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Synonyms: Dissociation, Dispersion, Entropy, Explosion, Repulsion, Vacuum, radioactivity, fission, death, Flame, Mother.

Progressive Disintegration - "The question arises, how and by what means are we able to measure the velocity of these capsules and the differential range of their vibratory action? Also, how can we prove beyond dispute the facts relating to their sympathetic government? By progressive disintegration; this is the only way; and it is accomplished by the proper exciters of vibratory focalization; the introductory acoustic impulses which negatize their molecular, atomic and interatomic media of neutral attractions, towards their focalized centers of sympathetic aggregation." [Keely]

"Beyond disintegration lies dispersion, and Keely can just as easily disperse atoms of matter as disintegrate its molecules, dispersing them into ether. The law of gravity appears in the light of Keely's experiments but one manifestation of a law which provides for the reversion of the process of attraction in the shape of a process of repulsion. Keely, by means of a belt and certain appliances which he wore upon his person moved singlehanded, a 500 horsepower vibratory engine from one part of his shop to another, without a scratch on the floor, and astounded engineers declared it could not have been moved without a derrick, to use which would have required the removal of the roof." [KEELYS SECRETS - 1888]

"Disturbance of equilibrium is the prime mover, aggregator and disperser of all forces that exist in nature. The force of the mind on matter is a grand illustration of the power of the finer over the crude, of the etheric over the molecular. If the differential forces of the brain could become equated, eternal perpetuity would be the result. Under such a condition the physical would remain free of disintegration or decomposition.

"But the law, laid out by the Great Master, which governs the disturbance of equilibrium, making the crude forms of matter, subservient to the finer or higher forms, forbidding anything molecular or terrestrial to assimilate with the high etheric, the law that has fixed the planets in their places, is an unknown law to the finite mind, comprehended only by the Infinite One." [True Science]

"The peculiar conditions as associated with the gaseous elements of which water is composed, as regards the differential volume and gravity of its gases, make it a ready and fit subject of vibratory research. In submitting water to the influence of vibratory transmission, even on simple thirds, the high action induced on the hydrogen as contrasted with the one on the oxygen (under the same vibratory stream) causes the antagonism between these elements that induces dissociation. The differential antagonistic range of motion, so favoring the antagonistic thirds as to become thoroughly repellant. The gaseous element thus induced and registered, shows thousands of times much greater force as regards tenuity and volume than that induced by the chemical disintegration of heat, on the same medium. " [THEORY AND FORMULA OF AQUEOUS DISINTEGRATION]

As governed by Law of Force


Disintegration with UltraSound Modern Mechanix, 1932

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