noun: a singular metaphysical entity from which material properties are said to derive
noun: an atom having a valence of one

Monad (from Greek‚ monas, "unit" from monos, "alone"), according to the Pythagoreans, was a term for God or the first being, or the totality of all beings, Monad being the source or the One meaning without division. Monad - Wikipedia

"If all cosmical action is cyclical, matter, when existing free in the ether, must ultimately tend to dissolve into pure ether again, for, if the law of creation is as a cycle, in which, after development and as its fruit, the last term gives the first, then has he grounds for his conjecture that complication in structure is necessary to the segregation of nervous matter, and the construction of a "myo-neuro-cerebral system" and that ether and matter, after developing a molecular economy, as the mother and nurse of a soul or monad of a higher order than the merely material element, through or by this organism, complete the cycle of the economy of material nature, and eventually touch upon the spiritual world again and contribute to it. This true protoplasm, the ether, Keely claims to ... liberate by vibratory machinery as the medium of a motive power, which he calls "sympathetic negative attraction." [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 2] [cosmical action]

Aura of the Monad;- who can explain the depths of Being, the quintessence of our existence?
researches excerpts;
...The Secret Doctrine it is said that, "the Monad or Jiva per se cannot be even called spirit: it is a ray, a breath of the ABSOLUTE...
Infinity I
353. Humanity should ponder over how it is clothing its monad. With what is this eternal seed being wrapped? People dwell too little upon this problem. Along the stretch of each round, one should trace the current of karma and its reaction. The predestined follows as a result of the accumulations gathered by the past deeds. These wrappings can stifle the voice of the seed, and the path of life can alter the preordained manifestation. The cosmic seed inherent in each being should be clothed with great care by humanity. Upon the aspiring seed is evolution built. And unlimited is the path of the power of the seed!
Infinity I
354. The highest raiment for the monad is attained in pure Fire. If the monad can be encircled by Fire, it means that it can attain the highest spheres.
The Agni Yogi and the Arhat both clothe their monads with Materia Lucida. When the fiery centers transmute life, We say that the spirit is striving toward ascent. The law of fiery ascent is immutable. When the striving of the cosmic seed ceases to show pulsation, then the energy of life has ceased to exist. The psychic energy is closely linked with the cosmic seed. Hence, when the pulsations of the seed are stilled, the afflux of psychic energy ceases. But when the fire of the seed is active, the psychic energy has a powerful pulsation. The fiery centers pulsate with the Cosmos; hence, the centers of the Agni Yogi create in response to all currents. Invisibly, powerfully, the fires of the Agni Yogi create, and the records of the creativeness of Fire are inexhaustible.
Monadic Return – Subsidiary law of the Law of Attraction, 2nd Cosmic Law
ALICE A. BAILEY: Cosmic Fire, page
1040: “This spiral-cyclic activity, which is distinctive of all forms, can perhaps be comprehended more practically if we study it as an expression of four laws, taking each one briefly in turn: …”
1046 – 1054: “2. The Law of Monadic Return. …
It will, therefore, be apparent, that the “Law of Monadic Return” which we have just been considering, is the sumtotal of those influences which have a direct bearing upon the monadic atoms, which affect its progress cyclically, and which stimulate it, or retard its activity according to the strength of the initiating life. It is only after initiation that the human atom reaches a stage in its development where forces and influences begin to be comprehended. When the methods are understood whereby adjustment is consciously made to extraneous force currents, resistance to retarding forces is initiated consciously and with scientific accuracy, and the man consciously puts himself into line with forces which will swing him along on the path of return. There is in this thought no undue complexity or cause for discouragement, for ever the potent force of electrical energy will offset the more lethargic vibration of solar fire, and solar fire itself in due time will negate the effects of “fire by friction”.”
Fiery World III
312. Least of all does humanity understand the indissolubility of Karma, whereas this cosmic law is applicable to every manifestation. Actually, man is not only a monad concluding its evolutionary path; he is a part of the Monad of the Cosmos. All the monads which are conceived in the one Monad of the Cosmos carry responsibility for the existence of the entire Universe. The bond between man and the manifestations of the Universe is mutually nurtured, and thus it is important to recognize how one generator of evil retards all advancement. The course of events indicates to what an extent history repeats itself. At the root of this lies the manifestation of the same monads. Indeed, the Karma of great construction points out the indissolubility of the bond between the prince of darkness and humanity. The fall of powerful foundations is inevitably reflected on mankind. But the resurrection of the spirit can mean resurrection of every manifestation of life, including even the fallen Angel. On the path to the Fiery World one must reflect upon the indissolubility of the paths of the monads with that of the Cosmos.
