14.15 - Movement Caused by Spirit

Cause and Its Effects
Cause and Its Effects

Gustave Le Bon
"I must point out, by the way - and this observation will explain many historical events - that it is not only physical, but many social phenomena which can be likewise defined by curves possessing the properties we have just stated, and in which consequently, very small changes in a cause may produce very great effects. This is owing to the fact that when a cause acts for a length of time in a same direction, its effects increase in geometrical progression, while the cause varies simply in arithmetical progression. Causes are the logarithms of effects." [Gustave Le Bon, The Evolution of Matter, page 194]

There is this non-thing or Scalar Potential called "spirit" or God which motivates or moves matter or the material substances of life. Genesis calls this force the "breath of life". The ancient Egyptians pictured this Life Force as an Ankh on their temple walls it being considered by them as so important because without it no life is possible. Likewise with this scalar Life Force there is also the scalar Mind Force closed allied, harmonized or synchronized. Viewing the first two images below we see the down pointing triangle as this scalar component coming into the realm of the physical (the three lower triangles). In the Egyptian image is shown the Life Force being fed or given to a human physical organism which is a composition of the three lower triangles. We then have the higher spiritual or scalar potentials animating the physical. The physical would be a dead inert structure without this animating or motivating force. This Scalar Potential is undifferentiated. When unlocked by Desire and Will it differentiates into three-fold manifestations. It therefore is the fulcrum of Cause upon which the physical world comes into being and exists as Effect.

"The Mind of God exists only now. This does not mean nor should you translate that to be static or in any way lacking movement because the Mind of God is in constant movement and that movement is You, His Son. Your expression of the infinite aspects of God is the movement of Creation, of the universe, of the Mind of God, however you would wish to describe it. There is one cause and one effect. The Mind of God is the cause, and You, as His Created Son, are the effect. And it is the expression of the effect that constitutes the movement of the universe." Dialogue on Awakening, page 38

"God is the fulcrum of man, and of the universe. Neither man nor any moving thing in the universe, has power within himself to do anything. All power expressed by man must be extended directly from the Father in heaven to His father-mother lights of earths and heavens which manifest Him." [Russell, The Secret of Light, page 115]

Figure 14.02 - Thoth, the Sun God, giving Life Force implying this force comes from the Sun and is breathed in.
Figure 14.02 - Thoth, the Sun God, giving Life Force implying this Life Force (Breath of Life) comes from the Sun and is breathed in.

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So what then is this non-thing called spirit?

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Figure 14.03 - A section from one of Keely's charts showing his generous use of Triplets (three notes sounded simultaneously).
Figure 14.03 - A section from one of Keely's charts showing his generous use of Triplets (three notes sounded simultaneously).

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