Scalar Potential

  1. Unstructured (depolar) space itself, scalar, vacuum, 4-space, highly dispersed and tenuous matter.
  2. Those non-observable causative forces that create the Newtonian effects of materiality.
  3. Etheric and above subdivisions of matter and energy.
  4. Undifferentiated Mind forces are scalar forces.
  5. Those laws and principles that govern the above in static and kinetic relations.
  6. Balance, Equilibrium, Latent

See Carol White's book Energy Potential: Toward a New Electromagnetic Field Theory.
See Mind Force is a pre-existing Natural Force, Latent, Scalar, Longitudinal Waves in Vacuum, Mind Force the hidden Scalar Force

Scalar potentials, fields and waves seem to actually have some health benefits. However, I am more qualified to speak on their technical properties.
Creating scalars are quite simple, you use opposing electric or magnetic vector fields to create a pressure field in the aether (or ZPE field if you preferr). The vector fields cancel but the pressure remains.This pressure field is a scalar field because pressure has a magnitude but no direction.
Scalar waves are created by spacing two dipole antennas 1/2 wavelength apart so that the combined vector wavelengths cancel. The resulting scalar wave will travel at approximately 1.5 times the speed of light. Also, scalar waves are not shielded by conductive materials. So, for example, they could be used for submarine communications under sea water.
I have created scalar magnetic fields in ferromagnetic toriod cores by winding opposing magnetic fields coils on the core. Even though this canceled the vector magnetic field in the core, the scalar magnetic field remained. If this was a time varying scalar magnetic field, a regular electric current could be induced in a third pickup coil.
Also, scalar fields drop off as the radius of distance - not the radius squared as with vector fields. [Herbert Dorsey]

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