Energy Field. The energy field in and around the human body, originating from the body and or mind. This field is not generally visible to the human senses. Discrete energies within this field may be detectable with certain sensitive instruments. Hubbard recognized this field as electrical which is the basis of his biophysics. We also know this field has infrared and ultraviolet emanations which are measurable with appropriate instruments sensitive to those frequency ranges.

"There is no missing link in the evolution theory, as laid down in Keely's pure philosophy. Inasmuch as the Father of all is Himself a Spiritual Being, cosmical law leads us to expect that the type of created being, His offspring, shall be spirit also. Nor can Being in any object be so attenuated, or so far removed from Him who filleth all in all, but it must surely retain an aura of His spiritual nature. The corner-stone of this philosophy is one power, one law; order and method reigning throughout creation; spirit controlling matter, as the Divine order and law of creation that the spiritual should govern the material - that the whole realm of matter should be under the dominion of the world of spirit. Nor is this a new truth. According to Diogenes Laertius, Thales taught that souls are the motive forces of the universe." [True Science]

"The famous Keely motor, which has been hovering the horizon of success for a decade, is but an attempt to repeat in an engine of metal the play of forces which goes on at the inmost focus of life, the human will, or in the cosmic spaces occupied only by the ultimate atoms. The engineer with his mallet shooting the cannon-ball by means of a few light taps on a receiver of depolarized atoms of water is only re-enacting the role of the will when with subtle blows it sets the nerve aura in vibration, and this goes on multiplying in force and sweep of muscle until the ball is thrown from the hand with a power proportionate to the one-man machinery. The inventor Keely seeks a more effective machinery; a combination of thousands of will-forces in a single arm, as it were. But he keeps the same vibrating principle, and the power in both cases is psychical. That is, in its last analysis." - [George Perry, The Fountain Head of Force]

"Yes, we have the information which has been indicated through this channel respecting aura charts.

As we have given, an aura chart is the attempt to interpret the material experiences of individuals in their journey through the the earth; indicating, pictorially, as to that place in the earth of the individual activity, and - upon either the right or left - the sources from which the entity came into activity in the earthly or material consciousness. About same is symbolized, in the signs of the zodiac, as to that portion of body which was stressed through that particular period of activity.

By color certain activities are also symbolized, - for instance, black indicates the whole combination of all. For, to material interpretation, white is the absence of color, black is the combination of them all.

The dark blue indicates awakening; purple, healing; white, purity; gold, attaining. All of these and their varied shades indicate the activity; this applying to the stars as well as the sun or moon.

The sun indicates strength and life, while the moon indicates change - and in one direction indicating the singleness of that activity through an individual experience, - the variations being indicated by the variations in color.

Star, - the white, purity; the five-pointed, the whole senses of man indicated as attained to activity - the colors showing the variation; the forms of six, seven or eight pointed indicating the attainments, - as do the seven stars in a figure indicate the attaining to the seven particular centers in the body.

As for the whole chart, - the interpretation is more up to the artist - as to its beauty.

The study of the meaning of Aries, Saggitarius, Pisces, Libra, or any or all of such phases, would indicate the activity of the individual. For, remember, it is body manifestation, - some the feet, some the head, some the thigh, some the groin, some the bowels, some the breast, - some one and some another, see? these indicating the ACTIVITY of the individual."

Q-1: Please consider the drawing of the Temple Beautiful, which I hold in my hand, as interpreted by the artist from information given through this channel, and give such suggestions and corrections as may be necessary to help her to draw such when the aura chart calls for same.

A-1: This is very good. The figure, or the obelisk upon which the light is put, should be more in the shape of a six-sided figure than merely a spire. It is not the attempt, in the building of the Temple Beautiful, to indicate a spire but as a source of light through which that activity in the Temple aided the individuals as there was the activity or passivity through the periods of cleansing or purification of those necessary influences, of lack of influences, in the individual entity.

For, as has been indicated, the characteristics, or that attained by an individual, are indicated by the sign under which the entity enters an appearance. (This as a side note: Remember, those indicated in the charts that are accepted by most astrologers are some ten days behind. Thus we find some variations in the information indicated for individuals through these channels.)

