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"The luminous, etheric, protoplastic element, which is the highest condition of the ether, fills the regions of infinite space, and in its radiating outreach gives birth to the prime neutral centers that carry the planetary worlds through their ranges of motion." [Keely, Keely and His Discoveries pg 270]

Newton, who scoffed at Epicurus's idea that "gravitation is essential and inherent in matter," asserted that gravity must be caused by an agent acting, constantly, according to certain laws. Heat, gravity, light, electricity, magnetism, chemical affinities, are all different phases of the primal force discovered by Keely, and all these forces, it is said, can be obtained from a single ray of sunlight. "The evidence of unity or oneness even between the physical, vital, mental, and spiritual is seen in the light of this law of correlation," says J. J. Smith. "A great portion of our muscles contract and relax in obedience to our wills, thereby proving that the mental force can be, and is, in every such instance actually converted into the muscular or the physical." Keely demonstrates the truth of this assertion, claiming that "all forces are indestructible, immaterial, and homogeneous entities, having their origin and unity in one great intelligent personal will force." [The Key to the Problems. - Keelys Secrets]

"Every particle of matter in this universe has its own magnetic pole through which it is connected with the magnetic pole of each other particle of matter in the universe and through which each particle is affected by the ever changing condition of every other particle in the universe." [Russell, The Universal One; Book 01 - Chapter 16 - Universal Oneness] [see Sympathetic Vibration, Sympathetic Oscillation, Entanglement, Quantum Entanglement]

"As long as man continues to think of his body as being his individuality he will think individually, rather than universally. When he, at long last, discovers his eternal Self to be the projector of his own body, and is making himself in his own image, he will then know his universality, his Oneness with all Creation. He can never thereafter think of himself as an individual and will so act in all of his transactions in relation to his Oneness with all other men." [Atomic Suicide, page 265-266]

"The supreme miracle that can happen to any man is the discovery of his own divinity in his Oneness with God." [Atomic Suicide, page 267]

"Our senses have become so fixedly accustomed to dual direction that it is difficult to explain it away, for the human understanding of omnipresent Oneness has not sufficiently unfolded as yet to make it easily comprehensible." [Atomic Suicide, page 279-280]

"God divides the stillness of His omnipresent Oneness into mated pairs, and simultaneously multiplies their power to simulate His omnipotence and omniscience through fast centripetal motion. He then unites His mated pairs to simulate His Oneness, and simultaneously multiplies their speed of centrifugal motion until they disappear into His omnipresent stillness." [Atomic Suicide, An Open Letter, III, page xxix]

Also refers to undifferentiated, harmony, Whole, singular, fundamental, Source, God, etc.

The primitive laws of any science should be capable of succinct statement, but in combination with others they become more complex and delicate, and error is proved if in the developments they do not echo each other. If, therefore, musical harmonies are correctly gained, the same laws will develope harmonies of colour, and will agree with the colours of the rainbow, the circle of which is divided by the horizon. All who are interested in the laws which regulate these two sciences will doubtless know the interesting lectures delivered by W. F. Barrett (Professor of Experimental Physics in the Royal College of Science, Dublin), and the article written by him and published in the Quarterly Journal of Science, January, 1870, entitled "Light and Sound; an examination of their reputed analogy, showing the oneness of colour and music as a physical basis." I will quote shortly from the latter for the benefit of those who may not have met with it. "The question arises, Has all this æsthetic oneness of colour and music any physical foundation, over and above the general analogy we have so far traced between light and sound? We believe the following considerations will show, not only that it has some foundation, but that the analogy is far more wonderful than has hitherto been [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, On Colours as Developed by the same Laws as Musical Harmonies1, page 18]

The inequality of the equinoctial points is a well-known fact. It will be seen how apparent this is in the developments of harmonies. From the moment that trinities depart from unity, the balance is unequal, and the repeated endeavours after closer union cause a perpetual restlessness. May not this want of equilibrium be the life or motive power of the entire universe, with its continuous struggle after concord, even to oneness? "Closer and closer union is the soul of perfect harmony." In tracing harmonies of tones and colours, the double tones of keyed instruments will be seen to correspond with the intermediate tints and shades of colours. The twelve notes, scales, and chords in the major and minor series, the meetings by fifths, &c., all agree so exactly in their mode of development, that if a piece of music is written correctly in colours with the intermediate tints and shades, the experienced musician can, as a rule, detect errors more quickly and surely with the eye than the ear, and the correct eye, even of a non-musical person, may detect technical errors. Although the arithmetical relation has been most useful in gaining the laws, it is not here entered upon; but numbers equally meet all the intricacies both of tones and colours. The bass notes have been omitted, in order to simplify the scheme. [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, The Arabian System of Music, page 21]

