Outer Space

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Space is dispersed (ionized) matter. Dispersed matter is, by degrees, mutually repellant and is therefore destructive to matter and Life. [See Dispersion, Vacuum]

"Space is black or dark - When one looks across the room to an object no light is perceived between one's self and the object (assuming a particle free atmosphere). The light we do see is reflected from a molecular structure or is regenerated within that structure and re-emitted. Because Outer Space between heavenly bodies is considered a vacuum there are no molecular (sometimes atomic) objects intercepting and reflecting or regenerating the impacting non-visible light from Stars. Hence Space is "black", "dark" or otherwise empty of visible (perceptible) light - even though it is flooded with the cause of perceptible light." [Dale Pond]

“Last year, I had a life-changing experience at 90 years old. I went to space, after decades of playing an iconic science-fiction character who was exploring the universe. I thought I would experience a deep connection with the immensity around us, a deep call for endless exploration.

I was absolutely wrong. The strongest feeling, that dominated everything else by far, was the deepest grief that I had ever experienced. I understood, in the clearest possible way, that we were living on a tiny oasis of life, surrounded by an immensity of death. I didn’t see infinite possibilities of worlds to explore, adventures to have, or living creatures to connect with. I saw the deepest darkness I could have ever imagined, contrasting so starkly with the welcoming warmth of our nurturing home planet.

This was an immensely powerful awakening for me. It filled me with sadness. I realized that we had spent decades, if not centuries, being obsessed with looking away, with looking outside. I did my share in popularizing the idea that space was the final frontier. But I had to get to space to understand that Earth is and will stay our only home. And that we have been ravaging it, relentlessly, making it uninhabitable." [William Shatner]

Outer Space

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"If matter without form preceded creation of energy, it was only when life was given that the atoms became grouped in individualities through their intrinsic properties. The hypothesis of Macvicar and demonstrations of Keely pivot on the law of assimilation "providing at once for the free and the forced ... for mind and matter, and placing them ... in relationship." This law is summarized as "Every individualized object ... assimilates itself to itself in successive moments of its existence and all objects tend to assimilate one another." In its own nature, matter is wholly plastic or devoid of fixed innate properties wholly assimilative - both with respect to its own portions and to surrounding objects, as well as its position in space and insofar as it is capable, to the mind of its Creator. In the ether are constructed groups of ethereal elements generating material elements." [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 2]

"Philosophy, wisdom, and liberty support one another: he who will not examine for himself, who will not look into the future by the light of the torch which the past ever holds aloft, flinging its illuminating rays down the stream of time, is a bigot; he who cannot, is a fool; and he who dares not, is a slave. Attempts to interest scientists in the marvelous mechanism by which etheric force is evolved from the atmosphere (space) have failed, even as Galileo failed at Padua to persuade the principal professor of philosophy there to look at the moon and planets: through his glasses. The professor pertinaciously refused,- so wrote Galileo to his friend Kepler." [Keelys Etheric Force]

""It is through the action of nature's sympathetic forces that planets are born and their volume of matter augmented. If the sympathetic negative polar stream were cut off from the earth, its molecular mass would become independent, and would float away into space as would a soap bubble filled with warm air. The same conditions of governing rule exist in the planetary masses as between the mental and physical forces in our organisms; the organism representing the earth, and its link with the cerebral centers the connection with the infinite mind. In other words, the latent energy existing in the neutral depths of matter, visible or invisible, remains eternally subservient and unchangeably linked to the eternal mind. True science is bastardized by intimating that the life in matter can be destroyed by any intensity of thermal negation (frigidity). Can finite man make use of an infinite element to neutralize infinity? Thermal negation causes molecular oscillation to diminish, or even seem to cease, but the results brought about from this superficial appearance of matter coming to rest are that the latent energy existing in the molecular zone is transferred to the intermolecular, increasing the oscillations of the intermolecular in the same ratio that the molecular is diminished. All the art that man can employ to induce the same effect on the intermolecular zone ends here. Granting, however, that it were possible, what would ensue?" [Newton of the Mind]

