15.19 - All forces in nature are mind forces

Shrodinger on Consciousness

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The Mind Forces function on the interetheric subdivision. See Mind Force the hidden Scalar Force

"This is the foundation stone of vibratory physics, that all force is mind force." [Vibratory Physics - The Connecting Link between Mind and Matter]

"The evolution of a volition, the infinite exciter, arouses the latent energy of the physical organism to do its work; differential orders of brain-force acting against each other under dual conditions. If there were no latent energy to arouse sympathetically, there would be no action in the physical frame; as all force is Will Force." [Keely and His Discoveries]

Cause and Its Effects
Cause and Its Effects

Gustave Le Bon
"I must point out, by the way - and this observation will explain many historical events - that it is not only physical, but many social phenomena which can be likewise defined by curves possessing the properties we have just stated, and in which consequently, very small changes in a cause may produce very great effects. This is owing to the fact that when a cause acts for a length of time in a same direction, its effects increase in geometrical progression, while the cause varies simply in arithmetical progression. Causes are the logarithms of effects." [Gustave Le Bon, The Evolution of Matter, page 194]

"All of the natural forces that you see about you are of God because they contain the energy which is the extension of His Thought." [Dialogue on Awakening], page 151; See Scalar

"All forces in nature are mind forces: magnetic, electric, galvanic, acoustic, solar, are all governed by the triune streams of celestial infinity; as also the molecular, intermolecular, atomic, and interatomic. The remote depths of all their acoustic centers become subservient to the third, sixth, and ninth position of the diatonic, harmonic and enharmonic chords; which, when resonantly induced, concentrate concordant harmony, by reducing their range of corpuscular motion, drawing them as if towards each other's neutral center of attractive infinity. [See Mind Force the hidden Scalar Force]

"The sympathetic acoustic exciters, or impulses, are; 1st the third diatonic; 2nd the harmonic sixths neutralizing affinity; 3rd the enharmonic ninths - positive acceleration, which induces infinite trajective velocity from neutral centers; in other words, neutral radiation.

"Every molecule in nature represents, without variation, the same chord. Variations that show up in the mass chord of different visible aggregations, are accounted for by the non-uniformity of their molecular groupings. If all were molecularly homogenous, the chord masses of all structures would be perfectly alike in their resonant impulses.

A computation of the conditions, already shown up in part, proves conclusively that the power of an electric magnetic wave at an Outreach of ten inches would be, if properly developed, equal to a lifting force of 36,000 pounds on a disk but three inches in diameter. Ten of such on the periphery of a vibratory disk, 36 inches in diameter, would represent 360,000 pounds actual lift at one revolution per minute. Perfect depolarization at 100 times per minute would represent 360,000,000 pounds, lifted twelve times per minute, or 1000 horse power in the same time. An excess of 100 extra revolutions, under the same conditions, would mean 2000 horse power per minute.

By this new system, to perfect which I am now devoting all my time and my energies, dynamos will become a thing of the past, eventually, and electric lighting will be conducted by a polar negative disk, independent of extraneous power to run it, other than that of sympathetic polar attraction, as simple in its construction almost, as an ordinary typewriting machine.

When the triple introductory impulse is transmitted towards the mass to be sensitized, it subserves the molecular concordant thirds and antagonizes the discordant sixths extending the range of their oscillating paths; and thus induces the highest order of repellant antagonism towards the center of neutral equilibrium.

"We will now follow out, in their progressive orders, the conditions necessary to give to these acoustic introductory impulses the power, as transmitted through the proper media, to induce molecular dissociation.

"First: If I wish to disturb and bring into action the latent force held in the embrace of any molecular mass, I first find out what the harmonic chord or note of its mass represents; and as no two masses are alike, it would seem to necessitate an infinite number of variations to operate on different masses; but such is not the case. All masses can be subserved to one general condition by the compound mechanical devices which I use for the purpose. We will suppose that the mass to be experimented upon, when chorded, represents B flat. Then, first, the negative radiating focalizing bar on the disk is liberated from its dampening rod, and associated with the magnetic defocalizing one. There are seven ranges of bars in all. (See symbol representing sympathetic transmissive chord of B flat, third octave on third diatonic.)

"The seven assemblings are in this order:

Figure 15.01 - Negative Radiating Focalizing Bar
Figure 15.01 - Negative Radiating Focalizing Bar

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Table 15.01 - Negative Radiating Focalizing Bar
terrestrial focalized centers
triple focalized action
9.7 - Neutral or Focal Centers

"The second step is to liberate, according to symbolic meaning, second harmonic bar on sixths, or neutralizing one, and third, enharmonic ninths, which is the one counting from negative sevenths. Now all is in readiness for the transmissive nodal wire, one end of which must be attached to the magnetic dispersing ring, over the negative ((sevenths cluster, and the other end to the high polar negative attractor. Then, one end of a transmitting wire, of very fine proportions of gold, silver and platina, is connected to the resonating sphere, and the other end to the mass to be experimented upon. I then give to the siren a rotatory impulse of a velocity to indicate the concordant of the mass attached. If the introductory settings are all right, the neutral center indicator will rotate with high velocity; and a single tap on the Chladni wave plate is all that is necessary to induce pure evolution.

