Keelys Mechanical Inventions and Instruments

Isaac Newton

This is a partial list of machines and instruments created by Keely to investigate the principles and laws of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. These machines are primarily scalar machines, i.e., machines whose observable motion is caused by non-observable scalar potentials and forces herein referred to as Etheric Force, Mind Force, Plasma, etc.

"In the economy of nature profit and loss must balance in mechanical conditions; but Keely is not dealing with mechanical physics. There is an immense difference between vibratory physics, in which field Keely is researching, and mechanical physics. The consumption of coal to expand water for the production of steam power, in the operation of engines, cannot be compared to a force which is yielded in sympathetic vibration or by sympathetic flows. In mechanical physics, no matter what the nature of the force may be, its productions must necessarily be accompanied by a corresponding expenditure of force in some form or other. The amount of force covered by a human volition cannot be measured, yet it produces the wonderful effects that are exhibited on the human frame in its overt actions. Something like this is the difference between sympathetical and mechanical force. The force of will cannot be multiplied by mechanical means, making it give pound for pound. This would annihilate both the mental and the physical, were it possible." [Vibratory Sympathetic and Polar Flows]

My system, in every part and detail, both in the developing of this power and in every branch of its utilization, is based and founded on sympathetic vibration. In no other way would it be possible to awaken or develop this force, and equally impossible would it be to operate my engine upon any other principle. [John Keely, 1888]

JOHN ERNST WORRELL KEELY - the discoverer of compound interetheric force, as the result of more than 20 years of persistent effort to apply this force to the operation of machinery has, at last, been enabled to produce partial continuity of motion in his engine, but up to this time, he has not so mastered this subtle force as to control reversions. The development of his various discoveries has been one uninterrupted work of evolution, reaching, within the last year, he thinks, the sphere of perfect vibratory sympathy, both theoretically and practically. The proof of this is found in the fact that he now transmits vibrations along a wire, connected at one end with the vibratory machine which is the source of power and at its other end with the engine or cannon, as the case may be, which is operated by such vibratory power. Until recently Keely stored force, as he generated it, in a receiver, and experiments were made by him in the presence of thousands at various times for the purpose of testing the operations of this force, liberated in the presence of the audience and stored up in this small receiver. The editor of the Scientific American thus describes what took place: [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 3]

"All needs to be done is to secure a uniform speed under different velocities and control reversions .. some few years ago, I contemplated using a wire as a connective link between two sympathetic mediums, to evolve this power as also to operate my machinery - instead of tubular connections as heretofore employed - I have only recently succeeded in accomplishing such change. This, however, is the true system ... henceforth ... the power will be generated, my engines run, my cannon operated, through a wire." [KEELYS SECRETS - 1888]

"Comparing it (etheric vapor) with steam it is as different as it is opposite in origin. Steam is derived from heat or combustion, and so may be said to have a chemical origin; the vapor is a production of mechanical action, a spontaneous energy. Vibration, whether considered as an energy or a motion, is an inherent property or concomitant of matter, and therefore spontaneous. Keely's inventions for producing this power are so entirely original, and so unlike any other devices that have been constructed, that there is nothing in the annals of research to afford a starting point for the understanding. The mechanical means by which this occult energy under consideration is educed and economized, are as unique as those which belong to electricity. Keely's instruments are no more like electrical apparatus than they are like the machinery used with steam, the product of the crude molecular dissociation of water by heat." [Bloomfield-Moore in Keely and His Discoveries]

"The audible has been so conquered in my instruments as to place me in touch with the inaudible. I have only to ascertain the terrestrial chord masses to be able to run sympathetic machinery. When I have mastered these mechanical difficulties I shall be able to control this most subtle force." [MECHANICAL INVENTIONS AND INSTRUMENTS]

"The mechanical requirements necessary to successfully conduct my researches will never be properly appreciated until my system is demonstrated under perfect control for commercial use." [GRADUATION OF SYMPATHETIC MACHINERY]

"These instruments are carefully concealed by wise masters from all persons save the few who are already prepared to study their potency with the exclusive end in view of aiding the real scientific progress of humanity; and, furthermore, it may be truly stated that a ferocious sensualist, however powerful his intellect, would be utterly unable to either comprehend or operate one of these marvelous constructions." [Keely See Dashed Against the Rock]

