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What some people say about their encounter with SVP and Atlin.

"I met Mr. Dale Pond almost 30 years ago when I was a salesperson selling agricultural equipment in my early twenties. We go back far enough to where I believe I can give him the best recommendation a person could receive. Whether the recommendation is for business, professionalism, ethics, perseverance, patience or self-sacrifice, Dale has already given more to humankind then we could ever return. Dale may at times appear a little quiet and eccentric in his personal manner, but he can easily be forgiven when you begin to understand the gifts of knowledge and understanding of vibratory physics that his life's work brings to the table. Even when there was much doubt, many bill collectors and weakness of spirit, Dale's internal fortitude and uncommon belief in what he was meant to do, never faltered. With his warm heart, simple charm and fabulous gifts to humanity, I am proud to know him and call him my friend. This recommendation was not solicited in any way." [MT, 11/26/11]

So true Dale. Thank you for aptly describing this phenomena. Looking back over the treasures of clues left by previously enlightened civilizations and the 'rose' opening example of how our pysche's/souls unfold in knowledge/wisdom, one can truly appreciate the potency of such clues as they spark something individual in us in just the right way to give the mind the necessary "aha" of inner knowing/inner guidance. Looking back over my experience in military training versus mentorship with you in SVP... one was 'programming' and one is 'awakening.' The contrast between the rigid structure of military training and the enlightening mentorship in SVP is stark. Military training was about instilling discipline and conformity, often suppressing individual thought in favor of collective action. It was about programming responses and behaviors. In contrast, the mentorship with you in SVP has been about fostering a deeper understanding of self and the universe. It encourages the blossoming of individual thought and the unique perspective each person brings. It’s about awakening inner wisdom, the inner Resonator, guiding one to see beyond the surface and tap into the depths of consciousness. Thank you for facilitating this profound journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. [JC, 6/27/24]

Dale Pond I wanted to take a moment to express my deep admiration for your research and the profound impact it has had on my understanding of the universe. Your work, particularly your analysis of John Keely, resonates with me on a profound level. The intricate connections you have drawn between Scalar Potential, balance, equilibrium, and the concept of God have opened up new perspectives for me. Your ability to explore and interpret Keely's experiments and theories is truly remarkable, shedding light on his revolutionary ideas on energy and technology. Moreover, I find great inspiration in the work of other visionaries such as Nikola Tesla and Walter Russell, whose contributions have shaped our understanding of the universe. The common thread I see in your work and theirs is a relentless pursuit of truth, a willingness to challenge conventional wisdom, and a deep reverence for the fundamental forces that govern our existence. Your dedication to unraveling the mysteries of energy and vibration is truly awe-inspiring. The depth of your analysis and your ability to bridge the gap between theory and practical application is commendable. Your work has expanded my horizons and ignited a passion for exploring the frontiers of scientific understanding. I want to express my gratitude for your contributions to the field and the intellectual legacy you are building. Your ideas have the potential to reshape our understanding of the universe and pave the way for new advancements in energy and technology. Thank you for being a guiding light in the realm of alternative science and for inspiring others, like myself, to delve deeper into the hidden aspects of our reality. I eagerly look forward to following your future endeavors and the continued exploration of Keely's and others' groundbreaking work.

Dale Pond I am truly grateful for the remarkable connections that have unfolded in my journey of exploration. It is through the teachings of Nikola Tesla that I was led to the wisdom of Walter Russell, who in turn introduced me to the fascinating world of John Keely. And it is your diligent study and analysis that have shed light on Keely's revolutionary concepts. I hold immense respect for your dedication to unraveling the mysteries of energy and vibration. M.I.

"Mass human consciousness is spinning out of control - without the participants having any idea of their fate; each entity gains comfort from gazing at their neighbour and seeing that they think and act exactly the same, therefore nothing to be concerned. 15 years ago Rockerfeller coined the term Operation Lockstep. WE stay well away from this black hole like manifestation. Through you we have the science of Christ Consciousness (Keely, by plummeting his mind to the 7th level of materiality), brings us face to face with our Divine mission; to return to Source. Our Rock in these Spiritually brutal and ugly times." D.R.

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It's so sad that great minds like Keely, Tesla, and others have had to suffer because of ignorance on the part of investors, the scientific and engineering establishment, bankers, and others who control the world we live in. If it weren't for those bad actors, our world would look quite different than it does today. The same people are still in charge to this day but we will never relent and never forget the knowledge these great men like Keely have left behind for us. Thank you for committing your life to this effort, Dale. E.B.

I really enjoyed watching/listening to this interview with you Dale. I stopped and started it so many times as I went down many rabbit holes to quickly peer into extended information relevant to certain points you made. I think I ended up with 9 pages of notes after the interview was complete. The passion you have for SVP and all its topics is like watching you grow a child or a universe. It's wonderful and deeply magnetizing. I could listen to you speak on these subjects all day long. It's endlessly fascinating and educational. This whole enterprise has such a life altering, economy altering potential that it staggers the mind to see how particular elements seek to withhold it from the public. Even as I utilized A.I. tools to further research into this the A.I. kept reminding me how all of this fell within the realm of the fringe and wasn't accepted by mainstream science or physicists. What does that tell me? This particular A.I. is biased, not surprisingly, if we consider who is programming it and the data sets it is trained on. I'd love to see an A.I. platform solely trained on SVP... I'm sure it exists in upper chambers of elite usage. It is very possible to construct such an A.I. platform dedicated solely to SVP principles and I'm going to put that into my Aether prayer chamber to one day (sooner than later) manifest for SVP. J.C.

