Eye Witness Accounts

Some eye witness accounts of Keely's demonstrations and experiments. Not all of these entries are actual eye-ball eye witness accounts. Some are from people who knew Keely or knew of his work and to some degree understood it.

Andrew, Rev. John

Apergy - Power Without Cost
Aqueous Disintegration


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Blavatsky, [The Coming Force]

  • "The sympathetic vibratory force discovered by Keely will be quite sufficient to make him the greatest discoverer of this age."

H. P. Blavatsky, [The Secret Doctrine, 1888]

  • "Mr. Keely being greatly favored in this respect, and moreover, besides his psychic temperament, being intellectually a genius in mechanics, may thus achieve most wonderful results. He has achieved some already more than any mortal man, not initiated into the final mysteries, has achieved in this age up to the present day. What he has done is certainly quite sufficient "to demolish with the hammer of Science the idols of Science" the idols of matter with the feet of clay, as his friends justly predict and say of him." [The Coming Force]
  • "This "New Force," or whatever science may call it, the effects of which are undeniable admitted by more than one naturalist and physicist who has visited Mr. Keely's laboratory and witnessed personally its tremendous effects..." [The Coming Force]
  • "Mr. Keely, of Philadelphia, was, and still is, at the threshold of some of the greatest secrets of the Universe;..." [HPB, Secret Doctrine, vol. 1, first published 1888, Theosophical University Press 1974, p. 556]


Bowne, Dean of the Boston University

Brinton, Professor Daniel Brinton, University of Pennsylvania

  • Laws of Being, Brinton's synapsis of Keely's foundation ideas
  • "Mr. Keely has a coherent and intelligent theory of things, or philosophy, on which he lays out his work and proceeds in his experiments". [An Appeal in Behalf of the Continuance of Keelys Researches]
  • "Keely's paper on latent Force in intermolecular spaces is clear enough and instructive, but the average reader will find its perusal up-hill work, from lack of preliminary teachings. Naturally, Mr. Keely, whose mind has been busy with this topic for years and is more familiar with it than with any other, does not appreciate how blankly ignorant of it is the average reader. Also, naturally, he writes above the heads of his audience". [An Appeal in Behalf of the Continuance of Keelys Researches]
  • "Mr. Keely's vibratory theory is so simple, beautiful and comprehensive, that I hope it will be proved experimentally to be true. To me, all commercial and practical results, motors, engines, air-ships, are of no importance by the side of the theoretical truth of the demonstration of this cosmic force.......". [The Connecting Link Between Mind and Matter - Keelys Progress - Part 2]
  • "All that is needed now is to show that Keely's experiments sustain the principles that underlie these hypotheses. As soon as Prof. Koenig is prepared to report on the purely technical and physical character of the experiments, I shall be ready to go into full details as to their significance in reference to both matter and mind. It will be enough for me if Dr. Koenig is enabled simply to say that the force handled by Keely is not any one of the already well-known forces. Let him say that, and I will undertake to say what it is". [The Connecting Link Between Mind and Matter - Keelys Progress - Part 2]
  • "It is so simple, beautiful and comprehensive in its vibratory theory that I hope it will be found experimentally to be true. To me all commercial and practical results, motors, air-ships, engines are of no importance by the side of the theoretical truth of the demonstrations of this cosmic force. As soon as Dr. Koenig is prepared to report on the purely technical and physical character of the experiments, I shall be, in fact I am, ready to go into full details as to their significance in reference to both matter and mind. It will be enough for me if Dr. Koenig is able to say that the force handled by Keely is not gravity, electricity, magnetism, compressed air, nor other of the well-known forces. Let him say that, and I will undertake to say what the force is." [Progressive Science]

Collier, Charles B.