The audible has been conquered in my instruments to that extent which brings me into sympathetic contact with the inaudible, the vitalized conditions of which as regards sympathetic union with the terrestrial are the pure and only essentials necessary towards establishing the sensitive link, between the instrument and terrestrial chord-masses, in order to run sympathetic machinery. But there is still before me a vast region to be explored before the keystone of this sympathetic arch is set in position to carry the high order of sympathetic transfer that I aim at. I have every reason to hope that when I have mastered these mechanical difficulties I shall be able to control this most subtle of Nature's forces. When this is done, the commercial engine will soon follow. There is no truer nor quicker way to reach that end than the one I am now pursuing. My obligations on this line once fulfilled, I shall be at liberty to turn my attention to the consideration of the mental forces associated with the physical, and in fact the solution of the mechanical problem is one and the same in principle, as is the physical and mental. When one is solved all is solved. The convolutions which exist in the cerebral field are entirely governed by the sympathetic conditions that surround them. [Vibratory Physics - The Connecting Link between Mind and Matter]

"In setting the conditions of molecular sympathetic transmission by wire," writes Keely, "the same law calls for the harmonious adjustment of the thirds, to produce a non-intermittent flow of sympathy. Intermission means failure here. That differential molecular volume is required of sympathetic flow, seems at first sight to controvert the very law established by the great Creator, which constitutes harmony, a paradoxical position which has heretofore misled physicists who have propounded and set forth most erroneous doctrines, because they have accepted the introductory conditions, discarding their sympathetic surroundings. The volume of the neutral center of the earth is of no more magnitude than the one of a molecule, the sympathetic condition of one can be reached in the same time as the other by its coincident chord." Keely has ... attained the transmission of the etheric current in the same manner as the electric current with this one notable difference, that, in order to show insulation to the skeptical, he passes the etheric current, through blocks of glass in running his vibratory devices." [JOHN ERNST WORRELL KEELY]

"If all cosmical action is cyclical, matter, when existing free in the ether, must ultimately tend to dissolve into pure ether again, for, if the law of creation is as a cycle, in which, after development and as its fruit, the last term gives the first, then has he grounds for his conjecture that complication in structure is necessary to the segregation of nervous matter, and the construction of a "myo-neuro-cerebral system" and that ether and matter, after developing a molecular economy, as the mother and nurse of a soul or monad of a higher order than the merely material element, through or by this organism, complete the cycle of the economy of material nature, and eventually touch upon the spiritual world again and contribute to it. This true protoplasm, the ether, Keely claims to ... liberate by vibratory machinery as the medium of a motive power, which he calls "sympathetic negative attraction." [JOHN ERNST WORRELL KEELY]

