noun: the inherent capacity for coming into being
noun: the difference in electrical charge between two points in a circuit expressed in volts
adjective: existing in possibility Onelook.com
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"Potential [is] trapped electromagnetic energy density." [Bearden, The Final Secret of Free Energy]

"Time marks the periods between events. Man divides his time by the periodicities of this planet's revolution around the sun and subdivides it by its rotation upon its axis. These periods are again divided to act as man's necessary time dimensions. The Universal One divides His time by the periodicities of His inhalations and exhalations, which together make one universal constant of energy, and subdivides it into four exactly equal unit constants of energy. These periodicities, and tonal and mid-tonal subdivisions, measure the dimensions of His idea in the illusion of form, Space, time, sex, temperature and other periodicities.

"Energy accumulates during genero-active inhalation by rising potential, and is dissipated during the radio-active exhalation by lowering potential. The periodicities of inhalation and exhalation in all mass are absolute." Russell, The Universal One

"Octave periodicity is an orderly progression to and from the maximum effect of each octave."
"Cyclic periodicity is an orderly progression to and from the maximum effect of the entire cycle."

"Thus may it now be simply stated that all periodicities of all motion of whatever nature, with two exceptions, may be built up on the following extremely simple formula: The two exceptions to this octave periodicity are mass, and tone. Mass means weight. Tone means sound. Mass accumulates all down the entire ten octaves; tone lowers from the highest note down the cosmic keyboard to the lowest.

"The zero represents inertial energy, and the numerals represent the orderly progressions in locked potentials and pressures and orbits. Thinking Mind has devised these orderly progressions as its method of evolving the idea of universal thinking into the appearance of form, and devolving it into the disappearance of form." [Russell, The Universal One; Book 01 - Chapter 15 - The Formula of the Locked Potentials.]

Figure 12.05 - Russell's Cosmic Clock (color added)
Showing correspondences and relationships of Locked Potentials as Indig numbers, colors and solfeggio music notes.

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"The stone is densely wound up into a high potential, high melting point state. It belongs in an electric pressure which has caused that state of density, and it will seek it - not because it is attracted to it - but because the vortices of compressing motion are pulling it that way. Every potential state of pressure in this universe has its proper place in it, and it will seek the current of motion which takes it there." [Atomic Suicide, page 139]

"The master-tone of each octave is the inheritance of the original motion of the thinking process of Mind. These master-tones are the "inert gases" which are classified in the zero group of the Mendeleef table.

The state of motion of these inert gases is that of motion-in-inertia."

"Motion-in-inertia is that state of pressure equilibrium which lies between any two masses.

"The inertial line, or plane is that dividing line, or plane, toward which all masses discharge their potential.

"It is the line, or plane, of lowest potential of two opposing areas of potential, where opposing pressures neutralize. This is the plane of minimum pressure of two opposing areas.

"The master-tones which represent a state of motion-in-inertia and are the inert gases, bear the same relationship to the elements that white bears to the colors. They are a registration of them all. White is not included in the spectrum, it has no place there. The inert gases should not be included in the elements. They have no place there. Of this more shall be written later in its proper place." [Russell, The Universal One]

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