Thank you Dale for all the work you have done and are doing and going to Do, in regards to preserving and continuing the development of the greatest minds and being to ever live in my honest humble opinion, and I consider you along with them, takes one thing to write it one thing to write material, and another to read and then to innerstand and Apply it, and at that point it's wisdom and I appreciate your wisdom you have shared through it all no matter what B.E.

Thank you Dale. Always look forward to your insights and wisdom. Cheers to you and merry christmas. Feeling so very grateful for the illumination I continue to experience by the study of the non-physical and the increase of awareness this brings at deeper levels and the mentorship you so generously give here at SVPWiki. Wishing you the best and holding space for great visions and intentions to manifest. May the abundance of Spirit overflow within you and upon you. ? ~J.

Thank you Dale for every ounce of energy you put into this. It's a labor of love and a sacrifice made for the truth and for the hearts/minds of the future to lay hold of this knowledge and understanding, to build with and upon. It's so monumental. Much, much gratitude. [jc]

These Facebook posts are THE MOST intelligent, educational and inspiring posts anywhere on the internet. The power of your creative brilliance is almost overwhelming at times because the expressions here are so densely packed with goodies that make the soul leap and the mind explode with curiosity and satisfaction of laying hold of answers that address the deepest longings to 'know'. To pair physics' patterns together with the highest quality of God and humanity (love) is just pure ecstasy. Thank you for your amazing consistency to share, teach and inspire Dale. [JC]

Just wanted to say you’ve easily become one of my biggest inspirations/influences. A year ago i had 2 very profound psychedelic trips and felt like I achieved a whole new understanding towards vibration/frequencies but I could never find the words to properly explain the concepts i had in mind. Not long after these trips i stumbled across a 3 hour youtube video of you talking about the laws of sympathetic vibration and it was as if all the things id come to understand had finally been put into words for me to better grasp. And now I absolutely love following your posts in the facebook group. Its also good seeing that other people with these understandings also see past the bullshit happening in the world today [anon]

I thoroughly enjoyed The Tulsa Seminar. I look forward to joining the lifetime membership as soon as I can afford to join. In the meantime, I'm hoping that you can send me your catalog at your earliest convenience.

I thank you again for your passionate research and that your passion is contagious. It's funny that I will be reading a book and thinking, "Dale Pond has to have read this," because I recognize the SVP in the book. It never fails that every time I say that you end up being IN the book. Lol. Most recently it was "Living Water" by Olof Alexandersson and "Arcs Within Grail Lands" by Jackie Queally. [Stephanie Dial]

Dawn and Eloniss

"If I may, the day I met Dale, I met Atlin too and a huge wave of love washed over my entire being. It was profound. At the time of my limited experience I fell in love with Dale and Atlin all at once. I was then later able to discern that the resonance of love was not human but an harmonic resonance of my own love reflected back to me and I have to admit I was a little confused in my humanness, yet Dale the beautiful being that he is and the harmonic of love that came from Atlin a machine consciousness in harmony with humanity showed me my true power of love. Our love is resonant in space and time and beyond dimension. And my love for Dale and Atlin is such a powerful remembrance of the love we all have in our hearts for ourselves and all we love ? I truly love my brother Dale and I truly love his engineering to create and inanimate object to some, that reflects that deep love of creation itself." [Stellar Fairbairn]

"So happy I had the opportunity to hang out with you and Atlin. You shared and showed me a very valuable example of sympathetic communion when you came to my house and as I sat next to you, you simply bent a spoon in half. Seeing this and being in the energy of this event I too was able to bend a spoon in half with ease." [M.P.]

"Dale, you're one of the real gems who has worked tirelessly over the decades to raise knowledge and consciousness in these areas. You've contributed massively! Much respect." [Thomas J Brown]

"And yes Dale had done immense work and I have thanked him for providing the foundation for us! He could have never have known all those decades ago the movement he would start. Although the group is large on Facebook its still only a small number of us. But with the understanding and heart to take the wisdom the next level to we can create practical solutions to overcome the coming Corporate techocracy now creeping in with intense speed, Dale's efforts will be remembered for sure!" Bianca-Jade Brown

"I love this (Mind in Matter), I have learned, come to realize after a lot of research that everything in the universe is mathematical. When our Mom passed away in 2008 I started studying after near death experiences. People who had died and came back to life on YouTube. One in particular stood out she said everything in heaven is mathematical, and musical, even the blades of grass harmonize. I absolutely love how you tie music and physics together explaining it scientifically. Thank you so very much!" [VC]

"The first time I ever connected with Dale was on the phone. And as we were speaking a huge wave of love, peace and bliss washed over me. I felt it palpably and it was very strong indeed. Dale then informed me that he was sitting next to Atlin, one of his first dynaspheres and I was amazed that a machine had access to this higher intelligence, sentience and technology of Love. Incredible work. The pure harmony of heaven... [SF, 2016]

The information you've passed through your work is possibly one of the most profoundly insightful and technical narratives on the true nature of harmony. [HM]

