"Passive patience, to be sure, has its place; but consider patience rather from the precepts of God's relationship to man: love unbounded is patience. Love manifested is patience. Endurance at times is patience, consistence ever is patience." Cayce (3161-1)

"With patience, comply with patience's laws, working together with love, purpose, faith, hope, charity; expressing them in your daily activities with those you meet." [Cayce (1968-5)]

"For in patience, as He gave, ye become aware of thy soul. For as the entity finds, we are body, we are mind, we are soul. The soul is in the image of God, thus eternal, everlasting. Life in its expression, then, in a mental and in a material world, is only a mental and material manifestation of the soul-entity; that which was brought into being as a part of Creative Forces. Thus it is eternal." Cayce (3459-1)

"And let patience and love be thy guide. For divine love is that which makes aware to the hearts and souls of men the presence of His love, of the Father being within!" Cayce (528-14)

"Then the awareness in patience, for this entity, is to become more and more aware of thy relationship to the Creative Forces. Do not grow anxious because those about thee deny thy faith. Only live it and be it; not in finding fault with others, not in condemning others." Cayce (3459-1)

"That primarily needed is patience, persistence and consistence - in an active, positive manner and not merely as a passive thing." [Cayce (3161-1)]

"How oft shall I forgive? Seven times? Yea, seventy times seven, that ye may know that which is builded in self. Through patience does the understanding come. Knowledge of itself is nothing. Remove self far from criticisms or fault-findings in others, and there comes then patience in word, deed and act. These are the BEGINNINGS, as it were, of wisdom." [Cayce 262-24]

"There should be ever CONSTRUCTIVE thought. There should be little of fear, for as the body expresses itself at times in its relationships to others, KEEP that attitude. Be more tolerant, be more patient, be more humble." [Cayce 257-168]

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