Part 24 - Awakening Your Genius

Many people have wondered that there must have been something 'in the water' in the late 1800s that allowed so many geniuses to flourish such as Quimby, Nikola Tesla, Edison and Keely. Maybe not in the water but there was a broader and deeper education available and less hindrance from The System. People were encouraged in a real way to excel, to become productive and responsible adults, parents and reliable members of their communities, which is not now the case. Individuals were taught to aspire to their greatest ideals and given tools to attain those ideals. Striving for lofty goals takes one to new heights of awareness and accomplishment. The ultimate aspiration of course is self-realization or attaining Cosmic Consciousness, Wisdom, Christ Consciousness or simply Awakening from the illusory dream woven by the intellect or ego.

These higher mind states are what every prophet in every age (and religious belief system) accessed allowing their greater knowing and ability to "see" where others could not. It is presumed the ideal purpose then of any religion is to elevate humanity by elevating the individual.

"Every person has access to the highest level of consciousness. However we operate at the lowest levels in our day to day experience. Great people in the past are considered great because of their achievements. These achievements were accomplished because of their access to their higher or more whole consciousness. This increased access can be learned by anyone desiring sufficiently to do so."

"You are Awake at this moment. The totality of your Being is well aware of who it Is. To convince the limited aspect you have made and identified yourself as being – which I call the ego – that it is, in fact, Awake will be arrived at through whatever means the ego allows." Dialogue on Awakening, 4th edition page 99

Such is the purpose, for instance, of the much publicized The Secret which is all about waking your self up to higher potential or genius. Walter Russell, in his Home Study Course had the following to say about genius.

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"There is nothing the greatest genius in the world can do that you cannot do. You have the same inheritance that he has. The only reason why you have not given evidence of it is because you have not yet been aware of it. In other words you have not yet discovered your Self.

"The greatest miracle that can happen to you is that wonderful discovery of your Self, the divine power which lies within your Self, and the unlimited knowledge, which you unknowingly have, which you could never acquire from books or universities in a thousand years.

"One of the reasons you have not yet made that marvelous discovery is because meditation is still new to the human race and is slowly being discovered by men, one by one, as each one begins to hear that 'Inner Voice of the spirit', which is forever calling within the Souls of all men. When you are too busy with material things to have time to listen to that Voice you become chained to emotions of your body and to the demands of material things. You are enslaved by them. The moment you begin to listen to your Inner Voice, that moment, you become freed from slavery to body. The high heavens of God's omnipotent and omniscient universe then becomes your dwelling place.

"Meditation began when thinking began at the dawn of Consciousness in the human race. That was but a few thousand years ago. Until that time men were ruled by their senses and their instincts. As soon as humans began to think and know they began to suspect a superior Being. Worship then began, sun-worship, idol worship and finally the Inner Voice of thinking man led him to the spiritual idea of many gods, then to one God.

"Through the centuries of meditation, or communion between the physical senses of men and their spiritual inspiration, the genius of some unfolded beyond others. This gradual unfolding has been taking place during several ages of man until now a new stage of the human race is unfolding which is the dawn of the Cosmic Age. The great masses of mankind are not yet ready for cosmic knowing, but many thousands are ready for this new knowledge of the invisible universe of thinking Mind. It may be that there are even a few millions who are ready to become the seed of the new race of cosmic man.

"The test for ascertaining the average number of those who are ready for this higher step upward in the unfolding of the man-idea is not a religious one, it is a cultural one. In New York City, for example, about 7,000 people out of 8,000,000 people love the higher inspirational rhythmic creations of the world's great geniuses who interpret the heartbeat of Nature for the Souls of men. These same few shun noisy crowds, shudder at Jazz music, which distresses them acutely, in order to seek aloneness in the forests or ocean's shores where they can hear Nature's silent whisperings and rhythmic sounds within their very Souls.

To the rest of the 8,000,000 the silent whisperings of Nature have no meaning whatsoever, other than boredom. If these be found at ocean's shores it will be where boardwalks and blatant noise vibrates the senses of their bodies pleasantly for the excitement of their senses. These still live sensed existences with body awareness controlling their lives. The dawn of Consciousness has not yet illumined them with the Light which still awaits their Soul's awakening." [Russell Home Study Course]

Over the centuries many methods of awakening the mental and spiritual forces of the body have been developed. This section explores several of the better (IMHO) methods as it lays bare the essential ingredients of the awakening process.

Common to them all is the idea there is One Mind or Consciousness that is the sum total of all consciousness. Individuals ordinarily tap into but a small portion of their mind's full capability or have a weak or incomplete connection. These connections can be enhanced. Geniuses are those who have a wider or better connection to this One Mind where everything is known. Which system is best for you (everyone is different) can only be determined by you. Reviewing the basics of each system will give you clues and hints how best to pursue your awakening or self-realization to attain creative genius status and high achievement in your life.

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