Scalar electromagnetics

"We first define scalar electromagnetics as the quantum mechanical effects and influences that can be accomplished by electrical and magnetic scalar potentials, even in the absence of electric and magnetic fields, or - in other words - that can occur even in otherwise zero-E (electric) and zero-B (magnetic) force-field regions. Note that this definition includes as subsets both the ordinary classical EM field approach and the more fundamental approach of quantum electrodynamics. In the latter approach, one replaces the fields E and B in modern theory with the O (electrostatic scalar potential) and A (magnetic vector potential), with the view that these potentials create E and B fields in the first place. The Bohm-Aharonov Effect shows that the E and B fields can remain zero, and yet the potentials can still cause physical effects.

"Thus scalar electromagnetics encompasses two cases: (1) the normal case, in which the potentials are viewed as first creating the fields E and B, and these force fields in turn produce physical effects on charged particle systems; and (2) the case in which fields E and B are zero, yet potentials still exist and produce physical effects on charged particle systems.

"Indeed, we assume total primacy of scalar potentials, after the work of Whittaker, holding that all the effects of present electrodynamics can be produced by utilization and interference of two or more scalar potentials.

"Note particularly that one may deliberately create the zero-field, pure potential condition by opposing magnetic and or electric fields so that they sum to zero. That is, the "zero-fields" can be resultant vector zeros, where the combining vector components still exist. In this case one creates a deliberate, artificial scalar potential which contains all the energies of the separate infolded (Bohm's term) vector fields used to make the resultant vector zero. All this infolded energy has been transformed to stress of Spacetime, or pure potential. However, it does not have a randomized substructure as is usual in quantum electrodynamics, but has a determined, known substructure consisting of the constructed infolded E-field and B-field vectors. See phase conjugation

"Conceptually, a magnetic pole is such a spatiotemporal stress potential - but usually with a randomized substructure - as is an electrical charge.

"Note also that, if one rhythmically varies all the individual summation vectors in the substructure by the same factor, one produces pure potential stress waves - scalar waves - without ever creating external electric and magnetic fields. These are pure waves of Spacetime, and they are oscillating curvatures of spacetime itself. They are pure waves of compression and rarefaction (sound waves) of the massless charge of Spacetime, and are properly represented as longitudinal waves rather than transverse waves. Thus they are non-Hertzian in nature. Among other things, they may be used to generate mass and inertial fields directly." [Bearden, Thomas]

"On the propagation of a pulse through a dispersive medium."
"Contrary to what is given in many textbooks, after a sufficiently long time a pulse transmitted through a dispersive medium with a significant quadratic term is proportional to the Fourier transform of the original pulse shape.

By thinking backwards from a truncated transform, one sees that production of power pulses at a distance may be possible by multifrequency transmission of Fourier transform patterns. Each frequency transmitted may be from a different transmitter and location, so long as the aggregate converges at the distant desired spot. By using scalar beams to so converge, one recovers all the transmission of energy without loss, and in a geometric pattern of one's choice. This seems to be the mechanism for the Tesla shield. [Jones, J.; American Journal of Physics. 42(1), Jan. 1974. p. 43-46.]

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