Acted upon. Receptive. Passive. Responsive but non-re-initiating. Absorbing. Taking in.

Static Field
Quoting Van Flandern on the question of a static field actually being made of finer parts in continuous motion:

"Before one falls for that "static" nonsense, one must understand what "static" really is. That's expressed beautifully by Van Flandern, as follows: "To retain causality, we must distinguish two distinct meanings of the term 'static'. One meaning is unchanging in the sense of no moving parts. The other meaning is sameness from moment to moment by continual replacement of all moving parts. We can visualize this difference by thinking of a waterfall. A frozen waterfall is static in the first sense, and a flowing waterfall is static in the second sense. Both are essentially the same at every moment, yet the latter has moving parts capable of transferring momentum, and is made of entities that propagate." (Tom Van Flandern, "The speed of gravity - What the experiments say," Physics Letters A, Vol. 250, Dec. 21, 1998, p.8-9.) [Bearden]

The Static from the television.
In 1965, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson published a scientific study which proved that a radio signal with a wavelength of 7.3 cm was being emitted uniformly throughout all parts of the sky. This signal became known as cosmic microwave background radiation. Penzias and Wilson won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1978 for their findings. It is believed that this cosmic static is comprised of photons of energy that are still cooling 15 billion years after the Big Bang. If you turn a television to a channel with no station, you will see this static and given the level of intelligence of most TV programs, this static is about the only thing worth watching. [unknown source] See Schumann Resonances

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