"The luminous, etheric, protoplastic element, which is the highest condition of the ether, fills the regions of infinite space, and in its radiating outreach gives birth to the prime neutral centers that carry the planetary worlds through their ranges of motion." [Keely, Keely and His Discoveries pg 270]

The structure of the air molecule according to Keely is as follows: Broken up, by vibratory action, he finds it to contain the "atomic triplet." This exists in a triangular position within the molecule, at its center, unless acted upon by electricity, when the molecule becomes oblate and the three atoms are ranged in a line within unless broken up by vibration. Nature never gives a vacuum, consequently the space within the molecule not occupied by the atomic triplet must be filled with something. This is where the "all-pervading ether" has made its secret abode through untold aeons. [Laurence Oliphant] [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 3]

Pure sympathetic concordants are as antagonistic to negative discordants as the negative is to the positive, but the vast volume the sympathetic holds over the non-sympathetic, in ethereal space, makes it at once the ruling medium and readjuster of all opposing conditions if properly brought to bear upon them. [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 3]

"Disturbance of equilibrium and sympathetic equation constitute the dual power that governs all the varied forms of life and motion which exist terrestrially, of which the electric or magnetic is the prime mover and regulator. All electrical action, no matter of what character, has its sympathetic birth by the intervention of that current of the triune flow, which I call the dominant, with the Polar harmonic current; all sympathetic flows being composed of three currents. They become associative one with the other only near the junction of terrestrial interference. The great vacuous field which exists between the planetary ranges holds this portion of the etheric flow free of all antagonism, molecularly or otherwise, till the associative point is reached; so wonderfully planned by the Great Creator, for instant electric evolution and assimilation with terrestrial centers of attraction. I call this intervention, atomic intermolecular and molecular density. The combination of the action of the triune sympathetic celestial stream with the same intervening medium induces heat and light as the resultant of these corpuscular conflictions with sympathetic celestial and terrestrial focalized centers of neutral radiation. I do not recognize electricity, nor light, nor heat as coming from the sun. These conditions, according to my theories, emanate from atomic and interatomic interference on induced molecular vibration, by sympathetic etheric vibration, the celestial attractive being the prime mover." [Vibratory Physics - The Connecting Link between Mind and Matter]

"The great vacuous flow between the planetary orbits holds this portion of the etheric flow "free from all antagonism" until the associative point is reached, when instant electric evolution occurs as the dominant seeks its terrestrial negative attractive center." [MAGNETISM AND ELECTRICITY]

"A ray of heat one billion times greater than the whole volume of the sun represents could not pass through the dark vacuous boundaries which lie between us and the sun without being neutralized and absorbed." [Vibratory Physics - The Connecting Link between Mind and Matter]

"If matter without form preceded creation of energy, it was only when life was given that the atoms became grouped in individualities through their intrinsic properties. The hypothesis of Macvicar and demonstrations of Keely pivot on the law of assimilation "providing at once for the free and the forced ... for mind and matter, and placing them ... in relationship." This law is summarized as "Every individualized object ... assimilates itself to itself in successive moments of its existence and all objects tend to assimilate one another." In its own nature, matter is wholly plastic or devoid of fixed innate properties wholly assimilative - both with respect to its own portions and to surrounding objects, as well as its position in space and insofar as it is capable, to the mind of its Creator. In the ether are constructed groups of ethereal elements generating material elements." [JOHN ERNST WORRELL KEELY]

The action of Nature's sympathetic flows regulates the differential oscillatory range of motion of the planetary masses as regards their approach toward and recession from each other. These flows may also be compared to the flow of the magnet which permeates the field, existing between the molecules themselves, sensitising the combined neutral centres of the molecules without disturbing, in the least, the visible molecular mass itself. In the planetary masses - balanced as it were in the scales of universal space, floating like soap-bubbles in a field of atmospheric air, the concentration of these sympathetic streams evolves the universal power which moves them in their oscillating range of motion to and from each other. This sympathetic triple stream focalises and defocalises on the neutrals of all such masses polarising and depolarising, positive and negative action, planetary rotation, etc., etc.. It is thus that all the conditions governing light, heat, life, vegetation, motion, are all derived from the velocity of the positive and negative interchange of celestial sympathy with the terrestrial.