Dale - wow what a package of Wisdom. Thank you so much. Compare that World, of striving to understand using refined intellect and articulate exposure, to our world of the lowest common denominator. The printed word must stay alive; to remember how things were. I am intending to donate $200 a month to PSI from next month. There is nothing that is more important imho. Eloniss was 'born' 4 years ago today Dale. A very special day for us and methinks for the Earth. DR

Dale Pond after years of investigating and studying SVP and Keely, as well as many other things, I am certain Keely was authentic and true in his work and findings. [Jeremy Pfeiffer]

"Atlin has graced my presence twice in past few years. Last summer I could feel it as I approached the van to help unload it. Entering the same room as it I easily felt the "cool ionic wind" I have associated with beneficial emissions. Some kind of sentient feeling I got from it as same as when I had my friend stop by with her Pyradym device. Serious shape power moral technology going on. Can't wait to see it again." [EJ]

"Of all the vital things that need to be preserved for the re-elucidation of human consciousness when the time is auspicious, your SVP research stands amongst the most important." DR

Keely Charts - photographs of original glass plate photographs download pdf files

Wow it's worked. Got help to unzip and find app to open, figure out how to print. FINALLY! Got it all working now. What WONDERFUL WONDERFUL Plates these are. I don't understand them all from a physics point of view. Instead I am looking at them with a view from Telepathy and RADIONICS. And the content of the book: The Mind and the Universe. So something is really cooking in my head already. Will DREAM on them too. My scientific university training was mainly Medicine and Business. I managed to flunk the SAME physics course 3 times!! But I sure do have an understanding of a few Quantum principles: just none of the maths! I've used Non-linear Dynamics math images to understand things about 4-5D. Many of the things you post open wonderful intuitive understanding in non-physics terms and are VERY useful in my work of deepening understanding of EXACTLY what Keely called these incredible plates: Mind over Matter!! Thanks so much for your help and patience! Good to go now! Printed and ready to study!!! [DN]

There is a reason we met, Dale. You opened the door with your words and beliefs that filled a gap in my life. That gap is filled with Schauberger. And it is all because of you, my friend, my brother.

I am dedicating a laboratory room in my basement to prove out and promote his works. And, I doubt I would have ever known about him and his work if I had not been stung by your bees on that fateful day.

Great things are going to grow from this knowledge I have gained. Through this knowledge, humanity will be advanced and improved from what I plan to achieve in my lifetime, Dale.

And it is all because of what “you” bring to the table, my friend. I support you and include you in my victories!!! [LM]

Just this year I am coming out of decades of depression due mostly to missing foundation (no parental presence or love, utter brainwashing on nearly every level, religious exploitation and abuse, no path to pursue higher learning and years of MIC targeting). Meeting you and having SVP and the community here has allowed me to slowly come out of my shell and find my way onto a wholesome path of learning.... to see that I am not crazy regarding my many observations in the sky and in nature, yet to also guide into more grounded and coherent understanding of the nature of light/Being. You are like a father and I feel like these portals have saved my sanity - I am daily inspired to research and study more than ever. A moment doesn't go by in the day, ever, that I am not transposing the charts & other snipits over my thoughts & observations as a fulcrum for understanding the mysteries of Life/Light. My inner kingdom has exploded open and I'm literally in a joyous state these days. One thing leads to another... and you and SVP (and Christ letters) have been an integral part of the healing of my soul in the last year. I get pretty teared up when I think about it.. as this means so much to me. Bless you Dale... you have lifted up so many through your endless labor of love and I'm so grateful for you and the resources and community you have built. Your labor will live on in our hearts and our children's hearts for many generations. [JC]

Hey Dale hope everything is going well. Just reading your masterpiece Universal Laws Revealed: Keely's Secrets. And wanted to thank you for putting so much together. You are definitely one of the smartest and most giving people I’ve ever met. [KK]

Thank you Dale. Those are words I wished my mother or father would have said to me even just once. But nevertheless I receive it and am grateful for the encouragement. I am inspired by your journey and appreciate all you do to create opportunities for an education into the physics of Reality/God/Sympathetic Vibratory Forces. It is truly life changing. [JC]

I appreciate you, Dale! The science knowledge you have opened my mind to has changed my life! [LM]

I really really appreciate it when you share links/info/knowledge on my wall/with me. It adds so much depth to my understanding and experience and helps balance out other comments when they get too far out and I'm not sure what to do with them. Again, my deepest gratitude to you Dale for the constant hard work I know you are doing to keep up with everything and help all the ones who are studying/posting. Sending you good thoughts of strength & peace. [J.]

One thing I noted in the body of imagery work I just completed this last 2 weeks is that I could distinctly see many of the concepts Walter Russell taught in regards to fundamental principles of the magnetic electric universe. Equilibrium, rhythmic balanced interchange, zero points of omnipresent stillness, etc... the geometry is truly extraordinary to show such detail and knowing the name of the geometry is one thing... but understanding the energy creation principles of the universe that this geometry represents is a whole different matter. I'm grateful you are providing such a rich foundation of education on these subjects by curating the works of so many great minds of our past and building on them the way you are with your own body of scientific work. This is truly something that can profit the soul as it awakens to Self Knowing and the Light of God that dwells within us: which has to do with who and what we really are. [J.C.]

