Universal Heart Beat

One, Divided, Universal Heart Beat

Universal Heart Beat = Dynaspheric Force = Rhythmic Balanced Interchange = Triune Polar Flows = Law of Assimilation = Giving-Regiving = Order and Disorder

One, Divided, Universal Heart Beat

"The eternally conscious entity - call it by whatever name we please - moves in cycles as eternal and infinite as itself; it oscillates and vibrates perpetually... " Keely, Dashed Against the Rock (underline added) See 14.30 - Effect of Preponderance and 14.31 - Preponderance Russell

Energy accumulates during genero-active inhalation by rising potential, and is dissipated during the radio-active exhalation by lowering potential. The periodicities of inhalation and exhalation in all mass are absolute." [Russell, The Universal One]

The Universal Heart Beat is governed by the three laws of being:

I. Law of Assimilation: every individualized object assimilates itself to all other objects.

II. Law of Individualization: every such object tends to assimilate all other objects to itself.

III. Law of the Dominant: every such object is such by virtue of the higher or dominant force which controls these (above) two tendencies.

"All the force of electricity is exerted in the attempt to create the illusions of form and dimension.

All the force of magnetism is exerted in the attempt to destroy all illusion, all form and all dimension.

Neither force completely fulfils its desire, for each partially thwarts the other.

The energy of magnetism is the elastic energy of expansion, a straining energy ever pushing toward the inertial line of equalized pressures which lies between any two masses, while the energy of electricity is ever pulling toward the pulsing heart, the gravitational nucleus of every mass." [Russell, The Universal One]

"The energy of magnetism is the elastic energy of expansion, a straining energy ever pushing toward the inertial line of equalized pressures which lies between any two masses, while the energy of electricity is ever pulling toward the pulsing heart, the gravitational nucleus of every mass."

"To these periodic oscillations, alternating in sequence, is due the revolution and rotation of all mass.

All evolving and devolving mass beats time in accord with its periodic sequences of alternating electro-magnetic oscillations.

All mass beats time in accord with its varying potential.

The electro-magnetic oscillations of the universe are the heart-beats, the life pulsations of the universal One." [Russell, (The Universal One, Book 02 - Chapter 03 - New Concepts of Electricity and Magnetism)]

"The misconception of gravity as a force of attraction which pulls inward from within. The only force which motivates the heart beat of this universe is the cyclic wave force of gravity which expands and compresses, heats and cools, integrates and disintegrates, centripetally and centrifugally." [Russell, Russells Optic Dynamo-Generator]

"Waves of motion spring from the stillness of the universal equilibrium. They are the universal heartbeat which manifests eternal life and power in God's stillness by eternal repetitions of simulated life and power as expressed in waves of motion." [Russell, The Secret of Light, page 115]

"Desire of Mind is the motivating force which energizes all Creation through the universal heartbeat of concentrative-decentrative thought pulsations. Likewise, YOU cannot create bodies without the desire to do so. YOUR desire is YOUR motivating force. The physical term for spiritual Mind-desire is GRAVITY. " [Home Study Course, Unit 8, Lesson 31, page 604]

"The father principle multiplies light into density and high potential. The mother principle divides it into vapors and gases of lower potential. Light is thus multiplied and divided into suns and planets surrounded by "space."
The "matter" of earth is the same as the matter of heavens with but one difference; VOLUME. And there-in lies the secret of the universal pulse beat. Space is a division of solidity into tenuity. It is also a multiplication of volume at the expense of potential. Interchange between these two unbalanced opposites is the basis of all motion in this rhythmic universe." [Walter Russell, The Secret of Light, page 125]

All energy is expressed in wave cycles.

A cycle is a two-way electric journey from a compression point of rest where gravity ceases and radiation begins, to an expansion point of rest at wave field boundaries where radiation ceases and gravity begins. It is the universal heartbeat of this pulsing universe of two-way motion. [Russell, The Secret of Light, page 173]

"Each interchange between the invisible omnipresent universe where motion begins and ends, and the visible transient universe, which multiplies and divides the speed and power of motion, is a cycle. Pulsing cycles constitute the heart beat of this universe, which simulates Mind-Idea through pulsing cycles of two-way motion. Every pulsation of the life principle of multiplying motion creates divided electric male and female bodies, which seek rest in each other from the strains and tensions of their division into pairs of opposites."