Q-2: Is the size of the paper, the quality and colors correct for the aura charts that she has painted?

A-2: Whether you make the paper 2" wide or 2' wide, or 4', - that is to be the choice of the artist!

Q-3: In the aura chart [307-20] given March 15, 1942, for [307] a headdress as a band, on which V's were depicted, for the Atlantean period of the entity, - what do the V's mean?

A-3: Still means the same old thing as it has ever meant - VICTORY! There it meant the victory over self.

Q-4: Are the aura charts the same as the plaques of the Egyptian period which [993] and [294] each saw in a vision of some years ago, or what is the connection?

A-4: No. One is a life seal. One was of the plaques made for the individuals to be indicated. As has been given through these channels, oft individuals are given life seals. These vary quite a bit from even the figures in an aura chart. And at times they conform. But one is made for that as a study by the individual of those things wherein it failed or developed, and are to be as lessons - and that is why it has been given. This may become a helpful influence to the individual; while a plaque is usually as the reminder of some individual fact or act to be attained or discarded, and it is indicated in the information given respecting such. On the other hand, the aura chart - to those who would study same (for little comes of itself) - is for the individual until it has fully attained. Who has attained?

Then, study same oft, - analyzing them as to the significance, as to that given as the warning. For as He gave, he that would be forewarned would not allow his house to be broken up. Whose house? What house?

Thy body, thy mind, thy soul!

Q-5: How can the aura charts be made of the greater help in the present to the individual, either by study in groups or by lectures?

A-5: You've forgotten what we've just said! Read what has just been given! We are through." Cayce (5746-1)

Energy Emanations from the Body
Sound 4 - 15
Infrared 60 - 63
Light 64
Ultraviolet 65
Mind 84 -

Table of Energy Emanations from the Body

(octaves are approximate)

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Electromagnetic Scale in Octaves
(numbers and placement of octaves is general)

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For many years academic science in its experiments perceived a strange phenomenon corresponding to what we, as Rosicrucians, term the human aura—a magnetic radiation from the human body. But, finding no precedent for it in the known phenomena of which they had record, and also realizing that its apparent existence contradicted certain traditional theories, it was tabled—that is, not further considered. Such an attitude is one of conservatism at its worst.
There is a happy medium between conservatism and radicalism.
On the other hand, others in the scientific field also discovered this phenomenon at about the same time and jumped to conclusions as to its nature. They tried to fit it into personal and unfounded theories to prove their knowledge of the subject. Such an attitude is radicalism at its worst.
There was still a third school taking a middle course, recognizing the existence of the phenomenon and seeking in a scholarly and conscientious manner to determine its nature with an open mind. One of the leaders of such a school was Charles W. Littlefield, M.D., eminent physician and mystic. Below we quote from one of his works, showing you how he was endeavoring to determine the nature of the human aura and its value to man.
However, all during this period of experimentation and speculation the Rosicrucians had and were teaching a very definite explanation of the human aura and how man could employ it to his natural advantage. The subject was not new to the Rosicrucians and had been taught by them for many centuries. However, until a comparatively recent time, AMORC's statements with regard to the human aura were declared by these outside scientific investigators to be mystical postulations, philosophical speculations, and metaphysical abstractions. Now, however, the subject is becoming so well established and recognized by science that even departments of crime investigation have developed means of examining the human aura in their crime detection laboratories.
We tell you all these things so that you will know that what you are considering is not speculation, abstraction, or just a theoretical postulation.
Until we understand the fundamental Power of which the aura is composed, we cannot expect to arrive at a clear comprehension of the phenomenon which gives rise to its different manifestations.
The fundamental basis of which the aura of all living things is composed, is none other than that wonderful, life-giving principle of nature, which I have elsewhere called the vital force, and which I have shown to be magnetic in its nature. True, it is called by many writers “Life Essence,” “Vital Force,” “Principle of Energy,” etc., but no one has, heretofore, defined just what it is….
…the shade of color of the aura changes with change of mental states. This can only happen by change in vibration, because exactly the same vibration would give at all times exactly the same shade of color. Mental states, then, control by vibrations the color bands of the aura. This is an important discovery. [CHARLES W. LITTLEFIELD, M.D., 1859-1945]

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