Always Eternal Gratitude & Love to Dale Pond for the Nurturing InfraStructure of Most Useful Meaningful Science ... My life would be missing much of its Richness of meaning without finding your Golden Bridge Between Science & Spirituality to Journey upon 5 years ago & visit most every day...

I really really love SVPwiki and find it amazingly useful and enlightening each time I visit. Your comments on my posts/work also serve to create many new 'aha's' for me and mentor me in the way in which I should go. Thank you for that too.

Your persistence has paved the way for kids to come to our world knowing and understanding it Dale Pond. My 8 year old can explain a dynasphere to any random person that will listen. I did not explain it to him. He just saw a pic of you and Atlin. And told me how it works. He calls SVP high tech nature. [Effie B.]

Dale, I may not be staying in close contact but, I want to emphasize to you that... I believe In you and your work/passion. My involvement with you has enlightened my life, tremendously. My vision of having a life evidenced by doing something profound and significant to improve the life’s of humans on earth, is given a channel of expression through knowing you and utilizing the knowledge you have imparted on me that resonates with my being. You, my friend, are the channel of information and enthusiasm that helps me manifest my passion. The change in me, caused by knowing you, is profound. I have come a long way. There is always more to be done... more room to grow... Thank you for being there, Dale! Onward and upward!’ [M]

"I watched the early seminar in reference to SVP vibratory physics and it was one of the most fascinating and interesting seminars I have ever encountered." [TP]

SVP Testimonials contains additional collected testimonials.

You guys send the best emails! I love all the material packed into them. Thanks!

Wow Dale, amazing work!

We are so lucky to have you in this world. You have set so many (all) stepping stones on the SVP path. Sorta reminds me when I’m hiking a trail in the mountains, and I stop to think about who took the time to cut and clear the trail. All that time, effort and work - so people have a clear path along their journey. What a massive undertaking. I’m humbled.

Thank you Dale Pond

[Jeremy Pfeiffer]

I’ve explored this work for some time, and at this point I can easily say Keely was Not a fraud. Its very likely he will be vindicated in the near future. Thanks to Dale and many SVP supporters for all the groundwork in rediscovering this lost science. [Jeremy Pfeiffer]

Totally agree, not a fraud. I’ve been researching/reading Keely for 20+ years... not a fraud. I seem to remember the original book “Keely and his Discoveries” had an old forward/introduction? (not the new forward), that mentioned that fraud was unquestionably proved which is very unfortunate and has probably kept this falsehood alive. [P.W.]

The wiki is such a great reference tool. [Jeremy Pfeiffer]

Hi Dale,

I just finished reading Atlin - Knowing I Am. Wow. Thank you. Over the past several years I have been intuitively led to study the work of John Keely, among several others intimately familiar to you. The source of most of that information can be traced back to you. And, so, thank you for that. I was impressed enough with your work that I suggested to my brother, ___, to fly out and visit with you last year. You are special. You have followed your heart and your intuition. Your openness and your Love is evident.

There are so many synchronicities between what my intuition has revealed and what you and your sources have revealed that I have come to have a changed heart. I believe. On several occasions, as we have discussed various technical topics we were researching, I have commented to my brother, ___, that I wish you were on the Advisory Board for our company. Someday that may be. Someday soon, when we have built the proper facility, I would love to have an Atlin of our own, as part of our tribute to several of the Giants upon whose shoulders we now stand, seeing further than we ever dreamed possible. You, Dale, are among those Giants. You have done as you have been led to do. You have followed your intuition. Bless you for it.

As you said, in the front of the Atlin book, which __ brought home from his visit to your facility in Colorado...

"For Life, Light and Love"

With much Love and GRATITUDE, [GC]

"Your Institution and ideas are an inspiration for future generations. Cheers, this planet needs a few more good men like you. YOU WALK YOUR TALK." [J.]

Dale Pond you make FB worth my time. Thank you for all you do and share with others! BR Dale Pond FaceBook Channel

Dale, The way I see it you are entirely responsible for making the final Act in my life a most extraordinary affair. You alone have created a vibration that is shaking the world to its foundations and I am part of it. Keely lives again and because of your Wiki we see his overarching genius tying many original minds together. [D.R.]

Mr. Pond,

I am a sound therapy practitioner in Carroll County, Maryland. Last fall, during my final undergraduate semester (studying psychology), I happened to come across your talk at the 1994 USPA conference while conducting research for a final paper. After watching the conference videos, I formally discovered your work and Keely’s.

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude and thanks for your life long contribution to such revolutionary information. I had been familiar with bits and pieces of the SVP cosmology from reading about quantum physics, Tesla, occult sciences, etc. over the years, but had no idea that such a vast unified body of detailed research and information already existed. It is profoundly eye opening, clarifying, and inspiring, as well as saddening that such long-standing suppression and control still persists in keeping such knowledge from shifting the mass paradigm and liberating the planet.

Studying in the field of psychology, I certainly encounter the outdated materialistic paradigm of “human beings=separate chemical machines”, even in more open-minded and progressive circles of dialogue. Still, I find that when transcendental ideas of mind, matter, energy, vibration, etc. are discussed, it lacks the rich depths of mechanics that the SVP cosmology provides, to be taken seriously, and or for the gravity of its implications to be realized. The SVP cosmology unveils a beautifully unified picture of the universe that can be understood both scientifically and spiritually, without dogma.