  • "If today, for the first time in your lives, you saw a harp, attuned and being played upon, and the science of music was unknown to you, you would hardly expect, without considerable time and study, to be able to reproduce the harp, attune its strings in proper relation to each other, and to play upon it so as to produce the harmonies which you had listened to. Mr. Keely's work is analogous to the illustration which I have presented, inasmuch as he is dealing with the subject of sound, or acoustics, but in a much more involved form than as applied simply for the production of harmonies for the delight of the ear. Mr. Keely's engine is analogous to the mechanism of the human ear, in the respect that it is a structure operated upon, and its motion induced by vibration; and to the end of securing and attaining in and by it uniformity or regularity of motion, there must be perfect unison, or synchronism, as between it and his structure which is the prime source of vibration. To attain this perfect unison or synchronism, has involved unparalleled research and experiment upon his part "” experiments that have varied from day to day. No one, in my opinion, who had not stood by his side, as his shadow, watching every experiment, could have kept fully abreast of him. To pursue my simile, I may say that his harp (engine) is not yet perfectly attuned ("œgraduated"); when it is so, it will produce nothing but harmony (regularity of motion), and his work will be finished.
  • "At such time, I doubt not that he will be able to give to Mr. Boekel, myself or another, the scale with which to reconstruct and attune another apparatus so as to produce like results with it, but to go over the ground that he has gone over, to explore the wilderness in which he has been the pioneer, in other words, the study, to a full understanding of them, of his experiments and researches, as recorded in his writings and illustrated in the beautiful charts which he has produced, will be a work rather for scientists than for mechanicians or engineers". [Etheric Force Identified as Dynaspheric Force]

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Hall, A. Wilford editor, The Arena magazine
A Visit to Mr Keely - Astounding Performance of the Keely Motor, by Hall.

Hartmann, Franz

  • "Keely allowed Major Seaver to make, without hindrance or opposition, whatever investigations he wished. The Major in the end freely confessed that he could find no evidence of "hollow wires," compressed air or electric power used in any way in Keely's demonstrations." [19.07 - A Modern Wizard The Keely Motor And Its Inventor]
  • I have taken great interest in him (Keely) ever since I first heard of him in 1882. I believe that the world is entering into a new era of existence, and will become spiritualized from top to bottom. As gaslight has driven away, in part, the smoky petroleum lamp, and is about to be displaced by electricity, which in the course of time may be supplanted by magnetism, and as the power of steam has caused muscular labour to disappear to a certain extent, and will itself give way before the new vibratory force of Keely, likewise the orthodox medical quackery that now prevails will be dethroned by the employment of the finer forces of nature such as light, electricity, magnetism," [Etheric Force Identified as Dynaspheric Force, The Key to the Problems. - Keelys Secrets]