"This shows how the heartbeat piston operates between the vacuity of the Creator's Magnetic Light universe of Mind-energy and the potential of the electrically pressured universe to create cycles of two-way motion." [Russell, Atomic Suicide?, Chapter 4 - The True Nature of This Mind and Motion Universe]

"The sexless Father-Mother Creator is One. His extended sex-conditioned, male and female bodies are the completion of His Trinity.

Rest and action are three. Space and matter are three. Equilibrium and motion are three. Dimensions and pressures are three. The heartbeat of the universe, and yours, are three. Likewise, its breathings and yours, its temperatures and yours, and all things else of the universe, and you, are three." [Russell, Atomic Suicide?, Chapter 5 - Prelude - The Transormation of Man]

"To account for this unnatural phenomena The Coulomb Law was adopted, which says that opposites attract, meaning oppositely sexed mates and likes repel, meaning similarly sexed pairs. This law is invalid, for oppositely sexed mates do not attract. They are forced into collision by the electric action of dividing Oneness into unit pairs. The instant that they do collide they use their utmost endeavors to re-attain the sex-divided condition by re-charging their discharged condition. Nature helps in this process by assisting to re-charge with every heartbeat, every breathing cycle, and the food one eats." [Russell, Atomic Suicide?, Chapter 8 - The Oneness of Gravity and Magnetism]

"By turning on the current it will be found that the spot between the two electrodes is of zero potential, and that many lines of radiation extend from that center and cause a moving electric current to spin around the zero fulcrum center where the ring is located. Not only that but an electrode placed in contact with the ring, will convey current away from it. This effect of electric current extending from a still center to convey its power to the ring, and other outside conductive matter, is identical with the mental example quoted in Fig. 48.

"Anyone who may question this fact may not only prove it by this simple experiment but can also move the two electrodes away from the center of the rim so that their centering zero occupies an eccentric position, as the human heart does in relation to the chest, and as the zero center of the heart itself is eccentrically placed in relation to its mass. A different wave pattern will result but the electric qualities will remain the same. There is always a |point of stillness which centers the birth point of any action. Motion spins around that |still point, but there is no motion at that center." [Russell, Atomic Suicide?, Chapter 9 - The Mind Nucleus of the Atom]

"Answer: Because all motion in Nature springs from One Source, which is God's thinking. God's thinking is the motivating force of the universal heart beat. All moving things are geared to the heart beat. All moving things are geared to the heart beat of this electric universe just as the many wheels of a watch are geared to one shaft or its extensions.

"All motion in the universe synchronizes with all other motion in points of time, area, volume and pressure. You and I breathe out and in about thirty times a minute, while one breath of the sun is eleven years in duration, because of the difference in mass.

Question: Do you mean to say that the sun breathes as living beings breathe?

Answer: "Yes, all things breathe and all things manifest the life principle of the One Living Being, but the manifestation of life is not life.

"Matter does not live, whether it be patterned in the shape of a human being, a sun or a tree. Matter is composed of electric waves which record God's thinking, but God never creates LIFE, for He alone is LIFE. His creations manifest Him but they are not Him, just as man's creations are not man." [Walter Russell - The Message of the Divine Iliad, Vol 2, p84 (last paragraph)]

"Say also thou to man who thinketh of his heart beat as his own alone ”unbound to all things else” that all creating things unfold with the pulse beat of My cyclic thinking. As My thinking is universal, so likewise, is My pulse beat universal.

"And furthermore I say that every blade of grass and leaf of oak in mighty forest pulseth with the heart beat of man and all things else, yea e'en down to microcosmic cells of forming things of earth, and sea, and sky; for e'en the most minute of these pulse with the electric waves of My cyclic thinking as the mightiest of stars in My heavens likewise pulse.

"For I, God of Light, thy Father-Mother God of Love, am the One Whole. From Me all unfolding-refolding things extend, and to Me they return for re-extension."

"All things go from very heart of Me into My imaged universe; and when they disappear from there I also take them back to very heart of Me."