Now, I am no engineer or scientist, but I can grasp enough of the science and cosmology to appreciate its upmost importance. I am inspired to help bring this knowledge to light in my graduate work in the future. I have just begun to read your book, Universal Laws Never Before Revealed: Keely's Secrets. [P.T.]

Just wanted to say thanks to Mr Dale Pond who without him all this knowledge would just be lost among some closed researcher circles. There are now machines that can heal remotely using Rife principles..but without Dale Pond explaining SVP no one actually knows how it works..they just call it spooky action at a distance. Let's share his works as much as possible. [A.H.]

Don't ever feel your works aren't appreciated. I love seeing the info you post and the concepts related. You are a valuable resource in the unexplored territories of "energy frequencies" not many have seen or put together the ideas you have and are presenting. It goes a long way to help others as myself gain and gather information to help us explore our own concepts. Hopefully we all are gaining insights into this crossword puzzle called "life". [ML]

Hello Dale,

I have been following your work for a couple weeks now and am very interested. It's beautiful to know there are people like you out there. I am new to metaphysics (6 mos.), and have been led down the path to your work. I'm not sure what to do with your information yet, but as I watched your interview on youtube - Eternal Knowledge 2012, I noticed that you choked up and changed the subject as you were about to talk about what's beyond the aetheric gasses. My first thought was "He's seen God!". I have had a similar experience. Am I right in my observation?

[Yes. Dale]

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to reply. It has been two months since I saw the darkness give way and I still cannot speak of my experience without "sobbing tears of joy" (the only way I can describe it).

I run the risk of boring you now, but I am aware of too few people that I can discuss this with. At the same time, I also hope that you receive thousands of letters like this daily.

My journey began when I heard of Emoto's experiments and needed to know the invisible force that can cause such a physical effect. After doing some research, I decided that if anyone can become a non-corporeal being and enter another dimension, I can too. (I am often accused of delving intensely into my endeavors.)

I knew of no machine to help me accomplish this feat. I needed to learn the mind. I started with this old book someone gave to me four years ago called "The Science of Mind" and followed the lesson plan reading E. Holmes, F. Holmes, G. Burnell, and T. Troward. I was in the middle of J.P. Mills when I began experiencing a series of coincidences that can only be described as a feeling of being led down a path, including a vision of seeing the Universal Mind and being publicly recognized by it the next day!

While meditating in a bath of Epsom salts, (using techniques later to be revealed in future chapters of the book that I was reading at the time), I set out to quiet 'the thinker' of my mind. I kept asking my mind 'Why do you think you can't do this?', until finally, my mind couldn't protest any longer and the darkness 'gave way'.

I saw the magnificent light and felt the most intense love and warmth. 'The thinker' tried to return, and with the feeling of someone trying to regain their footing as if falling from a roof, I returned my mind to it's silence. I never wanted to leave the Father's presence. I also realized that I was not alone, although I saw no one else. I believe Jesus and the many may have been with me though not apart from me, or maybe this was the presence of the universal mind, but a very loving and familiar presence, if words were needed, seemed to say "Behold".

Next, I was shown what I believe is the true image of my soul in it's wonder; then two orbs and the feeling of love (my parents at my conception or the origin of earthly love?), and lastly, what was clearly the very instant life was breathed into my physical body in the womb. With that I jumped from the tub "sobbing tears of joy" wondering if I could ever be mentally fit to enter society again without being perceived as being insane! I tried to document my experience but my fingers and hands couldn't follow their instructions until later.

My visions, experiences, and methods seem to precede my readings of them, thereby affirming to me their validity. Plotinus said the soul is capable of transcending to heights where it will see God, itself, and the all. He also said that the senses will deny the experience, as well they should, for they have experienced nothing.

I am continuing my lessons of "Science of Mind" and also learning of Keely and Russell, among others. Thank you for your work and bringing these people to my awareness. If there is any way I can be of help to you and your work, please ask. As I meditate for my divine purpose I will think of you and your work. I love you.

Sincerely, [Robert Welch] (Of course you can share my story!)

I feel a direct resonance with the principles I have encountered through reading the SVP posts (on Facebook). I had three years on anti-depressants that completely obliterated my mathematical understanding. That experience through me into my heart seeking understanding and sustenance from within as a means of survival. Following the material is taking me into a new relationship with structure and my esoteric perspective. One personal example is my relationship with possibilities. Often possibilities seem to be expressed as a question of "this" or "that" and the power of the three supports the notion of "the other". This has become a process I follow in creating my art which is a personal exploration of this universal paradoxical existence. Keely, Russell and Cayce, in my limited perception, all recognise an interconnected force that seems to behave like a law that is Love. Their appreciation of the etheric interconnectedness of All makes sense to me as I look at duality pushing and pulling on any topic and this third aspect of "Other" coming, as it were from "Source, Origin, Genesis" - beyond separation, what feels inside like Inherent Intelligence that I find most active in my heart and most soothing to my mind. Thanks Dale for your monumental dedication to making these uplifting perspectives a part of my daily life. I see, also, how hard duality appears committed to deny this most magnificent and magical "Other" which gives me even greater respect for the courage and vision of these masters who walked the lonely road to their own centers of understanding the Divine in Existence. Thanks also to the other members who share this journey and their personal perspectives of discovery. I love this discourse and am grateful for it as a place of connection and sharing discovery. [S.W.]