Accumulator See Polar and depolar intermittent accumulator
Aerial Navigator See Air-Ship, Air-ship model, Levitation, Levitating Gyroscopes, Propeller, 17.02 - Gravity Defined by Keely, 17.18 - Keelys Gravity Experiments
Aerial Propeller See The Operation of the Vibratory Circuit, POLAR CURRENT
Air-ship See Aerial Navigation, Keelys Aerial Navigation, Levitating Gyroscopes
Air-ship model See Aerial Navigation, Keelys Aerial Navigation
anti-gravity belt See KEELYS SECRETS - 1888
"appliances and a belt" to lift heavy machinery. MECHANICAL INVENTIONS AND INSTRUMENTS
Bixar see Trexar, Trextrinar
Brass Resonants See Motor Keely Gets Angry
Cannon sometimes called "gun" MECHANICAL DEVICES FOR SAFETY
Chladni Wave Plate See Chladni Plate Vibrations, Cymatics, Wave Plate, Harmonic Vibrations and Vibration Figures and Visible Sound, ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION - Snell, MECHANICAL INVENTIONS AND INSTRUMENTS
circular tubular resonator see RESONATING RINGS
cochlea snail shell shaped sound detector
colored lense See Keely and Science - Part 1
compound device see compound mechanical device, GRADUATION OF SYMPATHETIC MACHINERY
Compound Disintegrator
Compound Instrument See Rotation, ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION - Snell
compound mechanical device "Keely claims to have solved this problem by the invention of a device his "compound mechanical device" which brings the chords of all masses within the conditions of a few simple acoustic tests." [MASS CHORDS] see Mass Chord, ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION - Snell, SPHERE RESONANCE, Laws of Being, Laws of Being - Annotated, 14.09 - Brintons Laws of Being, The Laws of Being
Compound Resonating Chamber See Letter from Keely to Bloomfield-Moore2, Keelys Etheric Generator or Liberator, NATURE OF KEELYS PROBLEMS 1885 to 1887, MECHANICAL DEVICES FOR SAFETY
Compound Vibratory Engine ("the machine for continuous operation") See Letter from Keely to Bloomfield-Moore6, Keelys Etheric Generator or Liberator, NATURE OF KEELYS PROBLEMS 1885 to 1887, MECHANICAL INVENTIONS AND INSTRUMENTS, The Nature of Keelys Problems
Condensor See Keely and Science - Part 1
Copper Globe, 48 inches in diameter See Keely Spinning Motor, 19.05.06 - New York Times - Keely Spinning Motor
Depolar Disks also "Twenty-seven depolar triple groupings", "27 groups of depolar discs". See Attraction, 7B.17 - Attraction, A CONJECTURE, ATTRACTION - Snell, MAGNETIC ENGINE - Snell
Depolarizer See Newton of the Mind, The Connecting Link Between Mind and Matter - Keelys Progress - Part 2, More on Keelys Theories, HYDROGEN - Snell
device for determining frequencies beyond light "My researches indicate but one reliable method of ascertaining the exact molecular frequencies and range of vibration. A wire should have placed on it a definite number of nodes of the three metals silver, gold and platinum, and an acoustic introductory impulse should be given. We must now compute the intermittent periodic disturbances (molecular vibration time intervals) by adjusting the spaces between the nodes to such a distance apart as will equalize by their respective frequency-multiplying power, the chord masses of the nodal interferences between the three nodal metals. (Nodal here refers to the metal beads, not the vibration nodes as set up in a vibrating string.) This will determine the rate of molecular oscillation induced beyond the normal and give definite values of vibrations thousands of billions of times exceeding the frequency of light." [TREXNONAR MEASUREMENT OF MOLECULAR OSCILLATING FREQUENCIES]
devices for neutralizing all vibrations from the operator See RESEARCHES IN SOUND BY MODIFYING LIGHT FREQUENCIES
"diatonic and enharmonic ring" see AQUEOUS DISINTEGRATION - Snell
Diatonic Scale Ring See Attenuator, EXAMPLE OF DISINTEGRATION
disintegrating cell, see Vibratory Physics - True Science
Disintegrator See "triple vibratory sphere engine", Keely and Science - Part 1, VACUUMS FROM VIBRATORY INDUCTION, AQUEOUS DISINTEGRATION - Snell, EXAMPLE OF DISINTEGRATION

Disintegrator of Quartz See Vibratory Sympathetic and Polar Flows, GRADUATION OF SYMPATHETIC MACHINERY, MINERAL DISINTEGRATION - Snell
Disintegrator, Compound
Enharmonic Scale Ring See Attenuator
Enharmonic Scale enharmonic ring
Ether Generator Etheric Vapour Generator
Etheric Vacuum See NATURE OF KEELYS PROBLEMS 1885 to 1887, VACUUMS FROM VIBRATORY INDUCTION, The Nature of Keelys Problems
exciters of vibratory focalization See disintegration, 7B.14 - Latent Force, Sympathetic Neutral Flow, 16.25 - Magnetic Attraction caused by Dominant Current of Electrical Stream
Focalizing discs See Newton of the Mind, Trexar, TREXNONAR - Snell
Forty Resonating Circuit See Letter from Keely to Bloomfield-Moore7, Keelys Etheric Generator or Liberator, NATURE OF KEELYS PROBLEMS 1885 to 1887, MECHANICAL DEVICES FOR SAFETY
Generator See Liberator
Globe Motor
Globe Motor with Provisional Engine
Hydro-Vacuo Motor See Hydro Vacuo Engine Patent, Keely Motor, Figure 15.02 - Keelys Hydro-Pneumatic-Pulsating-Vacuo Engine operated with etheric vapor
illuminated revolving prism See Vibratory Physics - True Science, Keely and Science - Part 1, AQUEOUS DISINTEGRATION - Snell


instrument capable of producing vibrations of varying intensity and pitch (Analog signal generator and amplifier?) see music note or sound colors
Instrument for producing sound colors [MASS VIBRATIONS]
Instruments for producing ultrasonic vibrations see SOUND - Snell
instruments for the purpose of determining the triune vibratory nature and laws of the "polar terrestrial stream" in its sympathetic association with the "celestial stream" see Sympathetic Stream
Intensifier See Keelys Vaporic Force
Iron Globe See Keelys Red Letter Day


