Father-Mother Principle

Norman Lockyer, in his 'Chemistry of the Sun,' writes: 'The law which connects radiation with absorption, and at once enables us to read the riddle set by the sun and stars, is, then, simply the law of sympathetic vibration.' This is the very cornerstone of Mr. Keely's philosophy." [Sympathetic Vibratory Force]
Father Mother Principle
Father Mother Principle


Father Principle is a syntropic scalar (non-observable) cause of observable phenomena. Mother Principle is an entropic scalar (non-observable) cause of observable phenomena.

The One Principle of Creation The Father-Mother of Creation divides His sexless unity into sex-divided pairs of father and mother bodies, for the purpose of uniting them to create other pairs of father and mother bodies in eternal sequence, forever. [Atomic Suicide, page 80]

The Father-Mother Principle is the Universal Heart Beat of the universe. It is a new principle, new to science that is, though it should have been recognized a long time ago. It is a rhythmic balanced interchange between syntropic and entropic forces about or voiding through a Neutral Center. It is the rhythmic balanced interchange between polar and depolar states. It is governed by the Law of Assimilation, Law of Attraction and Law of Repulsion and assorted other laws such as the Law of Cycles and the Sex Principle or (Polarity).

The Father-Mother Principle, which could just as easily and accurately be called the Polar-Depolar Principle or Attraction-Repulsion Principle or more simply wave or vibration and oscillation. It operates throughout the universe and is everywhere present whether in the pulsing and rotation of atoms, cells in our heart muscle to the rotation of planets and galaxies. The Father-Mother Principle is that which underlies all waves, wave fields, cube-spheres, vibrations and oscillations. This principle functions sympathetically on all subdivisions of matter and energy. It could in a way be called the dynamic and fractal holographic energy powering All That Is.

Father-Mother Principle = Universal Heart Beat = Dynaspheric Force = Rhythmic Balanced Interchange = Law of Assimilation

Consider that every gluon, quark, photon, electron, proton, atom, planet, sun and galaxy rotates and pulsates no matter where it is in our universe. There is some intelligent power that perpetuates these motions all in order and harmony. The Universal Heart Beat is everywhere present and has always been and always will be everywhere present and working perfectly. This Rhythmic Balanced Interchange between syntropic and entropic forces is in every living breathing entity and gives it life and some form of consciousness. A power like that can only be described as god-like if not God Him/It/Her self.

The next steps in vibratory evolution from the One (depolar) becoming Two (polar) as herein related is covered in 1.21 - It Really Is a Musical Universe. This energy has been discovered by a few and named by them (generally speaking) as:

Macvicar: Law of Assimilation
Keely: Dynaspheric Force, Etheric Force, 14.18 - Law of Sympathetic Association and Law of Sympathetic Association Russell: Wave, Universal Heart Beat, Father-Mother Principle, Rhythmic Balanced Interchange
Cayce: Life Force, vibration
Schauberger: Living Water
Reich: Orgone Energy
Bearden: Scalar and regauging dipolarity

Atomic Suicide Fig-11-12-13

(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy) (click to enlarge)

Illustrating the Father-Mother Principle of building bodies by dividing light into polarized units, and reproducing bodies by uniting two oppositely projected units into one by centripetal compression. POLARITY and sex are ONE. Sex and electric potential are ONE. [Atomic Suicide, page 90]
"All comes from one central vibration - taking different form." [Cayce (900-422)]

"The eternally conscious entity - call it by whatever name we please - moves in cycles as eternal and infinite as itself; it oscillates and vibrates perpetually and is never unconscious of any present condition, be it pain or pleasure, joy or sorrow, shame or glory; like the pendulum of a clock or the sun, moon, or tides, it swings from the one to the other of these conditions, now in pleasure, now in pain, by its contact with the extremes of all varying conditions, like a child which throws up its head and laughing for joy exclaims, I KNOW I AM." Keely, Dashed Against the Rock (underline added)

"Electricity or vibration is that same energy, same power, ye call God." [Cayce (2828-4)]

"Know then that the force in nature that is called electrical or Electricity is that same force ye worship as Creative or God in action." [Cayce (1299-1)]

A careful read through the following quotes will give you a clear understanding of this principle. This one idea, concept or principle, when understood by humanity, is sufficient (IMHO) to transform our very existence upon this planet. Application of this principle to science, psychology, health and philosophy will transform them all from the ground up as it is the veritable Power of God active through Life.

