Neutral Center is Source of Continuous Motion

"The physicist tells you that "you cannot make something out of nothing;" that "in the economy of nature profit and loss must balance;" that "no matter what the nature of the force may be, its production must necessarily be accompanied by a corresponding expenditure of force in some form or other," etc., etc. But, in the prodigality of nature, this energy flows, without measure and without price, from the great storehouse of the Infinite Will. From the sympathetic portion of the etheric field, all visible aggregations of matter emanate, and on the same order that molecular masses of all living organisms are vitalized by the sympathetic flow from the brain." [Bloomfield-Moore in Vibratory Sympathetic and Polar Flows]

Neutral Center is Source of Continuous Motion

"When this great scientific and religious truth has been made known, and established by demonstration, all controversy as to the source of energy will be for ever silenced. If I am the chosen instrument to develop this knowledge, and to make known the conditions which surround this pure truth, it is only that I may hand the key to those who will use it to enter the doorway that opens into the inaudible, and thus gain an insight into the now invisible region of the operation of Nature's most powerful governing forces, in the control over terrestrial matter by celestial mind." [Keely in Keely and His Discoveries pg. 365-367]

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