Dialogue on Awakening
"It is only your perception of how far away from your Self you are in any given moment, and at any given moment should you so choose to completely abandon your sense of isolation and totally embrace your sense of being an extension of your Father, then it will be so and it will be so instantaneously!" [Dialogue on Awakening, page 136]

"A most amazing experience this morning. I am reviewing (ACIM) lesson 137, (I Cannot Be Healed Alone) focusing on the line “Healing is the decision to be one again. . .” I realize Oneness has always been an intellectual concept for me. I have never been able to feel / experience what oneness actually means. I am sure I have asked before, but today I ask again, and today I hear: “In the past you have been preoccupied with asking the question and hearing an answer from the perceptual awareness of the ego which has tied you to the limitations of what I might call “physical” joining. Today I ask you to think in the abstract. Think of the reality of yourself as spirit, and then, symbolically, envision spirit as light. Recognize that this Light symbolizes the Truth of you. Now sit back and watch as the lights that are the Truth of everyone come to join their Light with yours. As you have accepted the Truth of you, the light is seen and accepted by them as well and so becomes available to be given and received everywhere. This is the natural function of our Oneness when it is recognized. Notice how easily and naturally other Lights come into your awareness. Feel the joy and freedom as your Lights merge and seem than to move on, yet to return again.” (They never seem to go beyond where I can see them.) “This Light that seems so easily to come can never quite leave for Truth is never separated from It’s Source. This is God’s one Son.” [Tom Carpenter]

"The first lesson for six months should be One-One-One- One; Oneness of God, oneness of man's relation, oneness of force, oneness of time, oneness of purpose, oneness in every effort - Oneness - Oneness!" Cayce (900-429)

"Keep the heart singing. Keep the face toward the light, keeping self in attune to that Oneness wherein all power, and all force, is at the command of the entity in applying those forces known within self to meet the needs of each and every condition." [Cayce 39-4)

". . . ye are part and parcel of a universal consciousness or God - and thus of all that is within the universal consciousness, or the universal awareness; as the stars, the planets, the sun, the moon. Do ye rule them or they rule thee? They were made for thy own use, as an individual - yea, that is the part, the thought thy Maker, thy Father-God thinks of thee. For ye are as a corpuscle in the body of God; thus a co-creator with Him, in what ye think, in what ye do. And ye change each soul ye contact, literally or mentally - insofar as ye, as an individual entity, are a witness for or against the Lord, thy God . . . no soul may come in contact with the entity without being changed, either in body, in mind or in purpose. And purpose is, of course, of the soul." Cayce (2794-3)

"And keep the mental attitude and activities in the creative directions; as in that which has been indicated. Know that ye cannot live alone. Others are not only dependent upon you, you are dependent upon others - in every phase of thy experience. For ye are a part of the whole experience, and ye add to or detract, according to thy own attitude." Cayce (1467-16)

Q-18: Should the Christ Consciousness be described as the awareness within each soul, imprinted in pattern on the mind and waiting to be awakened by the will, of the soul's oneness with God?
A-18: Correct. That's the idea exactly! Cayce (5749-19)

"That that one meets must be met again. That one applies will be applied again and again until that oneness, time, space, force, or the own individual is one with the Whole." Cayce (4341-1)

"The physical world, and the cosmic world, or the astral world, are one - for the consciousness, the sensuous consciousness, is as the growth from the subconsciousness into the material world. The growth in the astral world is the growth, or the digesting and the building of that same oneness in the spirit, the conscious, the subconscious, the cosmic, or the astral world. We find, from one to another, individuals - individuals - retained in that oneness, until each is made one in the Great Whole." Cayce (5756-4)

(A) That presentation is given here of the various phases of the workings of the oneness of force in the physical world, and is as that exemplification of that same oneness from the cosmic and spiritual forces, and as these are presented to the entity, in how that it is necessary in the physical world to bring about all those conditions that seem well pleasing, socially, mentally and financially, just the same is it necessary for such relations to bring about those in the spiritual plane, or those in that understandableness of those laws, for as is seen in this, those laws as are of the oneness of the creative forces in the spiritual plane, we find they become in counterpart those as are seen in the mental and the physical and the material planes. Just as is seen, Heaven, home on Earth, see? God, mother. Love, mother, see?

(Q) Does this refer to any specific event or condition?