Hawthorne, Julian

  • "The condition of mankind, during the last quarter of the fifteenth century, bore some curious analogies to its state at present." writes Julian Hawthorne, under the heading, "The New Columbus." "A certain stage or epoch of human life seemed to have run its course and come to a stop. The impulses which had started it were exhausted. Once more, it seems, we have reached the limits of a dispensation, and are halted by a blank wall. There is no visible way over it, nor around it. We cannot stand still; still less can we turn back. What is to happen? What happens when an irresistible force encounters an impenetrable barrier? That was the question asked in Columbus' day, and he found an answer to it. Are we to expect the appearance of a new Columbus to answer it again? What Columbus can help us out of our dangers now? The time has come when the spirit of Columbus shall avouch itself, vindicating the patient purpose of Him who brings the flower from the seed. Great discoveries come when they are needed; never too early nor too late. When nothing else will serve the turn, then, and not till then, the rock opens and the spring gushes forth. Who that has considered the philosophy of the infinitely great and of the infinitely minute can doubt the inexhaustibleness of nature? And what is nature but the characteristic echo of the spirit of man? A prophet has arisen, during these latter days, in Philadelphia, who is commonly regarded as a charlatan; but men, cognizant of the latest advances of science, admit themselves unable to explain upon any known principles the effects he produces." [Faith by Science - The Dawn of a New Order of Things]
  • "At this point, I am tempted to introduce my own experience of Mr. Keely; but I am restrained by the reflection that I can lay no claim to exact scientific knowledge; and in a matter of this kind, where the thing examined pretends to be wholly novel and unprecedented, it is plain that exact knowledge is precisely what is indispensable. At the time of my visit to the scene of the much-debated phenomena, however, I found myself in company with two or three men of acknowledged scientific attainments, who candidly confessed themselves as little competent as I was to devise an explanation of what Mr. Keely showed us. Movements took place which there were no visible or hitherto recognized means of accounting for. A heavy metallic sphere revolved at great speed; an isolated compass needle did the same; weights immersed in a tall glass jar filled with water rose upward and sank again, or rested mid way. And all that Mr. Keely did was to tinker with a stringed musical machine, fitted with singular appliances, and to blow upon a small mouth organ at intervals. The assumption appeared to be that musical notes produced vibrations which affected the "chords of mass" of the things operated on, and the "polar currents" were in some manner induced to participate in the strange results. I know nothing about that; what I know is, that the things which took place were not caused, so far as I or the scientific gentlemen present could detect, by either steam, electricity, or compressed air. Meanwhile, Mr. Keely asserted that the efficient cause was a discovery of his own; and so far as I was concerned, he might as well have stopped there, inasmuch as I was able neither to contradict him, nor to comprehend a word of the alleged explanations wherewith he favored the company.
  • "On the other hand, the man himself was open to my inspection, and I am bound to admit that he impressed me as being a personage of secretive and eccentric character, but withal honest in his professions, and an uncompromising fanatic in his pursuits. There was an expression of gloomy triumph and challenge in his swarthy and rugged countenance, as he wheeled round in his chair and faced us, when he had accomplished the achievement promised us; and I fancied he was not insensible to an emotion of enjoyment of our undisguised perplexity over what was happening. "Which of you convinceth me of humbug?" he seemed to ask. Keely is not a man to be easily fathomed or read; he is involved and dark in speech; but there was nothing in his dingy and shabby little room which was not freely open to our examination and question, and he had the air of one who had steeled himself against incredulity in his examiners, but who felt nevertheless the deepest inward conviction that he was right, and that it was a question of time only when this should be triumphantly vindicated before all the world. But I think he rather likes to mystify people, and is by no means averse from snubbing those who come to him with intent to "expose" him. If I am right, he certainly cannot be accused of observing the conciliating policy which would be the only sensible one for him under his present circumstances.
  • "But when I picture to myself a man in the tremendous situation which Keely professes to occupy "” that of holding in his hands, and being on the brink of reducing to practical conditions, a power that can be measured only by the energy of the planet itself, illimitable and inexhaustible; when I see him toiling for half a lifetime at his gigantic theme, facing all manner of disbelief and scoffing, unable to reply adequately or to express himself in available language, I am free to admit that I cannot ask such a man to conform to ordinary conditions of conduct or manner, or to appear in any respect orthodox, commonplace, and ingratiating. His attitude and office are unique, and it is not for us to set down the pegs that make his music. And such man as this, so nearly as I could judge, Keely did seem to me to be.
  • "It is some years since I saw him, but he has been recalled to my special thought by the appearance of a book called "Keely and His Discoveries," written by the brave woman who has stood by him and believed in him when he would otherwise have been left nearly or quite without a friend. She has helped him morally and substantially, and her book is, among other things, an assurance that she sees more cause to have faith in him now than ever before. She writes with the generous enthusiasm of her sex; but she knows more about the subject than any one else, except Keely himself, and her statements, illustrations, and arguments are worthy of serious consideration. The matter is second in importance to no other; and if, as seems to me more than probable, CJBM| is justified in her belief, then it shall fare well with those who are not afraid, at this stage of the game, to investigate dispassionately and diligently the grounds upon which her faith is based." [See Scientific Creation]


Henri Hertz, after examining them, to say in 1889:

  • "No man who is working on these lines, with such instruments, is a fraud. I cannot help him; no one can help him; he must work out his system alone, and when it is completed, we can pursue our researches on the same line. I thought Keely was working, as I am, with an electrical machine and wires. I had no idea of these wonderful instruments." [Newton of the Mind]
  • If we have imprisoned the ether without knowing it, why may not Keely have done the same? See Aerial Navigation

Keely and His Discoveries, Bloomfield-Moore - chronological compilation of her articles into a book.

Keely Supported by Eminent Men of Science, Bloomfield-Moore

Keelys Contributions to Science

Keelys Discoveries, Bloomfield-Moore - full text of a rare 1890 pamphlet by Bloomfield-Moore detailing reactions of contemporary scientists to Keely's discoveries.

