Working With God

Below is a clear description of the process I use while editing the SVPwiki and making Dynaspheres. It is a process of being in the moment or now.

"What you've done (with this presentation) is give physicists and scientists a way to deal with and accept Creation and the Creative Forces without using the word "God"." Jerry Williams
"And the abilities are here to accomplish whatever the entity would choose to set its mind to, so long as the entity trusts not in the might of self, but in His grace, His power, His might. Be mindful ever of that, in thy understanding in thy own wisdom, much may be accomplished; but be rather thou the channel through which He, God, the Father, may manifest His power - in whatever may be the chosen activity of the entity." Cayce (3183-1)

"One of the most practical applications of learning to stay in the moment is simply this; a mind that is full of fears and apprehensions that have been created and confirmed by past thinking patterns sees no space for alternative thinking. It is a mind that sees itself as being full. It has misidentified the reason the problems seem to be present, seeing them as having originated from an outside source, and demands that all your attention be focused on formulating plans which will solve the problems. While you are engaged in this process your mind is closed to anything else. It is filled with the problems and seeking ways to solve them. When fear is present your attention will focus on anticipating circumstances or events similar to those which have manifested this fear to you in the past, thus confirming its reality. Because your attention is on it, you will again create the experience of it, deepening your belief in its validity. And so the cycle becomes imprinted in your mind as a pattern which self-perpetuates.

"A mind that knows only this instant does not recognize the past and is not concerned or fearful of the future. And that does create space, an openness into which this dialogue, this wisdom that you are seeking, may penetrate. It will be into that space, as you allow yourself to be in that frame of mind, that the wisdom will come and you will recognize very clearly where it is coming from.

"So when you ask how you can be in contact with your Self, I am saying you already are, but because your mind is so full you do not recognize its presence. So every now and again, empty out the cup by being present only in this instant."

Could you share what the process of emptying out the cup would be like?

"Breaking old patterns and replacing them with new patterns is difficult to do. Breaking old patterns and allowing no new patterns to take their place will be even more difficult for you to do. I will suggest a process and a procedure if you wuld care to try it. I am in no way attempting to discourage you by telling you that you will not find this easy, although the process is quite simple. I am telling you this so that you will not become discouraged if at first you do not find that you are easily able to do it."

An Image Given:

  • "Envision an hourglass, sand in the upper half, floating in a clear, cool pond which is nestled in a beautiful meadow, lush with wild flowers. The rim of the glass and sand is just level with the surface of the pond. The hourglass is a metaphor of your mind, completely filled as the sand symbollically illustrates. It is so full that the water of the pool, representing the Christ Consciousness, the stream of your fully conscious Self, can only ripple across the top.

  • "As you watch the sand slowly drain away, allow your mind to open up space as you see the sand slowly going out and more space being created until the sand is all gone. As the sand has been draining away, the water from the pool of Consciousnes just naturally fills the space. Its flow has a very gentle, peaceful and loving feeling. It is this feeling that reassures you that simply because the sand thoughts have drained out doesn't mean there is nothing left except a void. But more appropriately, the space is filled with this flow of feeling that is totally cohesive and not fragmented and into which you can just allow yourself to become safely immersed. As you have this vision and see yourself becoming totally immersed in it, you know that what is happening is that you are allowing your Divine Mind to embrace you.

  • "Allow the feeling that being in this fluid is like being in the womb of your Divine Mind. This feeling, if you hold it and allow it to give you a sense of nurturing, will encourage you to see yourself as being born into the Divinity of your natural Self. While you are engaged in this process, you won't be receiving answers to any specific questions, or trying to solve any pressing problems. The very act of your experiencing yourself being in this womb of Divinity will begin to open you consciously to all of the feelings that will allow you to recognize those problems which you have been working on for what they really are and to keep them in perspective that will no longer make them seem fearful to you."

"Hold no expectations. Allow the process itself to unfold for you and allow yourself to be open to the experience of that unfoldment. It will be that which will keep you constant and will keep your attention clearly focused on right now."

Thank you. How can I serve you?

"There is but one service and that is the service to your Self, your capital "S" Self. As I say this to you, understand quite clearly that this is in no way an ego-involved statement. The service to your Self is a service to the Christ and it will be through your performing whatever act most clearly represents this service to you that brings you into clearer focus of your being the Christ. It will be through the unfoldment and vision of yourself as the Christ that you wil see most truly the service of extending the act of becoming, unfolding and exposing itself as being what it is. The expression of what it is, of what you are, is the living Mind of God.

"For the Mind of God to be recognized, it must be experienced. It will be through the fulfillment of your experience of it and your natural extension of that experience which will fulfill your purpose. It is the continuing fulfillment of that purpose, which is the extension of the Mind of God, that is known as Creation. All that exists within Reality exists within you and is expressed as being the uncompromising love of the Father.

"So now we come full circle. Why is it necessary to wake up to recognize your Self? Because that is the only way you can experience the love of God. It will be through your experience of it that you will continue to extend it and it is through your extension of it that others will see themselves reflected in its light. In that light, all of Creation will be recognized. And I will say to you that this light is always on, this light is always being seen, but it is not always being recognized. So I encourage you to think of this act of waking up as being one of pushing aside the veil to see what is already there. That will make it seem far less complex, that there is far less to "do" than you might otherwise think.

"There is always that aspect, that human trait, which says I have heard this before, and continues to drive you towards new ways of seeking to wake up. I ask you to understand that this is the single process that keeps the ego image of you alive."

What you have just described sounds like a very direct route.

"The route is quite direct. How could it be less than direct when you hold the recognition that you are already it? There is nothing for you to become, there is only for you to recognize that you already are. And that realization is most easily come by as you allow yourself, in your current frame of mind, to become most similarly like that which you are when you are in recognition of your Divine Mind. That is to be in a state which trusts and refuses to acknowledge fear, which accepts only that which bring you peace and sees love beyond the facade of hate."

Why is it so easy and simple for me to hear this now, to feel and to connect up, but not at other times? What do I have to eliminate?

"First eliminate the thought that there is something to eliminate. What we are dealing with is a pattern of thinking. And what we are trying to come to grips with is the notion that there need be no pattern to thinking. Patterns of thinking are developed to avoid having to trust your Self in the moment. That is why I suggested the process of allowing yourself to be nurtured by your Divine Mind so that it will become natural, more easy for you to trust that Mind and not to feel that you have to rely on the limited mind as your pattern has been to do this for many, many years." A Dialogue on Awakening See Heart

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