"For I am the Soul of art. To him whose Soul would touch My Soul, and feel the heartbeat of its mighty rhythms, I say, in so far as thou knoweth thy Self as Light, thou shalt know Me as Light." Russell, The Message of the Divine Iliad

"God has two desires: the desire to unfold His creations to give them form and set them into action; and the other desire is to refold His forms and take them back to Him for rest and resurrection so that they may repeat their action. That is the basis of the entirety of creation —the two desires of God, to act, to create, and to take back for re-creation. That is why God divided everything into pairs of opposites: the desire to express action, the desire to separate from Oneness, God's Oneness desiring to be manifested as many ones” the idea of separation and action; and the desire for return to rest from which that action sprang for the purpose of repeating the action in cycles, countless millions of cycles of action and rest, in-breathing, out-breathing; the pulse beat of the universe; the heartbeat of all things pulsing in all things to manifest life in action and reaction from the stillness of God's One Light in which there is no action and reaction." [Russell, Fifth Kingdom, The Beginning of Man]

"God's universe is entirely composed of microcosmic and macro-cosmic masses of pulsing electric waves, which we call matter. These pulsing waves constitute the universal heartbeat, or universal breath of God's body. God's body continues its manifestation of the life principle by breathing outward and inward sequentially, just as you breathe out and in in balanced sequences to continue your appearance of existence.

"Every mass in the universe breathes out and in, rhythmically. There are no exceptions to this law which every nebula, sun, planet or electron of an atom obeys, but in varying frequencies appropriate to their potential. Your breath frequency may be ten cycles per minute while the sun's frequency is one cycle in eleven years.

"The most obvious fact of Nature is its repetition in reverse of every effect of motion in two-way pulsing cycles. It is unaccountably strange that science has never observed this most obvious of all of Nature's characteristics. Every cycle in Nature is a two-way, equal interchange between pairs of opposite conditions. That interchange between the equally balanced anodes and cathodes of this electric wave universe constitute its pulsing heartbeat, which likewise is cyclic, otherwise it would not continue." [Russell, Home Study Course, Unit One - Prelude]

"The test for ascertaining the average number of those who are ready for this higher step upward in the unfolding of the man-idea is not a religious one, it is a cultural one. In New York City, for example, about 7,000 people out of 8,000,000 people love the higher inspirational rhythmic creations of the world's great geniuses who interpret the heartbeat of Nature for the Souls of men. These same few shun noisy crowds, shudder at Jazz music, which distresses them acutely, in order to seek aloneness in the forests or ocean's shores where they can hear Nature's silent whisperings and rhythmic sounds within their very Souls." [Russell, Home Study Course, Unit One - Lesson 1.1]

"There is an indescribable glory all along the road which leads from your active thinking to the stillness of deep meditation. If you cannot actually go to the forest or sea, the better to commune with God, go there in your imagination. If some problem demands your thoughts let the imagined tones of the sea drown them out. If you imagine the sea and hear the rhythms of its waves pounding upon the shores as echoes of the heartbeat of the universe resounding within you, or if you hear the breezes whispering in the pines with your inner ears, the glory of that ecstasy will soon drown out dross thoughts of earth."

"Earth music is melodic and chains you to earth. The "music of the spheres" which you hear with inner ears, is deeply tonal, not melodic. The rhythms and tones of Nature's music which sing its octaves in the language of Light have always within them the pulsing rhythms of the universal heartbeat, always the one-two, one-two pulsing of the Father-Mother heartbeat of borning-reborning forms of things, which manifest the Father-Mother pulsing rhythms of the Soul's high heavens.

"Always in your deep meditation the music of the silences from which sounds of earth spring is like unto the aftermath of the great symphonies by cosmic masters, which have refolded from sounds of earth which your ears have heard, into your very Soul, which still hears them in the pulse-beat of your imagining." [Russell, Home Study Course, Unit One - Lesson 1.2]

"And as love is rhythmically repeated in its givings and regivings to synchronize with the givings of your outward breath to the heavens and their regivings to you, and as such balanced rhythmic interchange between your heartbeat pulsings and all other electric extensions from the stillness of your Soul is LAW ”the basic fundamental LAW of all creating things in all this electric universe” your own masterpiece is the measure of how divinely you have conceived it and how worthily you have rendered it in balance with Universal Law.

