First Cause


The First Cause of all manifestation is a scalar (thought) quantity, force or essence.

"All foundations must be sufficient to bear their burden. Conceive then the Universe centered upon and resting the burden of its incalculable mass and kinetic energy on a vacuous interetheric point in space, so minute that it is actually INDIVISIBLE. This conception can only be fully comprehended by an infinite mind. Independent of time, because indestructible in its unity, independent in space, because through its properties space itself exists and without it would not exist, independent of matter because its properties in any external direction created all that we know as matter and gave it seeming permanence, the neutral center is that protean, uncreated, indestructible, forever-existing FIRST CAUSE. Without hands, without tools, without thought, without emotion, without love, without form, without substance, it, of itself, created all these. All that we see or can see in the objective Universe exists because of and by means of the properties and powers of the NEUTRAL CENTER." [Keely, THE NEUTRAL CENTER - Snell]

"All effects and dimensions of first cause begin with the birth of each light unit.

"Each point in the universe is the center of the universe. Each point is the beginning and the end of each ten octave swing of the cosmic pendulum.

"Each new-born corpuscle, or light unit, is a center of disturbance from which the entire universe responds to its alternating electromagnetic pulsations.

"Motion, once started, never ceases until it has run the entire gamut of the ten octave range, from which point it begins again.

"The light unit of the highest octave and lowest potential eventually becomes a light unit of the lowest octave and highest potential.

"Light units are omnipresent throughout the universe.

"All effects of thinking are omnipresent throughout the universe.

"Nothing is which is not universal.

"Light units are the beginning and the end of that super-majestic illusion which man calls "creation."

"They constitute all that man calls "created things," which in truth are creating, evolving things.

"The creating of these corpuscles is as continuous as thinking is continuous."[The Universal One, page 63]

"Spirit is the First Cause. Mind is an effect, or an active force that partakes of spiritual as well as material import. Mind is an essence or a flow between Spirit and that which is made manifest materially.

"God, the First Cause, in spirit, created in spirit the separate influences or forces that are a portion of, and manifested in the spirit of God. In that essence, to become materially manifested through the evolution of the spirit of God, sin first began.

"The first concept as may be had of that in materiality is that it is an essence, without form, save as it begins to manifest, - as would be gas, odor, wind, smoke, - yet that it has with it the will, the mind, the power to make manifest by that with which, in which, it manifests, - as does also odor, gas, wind and the like.

"Thus - as the activities came - we may assume that the First Cause was Spirit, Mind, Will." Cayce (262-123)

"What was the First Cause? Knowledge - Knowledge!" Cayce (294-189)

"In the first cause, or principle, all is perfect." Cayce (900-1)

"In the first cause, or principle, all is perfect. In the creation of soul, we find the portion may become a living soul and equal with the Creator. To reach that position, when separated, must pass through all stages of development, that it may be one with the Creator." Cayce (900-10)

"The eternal question then, arise, "What was or is the first cause of individual existence?" The first cause was, that the created would be the companion for the Creator; that is, the creature would - through its manifestations in the activity of that given unto the creature - show itself to be not only worthy of, but companionable to, the Creator. Hence, every form of life that man sees in a material world is an essence or manifestation of the Creator; not the Creator, but a manifestation of a first cause - and in its own sphere, its own consciousness of its activity in that place." Cayce (5753-1) [see Mind of Christ, Mind of God, Supreme Neutral Center]

"For, returning to the first principle, - as there are those forces that move one within another to bring Harmony, as for light or color, or sound, or motion, all of these are but the variation of movement, vibration. What is the First Cause? That from which all emanates, the SPIRIT of the (scalar) force or influence itself; breaking itself upon the atomic structures about same, bringing those influences as it associates itself one with another in its varied forms of atomic structures." Cayce (2012-1) [see Movement of Creation]

The Life, or the manifestation of that which is in motion, is receiving its impulse from a first cause.

"What is the first cause?"

"That which has brought, is bringing, all life into being; or animation, or force, or power, or movement, or consciousness, as to either the material plane, the mental plane, the spiritual plane." [see Mind of Christ, Mind of God, Supreme Neutral Center, Movement of Creation]

"Hence it [First Cause] is the force that is called Lord, God, Jehovah, Yah, Ohum (Ohm?), Abba and the like. Hence the activity that is seen of any element in the material plane is a manifestation of that first cause. One Force. And, as seen and stated above, a record in a phonograph is made up of elements of a certain combination of that which has become in manifested form in certain movements in relation to the first cause, for the projection (and does project) by natural Laws; as the physical or material Laws, then, are the reflection or shadow of spiritual Laws. See? And these then make for, under certain Laws, certain words, certain regulations, the retaining of that (through one of these elements or attributes of consciousness) which has passed before it; or that has been indented upon this element in this rate of activity of a first cause or first principle that is in movement, and unless in movement is not capable of being manifested in a material world. For, the movement itself (to make applicable another law) draws about a nucleus the positive and negative forces as to bring into visibility from one sphere or realm to another that force or power. Or it has lost that which makes for the raising or reducing of such vibrations as for the force, the power, the first cause, to become active in this or that or the other realm of consciousness. [see Mind of Christ, Mind of God, Supreme Neutral Center, Movement of Creation]

"Then, as the realm of record is made by indentations of other influences that act upon the medium that is used as the source, or plate, or manner of recording, so will there be - with the acoustic arrangements of that which is the negative of that influence which causes the indentation - reproduced that which has been indented by the positive activity upon that record, that plate, that plane, that activity. see Idea

"So is this, then, as the record that is made of the force that manifests itself in the form of a body-mind with the attributes of all that vibration through which it has passed in reaching that place or plane of consciousness; it must be in accord, so that the record made is positive or negative (negative being error, positive being right - good), that it may be penetrated to through the application of a negative influence upon that in whatever realm it may have made its indentation or record.

