17.15 - Theory of Vibratory Lift for Air-ships

"All molecular masses of terrestrial matter are composed of the ultimate ether, - from which all things originally emanated. They are sympathetically drawn towards the earth's centre, as according to the density of their molecular aggregation, minus their force or sympathetic outreach towards celestial association. In other words, the celestial flow as controlling terrestrial physical organisms.

"The sympathetic outflow from the celestial streams reaches the infinite depths of all the diversified forms of matter. Thus it is seen that the celestial flow which permeates, to its atomic depths, the terrestrial convolutions of all matter, forms the exact sympathetic parallel to the human brain-flow and the physical organism, - a perfect connective link of controlling sympathy, or sympathetic control. Under certain orders of sympathetic vibration, polar and anti-polar, the attractive sympathies of either stream can be intensified, so as to give the predominance to the celestial or to the terrestrial.

"If the predominance be given to the celestial, to a certain degree, on a mass of metal, if will ascend from the earth's surface, toward the Etheric field, with a velocity as according to the dominant concentration that is brought to bear on the negative thirds of its mass chords, by inducing high radiation from their neutral centers, in combination with the power of the celestial attractive.

Keely's Air-ship or Aerial Navigator
Keely's Air-ship or Aerial Navigator

"The power of the terrestrial propulsive and celestial attractive to lift; and these conditions reversed, of the celestial propulsive and the terrestrial attractive, to descend. Associating these conditions with the one of corpuscular bombardment, it is evident to me with what perfection an air-ship of any number of tons weight can, when my system is completed, be controlled in all the varied movements necessary for complete commercial use at any desired elevation, and at any desired speed. It can float off into atmospheric space as gentle in motion as thistle-down, or with a velocity out rivalling a cyclone." [Keely, Keely and His Discoveries]

See Latent Force and Theory of Vibratory Lift for Airships for complete article.

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