Undoubtedly known to the high-priests of ancient cultures, these concentrates of noble matter (ethericities) are responsible for the legendary near-absolute abundance of food and the freedom of movement associated with it. Incidentally, these concentrates were also ultimately responsible for the disaster of Atlantis, referred to as the Flood by a circumspect Church, which was the result of the careless control of these elemental levitative energies. In this respect the Church was quite right, because the negatively potentiated mother-water (amniotic fluid), the physically first-born, will be precipitated out by these formative and levitative energies (there is exact proof of this). It is in this ennobled carrier-substance, however, that the latent higher-grade atomic energies reside, which make naturally ordained locomotion possible. These energies, however, can be transformed into the most developmentally harmful forms of atomic energy if, for example, a cyclotron-like centrifugating device is employed as the supposedly correct means for producing energy. Hitherto it has not been known that vitamins, the concentrates of noble matter (perfectly developed fat-formations fermented under the exclusion of light and heat)), which are known to solidify at death) can be degraded through inferior (expansively-acting) influences of heat and light and are gradually transformed into the atomic ptomaine radiation mentioned at the beginning. Only recently has so-called vacuum-distillation been applied to obtaining high-grade fat-concentrates from essential oils. For this, however, only atmospheric-gas-rarefying devices, air-suction or air-pressure pumps are used, which can never emulate the processes that wise Nature employs for specifically densifying these highest-grade concentrates of ennobled matter. This is the 'Organic' vacuum. Created by a centripetence-machine, it densifies noble matter through the co-active influences of higher-grade motion and contractile stimuli. That is to say, the moved (accelerated) mass approaches the temperatureless and feverless anomaly state (+4°C - +39.2°F), which is only possible through mass-acceleration on the longitudinal axis. Nor can the resistance to motion mentioned earlier evolve during this process for the simple reason that this 'original' system of mass motion and acceleration, the dissociative, structure-loosening, positive temperature influences are missing, which would otherwise induce an increase in dangerous wall-pressures. It should be noted that it is entirely immaterial whether a molecular interaction between basic elements is initiated by a physical or metaphysical motion-excitation combination. In the same way that social revolutions arise from psychological stimuli, so too can a beneficial fever and thus the healing of a supposedly incurable disease be provoked by a strong inner stimulus, or conversely, sudden death through a so-called stroke, caused by an abrupt alteration of the inner interaction between basic substances. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Cadaverine Poison in Ray-Form - Ptomaine Radiation]

Produced in suction-turbines, the negatively potentiated ur-product of the cycloidally-moving Earth is therefore the 'original' resurrected entity, which in accordance with Nature's laws must be braked by a corpuscular carrier-substance. Unless this happens it will accelerate out of control and drag everything along with it. (viz. the cataclysm of Atlantis in which the supposed Deluge was triggered by the precipitating out of ur-water at great heights - a process that can be copied experimentally.) [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Cadaverine Poison in Ray-Form - Ptomaine Radiation]

[7] To give a greater understanding of events at Sais, that ancient Egyptian city in the Nile delta, The Secret Doctrine by H P Blavatsky relates: "...And how little Herodotus could tell is confessed by himself when speaking of a mysterious tomb of an Initiate at Sais, in the sacred precinct of Minerva. There, he says 'behind the chapel is the tomb of One, whose name I consider it impious to divulge... In the enclosure there are large obelisks and there is a lake near, surrounded with a stone wall in a circle. In this lake they perform, by night, that person's adventures, which they call mysteries. It is well to know that no secret was so well-preserved and so sacred with the ancients as that of their cycles and computations. From the Egyptians down to the Jews it was held as the highest sin to divulge anything pertaining to the correct measure of time. It was for divulging the secrets of the Gods, that Tantalus was plunged into the infernal regions; the keepers of the sacred Sybilline Books were threatened with the death penalty for revealing a word of them.' The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, page 396. While not directly related to the Seven Veils of Sais, the following quotation from The Secret Doctrine, Vol. III, p.132, may afford further insight into what was hidden behind them. "An impenetrable veil of secrecy was thrown over the Occult and Religious Mysteries, after the submersion of the last remnant of the Atlantean Race, some 12,000 years ago, lest they should be shared by the unworthy, and so desecrated. Of these Sciences several have now become exoteric — such as astronomy, for instance, in its purely mathematical and physical aspect." Ed. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Life-Current in Air and Water]