Keelys Accomplishments
Keelys Mechanical Inventions and Instruments
Levitation Apparatus
Levitation Belt See 17.18 - Keelys Gravity Experiments
Levitation Demonstration
Liberator See Generator
magnetic dispersing ring See Molecular Dissociation, ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION - Snell, MECHANICAL INVENTIONS AND INSTRUMENTS
magnetic polar sympathetic mechanical exciters See A CONJECTURE
mechanical device which brings the chords of all masses within the conditions of a few simple acoustic tests See KEELYS PHYSICAL PHILOSOPHY - Snell
Mechanical Harness See Some Truths about Keely, MAGNETISM AND ELECTRICITY
Motor 250 HP and 500 HP motors. See Keelys Etheric Vapor

Multiplicator See The Keely Motor - What is Claimed for it
Musical Dynasphere Historic (also called globe motor, musical sphere, sphere motor, vibratory engine)

Musical Globe
Musical Sphere See Brain Sympathetic Flow




pedestal nonconductor of sound See music note or sound colors, RESEARCHES IN SOUND BY MODIFYING LIGHT FREQUENCIES



positive negative attractor See The Connecting Link Between Mind and Matter - Keelys Progress - Part 2, More on Keelys Theories, MORE OF KEELYS THEORIES

Pressure Lever (also "testing lever") See 15.21 - Water Dissociation Demonstration, VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES, MECHANICAL INVENTIONS AND INSTRUMENTS
Prism, high pressure; see ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION - Snell
Propeller of Keely's Air-ship, POLAR CURRENT
provisional engine See Keelys Discoveries
Push Engine see The Keely Motor - Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner
Quartz Rock Disintegrator See Keely and Science - Part 1
Railway Traction Engine See Dogmatism of Science, Mrs. Moore on the Keely Motor, The Action of Force is Spiro-Vortex, The Keely Motor - Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner
Register See Letter from Keely to Bloomfield-Moore6, Keelys Etheric Generator or Liberator, NATURE OF KEELYS PROBLEMS 1885 to 1887, MECHANICAL DEVICES FOR SAFETY
researching instrument for inaudible (ultrasonic) vibrations See RESEARCHES IN SOUND BY MODIFYING LIGHT FREQUENCIES
Resonating Drums See Newton of the Mind
Resonating Intensifier See The Operation of the Vibratory Circuit
Resonating Polar Discs See Newton of the Mind
Resonating Rings see RESONATING RINGS
Resonating Sphere See Rotation, Molecular Dissociation, Mass Chord, MAGNETIC ENGINE - Snell
Resonating Wave Plates See Letter from Keely to Bloomfield-Moore7, Keelys Etheric Generator or Liberator, ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION - Snell, MAGNETIC ENGINE - Snell
Resonation Tubes see SPHERE RESONANCE
Resonator, Molecular, Atomic and Etheric See Keelys Red Letter Day, VORTEX ACTION
Resonator, Brass Tube See VORTEX ACTION
Resonator, Caps See VORTEX ACTION
Safety Devices (safety arrangements) See Letter from Keely to Bloomfield-Moore7, MECHANICAL DEVICES FOR SAFETY
Safety Discs See New York Home Journal
Scale of Ninths
Sensitized Disks See The Operation of the Vibratory Circuit
Sectional Transmitting Wire See Sympathetic Outreach


Steel Attractor see TREXNONAR - Snell
Steel Disk torque experiment; see ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION - Snell, MAGNETIC ENGINE - Snell
SUPERCONDUCTING WIRES "It is my opinion these wires were never meant to conduct electricity. They were meant to conduct Sympathy and other forms of vibratory currents which may or may not have included electricity. Different types of wires were made to conduct different types of currents or flows." DP


