Keely and His Discoveries

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book by Clara Jessup Bloom-field Moore, published in 1893. This book is a compilation of articles she had written to various newspapers and magazines prior to 1893. Usually these original articles were edited going into the book. Many of the attached articles/chapters are the original unedited articles which I had found in diverse libraries in the early 1980s. [see Chronology, Keely Chronology]

Chapter I - Introductory, 1872-1882
Chapter II - 1882 to 1886, Ether The True Protoplasm, An Epitome of Macvicar's Sketch of a Philosophy.
Chapter III - 1885 to 1887, The Nature of Keelys Problems
Chapter IV - 1887, Sympathetic Vibratory Force
Chapter V - Etheric Vibration. - The Key Force
Chapter VI - The Fountain Head of Force
Chapter VII - The Key to the Problems. - Keelys Secrets
Chapter VIII - 1888, Helpers on the Road and Hinderers
Chapter IX - 1889 to 1890, Keely Supported by Eminent Men of Science. - Aerial Navigation
Chapter X - 1881 to 1891, The Keely Motor Bubble - Macvicar's Logical Analysis
Chapter XI - 1890, Vibratory Sympathetic and Polar Flows - Keely's Contributions to Science.
Chapter XII - 1891, Vibratory Physics - True Science
Chapter XIII - 1891, More Science
Chapter XIV - Vibratory Physics - The Connecting Link between Mind and Matter
Chapter XV - The Philosophy of History - Keely the Founder of a System
Chapter XVI - 1891, An Appeal in Behalf of the Continuance of Keelys Researches
Chapter XVII - 1891, More on Keelys Theories. His Traducers Exposed.
Chapter XVIII - A Pioneer in an Unknown Realm.
Chapter XIX - Latent Force in Interstitial Spaces. - Electro-Magnetic Radiation. - Molecular Dissociation. By John Ernst Worrell Keely.
Chapter XX - 1892, Progressive Science. - Keely's Present Position. - A Review of the Situation.
Chapter XXI - Faith by Science - The Dawn of a New Order of Things.
Conclusion - Keelys Physical Philosophy - By Professor D. G. Brinton, M.D., of the University of Pennsylvania.
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The most authoritative biography of John Ernst Worrell Keely and his work. Written by the woman who financed his work for over ten years and understood Keely and his science. This volume is a chronology of his work and life from 1872 through 1892. The book is a compilation of edited articles she had written during those years. This title has gone through any number of printings since it was first published in 1893.

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