Creative Forces

Creative Forces or God, the Creative Forces are the syntropic Scalar aliquot parts activated into motion or materiality via spirit, Mind and Will - (Celestial Radiation).

"What you (Dale Pond) have done (with this presentation) is give physicists and scientists a way to deal with and accept Creation and the Creative Forces without using the word "God"." Jerry Williams

(Q) ‘Are music, poetry, art, just worldly and illusory?’
(A) ‘Know they are from the realms of creative energies which are from the Creator.’" [Cayce 5265-1)]

"Have more and know more of nature and of God's outdoors, rather than man's...For each blade of grass, each blossom, each tree, each crag, each mountain, each river, each lake is as a gift from the Creative Forces in man's experience that he may know more of the love of God." [Cayce 1248-1]

"Each soul enters so that it may make its paths straight. For they alone who walk the straight and narrow way may know themselves to be themselves, and yet one with the Creative Forces." [Cayce 2021-1]

"As life is the manifestation of the Creative Forces, and as the beauties of same manifest themselves in nature, in all of its songs and in all of its beauty of every character, so may the song of the heart find hope and peace!" [Cayce 1641-1]

"To make the will one with the Creative Energy should be the desire of EVERY being." [Cayce (78-3)]

"As life is the manifestation of the Creative Forces, and as the beauties of same manifest themselves in nature, in all of its songs and in all of its beauty of every character, so may the song of the heart find hope and peace!" [Cayce 1641-1]

"For it is only in [love] that one becomes, in materiality, aware of the closeness of relationship to the Creative Forces or God." [Cayce (1703-3)]

"MEDITATION means, then, the entering within self to seek for the Creative Forces…" [Cayce (1020-1)]

"They who would gain the greater will suffer the more. Those who would attain to a more perfect understanding of the true relationships of an individual to creative forces and using of same constructively, recognize the unfoldment of the mind through the experiences." [Cayce 5242-1]

". . . as the body may dedicate its life and its abilities to a definite service, to the Creative Forces, or God, there will be healing forces brought to the body.

This requires, then, that the mental attitude be such as to not only proclaim or announce a belief in the divine, and to promise to dedicate self to same, but the entity must consistently live such." [Cayce (3121-1)]

"Those who would attain to a more perfect understanding of the true relationships of an individual to Creative Forces and using of same constructively, recognize the unfoldment of the mind through the experiences." Cayce (5242-1)

"And know that nature is that from which man may take his lesson to learn of the Creative Forces..." Cayce (5214-1)

"Life is, in all its manifestations in every animate force, Creative Force in action; and is the love of expression - or expressing that life; truth becoming a result of life's love expressed. For, these are but names - unless experienced in the consciousness of each Soul." Cayce (262-46)

"For in patience, as He gave, ye become aware of thy soul. For as the entity finds, we are body, we are mind, we are soul. The soul is in the image of God, thus eternal, everlasting. Life in its expression, then, in a mental and in a material world, is only a mental and material manifestation of the soul-entity; that which was brought into being as a part of Creative Forces. Thus it is eternal." Cayce (3459-1)

"The joy, the peace, the happiness, that may be ours is in doing for the other fellow. For, gaining an understanding of the laws as pertain to right living in all its phases makes the mind in attune with Creative Forces, which are of His consciousness. So we may have that consciousness, by putting into action that we know." Cayce (262-3)

"His brethren, His individual selves are but the material manifestations of that Creative Force in a material world." Cayce (524-2)

"...that creative forces grow while destructive forces deteriorate." Cayce (1431-1)

"For, know all power, all influence that is of a creative nature is of the Father - God a manifestation. Not as an individual, not as a personality, but as good, as love, as law, as longsuffering, as patience, as brotherly love, as kindness, as gentleness; yet in all the beauties of nature - in the blush of the rose, in the baby's smile, in the song of the bird, in the ripple of the brook, in the wind, in the wave, in all of those influences or forces that bring to His creatures a consciousness of Life itself and its awareness and its activity in a material plane." Cayce (1276-1)

"For, only that which is creative or constructive in its nature draws, impels, attracts, or calls upon the influences from without that are of the creative nature." Cayce (2156-1)

"God seeks all to be one with Him. And as all things were made by Him, that which is the creative influence in every herb, mineral, vegetable, or individual activity is that same force ye call God - and seeks expression! Even as when God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. For, this is law; this is love." Cayce (294-202)

of the most purely spiritual dimension, which is transformed at the speed of lightning into movement and formation, through which the thing is forcibly turned inside out and is thus energised from within. On the other hand, this two-fold motion is also the origin of life, which on its part continually transforms itself both without and within.

If we should now succeed in maintaining any given substance - water, for instance - in constant state of change and transformation, then we are presented with the eternal, formative movement. This generates the creation-of-motion, which we can transform by indirect means into that which in today's terminology is described as 'energy'. With this we are well on the way to a technology that will usher in and order the coming bio-ecological age.

The basic principle of this natural technology is the frictionless motion that naturally and necessarily results from the creation-of-motion innate in evolution, which as it evolves to a higher state of organisation, automatically

[3] In Viktor Schauberger's writings in German, the prefix 'Ur' is often separated from the rest of the word by a hyphen, e.g. 'Ur-sache' in lieu of 'Ursache', when normally it would be joined. By this he intends to place a particular emphasis on the prefix, thus endowing it with a more profound meaning than the merely superficial. This prefix belongs not only to the German language, but in former times also to the English, a usage which has now lapsed. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, 'ur' denotes 'primitive', 'original', 'earliest', giving such examples as 'ur-Shakespeare' or 'ur-origin'. This begins to get to the root of Viktor's use of it and the deeper significance he placed upon it. If one expands upon the interpretation given in the Oxford English Dictionary, then the concepts of 'primordial', 'primeval', 'primal', 'fundamental', 'elementary', 'of first principle', come to mind, which further encompass such meanings as: — pertaining to the first age of the world, or of anything ancient; — pertaining to or existing from the earliest beginnings;- constituting the earliest beginning or starting point;- from which something else is derived, developed or depends;- applying to parts or structures in their earliest or rudimentary stage; — the first or earliest formed in the course of growth. To this can be added the concept of an 'ur-condition' or 'ur-state' of extremely high potential or potency, a latent evolutionary ripeness, which given the correct impulse can unloose all of Nature's innate creative forces. In the English text, therefore, the prefix 'ur' will also be used wherever it occurs in the original German and the reader is asked to bear the above in mind when reading what follows. — Ed.


vacates the place it occupied and in this way gives rise to the counter-motion of the surplanting body. [From Special Edition Mensch und Technik, Vol. 2, 1993, section 3.1]

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