Part 00 - Executive Summary

00.01 - Basic Elements of the SVP Cosmology

The System, in which we all live and comprised of the Military Industrial Complex, Medical Industrial Complex, scientific belief system, political belief systems and religious belief systems, believes in death. SVP believes in Life. These two seeming opposite states, Death and Life, are correspondences of the two basic halves of one complete cycle of all that goes on, Entropy and Syntropy. The death side of the cycle is where everything runs down into chaos (entropy). It is held this running down (entropy) is one way and cannot be reversed. The growth or Life side of the cycle is where things grow by accumulating energy in the form of matter - such as a tree that grew from a tiny seed into a might testament of growth and Life. SVP is about both halves of the cycle where the syntropic forces, sometimes called Creative Forces, can be harnessed in diverse ways such as in accumulating energy in the form of dynamic energy to operate machines and maintain health as Life and not as managed disease (slow death).

Key Concept These two phases of the Universal Cycle are governed by the Law of Assimilation the originator of all vibration, oscillation and pulsation - the Universal Heart Beat found in all of nature.

Basic Principles Certain basic Principles will aide greatly in the understanding of the SVP Cosmology. These Principles are such that without them it may be difficult to understand this presentation. Keely left a list of fifteen points or principles that reveal the core of his work and of course there are Keelys Forty Laws. Another summary of principle points of Keely's work was left by Professor Daniel Brinton called The Laws of Being. Walter Russell attempted to leave a compilation of his concepts in The Universal One and in other of his books which contained the laws and principles of his science which is almost identical to Keely's. Russell later wrote he was not satisfied with this book wishing he'd never written it as it was not complete and therefore misleading and confusing. I agree. These SVPwiki pages then are to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Because of the complexity and comprehensive nature of SVP it is not known if a true two-page or less summary could ever be written. This summary is an attempt to do something like that. In any event additional salient points are herewith delineated and emphasized for you.

  1. All Matter and Energy is polar; i.e., has two seemingly opposite states of positive/negative or syntropic or entropic or Matter or Space. There is a third state of depolar Energy which is not active but passive. See the Chart of Matter and Energy showing relative relationships of and between these polar states. These two polar states are concurrent in each element and each element has a different and unique proportion of each polarity in combination.
  2. The two polar states interexchange periodically. One becomes the other in endless repetitions. This process is often referred to as vibration or oscillation. See Rhythmic Balanced Interchange, Universal Heart Beat, Dynaspheric Force
  3. The universe exists as a Vibratory Continuum where there is nothing other than differing degrees or rates of vibration or oscillation. At one extreme is seeming motion appearing as solid matter. At the other pole or extreme is a seeming non-motion appearing as Undifferentiated Mind some would call this pole Vacuum but that would be misleading and inadequate. A better term would be VOID, Pure Potential, Scalar or Scalar Potential.
  4. Every seeming isolated body is a chord of vibrations one frequency of which may be taken as its keynote or fundamental - the main frequency to which the body is said to be primarily "resonant" or "sympathetic" as also the fount from which a specific overtone series is generated when the body is excited.
  5. All vibrations naturally produce a series of harmonics or overtones whose numbers are arithmetically derived from the keynote or fundamental.
  6. All seeming isolated bodies, by virtue of the harmonic relations in their Overtone Series, are sympathetic or entangled with some harmonic or overtone of all other vibrating and oscillating bodies. Isolated bodies having relatively strong sympathy, affinity or entanglement between their vibrations are said to be syntropic and will tend to mutually associate, aggregate, concentrate or coalesce. These relations constitute the matter of the universe. This sympathetic strata, matrix or non-local connecting skien is the All Knowing mechanism of so-called God. This sympathetic skien vibrates and oscillates perpetually being omnipresent (non-local) and is affected by neither Time nor Space. See Bjerknes Effect, Law of Attraction, Sympathy and Connecting Link.
  7. All seeming isolated bodies, by virtue of the enharmonic relations in their Overtone Series, are anti-sympathetic or neg-entangled with some harmonic of all other bodies. Isolated bodies having relatively strong anti-sympathy, discord or neg-entanglement between their vibrations are said to be entropic and will tend to mutually disperse, repel or repulse. These relations constitute the Vacuity of the universe. See Bjerknes Effect, Law of Repulsion.
  8. The vacuity of Space is not empty but is filled with quantum centralizations (seeming particles) in a highly dispersed or entropic (ultra gaseous/plasma) state. Vacuum therefore is a spectrum of tenuous states, not just one single state or condition of tenuity. Vacuum is matter experiencing diverse degrees of dispersion. See Etheric Elements
  9. There are two seeming opposite dynamics or tensors permiating and affecting all matter whether solid carbon (diamond) or tenuous vacuity.
  10. These dispersed matter or vacuity are different kinds or types of tenuous matter (various degrees of tenuity and energy) and are considered proto-atoms when induced to centralize. They may be polar (dispersive or attractive) at different times. These various proto-atoms are the ether of Victorian science and what we call today plasma. They are quantum and sub-quantum entities that form together as constituent parts of larger and more energetic entities such as atoms and then molecules. There are no such things as subatomic particles. For instance, electrons are defined as the "least quantity of electricity". A gluon is defined as the "least quantity of attractive force". Therefore these entities are quantities of some trait or parameter of the quantum world and not billiard ball-like hard particles.

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