9.7 - Neutral or Focal Centers

Any two bodies when sympathetic, will mutually attract each other to a point of coincidence determined by each body's degree or strength of concordant sympathy with the other. The point of mutual attraction or affinity will be somewhere between the two bodies. If more bodies participate in the mutual attraction a point will be established by vectors and strengths of the individual concordant flows of sympathy. This point of convergence is called a Neutral Center or a Center of Focalization of Vibratory Forces. Also called a point of convergence of centralizing forces.

"Neutral centers are the center of sympathetic coincidence." [Keely and His Discoveries]

"Science will in time classify the important modifications of the one force in nature as sympathetic streams, each stream composed of triple flows. Keely maintains that the static condition which the magnetic needle assumes when undisturbed by any extraneous force outside of its own sympathetic one, proves conclusively that the power of the dominant third, of the triple combination of the magnetic terrestrial envelope, is the controlling one of this sympathetic triplet, and the one towards which all the others coordinate. All the dominant conditions of nature represent the focal centers towards which like surrounding ones become sympathetically subservient. The rapid rotation of the magnetic needle of a compass shown in his experiments rests entirely on the alternating of the dominant alone, effected by a triple condition of vibration that is antagonistic to its harmonious flow as associated with its other attendants. A rapid change of polarity is induced and rapid rotation necessarily follows. [Snell Manuscript - The Book, DISTURBANCE OF MAGNETIC NEEDLE, page 8]

"When the proper impulse is given to induce the rotation with pure alternating corpuscular action, the condition of action become perpetual in their character, lasting long enough from that one impulse to wear out any machine denoting such action, and on the sympathetic stream eternally perpetual. The action of the neutral or focalizing centers represents molecular focalization and redistribution, not having any magnetism associated with them, but when the radiating arms of their centers are submitted to the triple compound vibratory force, representing their mass thirds, they become magnetic and consequently cease their rotation. Their rotation is induced by submitting them to three different orders of vibration, simultaneously giving the majority to the harmonic third." (Keely) [Snell Manuscript - The Book, DISTURBANCE OF MAGNETIC NEEDLE, page 8]

Forces assimilating to and dispersing from Center of Coincidence
Figure 9.2 - Forces assimilating to and dispersing from Center of Coincidence

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