Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Helena Petrovna Hahn was born on August 12, 1831 and died May 8, 1891 London, England. She was better known as HPB, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky or Madame Blavatsky was the founder of Theosophy.

In The Secret Doctrine (October 1888) by Helene P. Blavatsky Vol. 1 page 554 till 566 (The Coming Force) is explained that inventor John Worrell Keely already demonstrate his Compound Disintegrator (Picture 1,2,3,4,5,6,7) with the sentence "Had Keely been permitted to succeed, he might have reduced a whole army to atoms in the space of a few seconds as easily as he reduced a dead ox to the same condition". Also inventor Nikola Tesla invented a Death Ray machine, see also an article about him in the New York Times (September 11, 1940).

Blavatsky Archives
Keely Presentation a PowerPoint presentation (in pdf format) presenting SVP, endocrine system, Theosophy and many other correlated topics.
Keely's Interetheric Force

"Madame Blavatsky said that the place where she had obtained her secrets still contained great treasures of ancient literature, but that the most important parts of this wisdom had been kept protected from western eyes." [Rudolf Steiner, Lecture: Berlin May 26th, 1904 (GA 89)]

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