(A) Those as we have given, and are as lessons for the individual, for as is presented to the entity in the various phases of its presentation, as is seen in that one making physical conditions possible through certain channels, see? that entity holding to that channel as being one, and it IS ONLY one, see? The lesson being then, the necessity of the oneness of ALL forces as are presented and represented before the mind of the entity for a more perfect understanding of same." Cayce (900-138)

"The entity sees, visions, here an experience that is as one of the lessons as proof to the entity of the oneness of all force, energy, or what not, varied in its various aspects, and the entity in studying same, and the effect upon the individual, gains an insight into the lessons as would be studied by the entity - for, as is seen, all energy set in motion becomes an applied force in its application, and, as is seen, when one universal law, whether of human energy or of that in an ELEMENT, as is created by the energy meeting those laws through the combustibility, as is called fire, then we see how that only at a different angle does each present itself to the consciousness of man, and man making self, then, in the at-onement with the forces, is able to overcome or demonstrate the whole oneness, (as Daniel 3:25, men in fiery furnace?) yet man, conscious of the other variations IN the one force, feels the burning pain, and not the at-oneness.

These truths and lessons may be studied and gained by the entity, through various other concepts and illustrations as may be gained by study, and as will be presented to the entity as the entity, by conscious mind, puts self in that attunement with such elemental forces. Do that, then." Cayce (137-88)

"The vision as is seen by the entity, that of self's being raised to that position of being in defense of the word of the Lord, and as is seen in the vision, the same oneness of spirit is manifest in the material world, man's concept of that manner in which the entity may manifest its concept, see? In this we have, then, the evolution of man's mental forces, or man's conception of the Creator, and the lessons as are gained from same are that oneness as is made by the presented force of man in the world as the Son of Man, yet becoming the Son of God by making the will One with God, see? for as is seen by many of those passages as read, the concept as is gained by the prophet Isiah (Isaiah), in that Oneness of Spirit with the Father, gains the knowledge as is written of Him who came into the world. Then, as it were, foreseeing that condition, when this would be brought to man in the fullness of time, see? Time, then, being one, yet this meaning, in this instance, that same as is seen by the entity. By the reading of same, self, see, through cosmic forces, arises to defense in the manner as is suggested by that as read, through that which the entity experienced in earth's plane, see? Cayce (900-141)

Oneness, Attaining
"With this desire of self's aggrandizement there was brought separation in the next plane, yet bound together in physical affections one for the other. In that of the Egyptian rule, in the first of the pharaohs do we find this connection as separated brought to the earth's plane. There we find again the priest and the lawgiver in they, though separated now in male and female. In 12,800 B.C. we find together. The desires then coming from the sex desire between the two for the developing, and in that we find it counted as righteousness in both, for - though in the priestcraft in the one, and given to sexual desires in more than in one - the desire remained in the One, for which the Oneness was created. (See 262-67, Par. 21-A.) The earthly age in earth's plane, though, as given, this in itself brought destruction to the female early, and in a few years to the other.

Again we find in the Arabian forces, when soon both are brought to the earth's plane, though far separated this time in their station and their earth's conditions, being or giving each, or, as it were, each receiving that as commensurate with their lives lived in earth's plane, with the intent and purpose of developing toward the Oneness again. (For all souls are one in Him, and must return.)

In this we find they become opposing forces, one on the earth's plane in that sphere surrounded with pomp, grandeur and all the good things as called in earth's plane, and educated (speaking of the female) in the courts of royalty, and the companion of the king's offspring (369). The man (294) we find as Uhjltd, in the warring forces of the plain, having the course of the outcast, as it were, from the better things, yet seeking the submission of others to the will and to the animal developed forces in the entity. With the meeting, when each have become so taken, there is the realizing of, or awakening to, the oneness of their souls in the plain (plane?); both having been made, first one, then the other, in the prison position, or slave position. There we find both of good stature, beautiful in figure, form, and in all the charm of bodily forces par excellent to each. In their close association they become enamored of each and give of themselves to the pleasures of the bodily forces, as known, and which had not been known in the same manner and form with others. For, with this long innate force being dormant in the soul and spirit, again the bodily forces and charms of the sex became those enclosed with each, that a giving of satisfaction not understandable to others was experienced and known. (Hence each must know that in the present earth's plane the giving of the forces in this capacity may only be the harkening of the entity being brought to the force in the soul and spirit developing to the oneness of same, to which it must come to present itself before the Creator, as in the beginning.)