Every harmonious condition of Nature's evolutions is governed by one incontrovertible law; that of concordant assimilative harmony. This concordant key is the ruling one over all the antagonistic, negative, discordant ones; the one that diverts the disturbance of sympathetic equilibrium to one general concentrative centre for redistribution. Harmony concentrates, Harmony distributes. The focalising point of concordant sympathetic concentration is the percussive electric field, where the velocity of its sympathetic streams rebounds with a power that throws them far out into universal space; and so far beyond their equative centre of equilibrium, as to bring them in sympathy with the universal attraction of the combined neutral centres of all planetary masses. KEELY. [True Science]

"Given that force can be exerted by an act of will, do we understand the mechanism by which this is done? And if there is a gap in our knowledge between the conscious idea of a motion and the liberation of muscular energy needed to accomplish it, how do we know that a body may not be moved without ordinary material contact by an act of will? Keely contends that all metallic substances after having been subjected to a certain order of vibration may be so moved. "Scientists are verging rapidly toward the idea that immense volumes of energy exist in all conditions of corpuscular space. I accept Prof. Stoney's idea that an apsidal motion might be caused by an interaction between high and low tenuous matter, but such conditions, even of the highest accelerated motion are too far down below the etheric realm to influence it sympathetically, even in the most remote way. The conception of the molecule disturbing the ether, by electrical discharge from its parts is not correct... the highest conditions associated with electricity come under the fourth descending order of sympathetic conditions. The conjecture as regards the motion being a series of harmonic elliptic ones, accompanied by a slow apsidal one, I believe to be correct... The combination of these motions would necessarily produce two circular motions of different amplitudes whose differing periods might correspond to two lines of the spectrum as conjectured, and lead the experimenter, perhaps, into a position corresponding to an ocular illusion. Every line of the spectrum, I think, consists not of two close lines, but of compound triple lines; though not until an instrument has been constructed, which is as perfect in its parts as is the sympathetic field that environs matter, can any truthful conclusion be arrived at from demonstration." [Keely]

"All motion begins at a cathode point in space, which is all cathode. It cannot move out of that omnipresent position, however, without dividing its seeming energy into four radar-acting pairs in the wave, which is beginning to construct, nor can it do so without measuring out its own desire-energy into countless billions of other cathodes throughout all omnipresence." [Atomic Suicide, page 285]

"God's end of the cosmic
Bridge where motion begins
Its projection into space
To simulate mind-idea.

Matter begins by division of stillness in the inert gases and its projection by two-way motion into pairs of octave wave tones, which we call elements. The principle of projection is the same that man uses in projecting the concept of his idea into the moving form of the idea. It is the dual radar principle of Nature. Reduced to its ultimate simplicity, Nature is a series of echoes." [Atomic Suicide - Fig 62]

"The father principle multiplies light into density and high potential. The mother principle divides it into vapors and gases of lower potential. Light is thus multiplied and divided into suns and planets surrounded by "space."
The "matter" of earth is the same as the matter of heavens with but one difference; VOLUME. And there-in lies the secret of the universal pulse beat. Space is a division of solidity into tenuity. It is also a multiplication of volume at the expense of potential. Interchange between these two unbalanced opposites is the basis of all motion in this rhythmic universe." [Walter Russell, The Secret of Light, page 125]


One of the greatest mysteries of science is the source of the sun's renewing energy. ? At the present rate of solar radiation, the sun should have burned out long ago.?

What keeps its fires burning? What is it that generates heat in the sun to keep it from cooling? ? One theory is that its contraction generates it, for contraction supposedly heats.?

But that is not the answer, for contraction does not heat nor generate. Contraction is possible only as a result of generation, not as its cause.

Generation must precede contraction. It does not follow it.

Heat follows as a result of contraction. Heat radiates. Radiation is the opposite of generation, and opposites act in opposite ways.?

