Law of Repulsion

Law of Repulsion
"Juxtaposed coherent aggregates vibrating in discord are mutually repelled." [Keely, 1894]

An ever increasing Attraction (discussed last month) leads to
ever increasing Syntropy which leads to
ever increasing Discords which leads to
conversion of the system by the Law of Cycles and the
development of Heat (disturbance of equilibrium) if
ever increasing leads to
Thermal Runaway (explosive melt down and dissociation) within and of the system.

Another way to see this changeable dynamic is the introduction of an exciter such as an electrical spark, pressure pulse, a vibratory impulse (of whatever range of frequency) or other source of high amplitude discords. An excitation to the system need not break or destroy the system however a continuing excitation can lead its disturbance and destruction in its diverse forms such as melting, burning, dissociation, dispersion or explosion.

"Beyond disintegration lies dispersion, and Keely can just as easily disperse the atoms of matter as disintegrate its molecules. Disperse them into what? Well, - into ether, apparently; into the hypothetical substratum which modern scientist (1892) have postulated, and about whose nature they know absolutely nothing but what they invent themselves, but which to Keely is not hypothesis, but a fact as real as his own shoes; and which ether, indeed, seems to be `the protoplasm of all things.'" [Bloomfield-Moore, Keely and His Discoveries, Chapter 8]

For more in-depth insight into dynamics of polarity interactions please see:
The Physics of Love, 2.0 - Polarity - The Undifferentiated One Differentiates into the Two of Polarity, page 33-42.
Keely’s Laws of Being - Chapter 7 - Polarity and Chapter 12 - The Laws of Being.

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