9.16 - Neutral Center Dynamics

A Neutral Center of higher charge or energy will dominate (impose a modulating influence upon) surrounding centers of lesser charge or energy. There are neutral centers on all seven subdivisions. [see MINERAL DISINTEGRATION - Snell]

"All the dominant conditions of nature represent the focal centers towards which like surrounding ones become sympathetically subservient." [Keely and His Discoveries]

"Neutral centers are the focalized seat of sympathetic concordance for controlling any differentiation that may exist outside, or in the mass that surrounds them." [Keely and His Discoveries]

"The neutral center represents only focalization and distribution of the streams of energy." [ROTATION - Snell]

"To rotate the neutral center indicator of the focalizing disk (of the magnetic engine) through a soft steel attractor requires transmission of the full triple-triple chord, or 156,057,552,198,220,000 corpuscular oscillations per second, resulting in 110 revolutions per minute on the neutral center indicator. This is only multiplication by the one gold node." [TREXNONAR - Snell]

See also Russell's The Universal One, Chapter 11.

Neutral Center Interactions
Figure 9.4 - Night/Radiation and Day/Absorption interactions with Neutral Center

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