"Mother and father reverse their spectrum positions, however. The womb of the mother is on the inside and the father surrounds it by a ring, such as one sees in the Lyra Nebula. One can also see the birth of a new star in the very center of that great black cathode hole which the mother womb is. That is the way that God turns the anodes of His thinking inside out to rest, and outside in to again become anodes. God's process of creating bodies through sex interchange is based upon the sex urge of the divided color spectrum of light to void its color divisions and become the White Light of rest from which its tensions were extended." [Atomic Suicide, page 117]

"The undivided Father-Mother principle from which emerges the divided Father AND Mother principle of pairs of sexed opposites will be the first simple step in the direction of transforming you into an advanced scientist." [Home Study Course, 20 - Unit Two - Lesson 8.2]

"God's Light is the sexless Father-Mother of the universe - and your Light is the sexless Father-Mother of the universe. Likewise God's divided thinking is the sex conditioned father and mother of all creating things - as your divided thinking is the sex conditioned father and mother of all creating things." [Home Study Course, 21 - Unit Three - Lesson 9]

"The only reason that matter moves is because it is out of balance with its equilibrium and must find its lost balance in the universal equilibrium where it can find rest. When thus moving it expresses the energy of its Source but the energy thus manifested is in the Source - and not in motion. If matter is in balance it cannot move without losing its balance. That is as true of a planet which floats in its orbit as it is of you who must lose and find your balance in order to walk, or of a stone falling to earth. The continuous moving of a planet is due to its perpetual seeking for balance which it forever loses as it forever finds it. This applies to all things in Nature, for motion is impossible except through interchange between the two unbalanced sex conditions. Likewise motion cannot be repeated in any effect in Nature except through finding balance - such as losing your balance to move, and finding it to again move - or finding balance in sex interchange to lose it again to repeat sex interchange in continuous cycles. I again repeat this incontrovertible fact that in every phenomena of motion in Nature, from the birth of a violet to the unfolding of a stellar nebula, this principle is absolute. (underline added) Matter in balance is sexless (depolar) until again out of balance, just as humans are sexless (depolar) when balanced by sex interchange, until again being sex conditioned (polarized) by sex division. All unbalanced sex divided matter is either moving in the positive direction of fatherhood or in the negative direction of motherhood to find balance in the sexless equilibrium of father-motherhood. This is important for you to remember until I amplify it later, for there are only two directions in Nature, and those two directions are the inward and the outward directions of sex interchange between unbalanced pairs of oppositely conditioned mates which are seeking sex balance (voiding) through each other. We will have much to say regarding this fact of Nature later on as we proceed, for all matter in the entire universe is divided into sex conditioned (polarized) mates which are forever attempting to void their opposition by sex interchange through each other." [Home Study Course, 22 - Unit Three - Lesson 10.1]

"CONCENTRATION is an effect of gathering a very large volume of rarified matter like gases, or light rays which you cannot see, into a small volume which compresses it into solid matter or focal point of light which you can see. Visibility is an effect of CONTRACTION - and contraction heats - and that is the way that God's concentrative thinking gathers hot incandescent suns together in space to create His visible universe of objective forms. God's decentrative thinking surrounds those suns with cold, dark, evacuated and invisible space. So from concentration and decentration we now have other pairs of opposite effects which mean exactly the same thing. These are CONTRACTION AND EXPANSION - and - MATTER and SPACE - and - HOT and COLD - and - SOLIDITY and VACUITY - and - LIGHT and DARK. All of these pairs of opposites mean the same thing, concentration and decentration, and each are expressions of divided FATHER-MOTHERHOOD into FATHER and MOTHERHOOD. Likewise all have the same purpose - and that purpose is to FULFILL THE DESIRE OF MIND to give sex-conditioned body forms to Mind imaginings. CONCENTRATION builds formed bodies by contraction, while DECENTRATION dissolves them. Let us repeat this sentence in other words of the same meaning. GENERATION builds formed bodies by contraction, while DEGENERATION dissolves them by expansion. Let us again repeat it in other words. GRAVITATION builds formed bodies while RADIATION dissolves them." [Home Study Course, 23 - Unit Three - Lesson 10.2]

"You will find, to your amazed and joyful surprise, that there are but two forms in all Nature, two conditions and two directions. And even these pairs of opposites arise from the same effect of concentrative and decentrative thinking, for the two conditions are the polarized positive and negative pressure conditions of divided Father-Motherhood - the two directions are the inward-outward directions of sex interchange between the divided Father and Mother, and the two forms are the balanced forms of the cube of Motherhood and the sphere of the divided Fatherhood of Creation." [Home Study Course, 24 - Unit Three - Lesson 11]