The final product of this interaction is biomagnetism. Excess energy is emitted mainly in a vertical direction. If run through vacuum tubes, they emit blue-green light. On the contrary, other forces demonstrate a dark red, strongly pulsating light effect on the periphery of a vacuum lamp. The first are spiritual (atomic), biomagnetic and encouraging ethers, which, on their ascending path, attract and absorb the atmospheric oxygen in its diffuse state. At the same time, a tornado-like, expanding upwards and besieging water ur-cyclone, which attracts the entire mass of the Earth, is working. This force is surrounded by an expanding development of hardeners that prevent Earth from erosion. Consequently, the peoples of ancient cultures who excessively exploited the movement of planets were supposed to inadvertently lead to the collapse of Atlantis. [unknown, attributed to Schauberger]

Atlantis, Mind and our Future
posted DailyPaul.com, 02/21/09

I was looking for an opening to bring up the "new" science of MIND. But alas most are as yet unaware of the new developments in this field. Atlantis was fabled to have developed science and mental abilities to near unbelievable levels. Some say America is Atlantis reborn which does make some sense. Anyhow, Princeton University (where Albert Einstein hung out) did some research that substantiates some power of the mind over matter. This is not some fly-by-night operation but one of the leading engineering universities of the world. So when Princeton University says they substantiated evidence of a previously unacknowledged power of the mind then there is such a thing.

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program

While their research is new the power of the mind is not - it has been around as long as mind has - forever. There have been people in the past who were born with natural abilities above others just as Mozart had a talent for music beyond most anyone. To say JZ or whoever is a fraud is an unsubstantiated allegation. She may be - I certainly don't know. We are in a new cycle of human and social development where old ideas are being transformed seemingly overnight. The old financial systems, government systems, science, religious belief systems and all else are going through immense change. It is up to us as responsible individuals to use our discernment and clarity of mind to keep up with these changes and not be run over by them...

Watch this video to see how dramatic the world is changing.
Shift Happens

Atlantean Air-ships, Cayce
(Q) Describe one of the ships of the air that was used during the highest period of mechanical development in Atlantis.

(A) Much of the nature, in the EARLIER portion, as would be were the hide of MANY of the pachyderm, or elephants, many into the CONTAINERS for the gases that were used as both lifting and for the impelling of the crafts about the various portions of the continent, and even abroad. These, as may be seen, took on those abilities not only to pass through that called air, or that heavier, but through that of water - when they received the impetus from the NECESSITIES of the peoples in that particular period, for the safety of self. The shape and form, then, in the earlier portion, depended upon which or what skins were used for the containers. The metals that were used as the braces, these were the COMBINATIONS then of what is NOW a lost art - the TEMPERED brass, the temperament of that as becomes between aluminum (as now called) and that of uranium, with those of the fluxes that are from those of the COMBINED elements of the iron, that is carbonized with those of other fluxes - see? These made for lightness of structure, non-conductor OR conductors of the electrical forces - that were used for the IMPELLING of same, rather than the gases - which were used as the lifting. See? For that as in the NATURE'S forces may be turned into even the forces OF that that makes life, as given, from the sun rays to those elements that make for, or find CORRESPONDING reaction in their APPLICATION of same, or reflection of same, TO the rays itself - or a different or changed form of storage of FORCE, as called electrical in the present." Cayce (364-006)

Atlantis Found?
Looking for lost riches in Cuba's seas Underwater surveyors say they may have found sunken city

Most intriguingly, researchers using sonar equipment have discovered, at a depth of about 2,200 feet (700-800 meters), a huge land plateau with clear images of what appears to be urban development partly covered by sand. From above, the shapes resemble pyramids, roads and buildings.

ADC is excited but reluctant to speculate until a joint investigation with the Cuban Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society takes place early this summer.