"Then, only in attuning the forces of that which may be the medium of reading back that record which has been made, may this be given activity into another realm of consciousness for instruction, for edification, for those various activities of those seeking same. For, how does the answer come? For what purpose is the information sought? To do that which is in accord with that which first made the record, the indentation, or to correct that which has been in an obtuse angle to that which should be in accord with that to which the entity or the Soul so making such a record is gathering its influence and force toward?

"Hence, how easily may there be a diffusion or a break in that which may be obtained through such a channel, that is capable of attuning self so that it may write, read, hear, see, feel, or experience, and - through some of the modes of approach to consciousness in a material world - give that experience which has been made by some activity; whether in this or that realm, in its course through that of eternity, time, Space, or in the realm of the spirit itself!

"For, as given, names but give meets and bounds to the consciousness of those that classify such activities in a certain stage or realm of conscious movement. [see Movement of Creation]

"In the same manner we find the record as of the radio. The influences used here are simply a changed vibration of those very influences that have been described in their activity, and gather from this or that influence that which is being recorded. By the movement of what? The first cause, when in its activity in various forms or manners in a certain realm of consciousness. [see Movement of Creation]

"What, then, is the variation from the one to the other?

"The reproducer of that recorded. In one it is required that it change its realm of activity for reproduction. In the order it is attuned to the first cause, that gives off in whatever realm or place that is attuned to the activity, the immediate response. [see Principle of Regeneration]

"Hence, as from our first premise (the post), the conditions are only relative.

"Then, the psychic influences or forces in manifestation in their various spheres are as but a type of needle upon the record; a type of acoustics in the recorded or de-recording activity. Or the power and the influence by its development toward the realm of the first cause, as to the power of the tube or of the resoundant or of the length of its activity to care for its reproduction. [see Principle of Regeneration]

"Hence, out of tune by many of the channels that have been indicated did prevent at that time (355) from receiving that later given." Cayce (254-67)

"Matter moved upon - or matter in motion in materiality - BECOMES the motivative force we know as the evolutionary influence in a material world. An entity or Soul is a portion of the First Cause, or God, or Creative Energy; or the terms that may be had for the MOVEMENT that brings matter into activity or being." Cayce (903-23) [see Movement of Creation]

"For Life and its expressions are one. Each soul or entity will and does return, or cycle, as does nature in its manifestations about man; thus leaving, making or presenting - as it were - those infallible, indelible truths that it - Life - is continuous. And though there may be a few short years in this or that experience, they are one; the soul, the inner self being purified, being lifted up, that it may be one with that first cause, that first purpose for its coming into existence." Cayce (938-1)

"The manifestation of all power, force, motion, vibration, that which impels, that which detracts, is in its essence of one force, one source, in its elemental form. As to what has been done or accomplished by or through the activity of entities that have been delegated powers in activity is another story.

"God, the first cause, the first principle, the first movement, IS! That is the beginning! That is, that was, that ever shall be! The following of those forces that are in accord with the Force or first cause, known as its Laws, is to be one with the source, or equal with yet separate from that first cause. In the beginning there was the force of attraction and the force that repelled. Hence, in man's consciousness he becomes aware of what is known as the atomic or cellular form of movement about which there begins nebulous activity. This is the lowest form (as man would designate) of active force in his experience. Yet this very movement that separates the forces in atomic influence is the first cause, or the manifestation of that called God in the material plane. As the nebulous activity gathers positive-negative forces in its movement, whether of one element or another, it becomes magnified in its force through the universe. Worlds, suns, stars, nebulae, and whole solar systems move from a first cause." Cayce (262-52) [see scalar, Supreme Neutral Center]

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby
“I will try to give an illustration of my First Cause. Wisdom is outside of everything. Opinion is in wisdom, for wisdom fills all space. Therefore, it being all wise, everything comes within itself. Opinion being in belief cannot be wisdom, for it is liable to change. Now man is in one or the other of these two elements, wisdom or opinion. Principles are wisdom reduced to science or practice. Laws are not principles but are based on opinions that can change and they belong to man's reasoning. Principles do not reason at all but are like rays of light. All the principles of wisdom that are understood are like the points of a compass and these we call cardinal principles. Now man divides the globe into four quarters and the filling up of the points of compass is to fill up the space, so that man knows more than the four points; so with wisdom. The principles are so many that it is impossible to understand only as we grow wise.” [Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, The First Cause]

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