Radiation expands and the resultant expansion cools; while generation contracts and the resultant contraction heats.

?Here again is the father-mother principle manifesting its law of equal, opposite and sequential interchange.

The cold of expanded space generates the sun’s heat by compressing large volume into smaller volume.

The high pressure of incandescence is born from the low pressure of vacuous blackness, in accordance with the law of rhythmic balanced interchange between all pairs of father-mother opposites. [Walter Russell, The Secret of Light, pages 187-188]

Space and volume are inversely disposed opposites, which consume or animate one another depending on whether one is made to burn by the other or

[4] See description of air turbine in Austrian Patent No. 145141, p. 115 of this book. —Ed.


is itself ennobled intrinsically through this reciprocal intensification and polarization. Today's technology mistakenly chose the former of the two processes and it is therefore no wonder that cancer is on the rampage here, there and everywhere.

Goethe said, "The driving wheels of Nature are polarity and intensification and whoever understands enough to untie also knows enough to bind." What is born in light, disintegrates in the coolness of the ground. It rises up and returns again as a ray of energy in order to quicken that which stands ready to become new life at the boundary between space and volume.

Every leaf is an animalistic magnet in monoplanar form, which attracts and radiates, depending on whether the Sun shines on it or cold caresses it. This great law of reciprocity also operates in water, which constantly restructures itself by altering its space and volume. The space is shaped by light and heat. The volume is a product of darkness and coolness. If we understand how to apportion the opposing relation between space and volume and how to organise its intrinsic structure, then the substance - water - will become 'The Space' and the formless volume its realisation, which is transformed instantaneously with heat-pressure, thereby creating the motion that fills the over-lying inter-space.

If nature-alienated humanity, however, reverses this purposeful process and combusts precisely those substances that occasion life, then they should no longer be surprised when the Sun burns up that which serves it as an intermediate space, and which serves humankind for the maintenance of life.

Life unfolds itself in three spheres:
1. in the Carbone[5] - sphere
2. in the Atmosphere
3. in the Stratosphere

The connection between these spheres is created by water. Conversely, the various states of aggregation of water form the bridges for the formation and reconstitution of the basic elements carried by water, which succeed in reaching the Earth's interior from the stratosphere and vice versa. The purely mechanical circulation of the physical form - water - operates in the opposite direction to the circulation of energy. The rising of the C-substances with their carrier - water - is countered by the sinking of the oxygen. Where these

[5] Carbone: In contrast to the normal use and definition of 'carbon', Viktor Schauberger grouped all the known elements and their compounds, with the exception of oxygen and hydrogen, under the general classification of 'Mother Substances', which he described with the word 'Kohle-stoffe', normally spelt 'Kohlenstoffe' and meaning carbon. Apart from the above definition the hyphen also signifies a higher aspect of carbon, both physically and energetically or immaterially. The additional V in the English word is therefore intended to redefine and enlarge the scope of the usual term 'carbon' in accordance with Viktor's concepts. On occasion carbone will be represented by the term C' [to] differentiate it from the normal term for carbon — C - Ed.


mutually contra-directional currents intersect, energy is freed. These energetic interactions can never reach a state of rest due to the constant variation in the length of night and day. Inevitably therefore, there is a continual shift in the individual microclimatic conditions, which further result in variations in the quantity and quality of the basic elements. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Conclusions]

If this current is conducted into vacuum tubes, then they emit a strongly pulsating blood-red glow horizontally along the elongated transverse axis and a dazzling, motionless, colourless and temperatureless radiance vertically up the elongated longitudinal axis, which fills the whole space. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Life-Current in Air and Water]

Radiation is the bipolar unity, the ur-information, which metamorphoses itself into proteins. Since information is also bipolar, then the space, the irtter-space and the shell come into being in this way. The energy evolving within the shell is space-energy, which like everything else is also bipolar. The heat-potential gives birth to the form and the cold-potential gives rise to dematerialisation. The latter is elemental motion and the former is the elemental envelope, that is, the multiplied soul and the multiplied body. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Letter to Werner Zimmermann]