Koenig Professor, University of Pennsylvania


  • "..the door which prejudice has declared to be shut and bolted is even now ajar, and gleams of light are struggling over the threshold from Keely's discoveries." Dogmatism of Science
  • May 1st, 1896. "From a lengthened personal examination of Mr. Keely's appliances, I am distinctly of the opinion that he has discovered a force hitherto absolutely unknown to science, and that he holds within his grasp a driving power, or means of performing mechanical work, which might be called illimitable. (Signed) W. Lascelles-Scott [19.07 - A Modern Wizard The Keely Motor And Its Inventor]

Laws of Being, Brinton Professor Daniel Brinton, University of Pennsylvania

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Leidy, Professor, University of Pennsylvania

  • One of the leading scientists of America, Dr. Joseph Leidy, LL.D of the University of Pennsylvania, surprised the thinking world in 1889 by coming forward publicly as a supporter of the inventor of the famous "Keely Motor."
  • "Having had the opportunity of seeing Mr. John Keely's experiments, it has appeared to me that he has command of some unknown force of most wonderful mechanical power." (Signed) Joseph Leidy. [Keely Supported by Eminent Men of Science]
  • "Mr. Keely has demonstrated he has discovered a vibratory force previously unknown to science... which, when applied to machinery, must superseded all ordinary appliances." Professor Joseph Leidy, MD, 1890 [Vibratory Physics - True Science, Keely and Science - Part 1]
  • "After having had the opportunity of witnessing a series of experiments made by Mr. John Keely, illustrative of a reputed new motor power, it has appeared to me that he has fairly demonstrated the discovery of a force previously unknown to science. I have no theory to account for the phenomena observed, but I believe Mr. Keely to be honest in his attempt to explain them. His demonstrations appear to indicate great mechanical power, which, when applied to appropriate machinery, must supersede all ordinary appliances." [Joseph Leidy. April 8th, 1890.]
  • "Some day," said Dr. Leidy, "I suppose a young lady will be able to play on the piano and set her father's mill to grinding. I see no possible source of deception. This demonstration is wonderful. There is no explanation of the effect thus produced except by a vibratory force, such as Keely assigns as the cause." Dr. Leidy spoke with an air of conviction.

"Would you care to be quoted to that effect?" he was asked.

"I have no objection." said he. [Pittsburg Dispatch April 07-1890, Keelys Secret - He Explains His Mystic Force]

As Dr. Leidy turned away he said with authority and with the full understanding that he was speaking for publication: "You may announce to the world on my authority that John E. W. Keely has discovered a new and wonderful force." [Pittsburg Dispatch April 07-1890]

Leidy and Wilcox Visit Keelys Lab

"Having witnessed Keely's experiments in sympathetic vibration, I am satisfied he has made new and important demonstrations of natural forces not explained by known physical laws." [Dr. James M. Wilcox, PhD, 1890]

Lorimer, John H.

  • "The existence of a discovery or invention which, from evidences of its adaptability (when complete) to the industrial arts and sciences, may be esteemed the most valuable discovery of civilization in modern or in ancient times, inasmuch as it revolutionizes all known methods of generating power." Keely and Science - Part 2
  • "And now, in conclusion, I may say to you that the above deductions from the history of your motor are the result of patient and laborious inquiry on my part, and I am truly at a loss to understand how, or in what manner, other than that herein suggested, you can honourably vindicate your position; and as no one I have met connected with the enterprise, or personally acquainted with you, hesitates for an instant in crediting you with the most unswerving integrity, I have no hesitation in offering the above suggestions for your consideration; and I trust you will so far adopt them as to enable the active portion of your friends to bring the organization rapidly into harmonious accord with you in the development of what all seem to think is the greatest wonder of our civilization, the early completion of which will lift you to the highest pinnacle of fame as a scientist, and make them co-dispensers with you of the God-given wealth of which you hold the key." The date is 10th of February, 1881. The Keely Motor Bubble

  • [Minority Report to the Stockholders of the Keely Motor Company from the Board of Directors]
  • "The spectacle of a Board of thirteen Directors, composed of business men claiming that they have been foiled in their business calculations by a man whose mind has been so thoroughly absorbed in researching the problems presented by his wonderful discoveries that he could not possibly compare with any of them in business tact, is truly a phenomenon which is not easy of explanation on any hypothesis, but the one that their visions of prospective wealth have been so overpowering as to undo their prudence; and then having in due process of time discovered their error, it certainly is an edifying spectacle to see them now trying to throw all the blame on one poor mortal wholly absorbed in his inventions, and by these efforts disturbing that mental equilibrium of both the inventor and themselves, which is absolutely necessary to ultimate success. When boys, in early summer, pick unripe fruit and eat it, because of their unwillingness to await the ripening thereof, they sometimes suffer acutely for their haste. Yet no one ever thinks of punishing the tree because of their sufferings; nor is it deemed necessary to justice to preserve the fruit of the tree, when ripe, for the sole use of the impatient ones as a recompense for their early sufferings! So it has been with the Keely Motor Company; undue haste to gather the golden fruit that was to come from it, has led to a great deal of suffering financially among a few impatient believers. Still it does not seem to me too wise to curse the inventor, or his inventions because he has not given us the fruit when we expected it would be ripe." The Keely Motor Bubble

New York Truth, 3rd July, 1890.