"I, the One, am not divided into two as pairs of opposites of Me. I divide the two extensions of My thinking, but I am not My thinking, nor am I two. "When man thinketh man alone, denying Me in him, then is man's image man's, not Mine and man's, for the pattern of My balanced rhythmic images within man may not be seen in him; nor may the glory of My Light be seen in him or known by him. "When man thinketh Me, through knowing Me, then is he patterned in My image and I am he. "When man thinketh Me in him, then is man's balance absolute. "When man so thinketh, then hath he all power that I, thy Father-Mother of all Creation hath." [Home Study Course, 28 - Unit Four - Lesson 13]

"These are the thoughts we must now expand and clarify. As a first step try to imagine God's Mind thinking His One Idea of the FATHER-MOTHERHOOD of Creation. His KNOWING of that One Idea is formless in the undivided Light. To give it form He must divide the one equilibrium by extending it from its one balanced condition and give it two equally unbalanced conditions. As I have before stated, the universal equilibrium is zero and cannot be divided, but it can seem to be divided by establishing an equator between two conditions which, together, add up to zero. Now imagine God's hands pulling the invisible ONE IDEA of Father-Motherhood apart to divide it into two visible forms, each of which are one half of the ONE IDEA. Instead of the invisible, formless and changeless One Idea God has thus created PAIRS OF OPPOSITELY CONDITIONED HALVES OF MANY IDEAS. That is what is called POLARITY, which means the division of one condition into two equal opposites. (See Fig. 17) I have used the male and female figure to symbolize the division of all things into pairs of opposite sex mates but you must thoroughly understand that it is only a symbol, for every creating thing, and even the uncreated thoughts of things, are divided into pairs of opposite sex mates. By this I mean minerals, metals, liquids, vapors and everything in matter and space. Remember always that this is a sexed electric universe and all motion, everywhere, is sex interchange between opposite sex mates. There you have it - the whole of Creation consists of PAIRS of OPPOSITELY CONDITIONED MATES - SEX MATES - POLARIZED HALVES of EACH OTHER. Also you have the whole cause of balanced or unbalanced motion and a basic understanding of electricity. Let us consider each of these separately. We will first consider motion and what happens when motion is balanced or unbalanced. Before God polarized the ONE into PAIRS there could not possibly be any motion whatsoever. In an equilibrium motion is impossible. It must be divided and extended from a mutual equator before motion is possible. For example, consider yourself in a closed room of even temperature. There is no movement in it anywhere for it is an equilibrium and motion is impossible in an equilibrium. See Fig. 18. If we put a bar of hot iron at one end and a cake of ice at the other end we have upset that equilibrium. It now follows the principle of The Divine Trinity. The one condition has been divided into two opposite conditions, the hot iron being a positive condition and the ice being the negative condition. See Fig. 19. Instead of the entire room being in equilibrium an equator has been developed between the divided two. These two opposite conditions immediately reach out for the other toward their mutual equator. They each desire the other to find balance through each other, as all unbalanced pairs of opposites continually do. That desire is sex desire for balance. Sex desire is electric and is manifested by an electric interchange of inward-outward, outward-inward pulsations which we call an electric current. The electric current will continue until both conditions have been equalized. All motion will have then ceased and the room will be completely in equilibrium as before. It will be in the condition which we call "dead" in a storage battery. It will have lost its polarity just as your self starter loses it by becoming depolarized when its opposite conditions have been equalized. Now consider the separated father and mother conditions in Fig. 17 in this light. The ONE has been pulled apart to create TWO. The two conditions are positive and negative - a compressed condition and an expanded one which correspond with the concentration and decentration of the thought pulsations which caused them. Now imagine that the pulling apart of the one into two caused a strain, or tension, as though there were many electric bands which held the two together as the invisible ONE. To pull them apart caused these bands to stretch against a resistance which pulled the other way. The effect of two-way tension is the answer to what electricity is. The two-way desire to equalize that tension is the answer to what sex is - and the two-way interchange which is necessary to effect that equalization is what motion is, for when that equalization takes place electric current ceases, sex desire ceases and motion ceases. Thinking divides the ONE balance and extends it. Electricity is the resultant effect which arises from division of balance and its extension to two balanced conditions. Without desire for creative expression through thinking there could be no sex division. Without desire for balance there could be no sex desire. Without attainment of balance there could be no repetition. Without repetition there could be no continuity. Your Mind which centers your body is eternal and never changing. Your body which extends from your Mind is eternally repetitive and forever changing. You always have a body as you always have a Mind." [Home Study Course, 29 - Unit Four - Lesson 14]