"To the extent that you can extend the beauty of your imagined rhythms to material bodies built in the images of your spiritual conceptions those rhythms which you create are masterpieces of great art. The very measure of the quality of your material interpretation lies in your ability to translate imagined forms and rhythms of the universal heartbeat into bodily forms and rhythms which can reinspire others with the ecstasy of your inspiration." [Russell, Home Study Course, Unit One - Lesson 2.1]

"Your transcendent genius is the result of your communion with God. By your masterly interpretation of the rhythmic heartbeat of His thinking you have caused others to commune with you and God. Your meditation and theirs are one. You have made them to forget their sensed bodies and dwell in the Mind kingdom of your high heavens with you and all illumined Souls who dwell in God's kingdom of Light." [Russell, Home Study Course, Unit One - Lesson 2.2]

"Imagine yourself communing with God indirectly, such as listening to the heavenly rhythms of God's heartbeat in a masterly symphony. While thus enraptured by the divine rhythms reaching your very Soul can you possibly imagine yourself thinking evil, or thinking sinfully by planning to cheat, or lie, or steal? No ”of course you cannot. The reason you cannot is because you are reflecting the love nature of the universe in your spiritual Self in its entirety, and there is no sin in that love nature to reflect." [Russell, Home Study Course, Unit One - Lesson 3.1]

"The entirety of Creation is the manifestation of love. Every effect of motion in nature is a manifestation of the nature of God, for Nature gives of its all in every action and regives equally in every reaction. If that were not so the movements of the planets would not be predictable.

"The electric heartbeat of Nature expresses love in both halves of each cycle of the universal heartbeat. Nature never takes for God never takes. Nature never gives unequally for God never gives unequally.

"God's equally balanced giving for regiving is never violated in Nature. It could not be violated for Nature is an extension of God's nature. For this reason the balance of Nature can never be upset."

"You can KNOW music and THINK it without having acquired the technique of expressing it, or without producing sounds to give it a body. Your inner ears can hear the music in the silence of God's eternal rhythms, and you can interpret your moods into the rhythms of the universal heartbeat, as Beethoven interpreted the mood of the moonlight into the rhythms of it without having any teacher but his God-Self.

"Consider the life of any great musical genius. What he finally produces in a written composition first begins in his Soul. He must first find aloneness with his Self by getting away from all other people, and even from his own body awareness. He must suppress all outer influences to seek that stillness from within from which the inner ears of his Soul can hear the rhythms of the universal heartbeat of God's creative thinking.

"To find that stillness in the Light of knowing he must stop thinking, in order that he can conceive idea from the Light of all-knowing. From the ecstasy of that stillness the inspiration is born in his very Soul. The motive for his symphony gradually takes form through the heartbeat of his thinking which he extends from the stillness of his Soul, then ceases to extend it to again find the stillness of the Light which is gradually giving him his motive by its inspiring illumining within him." [Russell, Home Study Course, Unit One - Lesson 3.2]

"SECOND. Your desire is written upon your heart. It is registered in your Soul. It is no longer your body desire, it is your Soul's desire. You are in communion with God about it ”not in words but in Light. You have an increasing sense of joyousness. Your desire is written into the universal heartbeat rhythmically. You are responding to it rhythmically. You are no longer just body” you are Soul ”slightly aware of body” slightly aware of earth, and the heavens above, and of creating things. You are not thinking of extraneous things. You cannot think of objective things of earth while in the Spirit." [Russell, Home Study Course, Unit One - Lesson 4.1]

"The key to that answer is that God's universe is founded upon balance” one balanced condition which He divides into two equal and opposite conditions of His electric thinking. This electric universe of matter is composed entirely of these two equal and opposite conditions.

"Every effort of every creating thing is expressed by the motion of interchange between those pairs of opposite conditions, such as matter and space which constantly interchange equally by breathing into and out of each other equally. Without that equality of rhythmically repeated interchange the universe could not continue. That rhythmic interchange constitutes the heartbeat of God's body. Its rhythm and balance are absolute because the division of God's electric thinking is equally balanced." [Russell, Home Study Course, Unit One - Lesson 4.2]

"Meditation transports one from the transient world of matter to the real world of dreamings, visions, and imaginings where idea is and concepts are born. That is the world where sounds are heard in the silence of your Soul where no sound is” where rhythms of symphony and poem are the rhythms of cosmic pulsings of God's thinking manifested in the heartbeat of His universe." [Russell, Home Study Course, Unit One - Lesson 4.4]

"When you pray for God to show His love for you by giving your field good crops you must yourself give your love to your fields to regive His giving. Your love given to them is God's love given to you for regiving. Your love and God's love are ONE. Its manifestation is TWO in giving and regiving but that TWO is the ONE HEARTBEAT of God's body, even as the swinging of the pendulum is the TWO of the ONE source of their manifestation."