1. It is a known fact that in high pressure boilers a reflux from high to medium pressure takes place under certain circumstances without the hermetic seal being broken[10]. Up to now this occurrence could not be explained and because of it the manufacture of miniature pressurised boilers was abandoned, which meant, of course, that veritable mechanical monsters had to be put up with, which consumed a great deal of space and material. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Liquefaction of Coal by Means of Cold Flows]

David Bohm
Space is not an empty vacuum.
Space is not empty. It is full, a plenum as opposed to a vacuum, and is the ground for the existence of everything, including ourselves. The universe is not separate from this cosmic sea of energy.” [David Bohm]

A Halo for Andromeda
Digital Illustration Credit: NASA, ESA, J. DePasquale and E. Wheatley (STScI) and Z. Levay

Explanation: M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, is the closest large spiral galaxy to our Milky Way. Some 2.5 million light-years distant it shines in Earth's night sky as a small, faint, elongated cloud just visible to the unaided eye. Invisible to the eye though, its enormous halo of hot ionized gas is represented in purplish hues for this digital illustration of our neighboring galaxy above rocky terrain. Mapped by Hubble Space Telescope observations of the absorption of ultraviolet light against distant quasars, the extent and make-up of Andromeda's gaseous halo has been recently determined by the AMIGA project. A reservoir of material for future star formation, Andromeda's halo of diffuse plasma was measured to extend around 1.3 million light-years or more from the galaxy. That's about half way to the Milky Way, likely putting it in contact with the diffuse gaseous halo of our own galaxy.

A.: "That's the Atomic theory! That is the theory as is seen - not theory, but the actual conditions as exist, as has been given and shown here in the activity of how forces build in their radiation without the application of space (as physically known), and how that there is the radiation through the forces as they move about one another." Cayce (197-57)

Q.: In occult chemistry it is given that force was begun in the interstices or bubbles in space and therefore space is the negation of force or matter.

A.: "This is just what is given here, in how these negations are formed in that as is called a bubble or becomes a sphere, in its attractability to the forces as are in formation within our own sphere, see? That's the creation of worlds - that's the creation as is kept in force, see?" [see GRAVITATION DIFFERENTIATION]

Q.: This being so, gravity drawing everything to the center, according to density, there comes a position from without a planet where space and lightest etheric matter meet - and the planet together with its atmosphere revolve through space. The planet, consisting of all degrees of vibrations - even to the lightest Etheric matter - have no relationship to space. An example somewhat similar on objective plane can be given as to the passage of Etheric matter through what we term as solid substance. Is this theory correct? [See Etheric Elements, Part 12 - Russells Locked Potentials]

"This becomes hard to conceive in the finite mind; as does the finite mind fail to grasp the lack of or NO time. Yet out of Time, Space, Patience, is it possible for the consciousness of the finite to KNOW the infinite." [Cayce 262-115]

Quantum Arithmetic
Space is divided into at least 12 dimensions. There are the three conventional dimensions, and each of these is divided into four sub-dimensions.

The first and basic sub-dimension is the quaternion, the unit of which has a diameter of one unit, or a cube which is one unit on a side. This unit is so miniscule that we may consider it dimensionless. We take this unit to be on the order of 10-14 millimeter. The quaternion is the equivalent of a point in space, in Quantum Arithmetic.

The second sub-dimension is the product of two quaternions, and is considered on the same basis as a line. It is used here as a root, and has length but its width and thickness is the unit quaternion. The root is the equivalent of a point in space in conventional mathematics. It is represented by b, e, d, or a.

The third sub-dimension is the product of two roots or the product of four quaternions. It is an area in Quantum Arithmetic, but considered as a line in conventional methematics. It is represented by any of the capitalized identities, A through K. This dimension has length and width but its thickness is the unit quaternion.