We find there - after this - (in these we give one of the illustrations of the history of these associations, of which there were many, and were for days enacted, and for which both suffered physically, and they each bear in the body at present a mark designating these conditions. On the female body, just below the left breast, to the side and on the edge of breast itself, the mark, and an answering one on the body of the male, in the opposite proximity of the breast, but) these were the conditions enacted:

When these were in the cave, to which they had fled, when each were escaping from the vengeance of the forces of each army, and were with the company of two others (these we deal with), the day had come when they made then the companion of king's daughter and the teacher (295?) of both (369) and (288). Their lives had been despaired of, and - though the maid had held the affection of her lord and master above that of self, still the answering of spirit and soul gave the answering with the body beautiful. For, the charms in breast, neck, thighs, naval, all gave of the beauty as would reach the soul of the mate, and the crying of the soul's desire, both in the carnal and the answering of the oneness in each.

After this giving of the life [[(369)'s suicide?] and the dressing of each for the journey into Egypt for embalming, each with bodies oiled and dressed from the cave spring, repair to their couch of skins, and there watch the sun's slow sinking over the desert sands. And in this fading hour they first find the answer of body to body in the soul's awakening, as they melt into one; giving then an offering to the world, who, in the form and in the stature of the great leader, gave the first philosophy of life and love to the world [Zend? See 288-27, Par. 21-A, 9/25/31], coming from this union. Cayce (288-6)

Oneness of Creative Forces
"For the entity, as each soul, is a portion of the whole. Thus, though a soul may be as but a speck upon the earth's environs, and the earth in turn much less than a mote in the universe, if the spirit of man is so attuned to the Infinite, the music of harmony becomes as the divine love that makes for the awareness in the experience of the Creative Forces working with self for the knowledge of the associations with same." Cayce (1469-1)

"As for the astrological influences, these - as is known and felt by the entity - are as urges and are latent only in the experience, and these are but the signs, the symbols that are accredited to experiences in the passage of the soul from one influence or environment to another as it, the soul, makes its progress or its meeting of that which must be met within self. For, who may enter in that ye may hear His voice? Who may ascend or descend but thyself, that ye may know that the activity of the soul is to become as one with the Creative Forces for which it, the soul, has come - does come - into an experience? whether in materiality or the earth or matter, or in those environs about same where the elemental forces make for the purifying of that which may find its expression in the activity of the entity. For, as the entity has in the past experiences in the earth brought in those varied activities those influences that come as the emotional body, the emotional self that finds expressions through the sensory forces of an individual activity in the earth in the present, these are being - have been - not as subdued but rather as directed into those channels, ways and manners as to become positive constructive forces in the experience of the soul, the body itself, as it goes about guiding or directing or aiding or strengthening those that are weak, that are wandering, or that are making that effort to realize that the consciousness of the Christ Force in themselves makes them aware of the oneness with the Creative Forces in activity in material planes. In this the entity is progressing in the present.

Hence we find in the present sojourn the seeking for the expression of self, self's development, for this a people that - to the entity's own experience and development - have wandered far afield, yet are as a city set on the hill that only needs the light that it may shine unto those in all the various experiences. For where many are gathered together, there may the understanding come for the making of the at-oneness of the individual with the Creative Forces in its activities. As indicated, the entity is making the application of this.

Before that we find the entity was in the land of its present nativity, in and about portions of what is now known as Poona, during those experiences of the uprisings from the entering into that understanding of the new law that had come to many in the city above, in the understandings of what is known as Mohammed or Allah that made for the expressions of an activity.

The entity then gave rather the greater expression of the oneness of the individual activity than following any individual that had set self as a lord or master or director over another.

In the experience the entity, then in the name Sanlei, gained throughout the activities. For, while in the body much suffering came from the clashing of influences in the mental and in the material affairs during those periods of the attempts of those from the north and those from the eastern portions of the land to bring in those activities that made for turmoils, the entity within itself made for that strengthening of self which made for the willing, for the giving not only of the bodily forces that partook of such activities as to make for the developments, but brought to those about the entity the expression of the oneness of the influences that makes men's lives to be applied in the expressions of same in material things.

In the name then Ben-Saneid, the entity - from that experience or sojourn - in the present may turn the more often within for the greater understanding of the needs of individuals or of groups or of masses. Yet, as the entity gained in that experience, first each soul must find within itself, in its own bodily abode, its OWN relationships to the Creative Forces that may make for the manifestations in the material experiences in the earth; and THEN give out. For in the expression of that to its fellow man may the greater good come, or from the material angle the PRACTICAL application of same in the experience of each soul as to make for the growth necessary for the at-oneness with the Creative Forces that find expressions in materiality. ...... There the entity lost, there the entity gained; for THEN were there the callings to the satisfying of the desires of the material things, the aggrandizing of the self in its relationships, in its expressions among its fellows. And then it took upon itself the activities that brought destructive forces, with those reactions during the experience when there were again and again the expressions of the sons of God coming into their manifestations in the earth through the taking on of the form of flesh in that experience. So the entity again came into the consciousness of the at-oneness.