Sympathizer see Mass Chord, Latent, Latent Force, Vibratory Physics - The Connecting Link between Mind and Matter
Sympathizer, sphere resonator; See MECHANICAL INVENTIONS AND INSTRUMENTS

SYSTEMS See Keelys Three Systems

Telephone Head also Telephonic Head, see 15.18 - Keelys Process for Liberating Ether from Water, Vibratory Physics - True Science, EXAMPLE OF DISINTEGRATION, Keely and Science - Part 1

Telephonic Head See Keely and Science - Part 1
testing lever see "Pressure Lever"
Three-node transmitter See Trextrinar
transmissive nodal wire See ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION - Snell
triple circuit ring see RESONATING RINGS


Trextrinar See Three-node transmitter
triple vibratory sphere engine See NATURE OF KEELYS PROBLEMS 1885 to 1887, VACUUMS FROM VIBRATORY INDUCTION, The Nature of Keelys Problems
Twenty-seven sensitized discs See Newton of the Mind
Twenty-seven depolar triple groupings See Newton of the Mind, MAGNETIC ENGINE - Snell
universal accommodator see EXAMPLE OF DISINTEGRATION
Vacuum See NATURE OF KEELYS PROBLEMS 1885 to 1887, VACUUMS FROM VIBRATORY INDUCTION, The Nature of Keelys Problems
Vibrator See Keelys Etheric Vapor, VORTEX ACTION
vibrator for overcoming gravity see MINERAL DISINTEGRATION - Snell
Vibratory Circuit
Vibratory Circuit See also The Operation of the Vibratory Circuit
Vibratory Transmitter see 15.07 - Dissociating Process
Vaporic Vibrator See Keelys Etheric Vapor


Vitalized discs see 19.05.02 - From Dashed Against The Rock
Vitalized discs with resonators See Newton of the Mind
Vitalizing System See Some Truths about Keely
Volumetric Resonator, See Sphere, Keelys Secrets - Part 2 - One Phase of Keelys Discovery in Its Relation to the Cure of Disease, Brain
Wave Plate See Chladni Wave Plate, Cymatics, MAGNETIC ENGINE - Snell
Wheel Motor for lack of the proper name. See Apergy - Power Without Cost

Keely Motor photos
Keely's Machines photos

The following are excerpted somewhat at random and will serve to give some idea regarding Keely's instruments and his manner of work. It should be understood that he was a very careful man and had no intention of allowing his invention to become the "property" of someone else by pilfering the ideas or plans and arriving first at the Patent Office. It is possible these excerpts are the only satisfying descriptions of his instruments and manner of work, although they are far from being as definite as one would desire, who should intend to reproduce his work.

"The audible has been so conquered in my instruments as to place me in touch with the inaudible. I have only to ascertain the terrestrial chord masses to be able to run sympathetic machinery. When I have mastered these mechanical difficulties I shall be able to control this most subtle force."

12/17/1885: "Am setting up the circles for computing the different lines of etheric chords, used in setting up the vibratory conditions to obtain continuity. My chief trouble is in chording up the masses of the different parts composing the negative centers in the inner one-third volume. This neutral center is only established free from influences of gravity when rotating at 100 revolutions per minute, with the vibratory circuit running at 100,000 per second. January should complete the sympathetic graduation."

"The pressure of the violin bow giving the introductory chord impulse (focalizing chord) vitalizes the whole machine. The chords will all be set in progressive sympathy from the first octave to the fortieth."

To resonate the infinite variety of mass chords that exist, Keely invented what he terms "compound mechanical devices". These seem to have consisted of strong metal spheres, with or without internal or external accessories, depending fundamentally on the laws of sphere resonance. A sphere of the proper size was caused to act as a "sympathizer" with the "dual force" with which Nature works.

It took him eight years to invent the metallic differentiated wire of silver, gold and platinum, which he later used to run his "vibratory disk" and which we call the "Trexar".

By means of etheric vibrations Keely caused a small cannon to fire a lead ball 1/2 inch in diameter, which passed through an inch board and flattened itself to a disk of about three inches in diameter against the wall. The material for this explosion, which made a very loud report, was simply one or two drops of water.