The fourth dimension in Quantum Arithmetic is the product of two of the third-dimensions; of four of the roots; or of eight of the quaternons. It will have measurable length, width and thickness. It is represented in the capitalized identities by L, (L = beda/6), or by the squares of any of the other capitalized identities, (C2 + F2 = G2). In Quantum Arithmetic this dimension is a solid. In conventional mathmatics it is undefined. (The area of an ellipse is the product of pi and three roots, d3, and two quaternions, √a, and √b, in square units. For the same measurement in circular units it is : Area = d3√ab).

This last dimension has had little discussion in this text, partly to avoid going into the higher dimensions, and partly because this higher dimension and its relationship to conventional dimensions, has not been investigated. When these lower dimensions are more fully understood then the upper dimensions will fall into place. It is anticipated that a 5-way division is involved, and that the conventional 3-dimensions, the 4-dimensions of Quantum Arithmetic, and the unexplored 5-dimension system will, working through Synchronous Harmonics, make a 60-way division of space, hence the viability of the sexigesimal system of numerical notation.

The system of integers forms an associated symmetry around a square of an integer, D. Each pair of integers will have a complimentary system of characteristics for par-value, primeness/factorability, and shape. The arrangement goes into greater detail as more subsidiary integers are added to the framework.

General: Although the ellipse is derived through porisms, the aspects of the ellipse discussed here; the role of C in maintaining the orientation of the ellipse; the role of E as a mediator of the ellipse and the role of J, F, G, and K in the operational phases; are all in the field of Pseudaria. In retrospect, and particularly in the derivation of fractional equivalents, lead to a deeper meaning in that the ellipse may be only a frame of reference in which these are taken. This has all been done through constructive geometry because it would have been relatively impossible to approach and describe in an abstract sense. This four-way division of 'duties' between C, D, E, and the operators, J, F, G, and K can be extended outside the realm of methematics and into many other fields. Plato refers to these 'duties' in Republic, but in a philosophical sense. Quantum Arithmetic leads almost naturally into the humanities and far beyond the limits of conventional mathematics." Ben Iverson, Pythagoras and the Quantum World, Vol 3 Enneagram

"The nature of space has long been a question which has defied man's attempts to comprehend it. In the past, men have tried to explain their space in geometric terms, but this has left much unaccounted for and has led to considerable error. The main assumption which needs to be made before space can be understood is that there is something which defines its position with respect to other higher realities. If this fact can be accepted, then all of the various fields, effects, motions and phenomena observed in the real world will fall into place in a single unified scheme.

The substance which defines the space of the real world is a tenuous material with properties of elasticity. Its basic nature allows it to stretch, to contract, to flow as a current of water does, and to carry vibrational wave disturbances. This substance permeates all of the three-dimensional matrix. There is no location in the physical universe which does not contain the substance in one of its many forms.

In the 19th century men speculated that there was a material of this kind extending through all of space, because they could not see how light could be transmitted if not on a medium of some kind. They named this hypothetical medium the ether, and in this book the same designation will be maintained. In essence, the scientists of that century were correct in their assumption, but they did not extend their reasoning far enough to grasp the full significance of this miraculous substance. If they had done so, they would have realized finally that all matter of every form is composed of the ether in one of its states of condensation or expansion, and that every phenomenon observed by man in the real world is accounted for by one or more of the properties of the Etheric matrix. It is the purpose of this chapter to show how the ether is distributed and to discuss some of the properties which allow it to give rise to material manifestation.

Space is not three-dimensional only. The space which man conceives is but part of the totality of creation. It exists within a larger space with a greater number of dimensions. The best analogy that can be made to allow a partial glimpse of the distribution of the ether is that which has been called Flatland. It is possible to imagine a two-dimensional space similar to a thin film or sheet, having extent in two mutually perpendicular directions but having virtually no extent in the third dimension, which would correspond to the thickness. It can also be conceived that this space would support beings within its surface, who would also be only two-dimensional. Such beings could conceive only of objects which in turn were two-dimensional because they would not have any experience of objects with a larger number of dimensions. If we could communicate with a Flatlander, we would not be able to describe, in terms he could appreciate, what a cube or a chair were like.