  • "I think it is safe, for even the most conservative and pig-headed of scientists, to admit that Keely, the condemned, the scoffed at, the derided, the man whom every picayune peddler called charlatan because he could not harness the hitherto undiscovered forces of ether in less time than one might hitch up a mule, is the most original and the most straightforward of inventors, and that in his own good time he will give to the world a power that will throw steam and electricity into disuse, open the realms of air as a public highway for man, and send great ships careering over ocean with a power developed by sound. His theory of etheric vibration is now conclusively established, and it is only a question of time and material that delays its use as a servant to man. The fact is patent, so that he who runs may read, but the ox must have the yoke, the horse the collar, the engine the cylinder, and the dynamo the coil, ere they can work their wonders. While Keely was hampered by mere tradesmen, who only looked to the immediate recoupment of their outlay, men more anxious for dividends than discoveries, he could do little save turn showman, and exhibit his partial control of the harmonies of nature as springs catch woodcocks, and was forced to open his crude contrivances to divert the eternal will of the cosmos to work-a-day uses, that he might coax from the greed and credulity of mere mammon worshippers the sorely grudged means to continue his exploration of the infinite. His genius was prisoned in a test tube, and only let out to play monkey tricks before muddleheaded merchants, who could see the effect, but not the means, and so the greatest discovery of the age was turned into a raree show, and the eternal music of the spheres was set, figuratively speaking, to play tunes to attract custom like a barrow organ before a dime museum."

Oliphant, Laurence

  • Recent scientific research has proved conclusively that all force is atomic "” that electricity consists of files of particles, and that the interstellar spaces contain substances, whether it be called ether or astral fluid (or by any other name), which is composed of atoms, because it is not possible to dissever force from its transmitting medium. The whole universe, therefore, and all that it contains, consists of matter in motion, and is animated by a vital principle which we call God.
  • Science has further discovered that these atoms are severally encompassed by an ethereal substance which prevents their touching each other, and to this circumambient, interatomic element they have given the name of dynasphere; but, inasmuch as has further been found, that in these dynaspheres there resides a tremendous potency, it is evident that they also must contain atoms, and that these atoms must in their turn be surrounded by dynaspheres, which again contain atoms, and so on ad infinitum.
  • "Matter thus becomes infinite and indestructible, and the force which pervades it persistent and everlasting.
  • This dynaspheric force, which is also called etheric, is conditioned as to its nature on the quality of the atoms which form its transmitting media; and which are infinite both in variety and in their combinations. They may, however, be broadly divided into two categories; viz., the sentient and the non-sentient atoms. Dynaspheric force, composed of non-sentient atoms, is the force that has been already mechanically applied by Mr. Keely to his motor; and which will probably, ere long, supersede the agencies now used for locomotive, projectile, and other purposes. When the laws which govern it come to be understood it will produce materially a great commercial and industrial revolution. There is no hard-and-fast line between the sentient and the non-sentient atoms; just as zoophytes are a connecting link between the animal and vegetable creation, so there is a graduated scale of atoms, between atoms which although animated by the divine life are not sentient, and those which are as highly developed, relatively to them, as man is to a cabbage. [Etheric Force Identified as Dynaspheric Force]
  • "The most remarkable illustration of the stupendous energy of atomic vibratory force is to be found in that singular apparatus in Philadelphia” which for the last fifteen years has excited in turn the amazement, the scepticism, the admiration, and the ridicule of those who have examined it” called 'Keely's Motor'.
  • "In the practical land of its origin, it has popularly been esteemed a fraud. I have not examined it personally, but I believe it to be based upon a sound principle of dynamics, and to be probably the first of a series of discoveries destined to revolutionize all existing mechanical theories, and many of the principles upon which they are founded".
  • "Those who are sufficiently unprejudiced to connect the bearings of this discovery, of what must be dynaspheric force, with phenomena which have hitherto been regarded as supernatural by the ignorant, will perceive how rapidly we are bridging over the chasm which has divided the seen from the unseen, obliterating the distinction between 'matter' and what has most erroneously been called 'spirit' ". [Etheric Force Identified as Dynaspheric Force]