"Either attraction or dispersion can be induced on any mass by setting the instrument to the proper triple introductory positions, towards the mass chords it represents, either positive or negative.

"This system of evolution might be expressed as disintegration induced by the intensified oscillations of interatomic electro-magnetic waves.

"How plainly this principle of harmonic sympathetic evolution indicates the structural condition of the atom as one of wonderfully complex form; as also is the progressive step toward it in the molecular and intermolecular field.

"During the effect induced by disintegration of molecular mineral masses, there is no molecular collision when forced asunder from their radiating centers of neutrality. Their atomic and interatomic centers seek their media of tenuous affinity in the far borders of the etheric field, leaving all metallic masses, that are associated with them, behind in their virgin form.

"Keynote of electro-magnetic sympathy, transmissive combinations, 3rds, on the subdivision of first octave B flat, diatonic, 6ths, on same subdivision of 3rds, octave harmonic; and 9ths, on the same subdivision of 6ths, octave enharmonic.

"I find that there is no medium in the range of vibratory philosophic research, that is as unerringly exact, towards the center of sympathetic attraction, as the negative attractive influence of a certain triple association of the metallic masses of gold, silver and platina. In fact they are as accurate indicators of the earth's terrestrial sympathetic envelope, and its triple focalized action towards the earth's neutral center, as the magnet is an indicator of the diversion of the attractive flow of the dominant current of the electrical stream. Although much has been written on the subject, the conditions attending the continuous flow of the magnet remains a problem that has never been solved by any other theory. Yet the solution is very simple when harmonic vibratory influence is brought to bear upon it.

"The harmonic attractive chord, thirds, induces a nodal interference on that third of the triune combination of the terrestrial envelope, that is immediately associated with this medium of interference, and moves towards the negative pole of the magnet, then flows through it to reassociate with the full triune combination, through the positive, thus:

Dominant Harmonic Enharmonic

The triune stream; one current of which is diverted from the Dominant, flowing in at the Negative end of the magnet; and out to join the triune terrestrial stream at the Positive end.

"The continuous flow of the magnet is merely a diversion of that portion of the terrestrial envelope that electricians have never controlled. This third current, of this triune stream, has never been subdivided and only slightly diverted towards the negative pole of the magnet, flowing unbrokenly back to associate sympathetically with the full triune combination of the earth's neutral force. Thus the problem is solved of the continuous and never ending force of the magnet, in carrying its load without any diminution of its energy. There is no influence, as yet known, that can break up its line of sympathetic flow as associated with the triune combination. Polarization and depolarization, in its action, is nodal negative interference, intermittently excited, inducing differential disturbance of polar sympathetic equilibrium. (Russell claims magnets are not attractive but it is the aliquot electric current that appears as attractive. This is not unlike the above Keely explanation.)

"Inter elemental electric energy is simply an over-balance electrically, and under-balance magnetically within each tonal system. These opposed and unequalized energies are locked into their respective states of opposition by opposing pressures.

Opposition is a characteristic appearance of all effects of motion. There are no opposites. The totals of any two opposing forces added together make one.

Electric lines of force approach each other at 180°.

Magnetic lines of force depart from the line of direction of electric and also of magnetic force at 180°.

Electric energy reproduces itself by induction, and dissipates itself by conduction at an angle of 90° to the lines of induction and conduction.

Matter is an illusion of substance due to states of opposing motion of the two apparently opposite forces of the one substance. The illusion of form and solidity intensifies as opposition increases toward maximum opposition line." Walter Russell, [The Universal One]

"The attractive power, evolved by a magnet in sustaining its load, is no evidence that it is molecularly attractive; for, under the influence of the dominant current of the electric stream, the range of its molecular mass is not extended; but by the action induced in atomic vibration, the latent, or undisturbed power, that is locked up in its atomic embrace, is put into sympathetic action, and evolves the force that is recognized as magnetic. When its exciter is removed, it returns to atomic recesses to remain perfectly latent, until again brought into action by its proper exciter." (This process described here is identical to the process Keely claims releases heat and light. The process also resembles Russell's Principle of Regeneration.)

"Science thinks of a force called magnetism which supposedly attracts and repels bodies of matter as a bar magnet attracts nails, and glass rubbed with flannel attracts or repels pithballs. The force which thus picks up nails is electricity, not magnetism. The steel of the bar holds the electric current long after the wires which produce it have been removed. The supposed magnetic force is the measurer and balancer of motion developed by the electric current and has no other relation to matter whatsoever. In fact it cannot be insulated against matter for balance is universal and cannot be insulated. What man thinks of as magnetism is God’s Law of Balance enforcing its law in this divided universe of two-way motion." [Russell, Home Study Course, 62 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 42.1]

"When a steel unmagnetized bar is associated with a magnetized one, the latent force in the unmagnetized one is sympathetically brought into action, associating itself to the magnetic one, without depreciating the power of it one iota. Dissociation and association between the two bars can go on indefinitely with the same result.