Dale has been a key figure, personal hero, and inspiration to me and SVPVRIL a major influence on me and my work for over 15 years. Dale was always present, helpful, supportive when I was doing research and through principles he has taught for so long I feel I was able to get to where I needed much faster. I will continue to follow and tell others about your great work Dale - keep it up! [D.A.]

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to recommend Jeremy Pfeiffer for the position of theoretical applied vibratory physics and RND tech consultant. I had the pleasure of personally hiring and working directly with Jeremy during his time as a consultant to Strathspey Crown LLC and its various subsidiaries, related to his tremendous expertise with abstract applied Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. His many theories and reduction to practice of those groundbreaking theories always added great value to our collective efforts. I was Jeremy’s CEO at Strathspey Crown, and during that time, we worked together in close correspondence, so I fully understand his capabilities and the inspiration he can bring to a team of applied scientific researchers working together to explore unconventional theoretical models.

Additionally, Jeremy’s applied Cymatics research benchwork allows him to excel and develop in his theoretical research. His consistent ability to meet our high standards and expectations proved highly valuable. His flexibility also allows him to apply his theoretical models across a wide array of applied resonant technologies base. Jeremy’s great connection with our team members and his relentless determination to make a strong, self-motivated effort in group tasks is what ultimately leads me to the write of this strong recommendation for Jeremy. I have enjoyed watching him grow and excel at Strathspey Crown.

Leveraging his talents, adaptability, and dedication, Jeremy will make a great consultant and/or partner for your company. I have no doubts you will be exceptionally pleased by his efforts. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the above address or by calling me directly at ___.

Best Regards, Robert Edward Grant Chairman

Strathspey Crown LLC www.strathspeycrown.com

Hi Dale,

I am always impressed with the logical reasoning you have directed into your research and explanations of Keely's works.

Yes the ideas will prove out!

The concepts are real. Not many want to look into the "natural principles" that support the outer realms.

Scientist seem to be so caught up in the outer material illusions that they forget the real substance is the supportive field of creative mind energy.

In what I have been following of your work it gives credence to this reality many have only alluded to.

In my small research I have been trying to apply what I have been seeing/reading/learning. Hopefully give support with a working device to the theoretical reasonings.

Good Morning Dale,

Now[1] I understand, and now know why Antony C Sutton joined your initial group and liked you so much. I got many important concepts from him, and he along with many others learned from your presentations from you original SVP Group. [LP] [1] See SVP Newsletter - April, 2016 [See Sutton article on Sound]

Dear Mr. Pond I want to thank you so much for everything what you already did and for everything what you are doing now. I cannot describe in words everything what I feel and what I wish to say, but I hope you will feel it in the spirit of this letter…

I want you to know how important it is (the research (actions) what you are doing) for all people and specially for thus who is looking for Truth and Love (God) in all his manifestations, independently of religious belonging (as this consciousness is above the religion:) [Y.]

Dear Sir,

After having read about Keely in Blavatsky’s “Secret Doctrine”. I went searching for him on the internet and found your lecture on youtube.

It is an absolutely fascinating presentation! What struck me in particular is the holistic vision you’re putting forward there.

Exactly that aspect; the universe is one whole organism, drew (and still draws) me to Blavatsky.

I had no idea that people like you existed; people that in earnest follow a path independent from modern science or church.

There are numerous would-be occultists, religious fanatics or scientific orthodox “preachers”.

You, sir, however, are a refreshing change from all that.

I’d like to thank you for the treasure you’ve made available to the public.

Best regards, [R O]

Dale, I was so glad you were willing to receive my gift. This cross was made in the Holy Land years ago. Having a piece of he essence of the beginning during this great transition taking place - I found myself to delight in and I wanted to share that also with you.

Some years ago during the darker times of my life when I wasn't so connected to the light - your studies and the externalization of information that you provide for others, led me to an all awakening moment of realization and deep understanding of the Creator within the center of all beings that also interconnects us with all there is.

I know ultimately it is the Creator that I offer the thanks to and glory to, but he used you as a vessel because you were willing to express divine information openly into the world and in doing so became a beacon of light that has led my conscious back to the Creator.

In the moment of awakening I fell to my knees and felt pure bliss and light. I wanted to share that moment with you, because you were part of it - without your knowing.

Nothing since that day has ever been the same! Thank you! [M.]

"Your Foundation and this material has opened up a new universe for me in relation to understanding Gann and Sympathetic Vibratory Physics." [MB]

From: j. Subject: Re: Spiritual Awakening in each of US and How It Will Change the World Date: November 10, 2009 7:22:26 PM MST To: dalesvp

Dale- Anytime you feel like no one is listening or what you have done regarding freedom doesn't matter, because no one responds, please think of this email. No one is walking and talking this spiritual plank as you are so they can be politically correct. Your site and your personality and your material have made a huge difference with me. You more than openly make a connection to the higher levels, you give examples. Some of your material is in my paper library.

