Dynaspheres to Europe Project

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This is a community-level cooperative project to have one or more Dynaspheres made for and located in Europe for the greater European community.

Dynaspheres to Europe Progress Chart
Dynaspheres to Europe Progress Chart
Dynaspheres to Europe Progress Chart
Total Raised $35,000.00

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United States
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Feeling the Chi, Life Force, Love from Atlin
The new Dynasphere for Europe will have this same energy flow.

Dynasphere Components
Figure 20.04 - Parts used in the Musical Dynasphere

Progress Photo
Progress Photo - June 24, 2013
Bearings Installed - March 2014
Bearings Installed - March 2014
Shaft Installed - March 2014
Shaft Installed - March 2014
Parts - November 04, 2013
Parts - November 04, 2013
Parts - November 02, 2013
Parts - November 02, 2013
Dynasphere to Europe
The Two Stanchions that will carry the Sphere
Dynasphere to Europe
Outer Ring Supports on Base Plate
Dynasphere to Europe
Sand Casting the Outer Ring Supports
Dynasphere to Europe
Dynasphere to Europe
Dynasphere to Europe
Dynasphere to Europe
Dynasphere to Europe - Progress Photos

Would you like to help have a Dynasphere made for Europe? The volunteer work could include any of these:

  • Linking this page from your website.
  • Running a mailing list related to the project.
  • If you would like to be a contact person for a non-profit spiritually oriented organisation in Europe, which would like to receive and provide a proper location for a donated Dynasphere, please contact DynasphereUK at suomi24.fi (in English).

Name Selection

The European Dynasphere was named Eloniss.

Included with the Dynasphere and delivered with it is tool kit, all pertinent literature, orientation and training.

The Musical Dynasphere video

A Message about Dynaspheres
January 25, 2011

From the Spiritual Realm; The Spirit of Peaceful Future:

This message is for all who might read this; it is for YOU. The future which holds peace for yourself and the world lies within you and each person and depends on each to acknowledge new patterns are needed for an enlightened future, and then the insight and strength to activate these new patterns.

No longer can good people wait for others, even “expertsâ€, to carry the world safely into the future. The future belongs to each individual, and so each has an investment and stake in the future. If you feel what is needed to make it better, then you must honor that part of the soul that came to contribute your part to birthing a higher consciousness. Doing this brings peace to yourself and to many others.

And so, we turn our attention to Dynaspheres, as questions have been raised about them in the future, in various locations. Dynaspheres can play an active role in helping earth attain a higher quantity and quality of peace and compassion in the future. For this to be so, many Hearts will join to manifest this dynamic. It is a combined effort that will bring a better life to many.

If you are reading this message, then there is something in here that is meant for you. You have [a] part to play in the positive evolution beginning now. Since previous Dynaspheres were activated, the need for balance has become greater, as imbalanced energy has grown. These devices, when linked to Good Hearts with Loving Intentions, activate an essence of growing harmony, balance and kindness.

Time has brought you to a time when the whole earth must unite to bring forth the Light of compassion and unity to help one another. The Dynaspheres are one way to achieve this future need. Thus, it is ideal that they be located in areas all around the Earth. They were birthed in the New World; now is time for them to find homes in key places on the energetic grid around Earth.

And so, the call has gone out, and some have sensed it, and have asked for more information. So we give it. If you have been drawn to ponder helping to manifest a Dynasphere, go to your Heart and confer with it. Whatever your choice or direction, you are uniquely able to assist yourself, your brothers and sisters, and your special place(s) on the globe. Bring Light, no matter when or where, as only you can!

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