And hence it has been and is the expression of same in materiality in the present, meeting those things within itself. For these having been builded must be met in self. Cayce (866-1)

"Then, the entity should gain that strength from that given regarding the condition, and know that the mother lives in that realm in which there is recognized J. S., and that the companionship is there, until those developments come from the earth plane to lead on to those higher realms, or to come again. For those many changes must come to each and every entity in its development. And as these are seen, then, the strength, the understanding, should be gained by this entity. For as is given, she is WELL, HAPPY, and FREE from the care as is given in earth's plane, yet with that same love as is raised through the companionship with the oneness of the spiritual forces with the soul, see?" Cayce (136-33)

Oneness of Christ Consciousness
"In the soul's expression and its purposes for entering in this particular experience, in the sojourn through experience or time, we find those influences that have made for that awareness within the mental, the soul-being, of that oneness of purpose through which Creative Energy has prepared that channel, that way in which the soul - as the companion with the Creative Forces - may become more and more aware of its at-oneness with the Christ Consciousness in materiality.

For, the entity in its experiences in the earth was among those that viewed the Master upon the Cross. And it has found and does find that illumination from within self of that peace that He gave, "I give unto you; not as the world, but as of myself" - that goes to the Father, that in THEE there may be made manifest those little kindnesses to thy fellow man by which all are to stand in awe before the God-influence within themselves for that judgement, "Inasmuch as ye did it unto the least of these, my little ones, ye did it unto me."

The entity came for the purpose, then, of making more manifest in the experiences, in the lives, in the hearts of those that are weak and distressed and stumbling as in the dark, seeking the light, those beauties that manifest themselves in music as of the spheres, in the art as of the enlightenment that enraptures the soul into becoming one with that in nature, in love, in harmony, in grace, in hope, in faith, which lifts up the INNER man to the more perfect at-oneness with Him who gave, "A new commandment I give, that ye love one another, even as I have loved you; forgive them, they know not what they do." ...... For he that would gain the understanding POURS OUT, even as upon the desert sand, that refreshing liberation of the spirit of truth that rises to the Throne of grace as sweet incense before the Giver of life and light and understanding, and immortality in Him!

These are the purposes, these are they that make for the impelling forces, then, in the entity at present. In applying same do they show themselves in the reflex of the sons of men, through that love that may be shed in the creating of harmonies in their thought. For the MIND is the Builder; and as it is lifted up so does it awaken thy fellow man, so does thy service and thy activities become more and more of that at-oneness, that atonement, that consciousness of being one with Him.

Keep that thou hast purposed, then, my child, in thine heart, that His ways may become that impelling force in the lives of those that meet thee day by day. Let those who look upon thy face take thought, yea, that such glory, such beauty, such harmony, such oneness of light, can only come from one who has been in the presence of Him that came unto His own, yet His own knew Him not - only as they gave to others in that service of a little here, a line there, precept upon precept, which makes for that growth such as the lily unfolding itself in the muck, the mire of doubt and fear in materiality, yet raises its face to its Master, its Maker, its God, and breathes out that which makes for the growing of His consciousness in the hearts of thy fellowman!

KEEP the faith! [Cayce (827-1)]

"Know that ye cannot live alone. Others are not only dependent upon you, you are dependent upon others - in every phase of thy experience. For ye are a part of the whole experience, and ye add to or detract, according to thy own attitude." [Cayce 1467-16]

"All numbers are multiples of one, and all sciences converge to a common point, all wisdom comes out of one center, and the number of wisdom is one." [Paracelsus]

Hermes Trismegistus
"The oneness, the one and indivisible, the origin and root of everything is present, as such, in all things. There is nothing without origin. The origin, however, as the starting point of everything else, has its origin in itself only. The number one, as the origin, contains all other numbers within itself, without itself being contained by any of them. It brings forth all numbers, without itself being brought forth by any other number."
"All that has been brought forth is imperfect and divisible, and subject to increase and decrease. What is perfect, however, has none of this. Since what can increase derives its increase from the oneness, it succumbs through its own feebleness if it can no longer offer room to the oneness."
"Thus, 0 Tat, I have drawn for you, as far as is possible, an image of God; if you carefully contemplate it inwardly and steadfastly observe it with the eyes of your heart, you will, believe me, my son, find the way to heaven. Or rather, God's image itself will guide you on this way. Inner directedness to this image causes those who have begun to turn towards it, to be held captive in its power and to be drawn upwards by it, just as a magnet attracts iron." [Hermes Trismegistus, Corpus Hermeticum]

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