The sum total of that which makes an individual. The Higher Self, Lord or Whole Mind consciousness or awareness.

“How can a man come to know himself? Never by thinking, but by doing. Try to do your duty and you will know at once what you are worth.” [Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]

"And O that all would realize, come to the consciousness that what we are - in any given experience, or time - is the combined results of what we have done about the ideals that we have set!" [Cayce (1549-1)]

"As has been given from time immemorial, seek to know yourself. Not as an egotist but the ego within self, the I am consciousness..." [Cayce 440-20]

"Yet the body, as is seen, is but the shadow or the temple of the living soul, or the real I AM that lives on and on." [Cayce 633-2]

Dialogue on Awakening
"It is not possible for you to transmit or take on anything other than that which is reflective of the essence of who you are and the essence of who you are is what I have described as being a flow of love. All things that seem to come to you or emanate from you which are not comprised of this essence, are those things which you have made up and chosen to experience apart from your experience of being the Christ. (underline added)

"The analogy I would offer you is this: if the essence of your Being were expressed by a cool lake, a stream of pure water, then all you would be able to express would be that which constituted the basis of what you were. That could be fog, or mist, or drops of water, or swirling water, or calm water, but in its essence it would all be an expression of that which comprised the basis of what you are. It would not be possibe for you to express yourself as being a twig of wood. If, however, you experienced yourself as being this pool of water and you chose to believe that you could express yourself as a twig of wood, then it would be your perception that wood was what you were expressing. You cannot alter that which makes up your Being. And you cannot, in truth, express other than that which constitutes the essence of your Being." Dialogue on Awakening page 127-128

So where do you fit in the world? see Lightening in a Jar

A beautiful expression of I AM by Kiesha Crowther

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"The eternally conscious entity - call it by whatever name [1] we please - moves in cycles as eternal and infinite as itself; it oscillates and vibrates perpetually and is never unconscious of any present condition, be it pain or pleasure, joy or sorrow, shame or glory; like the pendulum of a clock or the sun, moon, or tides, it swings from the one to the other of these conditions, now in pleasure, now in pain, by its contact with the extremes of all varying conditions, like a child which throws up its head and laughing for joy exclaims, I KNOW I AM." Keely, Dashed Against the Rock (underline added)

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"Truth is the unalterable, unchangeable law, ever. What is truth? Law! What is law? Love! What is love? God! What is God? Law and Love. These are as the cycle of truth itself... He is the same yesterday, today and forever - unalterable... I Am That I Am. That is true." [Cayce (3574-2)]

"All force, all matter, is motivative by force known as spiritual. While the body is made up of elements that are atomic, super atomic, gas, influences that combine, all give off their radiation, both as to the mental reaction and what the body-mind does about that reaction of that phase or manifestation in which the entity is conscious at such a period. And it is recorded upon that known or experienced by the conscious mind as time and Space. And it may be read even as the records of a printed page. Hence that which has been the thought, the activity of the entity throughout its experience in matter, in gaseous forces, in the atomic influences, is part and parcel of the entity's being. Thus we are, then, the sum, the substance, of that we do, we have, or may think and do. For each entity has that imprint of the Creative Energies or Force that makes of it an influence that is seen, known, felt, throughout the universe." [Cayce (833-1)]

". . . ye are part and parcel of a UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS or God - and thus of all that is within the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, or the universal awareness; as the stars, the planets, the sun, the moon. Do ye rule them or they rule thee? They were made for thy own use, as an individual - yea, that is the part, the thought thy Maker, thy Father-God thinks of thee. For ye are as a corpuscle in the body of God; thus a co-creator with Him, in what ye think, in what ye do. And ye change each soul ye contact, literally or mentally - insofar as ye, as an individual entity, are a witness for or against the Lord, thy God . . . no soul may come in contact with the entity without being changed, either in body, in mind or in purpose. And purpose is, of course, of the soul." [Cayce (2794-3)]

"''For behold: I am within all things centering them. And I am without all things controlling them. "I center My universe as My knowing. My universe encircles Me as My thinking.''" [Atomic Suicide, page 189]

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
'It is a tiny entity of 'consciousness knowledge'. It is the 'consciousness knowledge' of what it will become. It is a fragment of 'consciousness' drawn from 'Divine Creative Consciousness'. 'It is a fragment of mind power drawn from 'Father Mind Power' ... which, when planted in the earth and watered by rain, will begin to clothe itself with the visible 'matter' of which it possesses knowledge, deep within itself. This knowledge is true, it is firm, it is strong and undeviating. This self-knowledge embodied in the seed, is a conviction in 'consciousness'.__ 'All of life forms arise out of this one-pointed self-knowledge - a 'conviction of consciousness'. This 'conviction of consciousness' is what separates the inanimate soil and rocks from all that lives and grows upon the face of the earth. Where there is no 'conviction of consciousness' or 'knowledge of identity' there is no growth. The consciousness within soil and rocks remains 'consciousness' in a dormant form." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 3, page 65]

[1] God, Goddess, Mind Force, Mother Earth, Celestial Radiation, Yahweh, Jehovah, Great Spirit, Allah, Jesus, etc., etc.

Buckminster Fuller
“I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process – an integral function of the universe.” [Buckminster Fuller]

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
"Now, understand the subtle difference, what are you and what do you understand to be you? The body is not you, the name is not you. The body is the food you have consumed, the taste of it is the knowledge "I Am". That is Self, the feeling "I Am", that is the love to be.
How amazing, how incredible, it has no name, but you give many names to it. It is the Self, the love to be. That love to be is all-pervading.
Heaven, hell, countries, houses, these are all concepts. There were rock and earth, a concept was employed and buildings were built. Before you conceptualize anything, you are, even before the knowingness, you are. You have only to apperceive this knowingness, the love to be, the Self."
"You must get to know your own Self. This body is not your true nature. The principle by which you know 'I Am' is your true nature."
"Will that remain permanently? You must understand that truth is not changeable. Truth is constant and eternal, whereas the combination of these three states has come upon you and were not there earlier. Whatever is temporary and time-bound cannot be the truth.
It is good, as far as it goes, that you have identified with this sense of presence, but understand that even that is temporary and not your true nature.
The most important thing for you is the "I Am". Just be that and the necessary guidance will come."
"You did not have this concept 'I Am' in the course of the nine months in the womb. Understand this state of affairs; the concept 'I Am' comes spontaneously and goes spontaneously. Amazingly, when it appears, it is accepted as real. All subsequent misconceptions arise from that feeling of reality in the 'I Amness.' Try to stabilize in that primary concept 'I Am', in order to lose that and with it all other concepts."
"The real state is that state which was prior to the arrival of consciousness. Very few will have reached that state. Most of you will not want to go beyond identification with an entity or a body.
This identification, which has been changing from infancy to your present state, and which will continue to change in the course of time, is purely seasonal.
You identify with the body on the strength of hearsay. Your parents told you that you were born on a certain date, and that this body is what you are. So, based on hearsay, you formed your identity with a certain image. You may think that now you have become jnanis and that you know your identity very well, but most often this is a case of sensory deception. Whatever your image of yourself, it is nothing but a concept." [Consciousness and the Absolute, The final talks of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj]

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