noun: someone who has invented something or whose job is to invent things

"The famous Keely motor, which has been hovering the horizon of success for a decade, is but an attempt to repeat in an engine of metal the play of forces which goes on at the inmost focus of life, the human will, or in the cosmic spaces occupied only by the ultimate atoms. The engineer with his mallet shooting the cannon-ball by means of a few light taps on a receiver of depolarized atoms of water is only re-enacting the role of the will when with subtle blows it sets the nerve aura in vibration, and this goes on multiplying in force and sweep of muscle until the ball is thrown from the hand with a power proportionate to the one-man machinery. The inventor Keely seeks a more effective machinery; a combination of thousands of will-forces in a single arm, as it were. But he keeps the same vibrating principle, and the power in both cases is psychical. That is, in its last analysis." - [George Perry, The Fountain Head of Force]

"In such fields of research, Mr. Keely finds little leisure. Those who accuse him of "dilly-dallying," of idleness, of "always going to do and never doing," of "visionary plans," etc., etc., know nothing of the infinite patience, the persistent energy which for a quarter of a century has upheld him in his struggle to attain this end. Still less, if possible, is he understood by those who think he is seeking self-aggrandizement, fame, fortune, or glory.

The time is approaching when all who have sought to defame this discoverer and inventor, all who have stabbed him with unmerited accusations, all who have denounced him as "a bogus inventor," "a fraud," "an impostor," "a charlatan," "a modern Cagliostro," will be forced to acknowledge that he has done a giant's work for true science, even though he should not live to attain commercial success. But history will not forget that, in the nineteenth century, the story of Prometheus has been repeated, and that the greatest mind of the age, seeking to scale the heavens to bring down the light of truth for mankind, met with Prometheus's reward." [(Keely - Cure of Disease))]

Nikola Tesla
"BE alone, that is the secret of invention. Be alone that is when ideas are born." [Nikola Tesla]

".... I have made it my constant observation that the spirit of invention is of all ages, and that, however stupid or ignorant those doctors may be who have the direction of our minds and bodies, however industriously they may labour to establish the most senseless prejudices, so to banish common sense from amongst them, there will always be found some obscure personages, some artists endued with a superior degree of instinct, who invent admirable things, on which the learned afterwards reason." [Voltaire, in: "A Letter Concerning Roger Bacon," in: "The works of M. de Voltaire, Volume XIII," by Voltaire, edited by Tobias George Smollett, M. D. & Thomas Francklin, M. A. &c., Printed for J. Newbery, &c.: London, 1782 (pg. 237)]

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