“It is stunning. What we see in our high-resolution sonar images are limitless, rolling, white sand plains and, in the middle of this beautiful white sand, there are clear manmade large-size architectural designs. It looks like when you fly over an urban development in a plane and you see highways, tunnels and buildings,” Zelitsky said. http://www.msnbc.com/news/573489.asp

Atlantis Location, Cayce
"The position as the continent Atlantis occupied, is that as between the Gulf of Mexico on the one hand - and the Mediterranean upon the other. Evidences of this lost civilization are to be found in the Pyrenees and Morocco on the one hand, British Honduras, Yucatan and America upon the other. There are some protruding portions within this that must have at one time or another been a portion of this great continent. The British West Indies or the Bahamas, and a portion of same that may be seen in the present - if the geological survey would be made in some of these -especially, or notably, in Bimini and in the Gulf Stream through this vicinity, these may be even yet determined." Cayce (364-3)

Atlantis, Time and Destruction, Tate
Avenda: Morning Wakeup Call Message, June 10, 2003

Through Nancy Tate

From: Nancy Tate, http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com

Morning Wakeup Call Message June 10, 2003

In the morning of 2003, June 10 there came a promise that one made to herself. This promise consisted of a nuance of energy that she referred to as time. This time was the forefront of activity, and the activity was the experience of time. Good morning, I am Avenda, and I speak of the relevancy of this one's life to that of another, any other.

This is the kind of thing that has driven men wild in the retelling in order to convey the principle by which they speak. All that was necessary in order to dispel the principle by which they spoke was to include the factor of spirit. This explained the whole, and emptied into the principle with the simplicity of the perfection of the universe. When this came into the equation, it became the essence of the whole. It became the very substance by which time could be monitored. There came into that equation a degree of time that was influenced by perception.

In the days of Lemuria and Atlantis, there was a great deal of usage of the moldability of time. This enabled the ones who lived in those times to create many abbreviations of what they termed time. They were able to delve into the substance of time, the experiences created through time, and double the amount of time it took to carry through in some of the experiences. They did this through the use of their mind in conjunction with the crystals that they employed. They cut some of those crystals and refined the positioning of them in relation to the celestial bodies. They garnered energy from those bodies that gave the reactions from the crystals different identities of time, and its relevancy to those who manipulated them.

This was accomplished with a great deal of forethought. There were mathematical formulas devised that enabled them to more fully understand and manipulate time. They came to understand the concepts of time travel, and in so doing, they traveled through time and changed events in time. This caused disruptions of the energies, and encouraged further manipulations. The resulting energies of experience became warped, and this caused a disillusionment of certain factors of their existence. The core of the earth began to establish itself more in disruption than in harmony. This brought unsettlement within her layers, and great earth changes stared to disrupt the peacefulness with which she existed.

This soon showed itself on the surface, through the upheavals that erupted from time to time. Portions of land began to erupt in volcanic activity, and great rivers and streams either closed up, or widened into giant chasms. This is what lead to the destruction of those great landmasses. Both of those civilizations perished because of the manipulations of time in relativity with the crystals and the cosmos. Lemuria went first, and their manipulations lay the groundwork for the manipulations of the ones on Atlantis. The difference was that the ones in Lemuria came to realize that the disruptions caused by their greed for power had started a chain reaction that they could not stop without a complete revamping of the manipulations that they had undergone.

There was a particular group that repeatedly undermined certain one's attempts to reverse the damage they had done; and soon, there was no turning back. The deed was done, and history lost some very pertinent data by which the records of this civilization would have been known as fact. Those who attempted to save their continent fled to Atlantis, and worked with them to reverse what they were doing. However, the reign of power was so great that the destructive steps were already in place, and they too were doomed to disappear under the sea with no visible records of their existence.

This all could have been averted, however, the end would have come at some time, for the energies of potential for this to happen was already in place. It was all part of the plan. Call it planned obsolescence; call it self-fulfilled prophecy. It was engineered by the forefathers of time for these two civilizations to make their mark on earth and leave a legacy of destruction and karma for the earth and all life on it. This is one of the pieces of history that has not been brought forward. This is part of the legacy that these two continents left for this generation to discover. Yes, this discovery was programmed to come forward at this time, and indeed it is happening all over the globe.