Letters I, 12 April 1935 »
Certainly, the Monad corresponds to the idea of spirit. But when it is spoken of as spirituality and the spirit in life, in manifestation, it is always meant as the highest Ego. The Monad, in reality, consists of the sixth principle and of the universal seventh and is not a conscious entity on the planes of manifestation. In order that we reach a conscious manifestation on all planes or in other words, that we reach the real immortality (i.e., become an Arhat, Buddha or Dhyan Chohan), we must unite the three principles, fourth, fifth and seventh, while here on Earth, and fuse them in the sixth principle. The seventh principle is just an eternal vital force, which is spread through the whole of Cosmos. Also, do not forget that each principle has its own highest and lowest manifestations or qualities. Thus, the subtle body, which clothes the high spirit, corresponds to the highest feelings. That is, all the passions and desires are transmuted by pure fire into the subtlest feelings and perceptions. Thus, there are many degrees of subtle and mental bodies.
Letters I, 30 April 1935 »
6. The Monad, being a particle of the Divine Monad, or the Absolute, when surrounded by the energies peculiar to its manifestation on this or that sphere of a planet, nevertheless remains always a divine particle of the Absolute, or sublimated spirit-matter. Thus, in the manifested world, it is possible to speak only of one or the other stage of manifestation of spirit-matter. Spirit is energy, and we know that no energy is able to manifest without matter. Precisely, on all planes, in all actions and thoughts, we cannot separate ourselves from matter. We deal either with the highest or with the crudest forms of this same matter. Spirit, the subjective element or energy, dwells potentially in the depth of Cosmic Nature. Of course, differentiation causes multitudinous stages or degrees of manifested spirit-matter; that is how the concepts of relativity and counterpoise came into existence. But indeed, relativity and counterpoise are the foundations of our knowledge.
"One must seriously think over the concept of the Absolute and its synonyms, Infinity, Absolute Reason or Wisdom, Absolute Consciousness and Absolute Be-ness, and then ask oneself whether it is possible to reach them. When a blending with the Absolute or with Cosmos is spoken of, this must be understood in its complete relativeness; otherwise it will contradict Infinity. The spark of Divinity, or God, in us (the Monad) can be so developed by the striving of the heart that it may fuse with the highest fire of space. Then it can reveal by its Light all the accumulated spiritual treasures in us, these very high energies which manifest as majestic Straight-Knowledge. But the degree of this illumination will correspond completely with the accumulations of the Chalice of the individual. Therefore, with every new improvement, with each higher evolution of humanity, with each succeeding cycle of our planet, these illuminations will be higher and more beautiful, and so on into Infinity."

The God Equation and the Monad
In illuminism, one equation is regarded as being particularly important. This equation is eulers formula. It is so important that it is sometimes referred to as the god equation. Why? What is so important about this equation? The answer is that it pertains to the true nature of the universe on the most fundamental level.
At the smallest scale, the universe is a quantum spin foam network, or a sea of monads if you use the illuminati terms. The motion of a monad is described by eulers formula, which describes the motion of a point in a circular orbit around another point.
When a system of these monads all rotate in the same direction, you can treat the circumeference of the system as a monad on its own. This is why Mike Hockney says that the god equations is capable of describing things on the microcosmic and the macrocosmic level. What happens when a large group of monads rotate in the same direction? It forms a black hole core. If you read the book black holes are souls, then you already know about the mental aspect of black holes, which I will describe in further detail soon.
Mike Hockney writes on page 19 of his book the mathematical universe that "In order to include all possible ontological numbers, it’s necessary to introduce a more generalized form of Euler’s Formula: A ei(fx + φ) = A cos (fx + φ) + i A sin (fx + φ) where A is amplitude, f is frequency and φ = the phase angle (phase shift).In the frequency domain, the three elements necessary to specify a wave are amplitude, frequency and phase, so this generalized formula allows all possible waves to be accommodated."

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