  • "The famous Keely motor, which has been hovering the horizon of success for a decade, is but an attempt to repeat in an engine of metal the play of forces which goes on at the inmost focus of life, the human will, or in the cosmic spaces occupied only by the ultimate atoms. The engineer with his mallet shooting the cannon-ball by means of a few light taps on a receiver of depolarized atoms of water is only re-enacting the role of the will when with subtle blows it sets the nerve aura in vibration, and this goes on multiplying in force and sweep of muscle until the ball is thrown from the hand with a power proportionate to the one-man machinery. The inventor Keely seeks a more effective machinery; a combination of thousands of will-forces in a single arm, as it were. But he keeps the same vibrating principle, and the power in both cases is psychical. That is, in its last analysis." - [George Perry]

Plum, Rev. Albert Plum

  • if Keely were to die tomorrow, it might be a hundred years before another mind would arise able to complete his work;" [Rev. Albert Plum, circa 1894 19.05.11 - Dr. Plums Visit to Keelys Laboratory]
  • The Reverend Albert H. Plumb, of Roxbury, Mass., who has followed Mr. Keely's efforts, to obtain control of the unknown force which he discovered more than twenty years ago, up to his present successful demonstration before scientists, says: "Neither theological science nor any department of physical science, as it lies in the divine mind, is exactly expressed in any human system; yet no knowledge is to be decried nor despised, least of all in the highest realms of thought. The agnostic makes the mistake of confounding exhaustive knowledge with positive knowledge in declaring both unattainable. We can know positively that a thing is, if not how or why it is. As Gladstone says, 'Our hands can lay hold of truths which our arms cannot embrace. We can apprehend what we cannot comprehend.' If Keely should die, I fear no one could understand his writings. Every day we read of distinguished men dieing. The other day a men carried with him into the grave his secret for the cheap production of aluminium. No one man entrusted by Providence with high interests has a right to allow a possibility of their sinking back, perhaps for ages, into the void of the unknown. Why not confine attention strictly to making the discovery practically intelligible to others, and thus securing to mankind the first steps by which the new force is evoked and controlled, and leave to later leisure the subtler relations of this power to the divine mind and to life?" [Keely Supported by Eminent Men of Science]


  • Mr. Keely begins with sounds whose vibrations can be known and registered. I presume that the laws of ratio, position, duality, and continuity, all the laws which go to mould the plastic air by plastic bodies into the sweetness of music, will also be found ruling and determining all in the high silence of interior vibrations, which hold together or shake asunder the combinations that we call atoms and ultimate elements. - [The Science of Music; D. C. Ramsay. Edited by the Rev. John Andrew. Marcus Ward & Co.]


  • "Professor Rogers, the highest authority we have, saw the operation of inducing these etheric vacuum and pronounced the result wonderful. He said that the scientific world would go down on its knees, if I produced only one pound of vacuum under the conditions named. I showed from one to fourteen lbs. during the evolutions." [Letter from Keely to Bloomfield-Moore]

Scientific Arena, Editor

  • "The confined vapour was passed through, one of the small flexible tubes to a steel cylinder on another table, in which a vertical piston was fitted so that its upper end bore against the underside of a powerful, weighted lever. The superficial area of this piston was equal to one-half of a square inch, and it acted as a movable fulcrum placed close to the hinged end of the short arm of this lever, whose weight alone required a pressure of 1,500 pounds to the square inch against the piston to lift it.''
Keely's Etheric Generator Producing High Pressures
Keely's Etheric Generator Producing High Pressures
  • "After testing the pressure by several small weights, added to that of the lever itself, in order to determine how much power had already been accumulated in the receiver, the maximum test was made by placing an iron weight of 580 pounds, by means of a differential pulley, on the extreme end of the long arm of the lever. To lift this weight, without that of the lever supporting it, would require a pressure against the piston of 18,900 pounds to the square inch, counting the difference in the length of the two arms and the area of the piston, which we, as well as several others present, accurately calculated. When all was ready, and the crowded gathering had formed as well as possible to see the test, Mr. Keely turned the valve-wheel, leading from the receiver to the flexible tube and through it into the steel cylinder beneath the piston, and simultaneously with the motion of his hand the weighted lever shot up against its stop, a distance of several inches, as if the great mass of iron had been only cork. Then, in order to assure ourselves of the full 25,000 pounds to the square inch claimed, we added most of our weight to the arm of the lever without forcing the piston back again.''
  • "After repeating this experiment till all expressed themselves satisfied, Mr Keely diverted his etheric gas to the exciting work of firing a cannon, into which he placed a leaden bullet about an inch in diameter. He conveyed the force from the receiver by the same kind of flexible copper tube, attaching one end of it to the breech of the gun. When all was again in readiness he gave a quick turn to the inlet valve, and a report like that of a small cannon followed, the ball passing through an inch board and flattening itself out to about three inches in diameter, showing the marvellous power and instantaneous action of this strange vapour.'' [Etheric Force Identified as Dynaspheric Force]


