Dynasphere Applications

The world is in dire need of a totally new clean power source. Our air, water and land is being destroyed by the chemical fuels and exhausts we've been forced to use. These processes while useful and practical as they are are no longer suitable for the New Era of Consciousness dawning on humanity. These chemical processes are developed from the death side of the energy equation. The recent Gulf spill shows this quite clearly.

The Dynaspheres are clean, quiet, health enhancing and function on the Life side of the energy equation. When completed the design is such it can replace existing power levels and forms of motors including but not limited to power generation, stand-alone power plants, transportation, water and fluid pumping and wherever rotary systems are in use. See Atlin Purpose

"The Dynasphere could provide a workable power source for Etheric Force generation that would “do work” and improve human kind." Dawn Stranges, 07/27/2011 see Light, What electricity is - Stranges

Atlin, a Musical Dynasphere

Dynaspheres and Healing (disclaimer)
The Dynaspheres do not, have not and cannot heal anyone of anything.

What we think they do is create a harmonic field of given states, conditions and parameters. When people are in this field most can feel this field and have described it in many ways. It is my hypothesis this field reminds people (on subtle levels of consciousness) what harmony, peace, health and Love feels like. If they allow themselves to truly feel this feeling they are then in a position to be as that feeling: healthy, happy, etc.

We know from medical experiments with the Placebo Effect that the mind plays a large role in healing. It is my hypothesis the Placebo Effect is much more than a random occurrence. Considering this power the mind has over the body wouldn't it be prudent to study what this power is and how it manifests? That basically is the path we are on with these Dynaspheres.

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