Unitary, whole, singular.

From One Mind comes all. All goes back to One Mind.

Babcock writes in 1880:- "This discoverer has entered a new world, and although an unexplored region of untold wealth lies beyond, he is treading firmly its border, which daily widens as with ever-increasing interest he pursues his explorations. He has passed the dreary realm where scientists are groping. His researches are made in the open field of elemental force, where gravity, inertia, cohesion, momentum, are disturbed in their haunts and diverted to use; where, from unity of origin, emanates infinite energy in diversified forms." [Vibratory Physics - True Science, Keely and Science - Part 1 and Ether the True Protoplasm]

"Thus the One Light of God's knowing extended to the two of His thinking, pulsed as the three of all creating things, the One centering the two, the two extended from the One; the Spirit; the Father-Mother polarity of Light; the Trinity centering the shaft of Creations' seeming, fulcrum of its heartbeat, all ONE." [Walter Russell, The Secret of Light, page 99]

with her irrevocable proportions to measure his scales for him. The stars at the C of the first scale and at the B# of the last show the coincidence of 12 fifths and 7 octaves. The number of B# is 3113 467/512; C24 multiplied 7 times by 2 brings us to the number 3072; these two notes in the tempered system are made one, and the unbroken horizon of the musical world of twelve twofold keys is created. The very small difference between these two pitches is so distributed in the 12 tempered scales that no single key of the 12 has much to bear in the loss of perfect intonation. [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 118]

This diagram shows pictorially the open in the spiral of the mathematical scales, in which, if written in sharps only, B# is seen a little, that is, a comma and the apotome minor, in advance of C, and as the first scale of the new cycle; for it is a violation of Nature's beautiful steps to call it a thirteenth scale of this order, since every scale in the order is 31 commas in advance of the preceding, whereas B# is only one comma and a small fraction in advance of C. If the scales be written in ?s and #s for convenience of signature, then G# is seen a comma and apotome in advance of A?; while the whole circle of keys advancing by fifths are each 31 commas in advance of the preceding. We may therefore cast utterly from us the idea of there being more than twelve mathematical scales, and view the so-called thirteenth as simply the first of a new round of the endless spiral of scales. There is, however, in this note a banner with the strange device, "Excelsior," for it leads us onward into ever-advancing regions of vibrations, and would at last bring us to the ultimate and invisible dynamic structure of the visible world. The tempered system of 12 keys, as in Fig. 1, is by causing the G# and A? to coalesce and be one, as the two D's are already literally one by Nature's own doing. [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 118]

The curved lines enclose the three chords of the major mode of the scale, with the ratio-numbers for the vibration in their simplest expression, counted, in the usual way in this work, from F1, the root of the major subdominant. The chords stand in their genetic position of F F C A, that is F1 by 2, 3, and 5; and so with the other two. The proportions for a set of ten pendulums are then placed in file with the ten notes from 1 to 1/2025 part of 1. Of course the one may be any length to begin with, but the proportions rule the scale after that. [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 121]

Hughes IN tracing the origin of a harmony, or family of sounds, all divisions must come out of the one, or unit. Two powers are at work—cohesion and separation; a truth continually dwelt upon by the Greek philosophers. In the diagram, the note C may be considered as central, or as placed with four tones below and two above itself. [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, Diagram II - The Twelve Keynotes1, page 23]

Paracelsus "All numbers are multiples of one, and all sciences converge to a common point, all wisdom comes out of one center, and the number of wisdom is one." [Paracelsus]

Adi Sankaracharya
"Since I am other than the body, not mine are birth, decay, wasting and dissolution; since I am beyond the powers, I am not implicated in sounds and sights and sensuous things. Since I am other than the emotional mind, not mine are pain, desire, hate and fear; so the Scripture declares. The Spirit is luminous, other than the life-breaths, other than the emotional mind;
From the Spirit are born the life-breaths, the emotional mind and all the powers, the ether, air, fire, the waters and earth, sustainer of all. Without qualities, without action, eternal, without separateness, without stain, without change, without form, ever free am I, beyond the darkness. I am like the ether of space, without and within all things, imperishable; ever in all ways equal, pure, detached, free from stain, immovable.
Ever pure, free, the one partless, secondless bliss, the real, wisdom, endless, the Supreme Eternal, verily, am I. The conviction that I am the Eternal, thus ceaselessly impressed upon the mind, ends the distractions of unwisdom, as the healing essence drives disease away. Seated in a solitary place, with passion dispelled and the powers well controlled, let the disciple bring to consciousness the one Spirit, steadfastly dwelling in thought on that endless One alone.
The wise man, dissolving all visible things in the Spirit through meditation, should bring to consciousness the one Spirit, ever stainless as the ether of space. Setting aside name and color and all differences, the knower of the supreme reality stands firm through that which in its own nature is perfect consciousness and bliss." [Atmabodha. Adi Sankaracharya]

“Why are you looking outside? It's inside.”
“Look at the base.”
“We all admit that the One Inner One exists, but no one has seen it.”
“Trust your feelings. All things lead to One.”
“It had a beginning but there will be no end.”
“The One separates, purifies, ennobles and elevates.”
“For the Wise, the Point, which is smaller than the Point, is greater than the World.”
“For a fool, this is the World, or at least the Image of the World.”
“What, under the influence of its own weight, tends downwards and falls through the Center without stopping in it?”
“The One is always the same for Himself, but not for every Thing.” [Paradoxa emblemata by Dionysius Andreas Freher (1649-1728)]

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