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Part 00 - Executive Summary

Part 01 - Overall General View

  • This work is designed and created to give such an informed background as to create discoverers such as Keely, Nikola Tesla and Russell were. Think of this work as a multi-year study effort not unlike what one would do to acquire a Masters degree in any discipline. How many books would one read to attain such a degree? How many hundreds of hours of study? Just so with this SVP Cosmology. Included herein are Universal Principles and Laws that once mastered will apply to and enhance just about any field of endeavor. Basic Principles, Laws

Part 02 - Origin of Polar States

Part 03 - Polarity Creates Rotating Vortex

  • Vortex motion is the inevitable result of differential densities of the two major polar conditions, streams or flows seeking voiding between themselves. Think of a man and a woman coming together to dance. Their energies are mutually attracting and repelling each other in successive moments as they swirl about the dance floor. The dominant of the two "leads" the coordinated actions.

Part 04 - Rotation on Three Planes

  • Rotation (as seen in rotating galaxies) in along one plane. In seeming solid matter rotation must proceed on three orthogonal planes else the spherical shape could not be maintained. The rotation on each of these planes is governed by a set of causative parameters which may be varied.

Part 05 - Three Rotating Planes Become Spheres

  • Vortices are caused by conflict between differential densities or polar conditions. The conflict of differential densities has been known as the Dance of Shiva, male and female interactions or as Russell called it: the wave and its dynamics.

Part 06 - Formation of Cubes

Part 07A - Origin and Formation of Matter

Part 07B - Origin and Formation of Matter

Part 08 - What Vibration Is. - Part 1

  • That Keely, Russell and Nikola Tesla knew, understood and used basic natural Laws and Principles that we do not is a given. After nearly thirty years of investigating their works it is obvious (to me at least) that one of many elements they understood one way and we another is the nature, structure and dynamics of vibration and oscillation (or "wave" as Russell termed it). All three of these men worked with the same theory of vibratory dynamics which is not the same as our conventional and accepted theory, view and understanding. With an understanding of their view of these dynamics much of their work becomes not only understandable but also reproducible.

Part 09 - What Vibration Is. Part 2

  • Fill a given volume such as a swimming pool with cannon balls. Fill the Space between the cannon balls with marbles. Pour sand into the volume filling in all remaining Space between the cannon balls and marbles. There will be a point reached where no more sand can be added. Yet one could pour quite a bit of water into this volume filling the empty Space between the grains of sand, marbles and cannon balls. Each of these substances represents a given frequency range or band of frequencies derived from particle diameter, substance and mass. Each of these ranges, subdivisions, chords or bands is discrete from the others. There would be a frequency band or chord for the cannon balls and a band or chord for each of the other substances. If the whole volume were put into vibration there would be a chord of vibrations emitting from this volume as a whole. This chord would be the chord of the mass of the volume.

Part 10 - What Sympathy Is

Part 11 - SVP Music Model

  • It is assumed the reader has a working knowledge of Music Theory and the Laws of Music. If not there are a number of music theory books available in our online Music catalog and numerous similar materials on the web. The recommended book is Scientific Basis and Build of Music. A very important point is DO NOT assume our discussion of music theory and related matters pertains to music as melodic music that sounds pleasing to the senses. That is, we are discussing naturally occurring vibrations and oscillations and these have very little to do with music you hear over your radio or iPod. To equate what is discussed below with sensual melodic music is FATAL to understanding what is being presented and has led many astray into endless confusion and denial. While it may indeed be a "Musical Universe" its music is natural and divine and was not developed according to man's limited and decrepid ego and intellect or sense. To consider it such would be the same mistake of dogmatic and tired religions in putting our limited image and Creative ability onto the Maker.

Part 12 - Russells Locked Potentials

Part 13 - Rotation from Vibration and Oscillation

Part 14 - Keelys Mysterious Thirds Sixths and Ninths

Part 15 - Dissociating Water

Part 16 - Electricity and Magnetism

  • Electrons are not discrete entities but are in fact (as originally conceived) a unit of measure; i.e., the smallest possible quantity of electricity or electric charge. The electron is a quantity and not a thing. The electron, the first subatomic particle to be acknowledged, was "officially" discovered in 1897 by J. J. Thomson. However we know Keely worked with a wide variety of subatomic and sub-quantum "particles" years before that. So if electrons do not exist as discrete hard balls or spheres - what are they, why do they exist and how do they perform their functions?

Part 17 - Gravity

  • Gravity, as most science topics, is dominated by what I call Newtonian ideas. These ideas are born of effects as from sensorial inputs. They are not of Awareness of cause, (principles and laws) but of perceived phenomena. An apple is seen to fall to the ground from its tree and it is assumed gravity is a pull to the earth. Gravity, according to some, is in actuality a quantity of density (a resultant condition of unseen causes) seeking its level of equalization within differing zones of density. It will shy away from zones of lesser density and seek zones of equal or higher density. The difference lies in our comprehension of 'density' or polar attractiveness versus 'tenuity' or depolar dispersive conditions establishing those zones.

Part 18 - Mind as an Engineerable Force

Part 19 - Musical Dynasphere - Historical

  • Keely developed many variations of his Dynasphere, sometimes called globe motor or sphere motor. As mentioned in the materials surrounding these devices he was so keen on them because they demonstrated the neutral center and its attendant syntropic and entropic actuating forces. A careful and thoughtful study of these documents reveals they were finely made and tuned devices capable of mirroring the natural order of rotating motions such as atoms, planets and galaxies.

Part 20 - Musical Dynasphere - Current Research

  • The story of building the first Musical Dynasphere, Atlin, is detailed in my book Atlin - Knowing I Am. Since building Atlin I have constructed four others: Symael, Altea, Alcea and Alya. Each was modified somewhat from the preceeding ones but not so much you'd notice just looking upon it. These modifications represent ideas and concepts learned along the way about their design and function. The Dynasphere project is an evolving one.

Part 21 - SVP Enerator Project

Part 22 - Solar Rings and Planetary Formation

  • The universe is a most wonderful and curious creation to inquisitive humans, both on the micro and macro scale. Walter Russell gave us a wonderful set of keys to understand this creation. As a devoted student of his work, I know that once we gain an understanding of Walter Russell's prime tool, Rhythmic Balanced Interchange, we too can see the corollaries of the workings of Universe. It is my hope that this article will give the reader an appreciation of the possibilities.

Part 23 - Harmony is Health - Discord is Disease
Part 24 - Awakening Your Genius

  • Many people have wondered that there must have been something 'in the water' in the late 1800s that allowed so many geniuses to flourish such as Nikola Tesla, Edison and Keely. Maybe not in the water but there was a broader and deeper education available and less hindrance from The System. People were encouraged in a real way to excel which is not now the case. Individuals were taught to aspire to their greatest ideals and given tools to help along the way. Striving for lofty goals takes one to new heights of Awareness and accomplishment. The ultimate aspiration of course is self-realization or attaining Cosmic Consciousness or Christ Consciousness or simply Awakening from the dream woven by the intellect/ego. These higher mind states are what every prophet in every age (and religious belief system) accessed allowing their greater knowing and ability to "see" and know where others could not.

Part 25 - Keely's Wonderful Charts of Etheric Science

Part 26 - The Science of Acoustics and Music

Part 27 - The Cycles of Life
Part 28 - Keelys Amazing Machines

Part 29 - Devices, Instruments and Machines of Interest
Part 30 - Dissociating Matter

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