"He who knows the Light of love in him does not beseech the Father-Mother of the universe for his next breath, nor for his next heartbeat, for he fully knows that his heartbeat is one with the universal pulse, and that for which he would needlessly ask is already his."

"And as there is not a time when God centers you, and an interval elapses in which He again centers and controls your balanced heartbeat to synchronize with His, so is there not a time when you should pray to Him, and another time when you should not." [Russell, Home Study Course, Unit One - Lesson 6.1]

"The love born symphony is prayer for love fulfilled in the composer and again fulfilled in the hearts of those whose heartbeat feels the ecstasy of God's heartbeat as expressed in those heavenly rhythms." [Russell, Home Study Course, Unit One - Lesson 6.2]

"I instantly, and timelessly, knew the still magnetic Light which is the fulcrum of life and power, also I knew the heartbeat of the electric universe which manifests love, life and power in matter.

I also instantly and timelessly knew that the magnetic Light of the God of love was all that is” and that the sensed electric wave universe of motion which simulates love, life and power, had no reality whatsoever. I knew it for what it was” God's thinking” God's imagining - pure illusion” simulation” self-voiding forms thrown on the screen of space to manifest changeless idea by setting it in motion to produce the effect of change.

Thus knowing the universal heartbeat I knew the electric wave, or universal pulse, to which all moving, creating things were geared. Thus knowing the wave and its octave pulse beat in cyclic rhythms which spelled their rhythms out for me always as zero - one - two - three - four - zero - four - three - two - one - zero. I then knew all cause and comprehended all effect.

There was nothing to know but God's one whole idea of Creation, which is represented in the following diagram by the changeless ZERO of the spiritual Mind universe of REST - and nothing to comprehend but the heartbeat of this pulsing electric wave universe of motion which is represented in the diagram by the NUMBERS.

Figure 6

This diagram is given to you now as the first simple step toward your acquisition of all knowledge of CAUSE and all comprehension of EFFECT. During the whole construction of this electric universe in this entire course of study the basic principle above diagramed will never be departed from, or exceeded, for there is nothing in Nature, nor in your own life, nor in your thinking, nor in any action of yours which can vary one whit from this basic formula of Creation.

"Nor is there anything the chemist, physicist, metallurgist or engineer can exceed beyond this formula or vary it in their work. Likewise the poet, painter, inventor, musician or architect is limited to this simplicity beyond which he CANNOT GO, and to which HE MUST CONFORM.

"Likewise the healthy growth of your body, or the conduct of your friendly or business relations must conform to this principle of BALANCE or else suffer the consequence of whatever unbalanced residue remains from lack of conformity with the heartbeat of the universe."

"The reason why I have been able to do so many things during life, and do them in a masterly manner, was because of my lifetime growing knowledge of the universal heartbeat which fully unfolded in one timeless flash in 1921.

"It may not suddenly unfold to you, as it did to me, but you can very greatly accelerate its unfolding if you will open your heart to these lessons and get what I am telling you into your Consciousness instead of just photographing them into your brain." [Russell, Home Study Course, Unit One - Lesson 7.3]

Figure 7

"As you see I have again used the same formula of rhythmic balanced interchange in all transactions of Nature. I have but used different words to express different ideas." [Russell, Home Study Course, Unit One - Lesson 7.4]

"The other dead center of force is at the high pressure point of gravitative centers where the step-up contractive pull of the genero-active pressure force ends and the step-down expansive thrust of radio-active degenerative force begins. It will thus be seen that motion is continuous between high and low pressure points and low pressure areas throughout the universe. There is no cessation and no stopping, no unbalance, no distortion and no disorderliness. It will also be clearly seen that Nature's mechanics are exactly the same as man's mechanics. The thrust and pull of expansion and contraction between high pressure and low pressure equilibrium points is the only method by means of which man or Nature can express energy and perform work." [Russell, Genero-Radiative Concept - Part 2]

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