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Also known as Awakening, Satori, Christ, Enlightenment, Self Realization, Christ Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Illumination, super sensible

"There is a vast difference between spiritual and soul forces, for, as given, about each force there has been set guards or bounds. Spirit forces are the animation of ALL LIFE giving life-producing forces in animate or inanimate forces. Spiritual elements become corporeal when we speak of the spiritual body in a spiritual entity; then composed of spirit, soul, and superconsciousness...

"Spiritual forces being the life, the reproductive principle, the ((soul, the development principle...The active principle is the spirit." [Cayce (900-17)]

"In the consciousness of earthly or material forces there enters all the attributes of the physical, fleshy body. In the subconscious there enters the attributes of Soul forces, and of the conscious forces. In the superconscious there enters the subconscious forces, and spiritual discernment and development." Cayce (900-16)

'In this dream we see symbolically expressed the awakening, the return or a going back to the superconscious forces through the subconscious mind. The dream refers to a coming awakening and the joys accompanying such an experience, represented by the smile on the face. Bending over backward is also related to the spiritual activities of bending over backward in forgiving, loving, and serving others. If we do this, we will find ourselves in that mental state of having reached back to our origin, God - the Superconscious.' Cayce (136)

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"YOUR EGO is the barrier to Super-consciousness.
ONLY the most systematic and persistent DAILY ATTEMPT to cleanse your consciousness of ego thoughts and behaviour, will make it possible for Divine Consciousness to SEEP into your human consciousness bringing you new insight and perceptions. Illumined by new insight and perceptions, your thoughts, words, actions will begin to change.
When you SEE things differently, you will begin to ACT differently." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth Message (2)]

A Search for God
"Let us consider what takes place in the mental body during meditation. The mind is the builder, the physical the result. The mind partakes of both the physical and the spiritual. Most of us are aware of only a part of the mind; this we call the conscious mind. Even in the field of psychology, recent investigations have revealed little beyond a bare glance at what is called the subconscious, the storehourse of memory and the ever-watchful supervisor of the regular functions of the body. There is still another division of the mind. This may be called the activity of the superconscious, or soul-mind. (These are only names that we use in trying to clarify for our imperfect understanding the meanings of different functions of One Force." [A Search for God, Books I & II (www.arepress.com)]

"If the ideal and purpose we hold are in accord with the superconscious mind, that which will be of help and value to the physical mind and body will be transmitted into consciousness through some channel of the five senses. Proof of this higher mental activity will come to each of us as we seek to understand. If, however, the ideal and purpose are out of Harmony with the soul-mind, the opening of the door between the physical and spiritual will result in turmoil within, striking at the weakest point." [A Search for God, Books I & II (www.arepress.com)]

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