Brass Resonants

When Mr. Keely began to put what he calls the "liberator" together, the shop was in disorder. Pieces of the "liberator" lie about in every direction. The "liberator" weight about seventy-five pounds, and is the producer of the force that, it is claimed, will furnish power to the extent of 10 tons to the square inch. It is composed of brass resonants, steel tuning forks, and two or three steel and brass dials. It is about as queer looking a piece of mechanism as could be found anywhere. The object in having the "liberator" apart was to show the spectators that there was no bidden power secreted about the machine. When, after a half hour, Mr. Keely had connected all the parts, the spectators were no wiser than when he began. Secretary Schuelermann went out and got a quarter's worth of lubricating oil, and Mr. Keely poured some of it on the piston of a big lever, then with a little copper tube he connected the liberator with the lever. With a violin bow he tested the vibrator by drawing the bow over the tuning forks. Then he let out the air in the two-pint tube under the liberator, and said he was ready to charge the little tube with vibrating power to the extent of ten tons to the square inch.

The visitors looked on in mystified silence as the inventor, with beads of perspiration on his forehead, explained that the piston of the lever was a half square inch in area, and that it took 1,600 pounds pressure on the half square inch of area to raise the bare lever. He also explained that with the liberator he used no water, but got an etheric force from the atmosphere by vibratory action, which is accomplished with the liberator, and that there was no impingement or abutment or visible exhaust from the pressure, except a slight sound. The scientists looked wise and nodded their heads as if they were thoroughly familiar with what they saw. Mr. Keely went on to explain the use of the forty brass resonants, arranged in a circle on the liberator, and with a funny looking horn, which he called a vibraphone, be tested the nodal line and ventral segments. [Motor Keely Gets Angry]

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