3.16 - Neutral Centers as Points of Action

The centers about which coordinate the subtle state of dispersing energy and contracting force is referred to as a Neutral Center, God, Center, Fulcrum, Sun, standing waves, Space resonance or Strain Bubble. These bidirectional in-flow and out-flow movements are performed in discrete 'leaps' and are the same as what is conventionally called Quantum Leap. See 3.21 - Successive Centralizations below.

"The neutral center represents only focalization and distribution of the streams of energy." [ROTATION - Snell]

Here we are concerned above all with a conformity with a natural inner law of reciprocity today entirely unknown to science. That is to say, with very particular types of motion in specially formed and alloyed development-facilitating devices, the preconditions described in the preceding paragraph are satisfied, and because of this the 'Eternally Feminine', as Goethe called this creative essence, can press its counterpart (oxygen) into the centrepoint of this battle and conquer it (see fig. 10). [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Life-Current in Air and Water]

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3.16 - Neutral Centers as Points of Action
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