I now come to the end of this message, and relay to you that there will be more to come concerning this, through another means of communication. Look for a transcript of this and more information as to the history of earth and the life forms she has experienced. I leave you now with a happy day in time. I love you all. Blessings to you.
Than you my dear Avenda,
Nancy Tate

Atlantis, Reincarnation, Cayce
This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his office, 105th St. & Ocean, Va. Beach, Va., this 3rd day of February, 1932, in accordance with request made by Norfolk Study Group #1, of the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.

Present: Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mildred Davis, Hugh Lynn Cayce and L. B. Cayce, and Gray Salter. Time: 12:15 P. M. Eastern Standard Time.

(You will have before you subject for address to be given by EC 2/19/32 on Atlantis. You will give in lecture form the material which he should present at that time.)

TEXT EC: Yes, we have the body, the enquiring mind, and that as may be given on such a subject. In many ways this would be better were it divided into two lectures. This, however, as we find, may be presented somewhat in this manner:

Atlantis as a continent is a legendary tale. Whether or not that which has been received through psychic sources has for its basis those few lines given by Plato, or the references made in Holy writ that the earth was divided, depends upon the trend of individual minds. Recently, however, the subject has taken on greater import, since some scientists have declared that such a continent was not only a reasonable and plausible matter, but from evidences being gradually gathered was a very probable condition.

As we recognize, there has been considerable given respecting such a lost continent by those channels such as the writer of Two Planets, or Atlantis - or Poseida and Lemuria - that has been published through some of the Theosophical literature. As to whether this information is true or not, depends upon the credence individuals give to this class of information.

Then, it has seemed well to many of this group, that those channels through which information may be obtained interest themselves in such an undertaking, as to gain through those channels such information that might be applicable in the lives or experiences of individuals interested in such.

From time to time, in and through the information obtained for some individuals in their life readings, has come that they, as an entity or individual, occupied some particular place, or performed some activity in some portion of that continent; or emigrated from the continent to some other portion of the earth's surface at the time, and began some particular development. These must have been a busy folk, for with their advent into other climes (as the information runs) they began to make many changes from the activities in that particular sphere in which they entered.

Then, if we are to accept such as being a fact or fiction, may truly depend upon what value to the human family knowledge concerning such a peoples would be in the affairs of individuals today. What contribution would information be to the minds of individuals, as to knowing or understanding the better or closer relations to the Creative Forces? Or, to put it another manner, what would information of that nature mean to my SOUL today?

Be it true that there IS the fact of reincarnation, and that souls that once occupied such an environ are entering the earth's sphere and inhabiting individuals in the present, is it any wonder that - if they made such alterations in the affairs of the earth in their day, as to bring destruction upon themselves - if they are entering now, they might make many changes in the affairs of peoples and individuals in the present? Are they, then, BEING born into the world? If so, what WERE their environs - and will those environs mean in a material world today?

To be continued. We are through for the present.

Copy to Compiling Committee Copy to File Copy to Ass'n BACKGROUND Subject of < - "The Lost Continent of Atlantis."

See 996-12 on 3/02/27. Also see Life Rdgs. mentioning Atlantis. 2/02/32 See dream under 294-131, Par. R1. REPORTS 2/15/32 through 2/17/32 See 364-2 through 364-6, on which EC based his talk on Atlantis which he gave before the Norfolk Groups of A.R.E. on 2/19/32. See 364-2 through 364-13. See Source File Key #364 for newspaper clipping submitted 9/17/69 by an A.R.E. member, titled "Western state's shaken by underground test" re.

"The inhabitants of the great continent of Atlantis were the fourth race. When they were in their prime, the European continent was not in existence as we know it now, but none the less was there free communication between Atlantis and such portions of Europe as did exist, and Egypt. The ancient Egyptians themselves were not an Atlantis colony. Mr. Donnelly is mistaken on that point, but the Wisdom Religion of the initiates was certainly identical and hence the identities of symbolical sculpture. This is what the “Himalayan Brothers” say. Whether any of our psychometrists will see any further depends on the degree of their development." [HPB, THE SEVENTEEN-RAYED SUN-DISC]

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