Part 25 - Keelys Wonderful Charts of Vibratory Etheric Science

A significant part of Keely's legacy are his beautiful Charts of Vibratory Etheric Science (Sympathetic Vibratory Physics). These are being made available in Black and White and a new colored version keyed to colors of music notes. The Black and White charts are cleaned up hi-res and these were then colored. These images display beautifully on your desktop, wall paper, screen saver and to frame for your wall.

Here is the history of these charts as far as my work with them. The coloring (according to music note or sound colors) was done by Caroline Doyle-McManus.

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Cover of Keely's Acoustic Charts book
Cover of Keely's Acoustic Charts book
NOTE: View these charts as hollow spheres with the chart projected on the inside of the sphere and you are at the center of the sphere looking outward.
Keely's Acoustic Charts

01 - Symbols and Conditions of Vibratory Streams
*This Chart of Symbols and Conditions of Vibratory Streams is the key to reading the other charts. It defines the chords Keely used and some relationships.
02 - Angle of Vibratory Circuit
03 - Chart of the Angles of Interference and Coincidence Trigeminal
04 - Molecular Radiation
05 - Chart Showing the Conditions Governing the Transmittive Link of Sympathy between Neutral Center and Periphery of Vibratory Circuit
06 - Chart Showing the Conditions Governing the Discordants on all their Combinations
07 - Chart Showing the Conditions Governing Harmonious Chords on the different Octaves Quadruple and Double Quadruple also Positive and Negative Radiation from Neutral Center and Equation of Concordants under Antagonism
08 - The Brain as applied to Vibratory Etheric Science
09 - Chart Defining the different Chord Associations on the Three Octaves as also Interferences on Single and Double Bar and Theory of setting chord of Masses
10 - Chart Defining the Angles of Radiation on the Full Line of Quadruple Settings for Full Etheric Currents as also the Chords of Neutral Center
11 - Key to Vibratory Rotation
12 - Chart of Differentiation of Setting Chords on Vibratory Bar
13 - Chart Defining the Arrangement of the different Atoms and Corpuscles of Matter as contained in their respective Envelopes free of intensified Vibration
14 - Chart with Symbols Defining the relative Simple and Compound Sympathetic Association between the different Orders of Etheric Chords as associated with the Molecular, Atomic and Interetheric, to induce Dispersion under the Progressive Orders of Vibration, both Positive and Negative, as also the different combined Orders of Radiation to Induce Luminosity
15 - Vibrophonic System of setting Vibrators on the Diminishing Line to Neutral Center of Full Vibratory Circuit embracing three Lines of subdivision; viz.; Molecular, Atomic and Etheric
16 - Chart of the Sinuses and Nerves of the Skull Vibroetherically considered as associated with the Liberator
17 - Brain Section in Circle
18 - Chart of Vibratory Flows

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