Asleep, unaware, unenlightened.

Contemporary science is founded on far too low a level of knowledge. The dying forests, the wasting fields and meadows, the polluted waters and the mind- and body-crippling industries are frightening warning signs of a total failure to appreciate the true workings of Nature. Through false pictures of the world, world-views and the ways of working arising from them, science unconsciously or consciously arrested the build-up of quality matter, thus committing the greatest stupidity or the greatest crime; the crime against the spiritual germinating force. It inhibited the transformation of matter into [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Life-Current in Air and Water]

Ernest Holmes
"We must not deny that which we affirm. We must reason only from that cause which is spiritual and mental and weed out all thought that would deny its power in our lives. There seems to be something in the collective unconscious that says man is poor; man is limited; that there is a lack of opportunity; that times are hard; that prices are high; that nobody wants what I have to offer. No person succeeds who speaks these ideas. When we express ourselves in this way we are using a destructive power. All such thoughts must go, and we must all realize that we are an active center in the only power there is. We must get the perfect vision, the perfect conception; we must enlarge our thought until it realizes all good, and then we must swing right and use this Almighty Power for definite purposes. We should daily feel a deeper union with Life, a greater sense of that indwelling God, the God of the everywhere, within us. When we speak into this Mind we have sown the seed of thought in the Absolute and may rest in peace. We do not have to make haste, because it is done unto all as they believe. "In that day that they shall call upon me I will answer." Holmes, Ernest; The Greater Consciousness

"Misery is caused by your unawareness, bliss is caused by your awareness; and between the unaware mind and the aware mind is the whole of life - the world and nirvana. Unconscious you are in the world conscious you are in nirvana. Unconscious you belong to Caesar, conscious you belong to Christ. You are the same person, and the energy that becomes conscious or remains unconscious is also the same. When consciousness is asleep - it is unconscious. It can be provoked, it can be brought to awareness, it can burn as a bright light. Consciousness burning like a flame, like a bright light, is bodha. And when your whole being becomes full of light you have become awareness. That's why Siddharth Gautama is called Buddha; the name comes from the root 'bodha'. Bodha is the process, buddha is the ultimate result." Osho


- This question is from Pratima. I see the first layer, the Pratima which is not real - the pretension, the effort to show something that is not there.

Then at the second layer I see another Pratima, which is there, but which the first layer is trying to hide, to suppress, to push into the dark.

Then I see the third layer which is so unconscious that the first two layers are completely oblivious of it.

The first layer is consciousness, the second layer is subconsciousness, the third layer is unconsciousness - you are not aware of it. Sometimes the third layer comes into your dreams and talks to you and tries to convey some messages which in the morning you either forget completely or you remember fragments which mean nothing. Or you go to a Freud or a Jung or an Adler for interpretation, which is going to be false because nobody else can interpret your unconscious because it is an individual script. They can have generalized ideas about it but they won't be of much help. That's why every psychologist and every psychoanalyst has his own way of decoding it - and they are all right. Nobody can be proved wrong.

Only you can decipher it really: it is your unconscious talking to you, it is as individual as your thumbprints. Nobody else can do that work for you. Interpreters are not needed, more awareness is needed, more mindfulness is needed.

And then I see the innermost core, the deepest place, where no Pratima exists - the emptiness, the being as non-being.

When I see into you I see all these things, and you are also to become alert and to see all these things. Become alert of the first Pratima. The word Pratima is beautiful. It means image. Become aware of the first image which is false, a facade, a showpiece for the outer world, a show-window. You know it. It is not true.

Become aware. I am not saying you should drop the image immediately, because untruths can be dropped only when you have become mature enough to drop them - otherwise they are needed. I'm not saying you should drop them abruptly. You cannot. If you do it will be suicidal. Let them be there, but you become aware and alert that they are false. When you are talking to somebody just see when your face becomes false; when you are smiling and there is no smile within; when you are showing that you are attentively listening and you are completely unlistening; when you show that you are sympathetic but not even a flicker of sympathy passes through your being. Be aware of this first layer.

This is all that people know about each other.

Then the second layer, which you are suppressing, is continuously forcing its way up. It wants to come up, it is part of you - and it is truer than the first. The first is social, the second is natural, more authentic than the first. I'm not saying you should allow it complete freedom - you will go mad or you will become a criminal and you will be caught and imprisoned. First become aware about it. Then when you become mature enough you can give it by and by a little more freedom, and that freedom will not lead you to anarchy.

Then by and by, when you have become aware of the first two layers, your consciousness will be intense enough to penetrate the third layer, the unconscious.

To penetrate the third layer is very difficult because it consists of all your past lives, all the millions of past lives you have lived. You lived like a rock, then dissolved and became a plant; you lived like a tree, then died and became an animal; you lived like an animal, then died and became a man - millions of lives. Hindus say that everybody has passed through eight hundred and forty million lives in all.

The third layer consists of all these lives, the whole cumulative effect - all the SANSKARAS, all the conditionings, all the karmas.

When you have dealt with the first two layers and you have become aware, not only aware, but master of them, now they are no longer masters of you but servants - as servants they are beautiful, they have much utility, but as masters they are dangerous - then your consciousness can penetrate the third layer.

The third is the real struggle, and without passing the third, passing through it, one can never reach to the innermost core which you are in reality.

But I see all the four layers within you. That's why I sometimes call you fools - when I'm talking to your first layer, and I sometimes call you Buddhas - when I am talking to your fourth layer, which is not a layer really but the ground of your being.

Osho, Tao: The Three Treasures, Vol 2 Chapter #8 Chapter title: In Existence There Is No Question

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