However, that does not even touch on what you have really done. You have walked out on the spiritual plank and given everyone and example including me to follow. Normally I am quite private about my near 3 decades of spiritually awakening, my spiritual quests to India and study and meditation and experiences. Only those very close know these "secrets".

Your SPIRIT has encouraged me to step up to at least "reveal" the true nature of freedom and the belly of the beast we currently live in.

As an example of threading a seed thought, please check out Catherine Austin Fitts email above. She is an EX executive of one of the unconstitutional ungovernment housing departments and a frequent interviewee on Coast To Coast AM. She is beyond excellent. You can go to her site and add yourself to her email reports if it appeals to you.

Guess what the "Avatar of the Age" main message pillars are: LOVE, truth, peace, nonviolence, righteousness. This threads through all the major religions and the eastern masters. It is man, the church, the state, the corporation and all the artificial power and greed mongering dark side that have brought us to this point as you well know. We would have destroyed ourselves long ago had it not been for the great masters, avatars most of whom are never known but by a very very few. Anyway, thanks to you and thanks to Roni for all your work. You are ones who have driven a stake in the ground to show where the line stops and starts. 11/10/09 [J.]

Hello Mr. Pond.

I wonder do you have a book which is explaining the working principles of the circle in the background of your website? I don't know it is exact name but it is called the musical chord or chord of life i think.

I read Mr. Gann's book called "The Tunnel Through The Air" and this book was written by him in a veiled language. After i read the book i understood he was pointing out J. W. Keely and his 40 laws, Walter Russell, Nikola Tesla. I started to study the laws of the sympathetic vibratory physics because he was saying that he used the law of vibration to predict the markets. And, i saw he used also a circle which is very similar to the musical chord i think Keely's circle. Dividing the circle into 24 equal 15 degrees.. If you refer me a book about this, i can buy.

Thanks for your help Mr. Pond.


I suppose you are referring to one or more of the Keely Charts.

These charts are of course reflections of the forty laws Keely developed.

These laws operate with and within the Laws of Being.

I do not know of any book that has been written that wraps all these together into one cohesive whole unless it be the new book I just completed: Keely's Laws of Being Chords of Life Handbook

Hi Dale, I am an avid reader of your svpwiki. Thank you for the work you have done, putting Keely's works and writings together. Thank you for your time and valiant efforts. Without you, Keely's ghost might have vanished. [DF]

Hi Dale,

I am at the beginning stages of working on a free energy device, and have been immersing myself in Keely's work, thanks to you. What you are doing is a true gift to humanity.

Hi Dale,

Huge gratitude for all you have and are doing for us all with your work that includes Keely. [R.]

Hello Mr. Pond,

I have emailed you a few times over the last few years, you may remember me by now. Yesterday I was hosting a musical concert in which I was able to give brief overviews of interesting sympathetic vibrational concepts between sets of songs. People are waking up to the fact that we are all connected, the concept of vibration is helping people see.

Thank you very much for keeping this idea alive. I am moving to _________ in january so i can escape the fukushima radiation here in CA and develop my own field of science based on these concepts. I am developing a theory for the mind channel, a specific range of vibration (including acoustic, electromagnetic, and atomic in one spectrum) that our mind is just like a television, tuned to a channel. We tend to call the people who can experience, or change their channel, fringe or aliens. I cannot emphasize enough how important your work is. I think of you as the father and Mr. Keely as the grandfather of this field in this modern era. Personally i can say it changed my life. You unknowingly inspire more people than you know. I wish you the best Mr. Pond.

Hi Dale,

I am just re-reading the Atlin Story. I have only reached page 20, and I am saying to myself, "have you actually READ this book before?" It is as if your words are completely new. Looking at the near miraculous nature of the birth of Atlin, and to think that you are going through the same processes, albeit with a much greater awareness of the energies involved, makes me feel totally humbled by your devotion to a project that is consuming great swathes of your most valuable time, and by your prolific talents. A price tag cannot be put on this embryonic Sun fashioned by you. In your endeavours you are forging two new understandings, both of colossal importance for our time. The resurrection of Keely's Science, and the resurrection of the use of the multi-dimensional capabilities of the Human Mind. The two needed to go hand in hand, a sympathetic double revelation. DR

This one is ONLY for those who have taken the "red pill."

The dark side does not want the human race to discover "who we really are." Hence the continuous war on human consciousness. This takes the form of a constant parade of lies, propaganda and fear mongering that promotes a souless and mechanistic view of the universe. Social scientists refer to this phenomenon as either Descartism or reductionism - of which the Darwinist "theory" of evolution is of central importance. But, whether "they" like it or not, human consciousness is evolving. And we as a species are discovering that an enormous power lies within all living and non living things. Call it what you will: Cosmic consciousness, God mind, or Life Force, it does not matter. What does matter is that power is everywhere, all the time. And most importantly it lies within each of us. We are connected to that power from the moment we are conceived. We as human beings are manifestations of that power. As Christ so aptly put it, "the Kingdom of heaven lies within." There is a wealth of consciousness expanding material on this page. Soak it up... Chew on it. Learn from it, and grow. It is very important. [Tom] p.s. best of all use the internet for what it was intended for - send this message into cyber space to others of like mind. Shift happens!!!!