"The heavens and the earths of My curved universe are Father-Mother of My universe, each of each and each to the other one. Neither one can be save the other also be. "Nor can one leave the other, saying, "˜Sit thou here while I journey to the far reaches'. "Nor can there be aught upon the earth without the fathering skies, nor in the skies without the motherhood of earth; neither man, nor bird, nor reptile, nor fish, nor beast of wild jungle: neither tree, nor flower, nor shrilly singing insect: neither tempest, wild tornado, nor gentle breeze of calm ocean; nor cloud, nor mist, nor dewdrop for flower petal; not one of these things can be born of earth alone unfathered by the heavens, nor can heaven alone born them without the motherhood of earth. "Thus is My imagined electric universe born, dissolved and reborn; concentrated, decentrated and reconcentrated; integrated, disintegrated and reintegrated forever and forever in My imagined universe of imagined time and space. "And behold, each of My pairs of opposite expressions of Me are reborn through Me as the other one. Again I say, there is naught but rebirth in Me. There is no death. Again I say: I, the Light, am One. But my thinking is electric, and thought is two in every creating thing, two halves of One which never can be one. Always must they be two to go opposed ways from Me and back again to Me for reborning from the other one after finding rest in Me." From The Message of the Divine Iliad [Home Study Course, 30 - Unit Four - Lesson 15]

Fig. 24
In this electrically divided universe of polarized light the positive condition which expresses light into incandescent suns is simultaneously counterbalanced by the negative condition which equally expands light into evacuated black holes in space which are equal to the sun's pressure but in reverse. The sun is manifesting the male idea by its preponderance of inward pulling toward its center over its outward thrusting. The empty hole on the other side of its spatial equator which is its sexed mate is manifesting the female idea by its preponderant desire to thrust outward from its center. The mutual giving of each borns each from the other simultaneously. Balanced interchange is sequentially repeated.

Fig. 25
All masses of matter in the universe are doubly charged. The male is also female and the female also male, but one condition dominates each. When bodies breathe inward they express fatherhood by generating heat. When they breathe outward they radiate heat and thus express motherhood. The in-breathing CHARGES the body positively, and the out-breathing DISCHARGES the body. This electric action and reaction, expressed in sequences, synchronized with the universal heart beat which divides the universal equilibrium into life - death cycles of APPEARANCE and DISAPPEARANCE.

Fig. 26
All of the stars and nebulae of the heavens plainly manifest the simultaneous GIVING and REGIVING of LOVE as the one desire of the FATHER-MOTHER of Creation. In this nebula the outward thrust of radiation is the GIVING principle of MOTHERHOOD. The motherhood principle of GIVING is seen in the two white luminous arms which extend centrifugally outward from the equators of suns. The inward pull of gravitation is the REGIVING principle of FATHERHOOD. The fatherhood principle of REGIVING is seen in the two black arms which reach inward centripetally to the poles of suns. This simultaneous interchange between the two opposite pressures winds light up spirally from space into hot suns and sequentially unwinds the hot suns into cold space. The black arms reaching inward from cold space GENERATE matter into APPEARANCE while the white arms reaching outward from hot suns DEGENERATE matter into DISAPPEARANCE.

Fig. 27
Desire to manifest the love principle of Nature is manifested by the seeming division of the IDEA of love into its many pairs of opposite expressions. The electric action of GIVING extends radially outward from a center of rest in the universal Light of Mind. The reaction of REGIVING is simultaneously expressed by the outward GIVING of motherhood meeting with the inward pressures of REGIVING of fatherhood which are returning in the opposite radial direction. The resistance to this two-way flow of opposed pressures winds all forms into spheres spirally, and likewise unwinds them. [Home Study Course, 30 - Unit Four - Lesson 15]

"The undivided Father-Mother principle from which emerges the divided Father AND Mother principle of pairs of sexed opposites will be the first simple step in the direction of transforming you into an advanced scientist." [Home Study Course, 20 - Unit Two - Lesson 8.2]

"God's Light is the sexless Father-Mother of the universe - and your Light is the sexless Father-Mother of the universe. Likewise God's divided thinking is the sex conditioned father and mother of all creating things - as your divided thinking is the sex conditioned father and mother of all creating things." [Home Study Course, 21 - Unit Three - Lesson 9]

The universe of Creator and Creation is founded upon three elements - Mind - which is ONE - and the electric thinking of Mind - which is two, the two electric pulsations of the universal body.