Let us now suppose that we wish to give the Flatlander a complete universe in his two dimensions. We could extend the flat film which defines his space indefinitely in all directions, but this would not be the neatest way to go about it because there would always remain the question of the free edges and what happens beyond these edges. However, the problem can be solved in another way. The universe of Flatland could be made as the surface of a very large balloon or ball so that space would be of limited area but without a limit in the sense of a free edge. In such a universe the Flatlander could travel as far as he wished in any direction without coming to the "edge" of his space. But it would not be necessary to provide an indefinite amount of the material of his space in order to give him that freedom. The only drawback would be the confusion on his part when, after travelling a certain distance in what he thinks is a straight line, he would end up back where he started from. Even this difficulty can be minimized by making the balloon of his space so large that he is not likely to be able to complete one circuit around its periphery. Another advantage of giving the spatial balloon a very large diameter is that the local space in the Flatlander's immediate area would be virtually flat and would not exhibit any significant curvature. This would mean that the geometric relationships in a localized region of the Flatland universe would remain true in the sense of plane geometry. For example, a triangle set up in the curved Flatland universe would have its three angles sum to almost exactly 180°, with the difference being too small to detect with the Flatlander's instruments. Of course this would give him the impression that his space was not curved, because he could reason that a significant curvature in his space would falsify the triangular relationship.

The skin of the Flatland universe corresponds to the ether of the real universe. The ether is curved upon itself to define a spherical shape as pictured from four dimensions, and this hypersphere has an immense diameter, far beyond the possibility of any physical being to travel even a portion of its girth in the normal lifespan. [Hilarion, The Nature of Reality]

Dialogue on Awakening
"...there is not time, there is no space, there is no way for us to be apart because the Mind of God is whole and within that wholeness lies the Mind of His Son and neither are separate from each other or from any infinite aspect of Itself as It is expressed." Dialogue on Awakening, page 143.

"What is it that ever is?" "Space, the eternal Anupadaka." "What is it that ever was?" "The Germ in the Root." "What is it that is ever coming and going?" "The Great Breath." "Then, there are three Eternals?" "No, the three are one. That which ever is is one, that which ever was is one, that which is ever being and becoming is also one: and this is Space." [The Secret Doctrine, I, II]

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"I realized that this 'Creative Power' I was experiencing was infinite, eternal, universal, filling all space beyond sky, oceans, earth, and all living things. I saw IT was MIND POWER.
There was no point where this 'DIVINE CREATIVE POWER OF MIND' was not.
I realized that human mind was drawn from DIVINE CREATIVE MIND but was only a candle lit by the sun." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 11]

"There is nothing that electromagnetism has brought into visible being which the human mind can deem to be lacking purpose or meaning.
Science ignores this most basic and vital level of creation. Without an answer to this question, as to why everything which has been brought into visible manifestation by the activity of the twin energies of electromagnetism is invariably purposeful, successful and rational - nothing of any value in the search for your origins will be discovered.
Until science can probe and discover the 'Reality' of the 'space' in which electrical particles of 'visible being' are supported, science will forever remain behind locked doors of materialism. It will be barred to eternal Truth and universal wisdom and imprisoned within the bondage of reason alone - reason which is solely the product of the finite activity of brain cells.

It is to the true nature of the SPACE I intend to introduce you - but before proceeding to this, I must first bring many highly pertinent questions to your attention." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 8]

"Because 'FATHER-MOTHER' tools: electro-magnetism is in equilibrium within UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS
IT will never be detected within SPACE by scientists no matter how they may probe space."
[Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 19]

"UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS is the UNIVERSAL REALM of SPACE which none may enter or access, since IT rests in a state of equilibrium and self-contained energy." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 6, page 134]

Isaac Newton
Space is an affection of a being just as a being. No being exists or can exist which is not related to space in some way. God is everywhere, created minds are somewhere, and body is in the space that it occupies; and whatever is neither everywhere nor anywhere does not exist. And hence it follows that space is an emanative effect of the first existing being, for if any being whatsoever is posited, space is posited.” [Isaac Newton, Da Gravitatione]

Job says concerning the planet on which we live, the earth-
"He stretcheth out the north over empty space;
He hangeth the earth upon nothing." - Job xxvi. 7. [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 82]

So the dual system of Music revolves round a mathematical point which is in none of its notes, but in the empty space between the two D's. Like the earth, it is hung upon nothing. This is an exceedingly interesting musical phenomenon. In that comma of vacant space is music's center of gravity.

