Ten Octave Cycle of the Elements of Matter

Cycle of the Elements
Cycle of the Elements

The ten octave cycle begins and ends with an absolute equalisation of all dimensions of motion.

Its beginning is its ending.

Creation is continuous.

There is no beginning and no ending.

The entire ten octave cycle is merely an orderly and periodic interchange of dimensions.

{Tone 401+ is Hydrogen. It is the first + element of the fourth octave. Hydrogen could not exist without its negative reaction which is Helionon, 401-. An element of positive charge must have its mate in negative discharge to maintain the equilibrium of this universe of motion. Tone 401+ plus tone 401- equals one unit constant. Seven tones in one octave equal one constant of energy.}

At the beginning of the cycle, time dimension which is then preponderant, transfers its state of motion into power dimension, which in its turn becomes preponderant, until it is overtaken by time dimension.

High power is accumulated time.

The elements of matter are the accumulation of the speed dimension of the universal constant of energy into power dimension.

The effort of electricity to accumulate power at the expense of time is continuous but spasmodic throughout each tone in the ten octave cycle.

There are ten successive efforts, hence the ten octaves.

10 Octave Periodic
10 Octave Periodic Chart

Each octave is a separate and complete sequence of inhalation and exhalation, and the entire ten octave cycle is one inconceivably extended inhalation followed by a similar exhalation.

Each octave is a separate effort for supremacy made by the two opposing forces.

During the first five octaves the power dimension of the universal constant gradually conquers one time dimension, by a decrease of radioactive emanations in proportion to the increase of endothermic, genero-active power of charging by absorption, or accumulation of potential.

Carbon, in the fifth octave, 504, is the endothermic dividing line of the cycle.

It is the point where the cosmic billion year inhalation of the cycle gives place to an equally majestic exhalation of another eternity in duration.

Carbon is the point of maximum orbital velocity which creates the illusion of hardness. It is the point of maximum integration, highest melting point, most perfect in cubical crystallisation and most truly bi-sexual of all the elements.

From carbon to the end of the cycle there is a gradual conquest of power by the other time dimension and an increase in radioactive emanations in proportion to the increase of the exothermic power of discharging accumulated potential.

The law of expression of energy in motion for the entire ten octave cycle is the same as the law for one octave, or for one tone, or for even one inhalative-exhalative pulsation.

Each of these series of actions and reactions is of the others.

More than this, each is of the others, both simultaneously and alternately.

The first five octaves are therefore male, or electro-positive, in preponderance and the second five octaves are female, or electro-negative, in preponderance.

Every idea of Mind evolves and devolves by the same formula as that of the locked potentials of the ten octaves of integrating and disintegrating matter.

This is the law of growth.

This is the orderly periodicity of those phenomena of nature which are called 'life' and 'death' and are spoken of as though they were two separate things, instead of one unit composed of a plus action and a minus reaction of an orderly and inevitable periodicity.

'Life' is merely an expression of the generative power of centripetal force, to which 'death' is but the degenerative reaction.

The beginning of the cycle of motion is maximum in one time dimension, which means speed, and minimum in its power dimension, which means potential of energy.

'Speed' means the quickness with which a state of motion can reproduce itself and, by so doing, communicate that state of motion to the entire universe.

Potential of energy means that state of motion of the universal constant of energy in which time dimension has been accumulated, by deceleration of speed, into power.

Potential of energy might be likened unto a compressed spring which, when released, leaps to its inert state.

All of the elements of matter are potentials of energy held in their respective locked positions by the varying dimensions of their respective positions in their octaves.

In order to picture the gradual and orderly transfer of time dimension to power and visibility, and its return to time dimension and invisibility, consider the simple analogy of the easily imagined constant of energy of the little mountain brook which flows steadily and swiftly down the mountain side.

Imagine the little stream of low potential falling swiftly over the cliff side into a reservoir where it is accumulating high potential by storing time.

The little stream is the only source of supply and is presumably constant.

The variation of its ability to perform more or less work is in accord with the amount of time dimension which has been transformed into power by the storage of time.

Forests may be laid low and towns wiped out by the collapse of a mighty reservoir, while far up on the mountain side children play without concern in the stream which filled that reservoir.

And so it is with the universal constant of energy supplied by thinking Mind.

Thinking is the only source of energy; yet the mighty power which is accumulated by thinking the idea in repetitive systems varying in size from those so small that a trillion could circulate in a needle point to those so large that man cannot conceive the expanse of one of them, comes from that One source and that only." [Walter Russell, The Universal One, The Ten Octave Cycle of the Elements of Matter, Pages 88-90]

Charging systems are positive systems. Positive systems are male systems. Male systems are 1+2+ & 3+. Discharging systems are negative systems. Negative systems are female systems. Female systems are 1-2- & 3-. Number four is equally a charging system and a discharging system. It is a bi-sexual system. It is male-female. As the magnetic orbit of 4 is divided into two separate and opposing orbits, this maximum potential shall be doubly numbered as 4‡.
Two opposed tones = one unit.
Four units = one octave
Ten octaves = one cycle

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