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"There is no structure whatever, animal, vegetable, mineral, that is not built up from the universal cosmic ether." [Keely, Keelys Secrets - Part 2 - One Phase of Keelys Discovery in Its Relation to the Cure of Disease]

"The luminous, etheric, protoplastic element, which is the highest condition of the ether, fills the regions of infinite space, and in its radiating outreach gives birth to the prime neutral centers that carry the planetary worlds through their ranges of motion." [Keely, Keely and His Discoveries pg 270]

"Morley, in the spirit of prophecy, has said that in the near future a great intellectual giant will arise to bless our globe, who will surpass all other men of genius, reasoning that the representative of a larger age must be greater in genius than any predecessor. When the system is made known by which Keely dissociates the molecule and atoms by successive orders of vibration, proving two laws in physics as fallacious, we shall not hesitate to say that "the light of the new dawn" has now broken upon the world of science, and that the discoverer of the divisibility of the atom and of the absorption of energy in all molecular aggregation is the genius foretold by Morley. One quality of true genius is humility. "What a brain you must have!" said a man of science to Keely, not long since, "to have thought this all out." This man of genius replied, "I was but the instrument of a Higher Power." [Bloomfield-Moore, More Science]

"MacVicar, a little known philosopher, says of the creation of matter: "In the ether are constructed groups of ethereal elements generating material elements. The ethereal atmospheres tend to become confluent or spherical and the individualized nuclei seek juxtaposition, thereby forming molecules." [Snell Manuscript - the book]

"If matter without form preceded creation of energy, it was only when life was given that the atoms became grouped in individualities through their intrinsic properties. The hypothesis of Macvicar and demonstrations of Keely pivot on the law of assimilation "providing at once for the free and the forced ... for mind and matter, and placing them ... in relationship." This law is summarized as "Every individualized object ... assimilates itself to itself in successive moments of its existence and all objects tend to assimilate one another." In its own nature, matter is wholly plastic or devoid of fixed innate properties wholly assimilative - both with respect to its own portions and to surrounding objects, as well as its position in space and insofar as it is capable, to the mind of its Creator. In the ether are constructed groups of ethereal elements generating material elements." [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 2]

Dimensional or Inter-Dimensional Beings
"There is much atmospheric celestial material that has never been revealed to man's senses. Attenuated elements extend to infinite reaches beyond hydrogen, including actual substances or compounds which have never been revealed to our senses. Beings fashioned of these substances could walk by our sides unseen and cast no shadow in the noonday sun." [Keely, The Operation of the Vibratory Circuit, The Connecting Link Between Mind and Matter - Keelys Progress - Part 2]

"Taking the law of assimilation as the cosmical law, together with self-manifesting power as the characteristic of being, we reach a primary classification of created objects, which corresponds with that which is known as mind and matter - or rather let us say mind and that which is not mind; for there is ground for the apprehension that mind and matter do not include all that exists; and that, along with matter, ether ought to be considered as something intimately related to matter indeed, but yet not just matter. When the elements of the ethereal medium are regarded as truly and simply material however small and light they may be, the elasticity and pressure which must be assigned to that medium in order to admit of the velocity of light, are altogether out of the harmony of things; and wholly incredible, especially when confronted with the phenomena and the theory of astronomy. Thus, to justify the velocity of light on the same principles as those of sound, in various material media, the ethereal pressure must be 122,400,000,000 times greater than that of the atmosphere - which is incredible, says Macvicar." [Law of Assimilation]

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splitting the atom - Keely details on Keely splitting molecules and atoms. They called the released elements "ether" because our modern quantum realm was then unknown.

Etheric Elements as identified by Walter Russell. Keely claimed there were more etheric elements than can be enumerated. In the chart below an attempt is made to corollate Russell's Etheric Elements with Keely's Etheric Elemental Classification as also modern labels for these quantum entities, music notes and the endocrine system linking Mind to Body. Russell claimed the Alphanon was the very beginning of tenuous matter aggregating into form from the depolar Void or aether. Therefore if Alphanon is as high (frequency) as it goes then that is the top of Keely's designation as well which he called atomolini or pure Volition; i.e., Will Force. Keely claimed there were 105 octaves of Matter and Force but hinted there may be more. All forms of Ether are in the first three octaves demonstrating there are diverse kinds or types of ether which elements correspond to our modern quantum elements. See Subdivision

There are different kinds or degrees of matter and vacuum (dispersed matter). Each contains or is a media of different tenuity or density and has unique characteristics or parameters. See Subdivision, Dispersion, Scalar, Etheric Elements

Showing seven planes, dimensions, subdivisions, levels, realms, orders, gamuts or ranges of matter, force and energy. As also levels of tenuity or solidity.

Figure 1.3 illustrates how the universe is constructed of imbedded or nested (holographic or Fractal) layers of physical structure and dynamics. Molecules are made of atoms, atoms are made of leptons, etc. These are not dimensions existing independent of each other but are intermingled and interpenetrating each other. The lower frequency dimensions or realms of existence are predicated on or effectuated by the higher frequency realms, dimensions, planes or levels. The finer levels are the building blocks of the lower realms. In other words there can be no molecules without atoms; no atoms without electrons; no electrons without photons; no photons without quarks, etc. The structure of these nested realms are held (Keely) to be identical on all levels much like the repetitive imbeddedness of fractal math and images. The same structure applies to syntropic energy formation. See Nested Morphology

This chart also shows the reciprocal (rhythmic balanced interchange) nature of the dynamical universe and correlates ancient earth, water, air and fire with modern chemistry and physics.