Some Truths about Keely

Rudolf Steiner

  • "The science of the future will be based on Sympathetic Vibrations." [Rudolf Steiner, 1913]
  • "Keely set his engine in motion with vibrations created in his own organism. Such vibrations depend on a person's moral nature. This is the first hint of a dawn for a technology of the future." (Rudolf Steiner, The Christian Mystery, lecture 1906, Completion Press 2000, pp. 29-30)
  • "... a driving force which can only be set in motion by the power of selfless love. It will be possible to use this power to drive machines, ..." [Rudolf Steiner, The Temple Legend, lecture 1906, Rudolf Steiner Press 1985, pp. 312]

The Statesman

  • "Keely's methods, and his failures, have combined to engender distrust and even arouse ridicule, but in the light of last Saturday's display before Professor Leidy and others it will not do to deny that Keely has discovered that which no other man has discovered." May 15th, 1890


  • "In Keely's early struggles, somewhere about twenty years ago, I became acquainted with him, and helped him then to the best of my ability. Indeed I may say that I was godfather to his discovery; for I was with him when the idea first entered his head that he could combine steam and water to run an engine. At that time he made a crude machine, which he actually ran for some time; and this was the original model of the Pneumatic-Pulsating-Vacuo-Engine, in the operation of which he discovered his present force. From that day to this he has been in pursuit of some method as a medium to use what he calls his etheric force with. That he has actually discovered a new force there is not a shadow of doubt. In those days I have known him to sell and pawn everything of value in his house to obtain means to continue his investigation with the money thus acquired; and I am sure that he will eventually give to the world the greatest boon that has been received by it since the advent of Christianity," etc., etc. [Mr. C. G. Till, of Brooklyn, New York: Progressive Science]


  • Having witnessed Keely's experiments in sympathetic vibration, I am satisfied he has made new and important demonstrations of natural forces not explained by known physical laws." [Dr. James M. Willcox, PhD, 1890]
  • "After having witnessed on several occasions and under favorable circumstances, Mr. Keely's experiments in what he terms sympathetic vibration, I am satisfied that he has made new and important demonstrations in physical science. He has made manifest the existence of natural forces that cannot be explained by any known physical laws, and has shown that he possesses over them a very considerable control." [JAMES M. WILLCOX. Philadelphia, April 8th, 1890.]
  • "J. M. Willcox, Ph.D., who was present, remarked "This experiment proves the truth of a fundamental law in scholastic philosophy, viz., that when one body attracts or seeks another body, it is not that the effect is the sum of effects produced by parts of one body upon parts of another, one aggregate of effects, but the result of the operation of one whole upon another whole."
  • Mr. Willcox remarked that no one who had witnessed all that they had seen in the line of associative vibration, under the same advantages, could assert any fraud on the part of Keely without convicting himself of the rankest folly. [Keelys Contributions to Science]

A list of many eye witnesses can be found in this original document: Keely Spinning Motor

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Clara Jessup Bloomfield-Moore
Etheric Force or Compressed Air
Keely and His Discoveries
Keely Supported by Eminent Men of Science
Keelys Accomplishments
Keelys Contributions to Science
Keelys Discoveries
Keelys Mechanical Inventions and Instruments
Leidy and Wilcox Visit Keelys Lab
Some Truths about Keely
The Keely Motor - Feats of Which it is Capable
Was Keely a Fraud?
19.07 - A Modern Wizard The Keely Motor And Its Inventor

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