The One Light of Mind is the unconditioned, undivided and sexless FATHER-MOTHER of the One Whole Idea of Creation. The two divided lights of Mind thinking are the dually sex-conditioned FATHER and MOTHER of all body forms of the infinitely many ideas which constitute Creation.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT IDEA YET GIVEN TO YOU FOR IT IS THE BASIS OF ALL THINGS. The reason for its supreme importance is because all you have to make use of in building your entire structure of knowledge and power for creating ANYTHING, or for solving ANY PROBLEM, are these three elements:


See Law of Transformation of Forces

"These three are THE DIVINE TRINITY of this Mind controlled sex conditioned pairs of opposite sex mates of this sexed electric universe which we will henceforth carefully consider by taking - ONE LITTLE STEP AT A TIME." [Home Study Course, 21 - Unit Three - Lesson 9]

"In my Illumination I immediately knew that the entirety of the electric universe of matter in motion is an unreality, a cosmic illusion. In that first timeless flash I knew that God alone exists - God the ONE. Likewise I knew the ONE-TWO pulsations of the heart beat of God's thinking. Knowing that I knew all there is to know, for knowing God as IDEA, and as God's body as IDEA MANIFESTED IN THOUGHT, I could then know the unreality of time, space and motion which manifests thought and the reality of the KNOWER and THINKER AS THE DIVINE TRINITY. If I could but teach you the way God taught me it would all be yours to know timelessly - but the next best thing is to take you back with me to that timeless flash of all-knowing as best I can, and amplify that with God's words which I wrote down as my divinely inspired teachings during the time of complete severance. I instantly knew the KNOWER as ONE - the ONE undivided magnetic Light of all-knowing Mind. I also knew the THINKING of the KNOWER to be TWO - the TWO of the pulsing heart beat of the KNOWER'S electric thinking. In the KNOWER and THINKER I knew THE DIVINE TRINITY as the ONE. In the KNOWER I knew the ONE WHOLE IDEA of His all-knowing to be the LOVE IDEA OF FATHER-MOTHERHOOD as a static idea, uncreated, unconditioned, unexpressed, but DESIRED. In the THINKER I knew the FATHER-MOTHERHOOD IDEA divided into FATHERHOOD AND MOTHERHOOD as a dynamic expression of the static Mind-imagined idea. The FATHER idea is expressed by the inward pulsation of the heart beat of God's thinking and the MOTHER idea by the outward pulsation. One pulsation starts from rest in the magnetic Light at a zero point of desire, seeks a zero point of rest in the Light at the fulfillment of desire and returns to the zero point of its beginning to repeat it in endless sequences. The important thing for you to comprehend regarding the above is that every moment of your life you are attempting to fulfill some desire. Every effort you make toward the fulfillment is a positive action starting from rest to seek a point of rest. Your positive action expresses FATHERHOOD.

The magnetic Light of Mind is BALANCE and controls balance in all creating things. It centers all things from within and controls them from without. It is the surveyor and measurer of all desire for creative expression. It is the invisible Light of the spirit which can be located in all creating things but cannot be insulated, nor affected, by any material thing.

It is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent.

It is motionless, changeless, undivided, unconditioned, and dimensionless.

Electricity is the servant of Mind. It is the instrument which manifests the Light of Mind knowing by forming the imaged body forms of Mind imagining and recording them in electric waves of matter in motion.

Electricity is the divider of all idea into pairs of opposite expression of that idea which eternally appear, disappear and reappear in endless sequences to create a universe of seeming change in a balance universe in which there is no change.

Electricity is the sex principle of this sexed-electric universe of conditioned matter in two-way motion.


"In your thinking it is CONCENTRATIVE. Concentration of thought expresses FATHERHOOD. In concentration you have formed the seed pattern for the next effort for fulfilling your desire. After you have reached the rest point of fulfillment you must then relax your effort and carry only the seed pattern of that desire outward to rest in expanded space for rebirth into the pattern of seed. That is the negative reaction which expresses MOTHERHOOD. In your thinking it is DECENTRATIVE. Decentration expresses MOTHERHOOD. Fruition of any desire whatsoever demands constant interchange between the FATHER and MOTHER actions and reactions.