1    3    9    27
F    C    G    D
                  D        A       E       B   
               26 2/3   80    240    720 [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 82]

It will be observed that this plate represents intervals by its areas, that is, the distances between the notes; and the notes themselves appear as points. But it must be remembered that these distances or intervals represent the vibrations of these notes in the ratios they bear to each other. So it is the vibration-ratios which constitute the intervals here pictorially represented as areas. The area, as space, is nothing; the note itself is everything. [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 107]


In the center column are the notes, named; with the lesser and larger steps of their mathematical evolution marked with commas, sharps, and flats; the comma and flat of the descending evolution placed to the left; the comma and sharp of the ascending evolution to the right; and in both cases as they arise. If a note is first altered by a comma, this mark is placed next to the letter; if first altered by a sharp or flat, these marks are placed next the letter. It will be observed that the sharpened note is always higher a little than the note above it when flattened; A# is higher than ?B; and B is higher than ?C, etc.; thus it is all through the scales; and probably it is also so with a fine voice guided by a true ear; for the natural tendency of sharpened notes is upward, and that of flattened notes downward; the degree of such difference is so small, however, that there has been difference of opinion as to whether the # and ? have a space between them, or whether they overlap, as we have shown they do. In tempered instruments with fixed keys the small disparity is ignored, and one key serves for both. In the double columns right and left of the notes are their mathematical numbers as they arise in the Genesis of the scales. In the seven columns right of the one number-column, and in the six on the left of the other, are the 12 major and their 12 relative minor scales, so arranged that the mathematical number of their notes is always standing in file with their notes. D in A minor is seen as 53 1/3, while the D of C major is 54; this is the comma of difference in the primitive Genesis, and establishes the sexual distinction of major and minor all through. The fourth of the minor is always a comma lower than the second of the major, though having the same name; this note in the development of the scales by flats drops in the minor a comma below the major, and in the development of the scales by sharps ascends in the major a comma above the minor. In the head of the plate the key-notes of the 12 majors, and under them those of their relative minors, are placed over the respective scales extended below. This plate will afford a good deal of teaching to a careful student; and none will readily fail to see beautiful indications of the deep-seated Duality of Major and Minor. [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 109]

This plate sets forth the essential duality of the musical system of vibrations. It is a remarkable fact that the numbers of the vibrations of the major mode are the numbers for the string proportions of the minor mode; and vice versa, the string proportions in the major are the numbers of the vibrations in the minor. We have, however, to see that we use the proper notes and numbers; we must know the secret of Nature. This secret rests in the duality of the notes, and begins from the two D's. The center of gravity of the musical system of vibrations is found in the comma space between the two D's as they are found in the genesis of the two modes. In these two D's the vibration number and string proportions are nearly identical. Starting from this point as the center of gravity in the [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 118]

Q.: In occult chemistry it is given that force was begun in the interstices or bubbles in space and therefore space is the negation of force or matter.

A.: "This is just what is given here, in how these negations are formed in that as is called a bubble or becomes a sphere, in its attractability to the forces as are in formation within our own sphere, see? That's the creation of worlds - that's the creation as is kept in force, see?" [see GRAVITATION DIFFERENTIATION]

Q.: This being so, gravity drawing everything to the center, according to density, there comes a position from without a planet where space and lightest etheric matter meet - and the planet together with its atmosphere revolve through space. The planet, consisting of all degrees of vibrations - even to the lightest Etheric matter - have no relationship to space. An example somewhat similar on objective plane can be given as to the passage of Etheric matter through what we term as solid substance. Is this theory correct? [See Etheric Elements, Part 12 - Russells Locked Potentials]

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