3/22/1885 he wrote: "Details of the present engine are as perfect as possible for the first lead. It is in the form of a sphere about thirty inches in diameter and weighs 800 lbs."

From 1872 to 1882 he pursued the line of invention instead of discovery - constructing and destroying machine after machine. He spent 2 years more attempting to devise an automatic control, which was partially successful in 1884.

His vibraphone, which was probably a telephone transmitter, collected the sound waves when the "wave plate" was struck. Keely claimed that even as the vibrations resembled in its construction, the human ear, his Liberator resembled the human head.

The area of the piston on the special lever constructed to register his enormous pressures, which usually ranged from 20,000 lbs. to 30,000 lbs, per square inch, was only 1/2 inch. The tube through which he allowed the ether to pass in its way to the piston of the lever, was exceedingly small - about the size of a pin head.

In November, 1884 Keely demonstrated successfully an experiment which he had worked out theoretically but which had failed on several previous attempts. Two persons took firmly hold of an "iron rod". One person stood on a circular sheet of metal, from which piano wire stretched to, and touched, a plate of glass, which in turn insulated a small globe. The description given, indicates the globe was centered axially on the iron rod. Another glass plate insulated the globe, presumably on the other hand. The globe rotated when both persons, took hold of the opposite ends of the iron rod, and rotation ceased when Keely, who was one of the operators, took hold of the other operator's left hand with his right hand. Keely stated the reason for this to be "The reception flows became independent of the circular chord of resonation set up mechanically. The power of rotation comes on the positive and power of negation breaks it up." He stated the reason the sphere revolved was because of the "receptive concussion of two forces, positive and negative, coming together, seeking their coincidents, producing rotation by harmonious waves, not by harmonious streams in this case." He stated the introductory settings were entirely different from those of the musical sphere and that sound waves had nothing whatever to do with rotation of the globe.

Keely describes another experiment as follows: "The mass for experimentation chords 'B flat.' We first will liberate the negative radiating bar (Probably the power-disk on his magnetic engine. This was probably actuated by a bar running to its center, through which the vibrations were propagated.) on the disk. Then one end of a very fine trexar, the size of a fine hair, is connected to the resonating sphere (his 'compound mechanical device) and the other end to the mass chording B flat, which is to be experimented upon. When we liberated the negative radiating focalizing bar on the disk from its dampening rod, we associated it with the magnetic defocalizing one (disk or bar). There are seven ranges of bars in all. We next liberate from its dampening rod the second harmonic bar for the sixths - the focalizing chord. Lastly, we liberate or undamp the enharmonic ninths." By his connecting the Trexar with the resonating sphere we understand that intensification of resonance of the mass to be experimented upon was affected by two-directional vibratory transmission occurring through this Trexar.

"We now attach the Trexnonar to the magnetic dispersing ring over the negative sevenths cluster (of disks) and the other end to the high polar negative attractor."

"The siren is then rotated until I observe by rotation of the neutral center indicator that concordance is established with the mass - by the sphere resonator. A single tap on the Chladni wave plate produces pure evolution of energy." It would seem that this Chladni wave plate either acts through dissonance, causing disturbance of equilibrium and throwing the experimental mass on the sympathy of the resonator, in which case it is so constructed as to generate a discordant series of vibrations, or it is harmonic and must then be supported by resonators through all the octaves, consisting of either tubular spherical forms, disks or rods. However, he mentioned nothing of this.

"Setting the instrument to the proper triple introductory positions will induce either attractive focalization or positive radiant dispersion, resulting from the relation of these vibrations to the mass chord. This is disintegration induced by intensified oscillations of the combined interatomic and electromagnetic waves."

His Generator was invented to multiply the vibrations under the disturbance of equilibrium by mediums of different specific gravities, air as one - water as the other. From 1882 to 1884 his Generator was six feet long and correspondingly wide and high. Its arrangement was not automatic and therefore not mechanically useful. He was able after this to dispense with complicated mechanisms by fine adjustments.