I will diagram the DIVINE TRINITY of Creator and Creation as follows:

(a few terms have been added to the above tables to enhance clarity)

"The above diagrams are fraught with more meaning than I can tell you in many lessons. I will gradually unfold this idea of undivided sex as CAUSE of all EFFECT and of divided sex as the one great underlying principle of all creating and disintegrating things. The above diagrams are the key to the great secret which science has for so long been looking, the secret key which is the foundation of, and repeated in all phenomena of motion. That key is sex. If, at this point, you do not grasp the idea clearly do not dwell too much on it, for I will give you a hundred examples in the following lessons which, you will find, will repeat the above key principle without variation. It might clarify it a little for you if, before you dismiss it temporarily from your Mind, you take a deep breath by starting from rest and pulling inward from within until you have to stop at a point of rest where your desire to breathe has been fulfilled. You will find yourself in an unbalanced state of compression which you cannot possibly maintain. From that rest point you will be compelled to thrust out from within and expand to regain your balanced condition at another point of rest which you also cannot maintain. Could you not then reason to yourself somewhat as follows: This is a universe of REST from which motion extends two opposite ways to simulate rest through motion? Perhaps you might dwell on this idea a little longer and reason it out a little more clearly by throwing a ball in the air. Again you will find that you have to start from a zero of rest to throw the ball which must seek a zero of rest (after the desire has been fulfilled) when it will then return to the zero of its beginning. When my words to you seem inadequate I turn to the words of my divine Teacher for His words used in teaching me. I will quote His teachings as written down in THE DIVINE ILIAD. "All things are One, but made to appear as two extensions of the One. "Know thou that the two extensions of My recorded thinking are divided by the One which centers the two, the One controlling the two. "For behold, I am within all things centering them, and I am without all things controlling them." [Home Study Course, 21 - Unit Three - Lesson 9]

"Confine thy teachings to thy written words translated from thy Father-Mother's rhythmic words in Light." [Home Study Course, 18 - Unit Two - Lesson 7.4]

"And as there is not a time when God centers you, and an interval elapses in which He again centers and controls your balanced heartbeat to synchronize with His, so is there not a time when you should pray to Him, and another time when you should not. And, likewise, as there is not a time when the air you breathe is denied you while you manifest your Father-Mother on this earth, so, likewise, there shall never come a time when that which you need to worthily manifest Him shall be denied you, for, I again say, you already have that for which you ask, even as you have love, and life, for which you have not asked." [Home Study Course, 13 - Unit Two - Lesson 6.1]

"He who knows the Light of love in him does not beseech the Father-Mother of the universe for his next breath, nor for his next heartbeat, for he fully knows that his heartbeat is one with the universal pulse, and that for which he would needlessly ask is already his." [Home Study Course, 13 - Unit Two - Lesson 6.1]

"Verily has man free will to control his actions. That my Father-Mother has given to man as his inheritance. But the control of the reactions to those actions man has never had. "This my Father-Mother holds inviolate. These cannot become man's except through modifying his actions until the reactions are the exact equal and opposite in equilibrium." [Home Study Course, 12 - Unit Two - Lesson 5]

"Earth music is melodic and chains you to earth. The "music of the spheres" which you hear with inner ears, is deeply tonal, not melodic. The rhythms and tones of Nature's music which sing its octaves in the language of Light have always within them the pulsing rhythms of the universal heart beat, always the one-two, one-two pulsing of the Father-Mother heartbeat of borning-reborning forms of things, which manifest the Father-Mother pulsing rhythms of the Soul's high heavens." [Home Study Course, 03 - Unit One - Lesson 1.2]

Father-Mother Principle part 2


One of the greatest mysteries of science is the source of the sun's renewing energy. ? At the present rate of solar radiation, the sun should have burned out long ago.?

What keeps its fires burning? What is it that generates heat in the sun to keep it from cooling? ? One theory is that its contraction generates it, for contraction supposedly heats.?

But that is not the answer, for contraction does not heat nor generate. Contraction is possible only as a result of generation, not as its cause.

Generation must precede contraction. It does not follow it.

Heat follows as a result of contraction. Heat radiates. Radiation is the opposite of generation, and opposites act in opposite ways.?

Radiation expands and the resultant expansion cools; while generation contracts and the resultant contraction heats.

?Here again is the father-mother principle manifesting its law of equal, opposite and sequential interchange.

The cold of expanded space generates the sun’s heat by compressing large volume into smaller volume.

The high pressure of incandescence is born from the low pressure of vacuous blackness, in accordance with the law of rhythmic balanced interchange between all pairs of father-mother opposites. [Walter Russell, The Secret of Light, pages 187-188]

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