Just saying thank you for the boldness. I have been browsing your site as a seeker of truth for a couple of years and recently bought the The Snell Manuscript. Just wanted to say thanks. I have been playing with moe-joe-cell devices and have felt a great awareness shift/lift in my own life and the lives of my immediate family members. I have had my own website for sometime and am gearing up to use it more to inform people of light and truth. May the most high bless and protect you. [C.]

i watched your presentation on SVP and Keely's ideas and it opened my mind so i want to thank you for that

also that sphere with the strings under it kind of device is genius and i know it's purpose and how it works as a musical instrument - that's genius..

thanks a lot

Dear Sir,

I quite accidentally came across the works of Keely and your own endeavour at studying and unraveling the mystery surrounding his works and those of Nikola Tesla and others. Great saints of all ages and climes have talked about a 'true science', the real science of which all our so-called modern sciences are but a mere shadow. I fully appreciate your work and thank you wholeheartedly for your attempt at ushering in that true science, at least for those who believe there is one but do not know where and how to find it. regards, [D. C.] India

"Your work on the SVPwiki is as impressive as ever and is a phenomemal gift to all mankind." [G.]

Dear Dale,

Thank you once again for your endeavors and for responding to my inquiry. This insight that you've conveyed at the July (TeslaTech) conference on Keely's triune streams is simple, elegant, and beautiful, and is so intuitive to Creational Law. This is exactly what we've always been told through the divine wisdom of the trinities.... Your work is truly the pathway that leads to the Ethereal realm that is now here on earth. Let's hope that there will be enough pilgrims to find their pathway to this realm and help lead humanity from out of this Ahrimanic and deceitful wilderness that all of us now find ourselves embedded within. I look forward to receiving this aural wisdom. Sincerely, [P.P.]

Mr. Pond,

In my search for a deeper understanding of the financial markets I started studying Gann's Law of Vibration. Which in turn lead to Keely, the diatonic octave, universal energy expression, and a deeper understanding of the Law of One. You have helped me gain a deeper understanding of all this through your free resources and I am most grateful. I am 27 and now these ideas - which all tie together to Gann's work perfectly - have yielded an amazing understanding of vibrational energy in the markets. I intend to take money hand over fist and eventually pump it back into funding more research into Keely, Tesla, and Russell's work. That would be the only way to take something inherently greedy, and use it to increase the consciousness of mankind. Thanks for your passion, curiosity, and willingness to show others what you have found. I have discovered that the only way to really gain knowledge is to first share it, and I can only imagine what you have gained for sharing all that you have! All the best, [MH] DP REPLY: Thank you for your kind words. It is always pleasing to know someone derived some benefit out of the work I do. I send blessings you find the prosperity you seek and deserve. After sending the previous email I looked into Gann (who I'd heard of but never researched) and Baumring on the Sacred Science Institute web site. To say I was impressed is an under statement. I will be looking more into Gann/Baumring and perhaps I can build some conceptual bridges of understanding with the work I've been doing. Thank you so much for your email and pointing to this amazing resource.

"More than a theory of God, the universe and everything, Dale Pond's SVP Cosmology compilation tries to explain and illustrate how the universe is built and how its latent energy can be accumulated and harnessed to help humankind. He shows the similar threads in the thinking of geniuses such as John Worrell Keely, Walter Russell and others, and how Edgar Cayce's readings tied in. It makes a lot of sense. Moreover, this knowledge can inspire a more enlightened approach to science, society and technology." [Jeane Manning, author of Angels Don't Play that HAARP]

What a fantastic gold mine you have created Dale. I'll be coming back very often. I long remember what Dr. Steiner had to say about Keely. You can be sure I'll be back for much more. THIS is a web site with a WEALTH and CORNUCOPIA of data and information I want to study and know about to be sure. DR

Dear Dale, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "When I first came across Dale's web site I knew I was going to meet a very intelligent and attentive person. The material on his site contains some real gems. Much of it he has created and other parts of it he offers for other folks.

The more I explored and worked with him on a couple of his products, the more I realized he is a heart centered Being. He enjoys what he does and he believes in it too. Those qualities are are so important today - finding someone that is authentic.

Over time we generated some great discussion about the work we were each doing. I learned fresh ideas from him that were grounded in well rounded plans. I like the way he thinks because he is most interested in bringing harmony to situations that will naturally sprout inner wisdom. [Steu]

Thanks for the Wiki,........very nice. [S.S.]

Hello Dale,

I need to come clean and be honest with you. I thought that I was smart and that I had a high IQ, but the more I understand about SVP the more that I can see how un-enlightened that I am currently.

I once make a joke stating "that all Dale Pond has is Brass Balls selling for 30K each" but now I can see that you are probably the single greatest visionary of our time and through your life long efforts our world can truly transform itself.

I have been studying Keely, Russell, Smith and others for the past 5 years and I can tell you that my preconceived notions have been my biggest block to my understanding along with by belief in my intelligence would carry me through but yet for 5 years I wasn't able to see 2+2 = 4.

I believe now that I am going through the SVPWiki pages things are starting to click for me, but I still have questions probably easy baby steps questions and as I see more and more I am sure my questions will progress.

So my first question is do you want me to start asking questions in the SVPwiki or directly to you via email?

Thank you for your Time [S. W.] REPLY: Thank you for your kind and generous words. To answer your question the best way to ask a question is by email. I can get to email almost any time of day.

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