten no one. Help me now to lead you back to where the journey was begun, to make another choice with me." Jesus in A Course in Miracles

"There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind - but yet a road; and it leads to the heart of the Universe. I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that leads inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer. There is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through. There is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards, there is reward past all telling: the power to bless and save humanity. For those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.”

"When the artificial chilly flame of modern materialism is extinguished for lack of fuel, those for whom the great hope of existence beyond the grave is a vexation, should prepare for the greatest disappointment they could possible have. For out of the deep muddy waters of materiality, a mystic force is rising. It is but the first rustling, but it is a superhuman rustling - it is supernatural only for the superstitious and ignorant! The Spirit of truth is passing now over the face of dark waters; and, in parting them, is compelling them to reveal their spiritual treasures and this spirit is a force that cannot be hindered, and can never, never, be stopped". [HP Blavatsky]

The Awakening Process from Hell to Heaven

"there is confusion in your mind and this is interpreted as being out of control which creates fear. Once your attention has been directed to those fears, they will manifest in your life because they have become real in your mind. It is not possible for you to experience anything in your physical life that is not encompassed within your thought patterns." [Dialogue on Awakening, page 70]

"When turmoil or chaos appears in your mind, it will be experienced as a form of confusion and chaos outside your mind." [Dialogue on Awakening, page 69]

Out of Control
"...the ego receives information as to the confusion that exists and translates that confusion as not being able to control the outcome.." [Dialogue on Awakening, page 69]

"...not being able to control the outcome which becomes an unknown and therefore fearful." [Dialogue on Awakening, page 69]

[the ego then says] "you have created something bad, something which you have interpreted as negative. [this] "...continues to keep your mind in a state of confusion and gives you the excuse to feel that there is something for you to do to straighten out the confusion." [Dialogue on Awakening, page 69]

[this leads to the thoughts] "...something is controlling your life which is beyond your conscious ability to effect. This can come to you in two forms: [1] as believing that there is another force of any type which has control over your life and which makes decisions for you, or, [2] that the information can come from your subconscious mind ego, unconscious, enneagrams which you feel is also beyond your level of understanding and therefore, beyond your control." [Dialogue on Awakening, page 69]

"What appears to you to be the thought processes of your subconscious mind appear so because you are unwilling to be in touch with them. These thoughts or issues lie clearly within your conscious mind but have been there in a form unrecognized by you and in this lack of recognition lies the basis of confusion. It is this confusion which leads to the manifestation of your fears." [Dialogue on Awakening, page 69]

"...there is confusion in your mind and this is interpreted as being out of control which creates fear. Once your attention has been directed to those fears, they will manifest in your life because they have become real in your mind. Now the ego "...will attempt to create feelings of guilt, saying to you, 'Now see what you have done! Now see what a pretty mess you have made.'" [Dialogue on Awakening, page 70]

"All that is happening to you is happening in your mind." [Dialogue on Awakening, page 71]

"To know with utmost certainty that nothing comes to you that is not held in your mind is an offer of total freedom. You do have the power to determine what will be in your mind." "...open your mind to peace, to the peaceful attitude you have which reflects more accurately your natural state of Mind, the state of Mind which reflects your Being. It is in this peaceful state that you will experience clarity." [Dialogue on Awakening, page 70]

"It is in this peaceful state that you will experience clarity. ...when you create an experience in your physical life from this state of peace and clarity, there will be no confusion as to its outcome." [Dialogue on Awakening, page 70]

Your Mind creates that which it dwells upon
"There is nothing that happens to you; there is only the thought processes and patterns, the state of mind in which you exist. What you experience as your physical reality is only a confirmation of what you are experiencing in your mind." "Should you continue to experience any unpleasantness in your physical existence, then know that there has been a value placed by your ego on these experiences. And once again, rather than judging yourself as being bad because you have allowed these to happen, see them as a reflection of what is going on in your mind, and choose again and again until the process of your choosing becomes on of normally, naturally wanting to choose and experience peace." [Dialogue on Awakening, page 71]

The concept of Time is a bar or limitation to Awakening
"To work on becoming Awakened now to avoid having to continue to return, gives validity to the concept of time and acknowledges its control over you which keeps it in your awareness and consequently in your experience. For you to remain consistently in the current instant, the concept of time takes on a different meaning until at last, it goes away. You are infinite. Time is but a figment of your imagination. It is at your disposal. Literally." Dialogue on Awakening, page 157.

“There are a thousand things which prevent a man from awakening, which keep him in the power of his dreams. In order to act consciously with the intention of awakening, it is necessary to know the nature of the forces which keep man in a state of sleep. First of all it must be realized that the sleep in which man exists is not normal but hypnotic sleep. Man is hypnotized and this hypnotic state is continually maintained and strengthened in him. One would think that there are forces for whom it is useful and profitable to keep man in a hypnotic state and prevent him from seeing the truth and understanding his position.” [G. I. Gurdjieff]

"A man who thinks he can find the Self by delving into his inner life and anchoring there, whispers to himself: “You must be a good and righteous man, you must be selfless!” ...Well and good, but it is often very obvious that such a man is becoming more and more egotistical. On the other hand, a man who wrestles with the great secrets of existence, who tears himself away from the wheedlings of the personal self and rises to what abides and can be found in the higher worlds such a man is led to the true Self-Knowledge. When we think deeply about Saturn, Sun, Moon, we lose ourselves in cosmic Thought. “Cosmic thoughts are living in thy thinking” so says a soul who thinks in the sense of Theosophy; and he adds: “Lose thyself in cosmic thoughts.” The soul in whom Theosophy has become creative power, says: “In thy feeling, cosmic powers are weaving” adding: “Experience thyself through cosmic powers.” ... not through powers which wheedle and cajole. This experience will not come to a man who closes his eyes, saying: “I want to be good and righteous.” It will come only to the man who opens his eyes of Spirit and sees the Powers of yonder worlds mightily at work, realising that he is embedded in these cosmic Powers. And the soul who gathers strength from Theosophy says: “In thy willing, cosmic Beings work,” adding: “Create thyself anew from powers of will!” In a man who has this conception of Self-Knowledge, transformation is wrought through the might of cosmic realities." [An extract from Rudolf Steiner's, A True Attitude to Karma chapter 3]

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