13.08 - Atlins Neutral Center Structure and Dynamics

(GAIA) Dear seekers, these three forces (electricity, gravity and Mind) are quite connected, as are many things, inextricably. Let us frame the answer around the workings of your Musical Sphere. The forces described above are interwoven so that the staging of conditions to focalize etheric density, combined with karmic forces, Love and Gaiac Forces, conspire (breathe together) to form a Neutral Center or point of Etheric Implosion that evacuates molecular components, creating a situation of extreme potential power. The potential power is realized by natural evolution as dictated by the lines of travel and intersection of the forces called upon by the inherent construct. [from Atlin Project]

Primary Emanations from within Dynaspheres
Figure 13.09 - Primary Emanations from within Dynaspheres

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Figure 13.02c - Dynasphere Neutral Center
Figure 13.09 - Primary Emanations from within Dynaspheres
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"Let us talk about the nature of that construct. We have lines of transit of the forces going in and out that create acceleration of etheric dynamics. Included in the list are: nodal frequency acceleration of the time / space dimensional fabric of the Universe shifting toward the key range that supports Harmony. The Harmony referred to includes advancement toward enlightened coexistence with all Forces and Beings also supporting Harmony. Each contribution attracts and cohesively combines with kindred manifestations of Light in variant forms. This is the basis of "karma", gravity and evolution toward the One. Each of these represents a "rib" or line of force curved to circumscribe a toroid. Thus, each complies with and creates the natural and most efficient means of moving its evolution toward the One. The One is not a state of rest or quietude, but quite the opposite: a state of dynamic movement and orchestration. When a force field or its matrix is established in a form that naturally creates harmonics that also conform to the same configuration, even if offset in time or space, then this dynamic is created. If enough force is focalized, the fields or matrices created will be quite strong and create a stabilizing influence in surrounding conditions. This is true of thought patterns, consciousness evolution, etheric communication, etheric work, and gravity.” (Message through Dawn Stranges)

Notice in the above reference to "Etheric Implosion". In thinking this through one can see there is a tremendous difference between molecular, atomic and etheric implosions. Etheric would be the Dominant and at 200,000 times the potency of molecular implosion would indeed be an awesome power. The last three sentences describe some of what is happening in the Musical Dynaspheres wherein Love is expressed so curiously that so many feel, sense and wonder about.

Russells Ring of Motion Superimposed on Dynasphere Profil
Figure 13.11 - Russells Ring of Motion Superimposed on Dynasphere Profile

These are the human subjective forces/conditions alluded to in the last three sentences of 13.08. These are, in essence, egoic forces derived from the One Undifferentiated Mind state and are therefore polar, operating in duality, maya, etc. These then are the illusion of the seeming universe Russell so often refers to. It will be the letting go of these illusions that one wakes up (from the illusions to the actuality).

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