law of etheric compensation and restoration

Also Law of Compensation and Equilibrium

"All planetary masses Keely calls terrestrial, showing in his writing that the beauty of the celestial concordant chords of sympathy forming the harmonious connective link, in what may be denominated "the music of the spheres," is seen in the alternate oscillating range of motion between the planetary systems; for at a certain range of the greater distance, harmony is established, and the attractive forces are brought into action, under the command, "Thus far shalt thou go, and no further." Then in the return towards the neutral centers, when at the nearest point to each other, the opposite or propulsive force is brought into play; and "thus near shalt thou come, and no nearer;" advancing and receding under the celestial law of etheric compensation and restoration, as originally established by the Great Creator." [Keelys Contributions to Science]

"If the particles of the air be slightly disturbed from a position of stable equilibrium, every particle makes an effort to return to that position; and it can be shown that the force of restitution varies as the distance from the position of equilibrium ... a musical note is the consequence of the vibrations excited in the disturbed system, and the permanency of its musical pitch is the consequence of these vibrations being all made in the same time ... If the vibrations gradually slackened in their times, as they do in the extent of these excursions from the effect of the resistances they meet, there would be no note of sustained pitch; the sound would then be a sliding descent in pitch, and music would be impossible." - Penny Cyclopedia, Art. "Vibration." [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 24]

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