His next apparatus was the "Liberator" in which no water was used, but the equilibrium disturbed by a medium thoroughly vibratory in its character. His difficulty with the Generator was the humidity of the vapor, which did not give its theoretical value in work. The substance he used in his Liberator was devoid of humidity but the vibrational concussion of the air proved an even greater difficulty so he went back to the use of water. The vapor produced from the Liberator was free of all humidity, of greater tenuity, giving perfect and high lines of action. Its plan was conceived during his desperate struggle to effect a simultaneous action between the molecular and atomic leads, necessary for continuation of energy release and was suggested by the saying "Nature works with dual force, but at rest she is a unit." Keely says success, to be obtained, only requires "A uniform speed under different velocities and the control of reversions."

It was in 1885 that he invented and constructed the Liberator, which is described as "not so large as a lady's small round work table." In 1886 he is said to have reduced this Liberator in size to "no larger than a dinner plate and only three or four inches in thickness." Up to this time his researches had consisted of liberation of the etheric vapor by sympathetic vibration. By means of later experiments he still further modified this instrument to the "size of an old fashioned silver watch."

At this time he states: "The draughts are nearly completed for the compound vibratory engine for continuous operation. The Liberator is as perfect as possible and if the outside adjuncts are in proper sympathy my struggles will soon be at an end."

The rapid percussion of the atmosphere caused by the action of his Liberator caused him to return to the use of water to avoid the dissipation of energy, which fell short of the theoretical result.

In 1888 he announced that he had proved the uselessness of attempting to build an engine employing the ether as a motive power, such as we use in steam or electricity, stating that it could only be used as a medium for energy. This he later attempted to accomplish in his magnetic engine.

He elaborated a vibratory system of inducting great range of molecular oscillation in metallic masses by means of sympathetic negative attraction thereafter, by periodic change of vibration of their neutral centers, instantly depolarizing them.

Previous to 1888 he had tried in vain to construct an engine that could hold the ether in a "rotating circle of etheric force." At the end of that year he abandoned the idea of his "perfect engine" and thereafter devoted himself to researches. He was then furnished finely made instruments in place of the home made instruments he had heretofore used. Up to 1888 he had not been able to control reversions or obtain continuity of motion. For nearly fifteen years he had constructed engines of different models in attempting to control or use ether as we now use steam before he discovered this was impossible. In his magnetic engine he thereafter sought to use the ether merely as a medium for "sympathetic vibration associated with the polar stream positively and negatively."

Principally by means of differential vibratory settings of silver, gold and platinum (his Trexar) Keely antagonized the polar stream, imitating the readjustment of Nature in equating "sympathetic disturbance" in her "terrestrial ranges" and the "revitalization of what is continually displaced by negative dispersion."

October 1, 1887 he writes, "I see no possibility of failure as I have demonstrated so far as I have gone, that every one of my theories is correct in every particular. If my 'depolarizer' is perfect I will be prepared to demonstrate the truth of disintegration, aerial suspension and dissociation."

His revolving musical globe, which seems to have been the only successful instrument in continuous operation, which he ever made, he never considered or intended to be used as a source of power. It was only constructed to prove the correctness of his theory regarding sound and for demonstration purposes.

In demonstrating the overcoming of gravity, Keely used an air-ship model weighing about eight pounds. When the differential wire of silver and platinum (Bixar) was attached, thereby establishing communication with the sympathetic transmitter, it rose, descended or remained stationery midway in the air, floating as gently as thistledown on the air.

On another occasion, using certain appliances and a belt, Keely moved single handed an engine which was so heavy that engineers said it could not possibly have been moved except with a derrick, and that this would have required the removal of the roof." The Snell Manuscript

Keely Motor Photo Gallery
Keely's Machines photos

Keely's discoveries embrace the manner of obtaining the keynote, or "chord of mass," of mineral, vegetable and animal substance, therefore the construction of instruments by which this law can be utilized is only a question of full understanding of operation of this law. [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 3]

Mr. Keely gives a few introductory words concerning the necessary graduating of his instruments, for effecting conditions necessary to ensure perfect sympathetic transmission which serve to show the difficulties... attendant upon getting his machines under control and equate the differentiation in molecular masses, requiring greater skill than in researching the force of a sunbeam. He writes: "The differentiation in the molecular metallic masses, or grouping, is brought about in their manipulations in manufacturing them for commercial uses; in the forging of a piece of metal, the drawing of a length of wire, and in casting a molten mass of any form. [Snell Manuscript - The Book, GRADUATION OF MACHINES, page 5]

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