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Etheric Elements
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"We know that the cause of all this transient division into positive and negative effect is in the one still light from which it is projected. We know that the sounds we hear emanate from that stillness, yet we seem to be totally unaware of the fact that all of our pulsing universe is but an extension of One still Light of Universal Mind, projected through positive and negative light upon the universal screen of space." Russell, The Secret of Light

"That as would be manifested must first be in spirit, then in mind, then in material activity. For, this is the evolution of the earth, the evolution of things, the evolution of ideas and of ideals." [Cayce (3132-1)]

"Keely states that were the inherent cohesive sympathy taken away from matter, the Universe would be promptly dissociated into the etheric realm.

"All conditions of dispersion and focalization are accompanied by the "celestial mind force" acting upon "terrestrial matter" - (corresponding to the mind force acting on the brain, which is only its molecular instrument.) This force is the first seal of the Book of Vibrational Philosophy - the first stepping stone toward solution of the Source of Life.

"All Nature's forces are mind forces: magnetic, electric, etheric, acoustic, solar. Any metallic mass can be so impregnated with certain vibrations that it will assume mental attributes - attraction and repulsion. We must first understand the triune conditions or laws of that sympathetic medium which interconnects matter with matter, the triune conditions or laws of sympathetic streams and unit resonance of each of the seven subdivisions before we can understand the induction by means of acoustic generators, of magnetic antagonisms in matter and the different forms of energy thereby liberated." The Snell Manuscript

In this chart Mind, as tenuous matter or gaseous substances of different potential and energy levels, is reflected in octaves one through three (out of nine or ten as given by Russell). The so-called spiritual forces or activities are also in these three octaves. Knowing or Awareness; i.e., Undifferentiated Mind or Cosmic Consciousness or Christ Consciousness, is above all forms of matter. Of course from Hydrogen to the heavier elements (octaves four through nine or ten) are atoms as seen at bottom of this page.

This table shows the link between Spirit and Science or Mind and Matter. God (Spirit) is at the top of the table with Matter at the bottom.

Note the music notes given are not as standard music notation which are linear or arithmetic. These notes are from Russell's Locked Potentials which are geometric and represent force accumulation or dispersion and not linear divisions as on a vibrating string.

Tabulating Etheric Elements

Indig#WR#WR OctaveWR Element
Music Endocrine
0=100=1Alphanon C##/Dbb Void
Atomolini - Conscious - Mind which permeates Brain
1+101+1Irenon +Atomolini GluonD Pituitary
2+102+1Vijaon E Pineal
3+103+1Marvaon QuarkF Thyroid
4+104+1Tomium G Thymus
3-103-1Alberton AntiquarkA Adrenals
2-102-1Blackton B Lyden
1-101-1Boston -Atomolini Anti-GluonC Gonads
Indig#WR#WR OctaveWR Element
Music Color
0=200=2Betanon X-RayC##/DbbNull
1+201+2Jamearnon Light D Orange
2+202+2Erneston Light E Yellow
3+203+2Eykaon +Photon LightF Green
4+204+2Athenon Light G Blue
3-203-2Barnardon -Photon LightA Indigo
2-202-2Delphanon Light B Violet
1-201-2Romanon InfraRed LightCDark Red
4th Subdivision - Interatomic - A + E - Observable - 3-space
Atomole- Plasma - Electromagnetic
Indig#WR#WR OctaveWR Element
Music EMF
0=300=3Gammanon C##/DbbNull
1+301+3Marconium DElectricity
2+302+3Penrynium EElectricity
3+303+3Vinton Electron F Electricity
4+304+3Quentin Neutron G Spark
3-303-3Tracion Proton A Magnetism
2-302-3Buzzeon B Magnetism
1-301-3Helenon C Magnetism
3rd Subdivision - atomic - A - Atom - Observable - 3-space
Indig#WR#WR OctaveWR Element
Music Form
0=400=4Hydron C##/DbbNull
1+401+4Hydrogen DGaseous
2+402+4Ethlogen E Gaseous
3+403+4Bebegen F Gaseous
4+404+4Carbogen G Gaseous
3-403-4Luminon A Gaseous
2-402-4Halanon B Gaseous
1-401-4Helionon C Gaseous
2nd Subdivision - Intermolecular - M + A - Observable - 3-space - supercritical fluid

This table coordinates with the Mind Force is a pre-existing Natural Force table.

All the other known gaseous and solid atomic elements are from here in the fourth Octave to the tenth Octave as per Russell. [See The Russell Nine Octave Chart of the Elements]

[1] "Actually we live in two universes - the invisible zero universe of CAUSE, and the visible universe of EFFECT. We have sensed the EFFECT and believed in its reality. We have never yet known the universe of CAUSE. It is time that we begin to know God's invisible universe which is in absolute control of the visible universe. Man will never solve the riddle of the universe until he fully knows and comprehends the zero universe which he can in no way hear or see. He can know it, however, and in so knowing he can, likewise, know God. He can even prove the fact of the omnipresent God in his laboratory. Nor shall man ever solve the riddle of his own Self - his own Identity, until he knows that he, himself, is as eternal as God is eternal. When man knows that he is Mind and that his body is his Mind-Creation, as the whole universal body is the Mind-Creation of God, he will then know what the consummate mystic of two thousand years ago meant when He said: I and My Father are ONE. Walter Russell, Atomic Suicide? (underline added)

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