"The suspension and propelling of an atmospheric navigator of any number of tons weight, can be successfully accomplished by thus exciting the molecular mass of the metal it is constructed of; and the vibratory neutral negative attraction evolved, will bring it into perfect control, commercially, by keeping it in sympathy with the earth's triune polar stream. There is enough of this latent power locked up in the embrace of the iron ore, that is contained in our planet, which, if liberated and applied to proper vibratory machinery, would furnish force enough to run the commercial power of the world; leaving millions of times more to draw upon, as the needs increase. The velocity of the vibration governing the flow of the magnetic stream, comes under the head of the first interatomic, and ranges from 300,000 to 780,000 vibrations per second; the first order above odor permeating the molecules, of the glass plate of the compass (with the same facility that atmospheric air would go through an ordinary sieve through which it passes), to arouse sympathetically in the needle the concordant condition that harmonizes with its own. The course of this sympathetic flow is governed by the full harmonic chord; and, consequently, moves in straight lines; thus transmitting its sympathy free of molecular interferences.

Table 15.02 - Triune Polar Streams.
Table 15.02 - Triune Polar Streams.

"In reply to the question, "What do you include in the polar forces?" Keely answers, "Magnetism, electricity, and gravital sympathy; each stream composed of three currents, or triune streams, which make up the governing conditions of the controlling medium of the universe; the infinite ninths that I am now endeavoring to graduate to a sympathetic mechanical combination, will, if I succeed, close my researches in sympathetic physics, and complete my system. These sympathetic streams from celestial space, percussing on the dense atmospheric environment of our earth, by their infinite velocities, wrest from their atomic confinement the latent energies which we call heat and light." [KEELYS PHYSICAL PHILOSOPHY - Snell]

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"The order of vibration associated with the transmission of odor acts by sympathetic negative interference; and, consequently, moves in circles, with a velocity of 220,000 per second, at least.

"If in any way the circle of its rotatory diameter could be reduced to that of its corpuscular structure, then a bottle containing an odorous substance, though sealed as hermetically as an Edison light bulb, could no more confine its corpuscles than an open chimney the smoke ascending from the fire burning at its base.

"The sympathetic influence of the terrestrial envelope gets its introductory impulse from the infinite depths of the earth's neutral center. This impulse radiates in undulating lines far enough into etheric space to become sympathetically associated with the etheric (or Infinite) under the same conditions that associate the mental with the physical organism of man. We can define man's molecular condition in its physical organism as the earth, and its connective link with the convolutionary cerebral centers as the Infinite etheric domain. Thus, we have, represented in the planetary masses moving in etheric space, the same conditions of governing rule as exists between the mental and physical forces.

"With this medium it is plain to see how simply God works, as well as mysteriously, His wonders to perform; the mental forces kept vitalized from the great storehouse of the etheric realm, and, in controlling the physical, the deficit caused thereby renewed and kept balanced by the power of its sympathetic concordant receptiveness.

"Any visible molecular mass of metal can be so impregnated by triple orders of sympathetic vibration as to give it the same sympathetic transmittive qualities that exist in the mental forces, which make such mass subservient to either the attractive or repulsive conditions of terrestrial sympathy.

Figure 15.03 - Opposing Forces of Gravity and Radiation
Figure 15.03 - Opposing Forces of Gravity and Radiation

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Pittsburg Dispatch April 07-1890 description of the two opposing forces.

"Gravity is nothing more than a concordant attractive sympathetic stream flowing towards the neutral center of the earth. This force is inherent in all visible and invisible aggregated forms of matter, from the very birth of a planet, around whose center the molecules cluster by the sympathetic affinity which is thus induced. If these conditions had always maintained a neutral position in etheric space, no planet would ever have been evolved. These conditions have been fixed by the Infinite. These rotating neutral centers, set in celestial space, have been endowed with the power of rotation to become their own accumulators. It is through the action of these sympathetic forces of the Infinite etheric realm that planets are born, and their volume of matter augmented.

Figure 15.04 - Gravity Generates Matter about Neutral Centers
Figure 15.04 - Gravity Generates Matter about Neutral Centers

"If we pick up an object we feel a resisting power in it which physicists call gravity; but they do not explain what gravity is. It is simply a sympathetic flow, proceeding from the molecular centers of neutrality; which flow is concordant with the earth's neutral center of same, seeking this medium of its affinity with a power corresponding to the character of its molecular mass. There is no actual weight in the molecules of the mass of which the earth is composed. If the sympathetic negative polar stream that flows towards the neutral center of the earth were cutoff from it, the earth's molecular mass would become independent, and would float away into space as would a soap bubble filled with warm air.

Figure 15.05 - Nine Pairs of Gravity Poles
Figure 15.05 - Nine Pairs of Gravity Poles

"The gravital flow comes, in this system, under the order of the sympathetic concordant of the 9ths, and belongs to that third of the triune combinations called polar propulsive.

"Magnetism is polar attraction.

"Gravity is polar propulsion.

"Both magnetism and gravity can be accelerated by the proper medium of sympathetic vibratory influences." [Keely and His Discoveries, Chapter 19]

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